XAT 2014 Cut-offs (Updated)

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2014 was conducted on January 5, 2014 between 10:30 am and 1:23 pm.

The test was divided into two parts. Part I was the usual XAT paper that would be used for percentile calculation, Part II had 20 questions on General Knowledge and an essay. Part II of the test would be used by colleges that the student will apply to during the second stage of selection.

The paper was quite challenging this year. The total number of questions in Part I was 83 and Part II had 20 questions on General Knowledge. Part I was further divided into three sections A, B and C. Part A was the Verbal Ability section and it had 28 questions. Part B was Decision Making and it comprised 24 questions and Part C was Quantitative Ability, which had 31 questions. The total time allotted for attempting the three sections and General Knowledge was 150 minutes. Each question had 5 options and all the questions carried equal marks. There was a penalty of one-fouth of the mark allotted for every incorrect answer. However, the question booklet clearly stated that the General Knowledge marks would only be used by all institutes at the time of final selection and not for shortlisting candidates for interview/group discussion.

To read complete analysis, visit XAT Exam Corner by clicking here.

Thanks to the thousands of students who have filled the E-OMR on CL’s website and we are able to calculate more convincing data of the percentile scores and the cutoffs of the colleges. A glimpse of the tentative cut offs of some of the premier XAT allied B Schools can be seen in the table below.
xatcutoffsupdtdTo check your tentative score, do fill in the eOMR in XAT Exam Corner‘s score calculator and see whether you will be able to make it to one of these institutes.

All the best!


  1. Hi Sir, I am in a dilemma right now.I took XAT on January 4 2015 and the XAT score calculator predicts my overall score to be 25 but my Ouant score is around 3.5 only.I am really worried as to what all colleges consider XAT’s sectional scores.Do GIM, IMT Ghz, Tapmi and Great Lakes consider sectional cut offs?I have heard that from this year GIM plans to consider sectionals and in that case can I expect a call?

    • Abhishek, only XLRI, XIMB and SP Jain have secttional cutoffs hence these will not give you a interview calls. All others are possible.

  2. Sir, I got 18.5 in XAT (VA- 5.5, DM – 7.25, QA – 5.75).

    I also have 87.95 %ile in CAT. I belong to OBC
    Is it possible to get any good reputed college with this XAT or CAT score?

  3. sir my expected xat score will be..
    va: 2.5
    …..can i expect to get admission in any good college….or you suggest me to try hard for the next time??? pls help me take a decision…thank you sir..

  4. GP Sir!!!

    What is the cut off percentile required for XIMB BM Course through CAT and not XAT? I have not been able to see anywhere about the CAT cut off for BM at XIMB. I have applied for it. Kindly help.

    Suhas Goel

  5. I have scoredd 97.11%ile in cat and 94%ile in xat ..99.9972 in snap …bt didnt fill in ne colgs forms…
    I have converted to XIMB BM and waiting for new iims result . I have just started wrking …3 months wrkex . Should i take up ximb or reattempt ?? In dilemma whedr i can perform better wid job nxt yr ?

    • Prajakta, since you are working and have a good performance in all MBA entrances you can definitely look at going for another shot at CAT/XAT. However XIMB is a top notch institute and leaving it is not going to be easy as it provides good placement opportunities.
      If you leave XIMB then you should get into the IIMs, XLRI, FMS, JBIMS, IIT Mumbai, SP Jain, IIFT, NITIE and MDI to make dropping worthwhile which means a CAT/XAT score of 97-99%ile. If you are confident of this then drop XIMB, continue with your job and start preparing for CAT’14 else join XIMB.
      Hopefully you will make it to the new IIMs and resolve the problem.
      All the best.

  6. I have 2 options in hand IMT(DCP) & NMIMS (HR). Which one would be a better option?

    As my first preference would be marketing or finance, would it be possible to do Executive MBA in marketing or finance in future to add to my proifle

    • Deep, while NM HR is preferable to IMT DCP but for marketing and finance you will have to go to IMT however it is an expensive program. Hopefully you will get upgraded to PGDM and resolve the issue. After NM HR and working for a few years in this area it may not make sense to go for an executive MBA in marketing/finance.

  7. Hi,

    Which one is better, IMT-N or XIME? Have converted both. XIME seems to be better on ROI,batch size and average placements.
    My residence is Bangalore so does XIME atleast give me a better chance of being placed in Bangalore?

    Rohit Raina

    • Rohit, while reputation wise IMT Nagpur will be considered better but the gap is negligible and since you belong to Bangalore XIME Bangalore will be to your advantage.

      • Hi,

        Just one more query sir. I have given the second round of Welingkar Mumbai. Can you please let me know if at all i get through and get selected for PGDM / PGDM Business design / E-Business, would it be worth considering over XIME? I have already paid my 2 installments at XIME.

        Also, can you please throw some on light on their Business design course,its scope and placements. XIME PGDM or Welingkar – Mum PGDM Business design?

        Thanks in advance

        Rohit Raina

        • Rohit, Welingkar Mumbai is marginally better than XIME Bangalore and can be considered but only if you will get the refund from XIME.
          Welingkar Bangalore should not be considered.
          The placement of Welingkar PGDM/EBiz/Biz Design are similar but your preference should be PGDM, E Business and finally Business Design.

    • bhautikmakadia, while XIMB is better known but RM does not have very good placement hence SIOM is my preference.

  8. I have confirmation of IMT(DCP) and IMT Nagpur. Which one would be better -IMT DCP or IMT Nagpur

    How are the placement opportunities of IMT(DCP) in comparison to IMT Ghaziabad

    • Deep, IMT DCP will be a better but a more expensive option. For placements of DCP and PGDM batches are combined. However to get a good placement (Rs 12-15 lakh pa) you need to be among the top 1/3rd of the batch the bottom 1/3rd struggle for placements and usually end up in the salary range of Rs 7-9 lakh pa the remaining would be in the range of Rs 9-12 lakh pa. The placement opportunities also are significantly better in DCP as compared to Nagpur.
      Once the IIMs, XLRI, FMS and IITs come out with their results you could be upgraded to PGDM also.

  9. Can you just attach the bschools categorised by tiers.And please tell me if XIMB comes under tier1 or tier2?

  10. Sir,

    XAT – OA — 99.49
    VA- 94.42
    DM- 99.74

    42 months Work ex in IT (Financial Services Domain)
    GK – 1

    GD- Avg
    PI – above Avg

    Do i have a chance to convert ?

  11. hello,,,,,i am deepansh and I am an mba aspirant …..basically I have to pursue HRM and LR …so my first preference would be…TISS….but///..I have to ask u one thing that….I am an engineering student….so…I do not have extra knowledge about the economics…psychology and/. GK…I am asking that…how should I prepare for…it…crack TISS///…because….this section is very difficult for me…which books should I prefer…and….except…reading newspaper….sir what should I do for economics and sociology section ??????????????????????????

    • Deepansh, there is no separate section for Economics and Psychology in TISS Entrance Exam. Gk is an important section in TISSNET and for that you need to be updated with the current affairs as well as static GK. The questions asked in TISSNET belong to History, Geography, Arts, Awards, Famous rivers and mountains, and important nayional and international events. To master static GK you will have to cover any basic General Knowlege book. It will take time to improve your GK but if you give enough time and attention to it, you can ceratinly do well in TISSNET.

  12. GP Sir !! Between IMT Ghaziabad ,TAPMI,GLIM Gurgaon PGPM what would be the best to join for a person with around 24 months of Experience in IT having a keen interest in Marketing…

    • Vinayak, my order of preference will be IMT G, TAPMI, GL Gurgaon. IMT G has a big batch size but provides good placements especially for the students in the top half and is a good place for marketing. GL Gurgaon is a new campus and will take a few years to establish itself.

  13. Hello Sir

    I would like to know about the job profiles offered for XIMB-RM grads

    how are the roles different from the normal MBA roles

    I would like to know specifically about Consultancy and research,Development,Business Development and Marketing,E governance

    also does the job entail us to stay in rural areas?

    what are the growth opportunities available?

    I am inspired about RM course as i think it is about policy making for the poor(am i wrong?)(i have a hobby of writing business plans for livelihood)

    any ideas about the remuneration offered?

    personal experience about any of your academy’s students would be a plus point

    • Dear Amol,

      Rural Management courses do not necessarily lead to careers that are very different from those of other MBA specializations. In fact, most RM graduates get jobs/profiles that are very similar to those available to other MBAs. For example, marketing profiles are very common for RM grads. As per XIMB’s placement report for its 2011-13 batch (available on their website), 11% of its PGPM-RM batch was placed in Agri-business and allied sector while most of the other students had profiles similar to those available to other MBA specializations. In fact, 30% of their batch was placed in Banking & Finacial Services sector. The highest domestic offer was Rs. 9.65 lakhs p.a. and the average offer was Rs. 5.62 lakhs p.a. Staying in rural areas may be required based on the kind of profile that you opt for.

  14. Hi My percentile in XAT is QA-90.69, DM-82.48,English Language & Logical Reasoning-93.03, OA-95.54
    GK is 3.6marks, GD & PI in BM -XLRI was good. Do I stand a chance to convert in XLRI

  15. Sir even if we get 95 percentile in XAT-BM then also chances seem to be very meek. As converts list have all the candidates with 99 percentile and above.
    Secondly sir if I score 99 percentile in 2015 XAt do I have the chance to convert XLRI BM with Xth-74, XIIth 76.4, Grad-6.67(59.14) and 36 months of experience in project management and construction.
    Sir how much marks on approximate basis we need to score overall to secure 99 percentile and above in XAT.
    Thanks in advance sir.

    • bks, XLRI has not clearly specified the weight (if any) for past academic performance and/or work experience.
      In XAT’14 99%ile was 34 marks.

  16. Hello Sir

    I have 77.95 % in XAT and my MAT Feb percentile is 85.45. Is Welingkar Mumbai a better choice or XIME Bangalore? I have a work ex of 2.7yrs.

    • Ananya, with 2.7 years work experience idelly you should avoid both of these however if you have to do an MBA from one of these then Welingkar Mumbai could be preferred due to its location.

  17. Sir,
    I am in big trouble. My sectional score is as follows:
    XAT 2014
    DECISION MAKING 27.08 62.23
    TOTAL 16.57 42.91
    XAT ID : XAT363242
    DATE OF TEST : JANUARY 05, 2014

    I have secured a meager 12 percentile in VA&LR and its equivalent to 2 marks. I am not getting this. I should have got more percentile in VA&LR section.I have dropped some mails at XAT site, but they are not responding. What should i do? Please reply ASAP.

    • Abhishek, unfortunately nothing can be done in this case since XLRI is a private institute and is not covered under RTI. The only option availabe to yu is to file a case against XAT. Suggest that you forget XAT and move on.

  18. hello gp sir,
    my mat feb 2014 composite score is 553.5 and percentile is below 54.77.
    should i get some good colleges for pgdm .if yes plz suggest some of them. especially in delhi, pune, bangalore. and hows is aims centre of delhi and bangalore’s christ and allince university.
    if i have the choice of getting good b school apart from these so plz suggest.THANK YOU…………

    • Kirti, unfortunately no decent college is possible at 55%ile in MAT. The colleges that will offer you admission at this score are unlikely to provide any kind of placement.

  19. Hello,

    I have scored 90.89 percentile in XAT 2014, the sectional percentiles are given as below :

    I have only applied to TAPMI and IFMR chennai. My GK score is 0. Can you please suggest some good colleges to which i can still apply as per my XAT score, whose last date have been extended or are still not passed. Also, is Welingkar Mumbai a good idea?

    • Ankit, this is a new course and the first batch will pass out in 2015 so it is difficult to say how well it will do. It can at best be considered as a back up. What are your optiions?

      • Hello,

        I have scored 90.89 percentile in XAT 2014, the sectional percentiles are given as below :

        I have only applied to TAPMI and IFMR chennai. My GK score is 0. Can you please suggest some good colleges to which i can still apply as per my XAT score, whose last date have been extended or are still not passed. Also, is Welingkar Mumbai a good idea?

        • Chinmaya, the application time for almost all of the decent colleges is over now. It’s good that you applied to IFMR and TAPMI. Welingkar can be considered as a backup if you don’t get other decent colleges.

  20. my xat score is
    q – 59.29
    verbal – 98.65
    decision making – 95.03
    total 96.56
    please tell me what should i do next,,
    this was my first attempt
    n i wanted to get into the top b colleges which is nt possible nw.

    • Kumar, where all have you got calls from? If you did not apply to the relevant institutes then you should pick up a job and also go for a retake of CAT/XAT. Your scores clearly indicate that you will have to work on QA, your fundamentals appear to be weak hence start from the basics. In the next 2 months you should be able to complete QA and then focus on test taking and practice tests. If you have taken a classroom program for the last attempt then use the same material to get your fundamentals in shape and join the Test Gym for practice and the Test Series for testing.
      You could also consider enrolling for Smart CAT Cracker Comprehensive that includes SCC Videos, Test Series and Test Gym.

    • Nina, XIBis a better known institute but the RM program has not really picked up and hence LIBA might be a better option. My suggestion is to go through the process for both the institutes and decide after you get the final calls.

  21. Hi Sir,

    How is the BIMTECH-IBM programme? I realized that i have applied to IBM instead of IB. Is it a good course? Would you recommend it? I have 2 years work exp

    • Mus, if you have a good quality work experience then BIMTECH is not recommended. IBM is a sector specific program and hence has restricted placement opportunities, its average salary is around 4.5 lakh pa and that of IM is around 5.5 lakh pa.

  22. hello sir
    my xat score is 90.43.
    english nd verbal ability – 99.78%ile
    decision making- 80.78%ile
    quant- 23.85%ile
    with dese scores sir kindly suggest sme good colleges i may apply to. m planning for XISS and Wellingkar mumbai. will i get a call from dese two?

      • actually i wasnt really sure dat i’ll score dis much in XAT.. nd given dat dis was my 1st attempt n m still in final yr btech. so havent applied for many colleges.
        XISS nd Welingkar r d only ones.
        will i get a call given dat my quant score isnt very good?

        • Joita, both these institutes will give you a call since they go by the overall score and do not have any sectional cutoffs. You can consider joining Welingkar but my suggestion will be to pick up a job and go for a retake of CAT/XAT. If you can improve your QA score then calls are possible from top institutes.

          • thank u sir. i havent yet been able to bag a decent job offer yet so i’l try for mba program dis year itself.thank u for ur advise. ne oder colg dat u may still suggest?
            perhaps m taking feb-CMAT nd MICAT olso.

          • Joita, it’s good that you are writing CMAT as well as MICAT. MICA offers a course in PGDM(C) i.e. Marketing Communications which is one of its kind in India. You’ll have more options to choose from through CMAT. All the best for your exams.

  23. Sir, My XAT score percentile is 69.12.
    QA: 41.24
    LR: 74.44
    DM: 78.69

    I have applied for TAPMI, XIME-B, XISS. Can I expect a call? Any other option at this score.

  24. Dear Sir

    I am interested in MBA in HRM
    please rate these college in order of preferences
    XAT percentile is 94.96

    • Yash, my order of preference is IMTG, TAPMI, Wellingkar, XIME and XISS. given your XAT score, you should consider only the first two.

  25. Sir plz arrange 1st preference first – Great Lakes 1 yr, IIT Chennai , IIT Kgp, XIMB
    The fee for IITs is less though i hv heard the atmosphere is not MBA like
    XIMB seems to be the best brand At the same time Great Lakes avg pckg is similar to XIMB and clearly higher than IITs Plus i’ll save 1 year
    I have 2.5 years work ex in IT CAT 96.8 %ile
    Kindly arrange these institutes

    • Biswas, in terms of average salary GL 1 yr, XIMB and IIT Kgp are similar – around 11 lakh pa. IIT Madras is around 9 lakh pa. On the fee aspect IITs are are the best. You have rightly said that XIMB is the highest ranked and GL saves you an year. Overall my order of preference is XIMB, IIT Kgp, GL Chennai 1 year and finally IIT Madras.

  26. Helo Sir, I got 75.15 percentile in XAT.
    QA – 78.77 percentile
    English and LR – 76.71 percentile and
    Decision Making – 54.12 percentile
    Can I apply for TAPMI, XIME bangalore and Great Lakes Chennai?
    Please reply soon sir.
    Thank you

  27. Hi Sir, I have got 77.05 percentile in XAT 2014, and have applied to Vellore Business School. Is that a wise ooption and if not what is the better one? I have work-ex of 1 year in steel production with a steel tychoon of India and present ctc is 4.2 lpa. Please reply

  28. Sir I want to get into a b-school this year itself. I have a xat percentile of 86.81 and a work ex of 2 yrs.Considering I want to study HR, would you suggest Welingkar or LIBA.
    Also , Will the 1 year PGPM at Great Lakes Chennai later help in getting an HR job?
    Please advise .

    • Ria, if you are desperate for MBA this year only, you can go for the colleges you have mentioned. For HR, Welingkar is better than LIBA. GL PGPM can be helpful of you have an experience in the HR domain.

  29. sir i got Overall 51.69 % ile in xat 2014.
    QA-25.08 %ile
    EL – 82.06 %ile
    DM-42.91 %ile
    I am from sc category..
    Is there any chance for TAPMI ??
    please reply sir

  30. Hi Sir,

    I have received a 79.70 percentile in XAT, with cutoffs of 70+ in all three sections. Can i expect a call from GIM/TAPMI/LIBA.

    Looking forward to your reply.


      • Hi Sir,

        Thanks for the reply. I have been hearing that TAPMI has been calling all the applicants for GD/PI. How true is this?


      • Hi Sir,
        English & LR-25.89,percentile-58.72
        What are my chances & from where do i expect calls ?? Also i am having 2.3 years of exp. with 67 % in B.E computers.

        • Mayank, apologise for the delay in responding to your query.
          Calls are unlikely from any decent institute. Given your work experience you should consider a retake of CAT/XAT, also consider GMAT and try for a 1 year MBA from ISB and other top MBA institutes outside India.

  31. HI sir,
    my QA percentage =12.10 percentile=61.94
    LR =42.86 percentile=92.26
    Dm=26.04 percentile=59.39
    Total =26.51 percentile=79.70
    GK score was horrible.
    15 months of expereince
    kindly suggest me for which colleges i can apply ?

  32. Sir,
    I have scored 81.51 percentile in XAT 2014.
    QA – 77.14
    OVERALL – 81.51

    GK -4.25

    10TH STANDARD – 80.4
    12TH STANDARD- 84.4


    • Sahil, you have applied to sufficient number of colleges for your score range. You should get all the calls you have mentioned here. Just wait for the official lists and start preparing for the next rounds.

  33. sir i got Overall 51.69 % ile in xat 2014.
    QA-25.08 %ile
    EL – 82.06 %ile
    DM-42.91 %ile
    I am from sc category..
    Is there any chance for TAPMI ??

  34. Hi,
    I got Overall Aggregate = 86.16
    but QA 16.16 🙁
    English 90
    DM 98.
    Could have any chance for me anywhere.
    By the way I will retake XAT next year for sure.

  35. Sir
    I have OA:97%ile in XAT
    I unfortunately only applied to imt g and GLIM-PGPM
    where should I go
    Current exp:3.2 yrs
    CTC: Appx 7 LPA

    Plz let me know

    • Gaurish, while you can consider joining either of these my suggestion is to evaluate the option of retake of CAT and XAT. With your work experience and current salary, these may not be the best places to go to. If you go for a retake then consider GMAT also as it will open up the option of 1 year MBA from ISB Hyderabad and other top institutes outside India also.

  36. Sir i got 76.11%ile in XAT.
    my acads are:
    10th- 85.335
    Sir can i expect a call from GIM, XIME,XISS?

  37. sir i got a call from nmims bangalore and hydrebad…can u throw some light on dese colleges? fees, placement and all. the cutoff is 192 and my score is 193. so any chances of final convert?

    • Richa, NM Bangalore and Hyderabad are decent back up options and can be considered favourably. Their fee for the two years is around Rs 11 lakhs plus living expenses and the average salary for Bangalore will be around Rs 7.5 to 8 lakh pa. The average salary for Hyderabad will be lower by around 1 lakh.
      The GD and interview process has a very high weight in NM and hance a good performance can get you a convert.

  38. Sir, My percentile is
    Quantitative Aptitude 56.26
    English Language and Logical Reasoning 98.49
    Decision Making 82.48
    Total 92.74
    I’m a fresher with no work ex
    I had applied for XLRI and XIM Bhubaneshwar. Please suggest any other XAT accepting decent colleges for my score.

    • Supreeth, the application time for most of the colleges through CAT/XAT is over now. It is advisable to write MH-CET and MICAT.

  39. sir what is the average package from Xiss Hrm, finance or marketing??
    And which one is better among xiss & xime banglore?

    • Akshya, both the colleges are almost at the same level and placements are pretty average. Refer to the official websites of these colleges to know about the exact placement stats.

  40. Hi

    my Xat score is 33.73, and percentile is 94.29..
    QA percentile 68.93
    EL percentile 97.63
    DM percentile 86.01
    Can i expect a call?

  41. Hello,
    My overall percentile in XAT 2014 is 81.51
    I have a work experience of 1.5 years as of Jan 2014.
    Could you pls tell me what is my scope from here?

    • the following are my individual scores:
      TOTAL 81.51

    TOTAL -65 percentile!
    Where should I apply?

  43. sir my percentage in xat is
    and my percentile is 35.
    10th=78.5% 12th=70%.
    Sir please suggest me some colleges.
    thank you

  44. QA: 73.33%Tile
    English: 92.26%Tile
    Decision Making: 99.27%
    Overall: 97.43
    27 months of Work experience.

    Chances in XLRI , IMT Ghaziabad?

  45. Sir,

    my XAT score OA-74.15
    QA 38.05
    VA 82.06
    DM 82.48
    1 year work ex X 80 XII 88

    what are the good options for me???

    Thank you..

  46. sir, my xat score is 80.62 but my quant scores are very low. Are there any chances for me getting a good college? If yes which colleges should i apply in?

  47. Hello sir ,

    I am janvi

    My xat 2014 scores are
    English and logical:-10.79
    decision making :-12.28

    whats my percentage overall and A I eligible ??? I also have 2.9yrs of work exp ???
    Please reply ASAP .


  48. Urgent:
    Sir, I got 88.11 percentile in XAT,
    BTECH, Mechanical,
    2.7 years experience in Automobile sector,

    Should I fill the form of IMT GHAZIABAD or not?? Please tell clearly. Today is the last date.

  49. Anyone with clear ideas about colleges which take in folks solely on the basis of overall percentile ?

    My numbers:
    OverAll: 97.21
    Verbal: 97.63
    DM: 99.87
    Quants: 22( Don’t ask )

    + 2 years work ex in one of the biggest IT multinationals in the country

    + 90 % in 10th & 12th .

    Any suggestions ?

    • RJ Sam, where all have you applied?
      Given your work experience you can apply to Great Lakes Chennai 1 year program, its last date is 7th Feb.
      However give your profile (work ex and over 90% in X, XII) a retake of CAT/XAT along with GMAT for ISB Hyd is my recommendation.

  50. what is the scope of retail management what is the profile like what package am i likely to receive i have xat score 80.62 and look forward to mba rm from bimtech..?

    • Avishek, BIMTECH Retail Management has a decent scope with opportunities in the retail sector. You can expect a salary in the range of Rs 5 lakh pa.

  51. My percentile–
    Overall :96.34
    QA: 95.75
    DM: 82.48
    GK: -0.75
    Suggest some good college from placement and exposure point of view.
    I got a call form all program of XLRI… but I don’t think I would be able to crack

    • Sarvesh, the application time for most of the good colleges is over by now. You should focus on converting the XLRI call.

  52. Hi Sir,
    I have a score of 86.8 percentile in XAT. I have a work ex of 2.5 yrs and my current salary is 4.0 lkhs.I am interested in studying HR. Are XISS and Welingkar good institutes for HR?
    Please advise.

    • Sanchari, these are average colleges. You should be aiming for XLRI-HR, TISS, MDI or XIMB if you want to build a career in HR.


    • Karan, start reading a daily news paper and a couple of magazines. For static GK you can refer to any year book.

  54. Dear GP sir,

    Can I confidently apply to great lakes chennai ,IMT Ghaziabad with 88.11 XAT percentile??kindly reply at the earliest ..
    Academic profile–X- 88.16 XII-90.2 Btech-71.7 3 yrs at tcs..

  55. Sir,
    I have received 97 percentile in XAT
    my sectional for verbal is 74.44
    quants – 89.9
    dm -99.1

    I have filled up only XIMB BM – open category – outside odisha.
    any chances of getting through?

  56. Hello sir,
    My XAT score is:
    Quant: 38 percentile
    Verbal: 95.83 percentile
    Decision making: 95.03 percentile
    Total: 91.37 percentile
    Colleges applied: Sp Jain, IMT-Ghaziabad, LIBA, BIMTECH, TAPMI
    From which of these can i expect a call?
    and should i fill any other colleges?

    • You can expect calls from all except SP jain(score based call).Forms of almost all good colleges are closed now.

      • I also applied at Welingkar, XLRI, MICA, KJ Somaiya. What about them?
        My CAT score wasn’t good enough to get me a good college. So completely relying on XAT score call.
        Snap score is 89 percentile. Got a call from SIMC and SIOM

        • Shenoy, XLRI calls are already out. You can go ahead and check. As far as MICA is concerned, each and everyone who applies for MICAT is allowed to take the test and calls are given on the basis of performance in MICAT. You can look for both of these colleges over the other options SIOM and SIMC.

  57. Hi Sir,

    What are ur thoughts on the PGDM program offered by Great Lakes, Chennai? And which one is better among the two that the institution offers – PGDM(with experience 2 years)

  58. Hello sir,
    My XAT score-
    quants- 83.53
    VA/LR- 95.43
    DM- 45-23
    OA- 87.46
    I have 23 months of work ex and 80+ in schooling and graduation. Does GIM have sectional cutoff?
    Can i expect a call from GIM and TAPMI?

  59. Sir,
    My XAT 2014 percentiles are as follows:
    QA – 82.04
    VA – 96.73
    DM – 56.76
    OA – 90.89
    I am from Odisha.
    Any chances in XIMB BM program?
    Thanks in advance.

  60. Hello,
    I have an overall XAT percentile of 88 with 34.90 percentile in QUANT ,98.91percentile in ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LOGICAL REASONING and 72.13percentile in DECISION MAKING ..
    I have a work ex of 20 months in a IT firm
    My acads are Xth(86%) XIIth(95%)BTech (83%)..
    What are the institutes i can expect a call from??
    PS: I am interested in MBA in HRM ..

    • Supriya due to a low percentile in Quant section, call is unlikely to come from XIMB HRM, You can expect from GIM, TAPMI, BIMTECH.

  61. Hello Sir,

    I have got 81.51 percentile in xat.
    QA: 83.54 %ile
    VA: 95.83 %ile
    DM: 22.34 %ile
    Work exp: 1 year
    I haven’t applied to any of the colleges yet. Please tell me in which college should I apply.
    Also I have got 220 score in cmat(sep 2013).
    Thanks in advance.

  62. Sir
    Prometric screwed me with an unbelievably dismal percentile of 49 odd.My XAT percentile is 96.56; but quant is below par at just 53 odd percentile? What are my options?? Should I wait for the next XAT/CAT considering that I gave the exam with out any preparation??

  63. hello sir, my XAT overall percentile is 93.95…
    QA- 91.62
    I have 30 months of work experience at CIL.
    Do I Have any chance of getting calls from XIMB and XLRI-HM??

  64. xat score-quant-47.75,va&lr-89.14,dm-97.76,0a-91.37
    which colleges should i apply for?thank you in advance.

    • Sonalika, the application dates of all the decent colleges are over by now. It is advisable that you apply to MH CET now.

  65. Sir

    MY overall percentile is 93.17

    QA :- 92.54
    VA/LR- 85.86
    DM – 79.86

    Can i expect Calls from SP Jain/ XLRI/IMT-G?

    • Harsh, last year the cut-offs of BM as well as HRM was 80 percentile in DM. You are just on the border line for both of them. Wait for the official calls. You can be sure of getting a call from IMT-G. SP Jain has an overall cut-off of around 95 percentile.

  66. Hello Sir,
    I have the following percentiles in XAT 2014:
    OA – 98.92
    I have 30 months of work ex, 90+ percentage marks in both 10th and 12th and 70.80% in engineering. Do I stand a chance of A XLRI BM and HR call?(I am skeptical about my quants percentile.Hence the question 🙂 )
    Thanks in Advance!!!!!

  67. SIR,

    my overall score is 62.50 percentile. Qa – 59.21 , VA -10.79 , DM – 97.96 . i knw i won’t get XAT group. But is there any possible good xat affliated colleges for my mark..? or I hv to try next year..? Please suggest me sir..?

    • Jebaraj, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be getting calls from any good institute. Try next year if you wish to get into a decent B-school.

  68. Sir my over all score is 87%
    English 94.2
    quant 54
    DM 83
    I have submitted forms for LIBA Great Lakes Welingkar BIMTECH GIM XIME
    any chances for any of them???

  69. Sir
    I have got 92.74 percentile in XAT.
    QA: 97 DM: 85 VA 62

    I have applied for XLRI (BM, HRM) and IMT. I’m a fresher.
    Can I expect a call from any of above colleges? Otherwise suggest me any other reputed college.

    Thank you!

  70. Hi Sir,
    QA 11.29 59.21(PERCENTILE)
    EL AND LR 26.79 61.12(PERCENTILE)
    DM 47.92 95.80(PERCENTILE)
    TOTAL 27.11 81.51(PERCENTILE)

    Category- SC
    10- 79%
    12- 67%
    B.Tech- 81%
    Work Ex- 13 months
    What are my chances ?

  71. QA- 98.03
    DM- 84.37
    0verall – 94.96

    Work Exp – 5.5 year
    Is there any chances of getting interview call for GMP or BM.

  72. Hi Sir,

    My XAT score is 89.37 with sectionals
    QA : 93
    VA LR :63
    DM: 82

    I didnt apply for any colleges.
    What are the best options i stand for.

    Please suggest asap.

    • jahira, not many options are available, you can apply to TAPMI, IMT and MICA. If you have 2 year work experience then GL Chennai 1 year MBA is also a good option.

  73. sir,
    i have OA: 97 , QA:82,VA: 95,DM: 95, gk:1.5
    10th 12th both 93.6%
    graduation 9.16
    0 work ex
    i have applied only for XL HM program. any chances of getting a call?

      • Sir, i got the call for XL HRM. Will I be able to convert the call with the above percentile if my interview goes well? many people have told me that chances of convert are very slim.

        • Anamika, everyone who has got a call can convert it. Don’t listen to anyone one who says that you have slim chances. If you perform well in the GD and PI there is no question of you not getting selected.

        • Anamika, everyone who has got a call can convert it. Don’t listen to anyone one who says that you have slim chances. If you perform well in the GD and PI there is no question of you not getting selected.

  74. Hi GP Sir,
    I scored OA-94.96%ile..(VA-86.42, QA-72.18, DM-98.72)
    Overall Experience- 17 months
    What all calls can i expect sir..??
    Thanks in advance..:)

  75. GP Sir,
    My XAT Scorecard reads

    VA- 99.25
    DM- 68.25
    QA – 96.15
    GK – 8.25
    Are there any remotest chances of getting a call from XLRI BM & HR?

    I have work experience of 25 months at Cognizant. Are there any deadlines left for any other good colleges worth applying?
    TAPMI deadline has been extended to 10th February. Considering my work ex is it worth going there?
    JBIMS is also accepting XAT scores but being an OMS would my score be sufficient?

    Please reply sir.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    • Rupam, please mention your XAT overall percentile. TAPMI is a decent college. For JBIMS the cutoff through CAT/XAT will be 99.9+ . If you are aiming for JBIMS, apply for MH-CET.

      • Hi,

        Thank you for replying. My overall percentile in XAT is 98.5.

        Can you please suggest some good colleges thorugh XAT where the deadlines are still on?

  76. Dear GP sir

    I have got following score in XAT 2014:

    QA 15.32 71.28
    Eng and LR 23.21 50.81
    DM 45.83 94.26
    TOTAL 26.81 80.62

    My profile is:
    10th – 74.2%
    12th – 71.4%
    B.Tech(CS) – 69.5%

    Work Exp (7.25yrs Exp, Current CTC: 8 LPA)
    Wipro India – 3 yrs
    Wipro Europe – 1.5yrs
    TCS India – 2.75 yrs

    I have only filled XLRI – GM and Global and SP Jain PGDM currently.

    Few colleges which came across my mind:

    1. MICA – PGDM-C
    2. GLIM – PGPM (From Chennai…. should I also consider Gurgaon ?)
    3. IMT Ghaziabad (PGDM and PGDM Executive)
    4. KJ Somiaya Executive (But I heard they dont consider XAT ?)
    5. Welinkar / LIBA / XIME (Not sure I should apply at my experience level)
    6. XISS / IFMR (Not sure I should apply at my experience level)

    Request you to kindly suggest which Colleges should I target from above list or any other ?

    Thank you

    • Shubhav, at your experience and profile you should not be looking for regular 2-year PGDM course. MICA-PGDM(C) will also not be suitable for you as it is a 2 year programme and that too for Marketing Communications enthusiasts. You can also look for GL-PGPM course and ISB-Hyderabad.

  77. sir, i scored 82. something percentile in all the sections, and an overall score of 88.76 percentile. Can i expect a call from XLRI-BM, XLRI-HRM, or XIMB?
    -student of CL-Vizag

  78. My Xat overall percentile is 96.34.
    QA- 88.69
    VA- 65.95

    I havent applied in any of the colleges yet.. Can u plz help me for which colleges should I apply now??

    • Deep. the application time for most of the institutes is over now. However, you may still apply for MICA and BIMTECH.

  79. Sir I have got 74percentile in xat. I have graduated in 2013 and no work experience. Sir my question is whether a call from xime is possible and is it worth joining or should I try again next year

    • Rhea, XIME is an average college. If you are not desperate to go for MBA this year, try for Tier 1 colleges next year.

    • Rhea, the call from XIME is very much possible. Whether to drop an year or not will depend on other factors as your work-ex and profile.

  80. Sir my XAT overall percentile is 83.60.

    work experience- 5 months.
    Which Colleges can i get a call form?

  81. Sir i have overall 83.40 Percentile in XAT. My QA Percentile is very low. I also have 6 months of work experience in a small IT firm. Which Colleges should i apply to?

  82. MY SCORE:
    OVERALL=99.28%(CL PREDICTION WAS 99.57%).

  83. Dear Sir,
    please help me in choosing the best college.
    I have got the following percentiles in XAT..
    QA-90.69 ELLR-74.44 DM-62.23 OA 84.67
    10th 82.3%,12th 73.8 B.Tech done from NIT.Graduation %-77.9
    work ex:-45 months.Orissa Domicile.I have to do MBA this year at any cost.I have applied to XIMB,Great Lakes(Chennai & Gurgaon),IFMR,LIBA,tapmi,.where else should i apply?

    • Jeet, you have applied to almost all the colleges in your percentile range. Prepare well for GDPI and convert the calls.

  84. Sir,
    First of all kudos to Team CL for calculating my score and percentile this close..Hats off!.
    My XAT score is
    OA:97.97(CL got it as 98.22!!)
    Do I expect calls from XLRI(BM & HRM) and XIMB(BM)?..Also I am working in an IT company and we have long stressful working hours which make me impossible to visit classes for GDPI. Could you mention some easy mantras to prepare for this ?..
    Thanks again.

    • Kanad, you should be getting calls for both the courses from XL. Please wait for a few days for the blog on preparing for GD/ WAT and PI.

  85. Hello GP Sir,

    I have 8+ yrs of experience in IT and have obtained below scores in XAT. I am looking for good 1 Yr full time courses only. Please suggest.

    OA – 88.11
    VA – 89.14
    QA – 73.38
    DM – 80.58


      • Thanks for the reply. I am preparing for GMAT and will be surely trying to get a good score for ISB.

        Do you suggest me applying for Great Lakes Chennai or Gurgaon or not? Is it worth at this level of experience?

        Karunesh Gupta

  86. Sir i have got 83.50 Percentile in XAT. QA Percentile is very low. I have 6 months of work experience in a small IT firm.
    Which Colleges can i expect a call from?

  87. sir i secured 86.16 in xat
    got a call from sitm at overall percentile of 60.18 in snap
    plz suggest me some colleges through xat
    0 work ex
    2012 pass out

  88. Hello,
    I have an overall percentile of 83.18 in XAT.
    12.84 in Quant.
    91.31 in English Language and Logical Reasoning
    and 95.80 in Decision Making.

    What are the top colleges can I apply to?

    Any help would be of great value. Thank You.

  89. Hi Sir,
    I have received a XAT score of 86 %ile.

    Sir please advise which colleges I can apply to.
    Awaiting your kind response.

  90. GP sir,
    my XAT percentile is as follows
    Have applied only for XLRI , IMT and S.P.Jain. can i expect anything from these two institutes? should i apply for TAPMI,GIM and GL 1 year program?My CAT way below expected with 67. Im in my final year of B.E with 95% average of 10th, 12th and graduation and have a job offer from infosys, my cat is NC-OBC what should be my immediate step?
    please do reply.

  91. Sir,
    My XAT Score:
    OA: 92.32
    QA: 94.57
    VA: 90.14
    DM: 56.76
    I have applied to IMT-G, LIBA, and TAPMI
    Do I have any chance of converting IMT-G if I get a call? Considering that my score is just 2 points above the cut off of 90.
    Also, please rate these colleges, are they worth joining this year and worth the investment, some people say that the quality of IMT and TAPMI is going down due to the increase in number of seats, so looking at that, are they worth the investment?
    I’m currently in my final year, placed in TCS, should I join one of these colleges, if I convert, or try next year for a better score?
    Please also provide me with your email address for future correspondence.

    • Arjun, the personality assessment stage usually has around 50-60% weight in the selection process so a good performance here can easily cover up for the CAT/XAT score. The decision of joining should be taken after you get the final call. However with a good job at hand you can definitely consider taking another shot at CAT/XAT. Do go through the process, it will be a useful experience.
      My email id is gp@careerlauncher.com

  92. Hello GP Sir,

    very confused with my xat scores, hope you can end my confusion…….

    QA- 87.47
    VA- 83.68
    DM- 98.95

    OA- 97.43

    Any chances of making the gdpi list of XL or SPJain?

    Thanks in advance sir 🙂

  93. Dear Sir,
    I have got the following percentiles,
    QA = 75.31
    EL/LR = 78.65
    DM = 72.13
    overall = 80.62
    Is there any chance that i can get a call from GIM or IFMR???

  94. sir,its very surprising for me to see a score of 8.5 in va fetching me just 70 %le unlike your prediction above,so i’m of xl-HR race.so unkind.

  95. Sir thank you for your responses.Please help me,can i get a call from BIMTECH at the following XAT percentile:-

  96. While my overall XAT score was a little below the predictions based on solutions by CL, TF and TIIME, the main shocker was VA. My final score is as follows-

    QA 96.6
    VA 58.72
    DM 82.48

    Overall 91.37

    I know XLRI is ruled out but I have domicile in XIMB. I have also applied to XIMB through CAT and got 87.37 overall with 74.49 in QADI and 92.04 in VALR. Can I expect an XIMB call or are the chances really slim because of my low VA score in XAT or the low QADI and overall score in CAT?

  97. Dear GP sir,
    CL could never have been more accurate.
    Predicted – 91.7
    Actual XAT- 92.74
    with VA-90.14
    DM -92.49
    Do i have any chance from XL-HRM?
    and what about IMT-G?

  98. My XAT Scores are as follows
    OVERALL 97.97
    I am working for a year and a half in a large Multi national Conglomerate, and my graduation is from a reputed college. My 10 &12 are around 85.
    Is a call from SP jain possible, in operations?
    Also, please let me know if I can get a call for XLRI HRM.

  99. sir, my XAT percentile is
    OverAll -84.67
    i have applied to GIM,can i expect a call?
    Also,should i apply to TAPMI, LIBA and K J Somaiya through XAT?

    • Deepti, GIM may not happen for you at 84.67%ile.
      You should apply to TAPMI, LBSIM, FORE and Nirma Univ.
      KJ Som is not through XAT, it is through CAT and CMAT only.

  100. XAT TOTAL=77.05 percentile
    QUANTITATIVE ABILITY=61.94 percentile

    I belong to GEN Catagory.I have 26 months of experience in IT MNC

    I already applied to TAPMI,GIM,LIBA,BIMTECH,IFMR. What are my chances of getting a call ?

    Please give me your suggestions.
    Thanks in advance

    • Ajay, at 77%ile you are unlikely to get a call from any of the colleges mentioned above. It is however possible that TAPMI may consider you due to your work experience. Given your work experience LIBA, BIMTECH and IFMR are not recommended. You can try Great LAkes Chennai 1 year program also.

  101. Sir, I am an SC candidate….i have got 70.12 percentile and 23.49 percentage in XAT 2014….from which all colleges can i get a call from?

  102. Hello SIr,

    I have oa-98.5
    any remote chances of XL call..? last to last yr it was 70 for va..last yr 80//..:(

  103. After a heartwarming 99.61 in CAT, in comes an XL shocker (as expected)
    El & LR- 76.71
    DM- 96.92
    OA- 93.54 (27.5 marks)

    Even though Its not probable (given the last time’s XL’s cut off of HR VA as 80), do you or your analysts see any dip in cut off percentiles this year?

  104. Percentile Scores:
    TOTAL 94.29
    What colleges should i expect???!!

  105. My Xat score is 98.71 with qa as 98.xx
    and dm as 99.xx
    but VA is 68.12

    from where can i expect a cal…..is it posssible that i have a remote chance from XLRI BM or HRM ???

  106. Sir,

    XAT – 73.14 % …..2 years experience….

    Any chance for below colleges :

    ITM Navi Mumbai
    IMT Nagpur
    TAPMI – atleast call

  107. XAT score
    OA : 89.37

    Quant : 98.32
    DM : 84.37
    English : 33.52

    I have applied to

    1)What colleges should I expect?
    2)Which other colleges should I apply for?

    Kindly reply…..TIA

  108. sir, I have got 92.74 percentile in XAT.
    QA: 71.28 percentile 15.32 percentage.
    VA: 90.14 percentile 41.07 percentage.
    DM: 93.47 percentile 44.79 percentage.

    what are my chances for XLRI- BM and HR?

  109. my scores
    QUANTITATIVE ABILITY 11.29% 59.21%ile
    DECISION MAKING 43.75% 92.49%le
    TOTAL 28.31% 84.67%le
    suggest me some good colleges

  110. Quant = 56
    english and lr = 99.78
    decision making = 99
    overall = 98.92

    can you please guide ?? i knw out XLRI and XIMB won’t give me call coz of sectional . any place where i can apply ?? my cat quant is 99%ile too but i don’t know what went wrong !! still please ur views

  111. Hi Sir,

    Got 70.12 percentile in XAT , score = 21.16 (calculated according to the percentages given in scorecard)
    Profile :
    Acads : 87%(10th), 90%(12th), B.tech CGPA 8.18
    Work ex : 2.3 years in Infosys

    Sir, Any chance for any decent colleges ,TAPMI ,BIMTECH ,LIBA ?
    I did not apply to any till now, pls help

    Thanks in advance


  113. Sir my XAT 2014 SCORES ARE
    DECISION MAKING 31.25 72.13
    TOTAL 24.40 PERCENTILE=73.14
    What colleges can i apply to?

  114. sir
    Pls give some guidance.

    workex: 30 months
    What are my chances for BM/HRM XLRI

  115. Sir,

    In XAT OA:91.85

    approx 85 each in all the three sections.

    Got a score of 93.3 in CAT. Can I have any extra option through XAT which is I will not get through CAT?

  116. Sir, I have the following scores :

    Quants: 74.68 %ile
    VA : 90.14 %ile,
    DM : 78.68 %ile.
    OA : 88.11 %ile

    Any chances for XLRI-HRM, SP Jain, IMT Great Lakes-Chennai?

    Kindly reply…Thanks in advance.

    • Aditya, the overall cut-off for HRM was 92 percentile last year. You might miss that. SP Jain and IMT are also unlikely to call at that score. GL-Chennai is possible.

      • Sir,
        Thanks for your reply.

        Isn’t it true that last year the last person to get into XLRI-HRM was having 88%ile. TIME confirmed the same…

        Please help.

  117. Dear Sir,
    I have received the following score in XAT :

    QA 36.29% 98.03%le
    VA 26.79% 61.12%le
    DM 48.96% 96.40%le

    TOTAL 36.75% 97.00%le

    What are my chances ?

  118. Overall- 98.84%
    Quantitative Ability- 98.52%
    English Language & Loogical Reasoning- 93.77%
    Decision making- 86.01%

    General category. What are my chances of getting a call from XLRI BM?

    Please respond.

  119. Hi Sir,
    QA- 28.62
    EL & LR- 83.68
    DM- 82.48
    OA: 72.18
    Educations qualifications: Xth – 84 ; XIIth -94 (Commerce) ; Graduation(B.Com)- 82 . Work Experience: Deloitte HR- 6 months.

    What are my chances for an HRM call from XISS Ranchi ?

  120. Hi Sir,

    My XAT Percentile is 96.34 with sectionals as:

    QA: 86.21
    VA: 97.96
    DM: 78.69

    Currently I have 18 months work-ex in an IT MNC as engineer.

    I have already applied for IMT-G,GIM,TAPMI.

    Should I apply LIBA and IFMR?

    Is KJ Somaiya accepting XAT scores? I think it is accepting CAT/GMAT score.Can you please throw some light on it.

  121. Sir,

    In XAT OA:91.85

    approx 85 each in all the three sections.

    Got a score of 93.3 in CAT. Can I have any extra option through XAT which is I will not get through CAT?

  122. Sir My overall percentile in XAT is 93.95 with sectionals as:
    QA: 12
    VA and LR: 99
    I guess I cannot make through XLRI and XIMB falling short of sectional cut off.Which all college can I apply? I have 2 years work ex and a decent 10th 12th and grad avg of 85 plus.

    TOTAL 56.53

    Is there any chance for me in TAPMI

  124. QA-61.94
    IT Exp-40 montths
    What are my best possible chances?
    Please reply Sir….

  125. sir,
    my XAT score is as follows…

    QA = 25.08 %ile
    VA = 83.68 %ile
    DM = 82.48 %ile
    TOTAL = 71.13 %ile

    is there any chances of getting into TAPMI, XIME or XIMR?

  126. Hi sir,
    I need some advice.
    My XAT score is:
    Overall 99.02 percentile
    QA 71.8
    DM 98.65
    VA 99.27
    What calls (if any) should I hope for?
    I’m worried about the sectional disbalance. Could you please help out?

  127. Hi sir..XAT Overall – 88.76 (VA-86.76, QA-64.35, DM-91.47 )

    Any Possibility for XLRI-HRM, IMT-G, SPJ, XIMB, GL, TAPMI. Thanks in advance.

    • Bharat, you may miss the overall cut-off of XLRI-HRM, IMT-G and S P Jain. Rest all calls are possible. Just wait for the official calls.

  128. Sir, I have got a percentile of 83.93 in XAT.

    Sectional Percentiles
    Quant- 92.54
    English and LR – 40.84
    Decision Making – 86.01

    10th – 91.2
    12th- 89.1
    Grad – 2014 passout – 81.36 %
    What good colleges are still left that I can apply ?? I have already filled GIM … I also filled XIMB but with CAT .. and my CAT score doesnt clear its cutt off.. is there anything i can do about it ???

  129. Sir,
    My score in XAT is as follows:
    QA- 75.31%ile
    EL&LR- 92.26%ile
    DM- 86.01%ile
    Overall – 91.85%ile.

    Do i stand a chance in XLRI HRM/ XIMB HRM or IMT Ghaziabad?

    • Anuja, you might miss the overall cut-off for XLRI-HRM. But considering the increase in intake this year, you can have little hope. Wait for the official calls of XLRI on 23rd.

  130. Dear Sir,

    My XAT score reads:

    DECISION MAKING 34.38 78.69
    TOTAL 34.34 94.96

    I have not applied for any colleges. Any still open and possible with this score?

    Thanks in advance

  131. Dear Sir, my XAT score reads

    DECISION MAKING 34.38 78.69
    TOTAL 34.34 94.96

    I have not applied to any colleges (No, not even XLRI)
    Any colleges still remaining open and possible with this score?

    Thanks in advance

  132. EL/DM/QA = 89.xx/84.xx/92.xx
    Overall = 95.26

    10/12/UG = 96/88/80
    WE = 7 months (management consulting) (as submitted on XAT form)

    Any chance of XLRI BM call?

      • Thanks for the reply 🙂

        I have one more question. Can you tell me the selectio method for XLRI? In IIMs they have separate selection criteria for every IIM which takes into account whole profile (like school and college exam scores, work exp) but does XLRI have any publicly disclosed selection criteria or it is purely based on XAT score?
        In case it is purely based on XAT score, then does everyone who clears the cutoff get a call?


  133. Shank, try to get a good job and prepare well for the exams next year. Brush-up your basics of Mathematics first.

  134. Sajin, higly unlikely that you’ll the calls from these colleges except Welingkar, which is also a borderline case.

  135. Hello Sir,

    My XAT 2014 scores are as below:
    Category: General
    QA: 4.84(34.90 percentile)
    VA: 45.54(94.42 percentile)
    DM: 44.79(93.47 percentile)
    Overall: 30.12(88.76 percentile)

    Can you please tell me which colleges can i expect to get a call from? Are there any colleges considering overall cutoff and not sectional?

    Thank you

  136. my xat score is 86.81 sectionals are quant:28.62, verbal 85.92 and decision makin 98.18. I havnt filled any colleges affiliated to xat yet. Should I fill the rest or because of my sectional imbalance I shudn’t. Is there any chance for TAPMI, LIBA, Kirlorskar, Wellingkar, XIME, XIMR?

    • Vrunda, TAPMI and LIBA look difficult as they may consider sectionals too. XIME and XIMR are very much possible.

  137. Hello sir… i have got a XAT score of 76.11 percentile.. can u plz suggest some colleges from which i can get a call.

  138. OA: 97.21
    QA: 66.69
    VA: 91.5
    DM: 99.56

    Any chance for XLRI HRM?

    PS: Last year I got a call for XLRI HRM with 65 in QA but didn’t convert, I hope that happens for this year too 🙁

  139. Sir, my OA is 99.49%ile but sectionals in QA and VA are 93.97 and 93.77. Is it a cause for concern? In 2012, QA cut off was 92%ile.

  140. Hello GP Sir
    My XAT scores are as follows :
    QA 29.84 94.57
    VALR 41.96 91.31
    DM 51.04 97.36
    TOTAL 40.06 98.71
    But my GK score is 1.5 only. Do you think I have a chance to get XLRI BM based on my interview performance? If Yes, What should I focus on from now to prepare for that performance which can get me a seat in XLRI BM despite my low GK score?
    Thanks in Advance.

  141. Hello Sir,
    Xat Score–>VA–>72.5
    Quant –>96+
    overall 94+

    is there any possibility for call from ximb?

  142. Hi..| XAT – 85.39 (QA-75.31, ELLR – 92.26, DM – 62.23) | Graduation – 72 | XII – 69 | X – 74 | Work Ex – 34 months |Can I expect call from any of these colleges??
    Goa Institute of Management
    Institute for Financial Management and Research
    Loyola Institute of Business Administration
    L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research
    S P Jain Institute of Management & Research
    T A Pai Management Institute
    Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar
    Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship
    Xavier Institute of Management & Research
    Xavier Institute of Social Service
    IMT Ghaziabad

    • Manogya, calls are possible from:
      Institute for Financial Management and Research
      Loyola Institute of Business Administration
      L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research
      T A Pai Management Institute
      Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship
      Xavier Institute of Management & Research
      Xavier Institute of Social Service

  143. Sir,
    My score is 82.32%
    Please tell me for which colleges should i apply???
    I haven’t applied for any college till now….So please reply me asap

    • Narendra, Most of the good XAT institutes have closed their application window, the only ones that are still open are TAPMI, MICA and KJ Somaiya.

  144. Sir,
    My XAT score is Quant – 96.60 (10.25 marks), Eng – 74.44 (9 marks), DM – 78.69 (8.25 marks), Overall – 93.54.(27.5 marks) Do you think this stands a chance for a BM call?


  145. Sir my XAT %ile is 97.62
    QA: 90.69
    LR: 98.49
    DM: 78.69
    Any chance of getting a call from XLRI?
    And if you could suggest a few good colleges which i could fill in through my XAT score now(if any).

    • Saptrishi, your DM is a borderline case, usually the cutoff is 80%ile but hopefully you will get the BM call. Most of the good XAT institutes have closed their application window, the only ones that are still open are TAPMI, MICA and KJ Somaiya.

  146. Sir,
    DECISION MAKING 48.96 96.40
    TOTAL 38.25 97.97
    Any chance for XLRI HRM ?

    • Soham, your overall score and sectionals are very good except QA where you may just fall short of the cutoff. Let us hope for the best.

  147. Respected sir,
    I have score 74.15% in XAT exam. I want to know about the good colleges that I can apply to at this percentage. I belong to general category and I don’t have work-ex.


  148. Sir,i got 75.15% in XAT,i also filled the form for XIMB-RM.What are my chances to get call?Which other colleges i can look after with this score.
    Thanking you

  149. XAT 2014
    QA 6.45 41.24
    ENG&LR 13.39 24.41
    DM 42.71 91.47
    TOTAL 19.28 54.15

  150. Sir, XAT results out and I have scored:

    Kindly mention my chances of getting XLRI BM call.

    ENGLISH LANGUAGE 37.50 85.42
    DECISION MAKING 18.75 40.19
    TOTAL 16.27 41.69
    sir can you interpret my xat 2014 score and what are the chances of getting a call from the institutes?

  152. XAT scores—
    VA-LR 93.77
    DM- 99.80
    OA- 97.97

    XIMB, SP Jain possible?
    Rank these- LIBA, IFMR, GLIM, TAPMI, IMT G…..

    • Ankita, you have done well in XAT except QA and hence XLRI and SP Jain are unlikely but calls from all other XAT institutes including XIMB are possible.
      My preference among the institutes mentioned by you: IMTG, TAPMI=GL Chennai 1 year program, LIBA=IFMR

  153. Greetings!
    Sir could you help me out with these disappointing scores of 460 in GMAT and 27.44 percentile in XAT to apply to few colleges if possible.
    Appreciate your help.
    Thank you

      • Sir, how is this college called IBS Hyderabad? I have got a call to attend their selection process through my GMAT score. Should I try for it? Are their any chances in the NRI quota other colleges with GMAT? I am not a dumb student, but has been lack of planning and now I am really falling short of time.
        Thank you so much for your help!

          • Sir, I have done B.E. Hons. Computer Science Engg (2012 graduate) Work ex- 1yr and a half as of march 2014. GMAT score is 460(quant-42, verbal 13)

          • Sushm, try on improving your GMAT score and also build a work-experience of at least a couple of years with good profile. Having done that you’ll have decent chances for ISB.

  154. Sir my XAT percentile is 94.63 with sectionals as


    Do I have any cahnce for an XLRI call with these marks?

    • Aman, your DM score is a shade lower than the normal cutoff, all others are fine. Hopefully you will get a call from XLRI. Calls from all other XAT institutes are possible.

  155. Hi
    I Have 84 In Quant and 97 In Verbal while just 27 In DM
    Overall Percentile 85
    and i belong to sc category.
    Is there any college i can fill up now and have a realistic shot.?

    • Rooshin, XAT institutes do not have any reservations so you will be treated as a general category candidate. Based on your XAT score you can try for TAPMI, KJ Somaiya and MICA.

  156. Hi Sir,

    I got 85.39 as XAT percentile.
    Quant – 64.35
    English – 99.12
    Decision Making – 34.88
    I am from general category and have 2 years of IT work ex..Are there any good colleges that i can apply for?
    Please reply asap.

  157. CAT scored 71% and xat scored 68% with 2.5 yr of work ex. pl suggest me some good colleges with av package greater than 7 lakhs.

  158. GP Sir, i scored 83.40 in XAT.
    I have already applied to IMT,GIM,TAPMI,LIBA,BIMTECH,XISS.
    Which Colleges can i get a call form? Which other Colleges should i apply to?

    PLease do reply sir.

      • Sir i also have 6 months of work experience in a small IT firm. Will that by any means make a difference?
        And sir what will be the estimated cutoff for TAPMI?

        Please reply GP sir.

  159. 1/20/2014 XAT 2014 Score Card
    http://www.xatonline.net.in/xatscard.aspx 1/1
    XAT 2014
    DECISION MAKING 16.67 34.88
    TOTAL 16.57 42.91
    XAT ID : XAT212728
    DATE OF TEST : JANUARY 05, 2014
    This is a system generated result. The score card in original will be sent to you by post.
    Date : 20 January 2014

    sir what to do i am a bba student got 5 percentile in cat and very much disappointed with my self after seeing this result .what to do… continue preparing for mba or apply for job.i wanna continue but how please guide me weak in mathematics due to 11 & 12 maths drop-out.

    • Shank, if both CAT and XAT have given you very poor results then possibly the MBA entrances are not something that you should be after. My suggestion is to pick up a job, work for a few years and then consider an Executive MBA.

  160. GP Sir,

    My XAT percentile is 73.14 ….got 2 years experience….> 75% in acads…..ny chance for the below colleges….

    Welingkar Bangalore
    IFMR chennai

    Please do respond sir…..XAT is my last hope for doing MBA this year…..

  161. Hi sir
    TOTAL 99.23
    Sir please let me know if I stand a chance for XLRI BM, SP Jain?
    I am too focussed on XLRI BM

  162. Hi,

    I’ve applied for XLRI GMP program. Below are my XAT percentage,


    Also i’m having 6+ of work experience.

    Please let me know if i stand a chance of getting shortlisted.

  163. Hi Sir,

    My score in XAT is as follows:

    QA 50.65%ile
    VA 97.63%ile
    DM 97.36%ile
    OA 95.83%ile

    My QA score is exceptionally low…. Do I stand any chance in the good colleges such as XLRI or SPJain?

    • Shalini, unfortunately due to your low QA score XL, XIMB and SP Jain are unlikely but all other XAT institutes are possible.

  164. Sir, I got 96.07 percentile in XAT.
    VA- 90.14

    Do I stand a chance in getting a call from XL and SP Jain?

    Please advise.

    • Srijata, due to low QA score you might miss the BM call but HR call is very much on the cards. SP Jain call is dicey.

  165. I’ve got the following marks in XAT:
    QA percentile: 38.05
    ENG percentile:98.21
    Decision percentile:91.47
    Total: 92.32
    (4 in GK from CL)

    What colleges can I expect calls from (upto now applied to XIMB (HR) XIME, XLRI(HR and IB)?

  166. Sir, My XAT result is as follows:
    TOTAL 97.82
    From where shall i expect calls? XLRI-HR,?IMT G? SPJAIN?
    My profile is
    10th : 87.69
    12th: 85.5
    BE(pursuing from MU):68.1

  167. Hi Sir,

    VA : 96.2
    QA: 70.37
    DM: 98.51
    OA: 97.82

    CL predicted my OA to be 96.95 and that is very close enough. But their i was scoring 9.25 in VA n here i got only 30.37% or 7.25 marks :(. I applied only for XLRI BM. With a percentile of 70 in VA, what are my chances of making through?

    Thanks In advance.

  168. My XAt scores

    By any chance can i expect a call from XLRI considering my Verbal score? Will the cutoff for English be lower than 80% considering there is a increase in intake for HR and BM this time?

    • Aditya, very less chances that the cut-off of VA will fall below 80 percentile. Wait for 23rd January for the official calls. You might just make the cut.

  169. Hello sir… i have got a XAT score of 76.11 percentile.. can u plz suggest some colleges from which i can get a call.

    • Anmol, ITM-Navi Mumbai seems feasible. You may just miss the cut-offs of Welingkar, GITAM and other similar B-Schools

  170. Hi Sir,
    QA : 64.35 percentile
    VA : 82.06 percentile
    DM : 88.97 percentile…
    OA : 85.39 percentile

    Which colleges should I expect a call from?And which colleges should I apply to?

  171. Sir i scored 83.48 Percentile in XAT. Which Colleges can i get a call form?
    I have applied to IMT,LIBA,GIM,TAPMI and BIMTECH.
    Are there any other Colleges i should apply to?

    • Pratik, the cut-offs of all the colleges you have listed are likely to be around or above 85 percentile. You might make the cut for BIMTECH though. Wait for the official calls from these colleges.

    • Karan, please post your sectional percentiles. Overall you have bright chances for the call. You’ll have to justify your GA score in the PI though.

  172. sir which is the best among these? i want to do MBA in finance.
    bimtech, nibm pune, ifmr chennai, welingkar mumbai, liba, xime bangalore?
    pls arrange them in order.
    what package can i expect out of dese colleges?
    i have to do my mba dis year itself. and dese r d only options. 🙁

    • Meera, all these are almost at the same level and will offer a salary of around Rs 5 lakh pa. Suggest that you defer the decision of which one after you have the final calls.

  173. Sir,
    I’m sure to clear the cutoff for VA and QA but my DM score is 8.
    Is it likely that the actual DM score will be less than or equal to 8?

    • Rajarshi, these cutoffs are estimates and the actual cutoffs could be different. Hopefully DOM cutoff will be lower and you will get a call. All the best.

  174. Dear Sir,
    I have a cat score of 86.xx and have sectional scores over 80 percent. Is LIBA and TAPMI definitely possible at this score? I have work ex of 28 months. From arts background. Which other low cost and good quality institutes would be suggest at this score? Is anything better possible for an anticipated XAT score of 19? I would be grateful for your response.

    • Ann, at that score you have slim chances of getting a call from TAPMI. LIBA is possible though.
      Please refer to the blogpost for the cut-offs of XLRI and XAT-allied institutes.

  175. Hello sir,

    My XAT SCORE varies in the range of 29.75-33.25.
    and QA-6.5(the only section in which i doubt to clear sectional cut off).
    Also, My CAT percentile is OA: 96.82 QA:94.5 VA:95.05
    Can I expect calls from New IIms and MDI?
    And keeping in view the high weightage accounted to CAT percentile in MDI, will it be likely for me to get admission in MDI at this percentile(in case I get a call).?

    • Ariya, you can be sure of getting calls from at least a couple of the new IIMs. Decent chances for MDI too. Yes it is likely to convert MDI with an excellent GD and PI.

  176. Hello sir,
    i got OA : 85.78% with QA : 90.88%, VA :75.4% in cat ’13..I belong to N OBC catgry, passed out in 2012 and have no wrk exp..which colleges should i apply? pls help…

  177. Hi sir,
    i got OA : 82.3% (QA:76.1% , VA:84.2%)..GEN cat
    X : 83%
    xII : 91% , grad : 72% passed out in 2012,no wrk exp..
    which colleges should i apply? is there any chance for TAPMI,GIM ??

  178. gp sir, at a XAT score of 20 will LIBA and TAPMI give me a call?
    also, does NIRMA has sectional cutoff? if so,will they call me at a VA score of 49.14 QA score of 94.95 and overall 81.85?
    pls suggest some more colleges at dese CAT and XAT scores….
    i have to take admission this year itself..no other option….kindly help sir.
    and pls answer all the queries in this post…pls sir its a request.

    • sir, i will also be appearing for MICAT. kindly give me some tips as how to prepare for it? its difficulty level? how many questions to attempt and all? what all to study for GK?
      kindly elaborate.

      • Meera, the GK in MICAT is mostly related to Business and current affairs with special attention to media communications and advertisements. For the creative writing sections, start practicing essays and picture-based stories.

  179. Hello sir,
    QA-12.25 VA-17.25 DM-8.25
    OA-37.75 according to CL..
    Will i clear dm cutoff? what was it last year?

    Thank You!!

  180. Sir, my scores according to CL answer key are
    QA 11.75
    DM 7
    VA 6.25

    overall : 25

    What can i expect? i have applied for XLRI, GIM and IMT-G under XAT umbrella. and what colleges should i apply for (if their application process is still on).

  181. my xat score is 29.75. what percentile will i be getting?
    qa 13.25
    va 8.25
    dm 7.75
    can i expect xlri(bm) and spjain calls?
    what score is needed to secure a score based call from spjain in XAT?

  182. Sir
    my xat score VA DM QA Total %ILE
    6.5 9.5 3.5 19.5 72.67
    iz ximb call possible? i have a odisha domicile quota.

  183. sir
    my Score in xat VA 6.5
    DM 9.5
    QA 3.5
    OA 19.5 %ILE 72.67
    is XIMB Possible in any branches;i have a odisha domicile quota.plz reply soon.regards.

    • Ananya, please refer to the blogpost for the cut-offs of XLRI and XAT-allied institutes.
      Wait for a few days for the official calls from XIMB.

  184. Sir, I will most probably score 33.25 as per CL Key in XAT with above 10 score in all three sections but GK was a disaster just 2 in that. Essay went great i suppose.

    My question is what are the realistic chances of converting XLRI-BM as I am a fresher with good academic credentials near 90% in X and XII. Graduate % = 82 from IIT.

    As this is my last hope, CAT messed up with just 96%ile. with Only IIM Indore to play for hopefully.

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Nishu, with 2 in GK you will need an exceptional interview to convert the XLRI call. Start your PDP classes immediately so that you are well preparied for the interview.
      Also refer to the blogpost Cutoffs of CAT allied institutes for the institutes where you can still apply and from where you can expect calls based on your CAT score.

      • Thank u sir for the realistic reply… I already have started PDP classes with CL.

        It is just either I convert SP Jain, XLRI or IIM Indore or I will go for a job and give CAT,XAT another shot down the line.

        I read out somewhere that GK and essay have 20 marks weight-age each in XLRI.. I was unable to find the exact breakdown of other criterion’s like academics, WAT/GD/PI, Work ex. etc.

        It would be great if you could share that here or give an rough estimate based on ur past experience with students.

        • NIshu, we’ll discuss that when the official calls from XLRI start flying. At this moment, focus on preparing well for GD/PI and forget the breakup of criteria for a few days.

    • Pranav, IMT Nagpur and Hyderabad are difficult at your score.
      I do not have information on XIMB Dual degree and hence cannot comment.

  185. Sir i have a score of 28.5.. i was relieved when u had uploaded xat cut offs(updated) ..but now again it says 29 for xlri j.. do i stand a chance sscores in va,dm,qa.. 11.25, 9.25, 8

  186. Sir i have a score of 28.5.. i was relieved when u had uploaded xat cut offs(updated) ..but now again it says 29 for xlri j.. do i stand a chance sir??

    • Avni, there is some error in the post and the old cutoffs have appeared. The expected cutoff for XL BM is 27.75 Will have it corrected tomorrow.

  187. Sir,
    My sectional scores are Quant – 10.25, Dm – 9.5 and Verbal – 7.75. Total 27.5 Percentile as per CL is 95. What do you think of the chances for getting a call from XLRI BM?


  188. Sir
    As per CL predictor my raw score for XAT 2014 is 31.25.
    What percentile it could fetch me ?
    I guess I’ll clear the the cut-offs for XL, but want to make sure my percentile.
    Also in CAT my OA is 95.5 with 93.96 in QA and 92.78 in VA. Can I expect a call from XIMB BM through CAT, as my VA percentile is lower than previous year’s. Plz do reply.


    • Balu, score of 35+ will ensure 99+ percentile in XAT. For calls from XLRI BM and HRM you must have balanced sectionals too. QA score may play spoilsport for you.

    • Pranav, GL doesn’t declare the cut-offs. It will depend on the pool of candidates applying for GL. However, 85+ should have a decent chance for the call.

  190. Sir,

    I am getting XAT score of 17-19 wrt various predictors…..Could you please me approx percentile for this score ?… with this score can I expect call from XIME/ Welingkar bangalore/BIMTECH ?….

  191. Good Morning Sir,

    I have recived the following percentile :

    QA/DI : 99.97 (CL Prediction was 99.95)
    VA/LR : 82.40 (CL Prediction was 84.50)
    Overall : 99.63%le (CL Prediction was 99.64)

    First of all good job Sir and Team for such Accurate predictions.
    Secondly i’m convinced that normalization did not occur this year.
    Third where should i apply other than the IIM’s ?
    FMS , MDI do i have a chance ?

    • Anshu, Congratulations on your CAT performance and thanks for your appreciation of our efforts.
      Do apply to IIT Mumbai and Delhi, for details please refer to the post Cutoffs of CAT allied institutes for the institutes that you can apply to.
      You wil get calls from FMS and MDI.

  192. hello sir,
    my CAT score:
    OA: 80.28
    QA: 90.36
    VA: 59.91

    Sir, What are the chances at this score to get a good college?
    And which colleges should i apply at that score?

  193. sir…pls throw some light on nirma university, christ, iifm and bimtech.
    its cat cutoff, avg package, fees, etc.(for nirma and iifm)
    also arrange them in order of preference..

  194. Sir
    cat 2013 results
    qa di = 69.4%ile
    va lr = 82.4%ile
    total = 78.62%ile

    expected xat score = 16-17 marks
    cmat sep 2013 = 187 marks

    general categaory male engg.
    No work exp

    Is GIM, TAPMI, FORE(IB), IMT(Nagpur), BIMTECH(Noida),
    LIBA , KJ SOMAIYA(through cmat), Posssible…..?

    Should I apply to irma, wellingkar and ubs….?

    Thanks in advance


    • Karanveer, based on your XAT score unfortunately no decent institute is possible.
      Please refer to the blogpost Cutoffs of CAT allied institutes for the institutes where you can still apply and from where you can expect calls based on your CAT score.
      KJ Som is possible based on your CMAT score of 187 (around 90%ile)

  195. I am expecting these scores in XAT.

    Please tell me which are the best colleges I can get? Is IFMR good?

    • Ankita, with a total score of 25-28 marks and QA 2-3 in XAT you are likely to get calls from IMTG, GIM, TAPMI etc. You will miss out on XLRI and XIMB due to low QA score. IFMR can be a back up option for you.

  196. According to CL Exam corner OA-25.25
    what calls i can expect
    applied for XIMB(MBA,HR),XLRI(HR),SP Jain,IMTG

  197. Hi Sir,
    I’m going to apply to BIMTECH Noida, GL Chennai – 1 Year Program and TAPAI. (Getting arnd 20 – 21 in XAT – 2.5 exp in IT)…
    I’m only interested in HR. Can u kindly shed some light into which of the mentioned three colls are good in terms of Placement Quality (Companies & Avg Package) for HR. If possible, pls provide in descending order. Thanks a lot Sir!!
    (I’m in doubt if GL provides HR course at all. Please confirm)..

    • Sankar, there is no special course for HR there. The three colleges which you have mentioned are average in terms of placements. There is nominal difference in the placements of these colleges and the ranking will go as TAPMI > GL >= BIMTECH.

  198. Sir, My cat score is as follow
    QA: 89.2
    VA : 47.7
    Total: 73.67
    I have total work exp of 18 months as of now.. Can I Expect call from TAPMI at this score because I hcame to know that last year they called everyone. and at this score shall I apply to IIT’s as I belong to NC – OBC category..TIA

  199. Sir with OA-96.67%ile.
    QA-98.38%ile and
    VA-84.91%ile what are the chances of getting IIMB, IIMK, IIML, SP Jain or MDI?
    X-85%, XII-80% and Grads – 65%. I am a Chartered accountant with 1 year work ex.

    • Sanchit, for IIM-L you may fall short of the cut-off. New IIMs are also ruled out. IIM K might just be a borderline case. You can be sure of getting a call from MDI.

  200. Sir, My xat score is coming around 22 in career launcher analysis and my CAT score is 84 Percentile. I have more than 3.5 wrk exp.
    can i expect calls from any where ? Plzzz help sir. I am general category.

  201. Hello Sir,

    According to CL keys, i am getting around 24 according to CL keys . I have already applied for IMT G. Do i have any chance in it. Also , i have 30 months work exp in IT, so should i apply for GL Chennai ? (update: i have got a pretty bad cat score so only hope left is xat)

    One last ques, how do you rate TAPMI, i want to know where it stands among IMT G and others. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    • Vineet, TAPMI is an above average college. You can apply for GL Chennai and you do have a decent chance of getting a call from IMT-G. Just wait for your official XAT scores.

  202. Abhishek, the percentile predictor has been fairly accurate wrt SNAP and CAT scores and I am fairly confident of the XAT percentiles also so you can apply on the basis of XAT percentile predictor also.

  203. Dear Sir,

    I’m expecting the following scores as per the CL key:

    VA: 9.75
    QA: 10
    DM: 12
    OA: 31.75

    I’m more interested in XL-HR. I feel VA is on the edge. Does it look safe to you?


  204. sir
    my score acc to cl eomr is :

    va 12
    dm 8.5
    qa 5.75
    oa 26.25
    what are my chances of getting a call from
    WE MUM
    and my cat percentile is 80.8
    any chances of getting a call from
    through cat ?
    will be eagerly waiting for the reply

    • Naina, with a 92%ile in xat, you can expect calls from GIM, TAPMI, XIMB, LIBA. WE MUM, IFMR and NIRMA are also possible.

  205. sir this is w.r.t our telephonic conversation.
    i have searched the following colleges:
    qa score:94.98
    va score:49.14
    overall score: 81.85
    xat score:20
    kindly suggest in which college shall i apply? and which is the best among dese colleges in terms of placement?
    plsss reply soon.

      • Sir,

        The predicted cut offs that you mentioned on this blog(whose title was XAT 2014 Cut Offs Updated) seemed to be different when I had looked a couple of days earlier. Or was it just misconception on my part?

    • Rohit, once the official results are out and you get your percentile of XAT, we can comment on the chances of getting calls from colleges.

  206. Sir

    What can be the estimated cutoffs for GMP?
    My score is VA – 11.25
    DM – 11
    QA – 4

    Is the score sufficient for a GMP interview call?

    • Rohit, wait for the official XAT results. Depending on your actual percentile we can comment whether you’ll be getting a call or not.

  207. My cat score is qa di 78.76, va lr 95.06 oa 91.29…which colleges can shortlist me? is there any chance for ximb bm(under domicile quota)?

  208. sir please help in which colleges to apply for.
    CAT overall – 90.66
    QA – 73.32
    VA – 96.03
    NMAT – 198
    Please reply asap..
    Thanks in advance..

  209. sir my cat score is
    what are my chances for getting call from imt-ghazibad,imi delhi,
    and MDI gurgaon or any of the IIMs?

  210. sir i have got an overall score of 28 in XAT.
    VA 6
    DM 12.5
    QA 9.5
    i have applied only for XLRI HRM..is there any chance for it?
    should i apply for IMT ghaziabad??

    • Sonal, VA 6 is an issue else you would have got the XL HR call. In addition to IMT G you should also apply to TAPMI and MICA.

  211. I am scoring 27.75 in Xat ? what approx percentile should i get with these marks and which colleges should i apply for ? and one more thing imt ghaziabad ask for udpate of scores before 25 january but the xat result is coming on 31 january so how i can apply in imt with the xat score card?

  212. Hi Sir,
    my xat score according to CL E-OMR-23.5 and %ile is 87..
    What are the chances for great lakes pgdm prog ??
    Also my CAT% ile is 82…What calls can i expect from it ?
    I have filled almost all the clgs in the above range..

  213. Sir,
    my cat %ile is 83.35
    Qa n Di just 59.59
    Va n Lr 92.99
    Category- SC
    what are my chances in getting a call from any IIM??
    what are the very good colleges in which i can apply now??
    I m a fresher and have no work -ex.
    and if possible i wud really like to get ur contact no. on my email address as i really want very good counselling. (I don’t trust T.I.M.E people)

  214. Sir, i am getting 18.25 in XAT as per CL E-OMR, pls advice me some decent colleges to apply. I have already applied for GIM & IMT Gzb.


  215. sir, i could not score well in CAT and XAT.
    pls tell me how to apply for the DTE university colleges? is it through MAT or CMAT?
    which exam shall i give now in feb?
    also tell me whether i should apply for BIMTECH(sectoral programs)? whats their cat cutoff and average placement?

    • Nikita, yes you can apply for the OMS seats through CMAT as well as other national level entrance exams like CAT, MAT XAT ATMA or CMAT. BIMTECH is an average college whose cut-off hovers around 85 percentile and has average placements.

  216. Sir,

    Is it that the cut off XIMB will go higher than XLRI.

    I have applied for XIMB, but not XLRI 🙁
    and my expected score is 27.75 overall.

    Please help!!

      • Hi,

        I also have a work ex of 3 years.
        With this XAT score Can i apply for Great Lakes 1 Year program.

        CAT was disaster. 80 only 🙁

  217. Hi Sir,

    My CAT score:
    OA – 96.67
    VA/LR – 79.59
    QA/DI – 98.99

    10th – 87.6
    12th – 87
    BE Chemical, PU – 59.28

    – 18 months in Sales & Marketing with PerkinElmer (A Global Brand in its domain)

    – 12 months and continuing as a Research Analyst with Heidrick & Stuggles (a Global Executive Search Firm – Placement industry)

    I had zeroed in on HR OR Marketing as possible career directions – hence the above career moves – to get exposure before MBA.

    Is MDI a possibility?

    I’m already preparing for JB and MICA. What other colleges can I apply to?

  218. Sir,
    My xat score is verbal 9, DM 7.25, QA 2.25, GK 3 and overall 21.5.
    I have applied only for XIMB-PGDM. Will i get a GD/PI call ?? Which other institutes should i apply to ??

  219. Hi ! i have decnt acads(X-80.2, XII-79.8,grad- 62.37, DU) wid 32 mnths wrk x in financial services. I’m getng 23.25 & 86.76 % acc to CL and arnd 20.75 acc to time both excluding GK. What r my chances? which all insti shud i fill, i have filled GIM. Plz advice.

  220. SIR
    i got 83.81% in cat..
    i passed out in 2013 with no job in hand(b.tech)..
    this year i have to join good MBA COLZ..
    I APPLIED TO gim goa, tapmi,bimtech..what are my chances?
    which other colzs i shold apply?

  221. sir ,
    my score acc to cl
    va 12
    dm 8.5
    qa 7
    OA 27.5 ..95.01 percentile

    acc to IMS 28.75 ( va 12 dm 11 qa 5.75 )

    acc to test funda 28.5 (va 12 dm 9.5 qa 7 )

    acc to time 24.75 ( va -5.75 (though i highly doubt this score ) dm 12 qa 7)

    do i stand a chance for ximb and xl HRM ..though my gk scores are exceptionally low ..1.5
    and what is the cutoff for TAPMI ?

  222. sir my cat sore is as follows:
    section 1: 95.59
    section 2: 84.12
    overall: 93.78
    do i have any chance to get a call from XIMB for BM?

    • Saurabh, the applications for most of the premiere institutes are over. At your score, GIM and TAPMI are the options you should be looking for.

  223. cat 2013 results
    QA DI= 69.46
    VA LR= 82.4
    TOTAL= 78.62

    Plz suggest colleges possible at this score…….

    xat 2014- 16-17 marks
    any college possible from xat…..?

    General category
    male engineer
    no work exp


    • Pc, through CAT IMI Kolkata, IIFM Bhopal, IMT Nagpur, XIME and other calls are possible if you have applied to these colleges. Through XAT, at this much expected score XISS will be a sure shot call.

  224. Sir my XAT(CL) scores are:
    VA- 13.75
    QA- 2.75

    What colleges should I apply so as to maximize my chances?
    Thanks in advance.

  225. Sir,
    with OA score=16( excluding GK(4)) in XAT can i expect call from TAPMI or XISS ?
    please suggest some other colleges as well that i can opt for with this score. my academics are-
    work experience in an IT mnc=39 months

    • mandip, unfortunately calls are unlikely form any decent XAT institute at your score. With a work experience of over 3 years my suggestion is to try for Executive (or 1 year MBA) next year.

  226. R / Sir

    i got overall 92.46%le in cat, 96.14%le in QADI & 78%le in VALR.I have 28 months of experience. i am a commerce graduate. so being a female candidate can i get the call from new IIMs. And should i fill up form for IIT DELHI & MUMBAI.

    plz sir reply as soon as possible becoz IITs dates are due .
    i shall be very thankful to you.

    • Manisha, it is difficult but you could get calls from some of the IIMs. IIT Delhi, Mumbai are unlikely at 92.46%ile but you can try for Roorkee, Kanpur and Chennai. You should also apply to TAPMI and MICA.

  227. Sir,
    CAT result is out. Thanks to your knowledge i got a very good percentile. I got 82.56 in quant and in english i got 94.27 and overall is 91.88. Please guide me as to which colleges i should apply. i have already applied to XIMB, KJ Somaiya… Please reply soon…

  228. sir scored 80.82 in cat without any preparation..as im preparing for gate.and ies.Marks in 10th & 12th are 88 and 77.8 and in graduation (currently) 72% wht should i do?

    • Yudhvir, pick up a job and also prepare for CAT’14. If without preparation you are getting 80%ile then with reparation you can definitely reach 97-98%ile which will ensure good MBA colleges.
      However if your focus is IES then forget CAT and focus on GAT/IES.

  229. sir got 73.02%ile in CAT 2013 …. will I get any call for second round (PI-WAT) from any of the IIMs ??? SC candidate .. ???

  230. Sir,
    Thank you sir for providing your esteemed knowledge. CAT result is out. i got 82.56 percentile in quant and 94.27 in verbal and overall is 91.88. I have filled forms in KJ somaiya, XIMB acc to your B school advisory. Please tell me other colleges which i should apply??? Reply fast please sir…..

  231. Sir
    A very gud evening to you and happy lohri. Sir i have a expected score of 26.75 in XAT that gives 93.92%. I have applied for GIM and XIMB but my gk score is very bad 0.25. According to the cut offs given i wud get a call from above mentioned colleges but my gk score will it matter in the final selection. Also my essay was not that gud.
    Also i have 76% in snap and i am expecting a call from SIMS(def quota). In that case which one is the best college among these three.
    Waiting for your reply.

    • Shubham, Essay and GK scores have been used only by XLRI till last year and this is likely to continue this year also, so you are safe wrt GIM and XIMB.
      My order of preference will be XIMB, GIM and lastly SIMS.

  232. Sir,with a score of 21.25 in XAT..What are the decent colleges I can have a shot at?..I got 4.25 in GK. & will that come in the way of any call?..

    • Shaunak, at 21.25 in XAT your options are restricted to XISS, XIME and LIBA. GK score is used by only XLRIso it will not be a problem.

  233. Sir my score according to CL is as follows:
    VA: 9
    DM: 11.75
    QA: 6.25
    OA: 27
    There is a lot of discrepancy about the answers on the web. I’ve only applied for XLRI ( BM and HR) and SP JAIN. What are my chances?

  234. Sir,
    I have following score according to CL:
    VA- 7
    DM- 12.25
    QA- 9
    OA- 28.25
    Is a call from XLRI (BM) and SP Jain possible.
    Besides these i have filled up IMT Ghzb and GIM. Are these enough or should I keep more backups?

  235. Hello gp sir,
    my xat-2014 scores


    OA-28 (as per CL )

    although as per ur analysis QA-cut off would be 5-6 for Hrm ,do u think the QA cut-off may go below 5 to fetch atleast 70 %le.I’m really at my wit’s end to hav this QA score of mine

    • Gati, hopefully it will go below 5 but I am not sure. We will have to wait a couple of weeks to find out and till then you will have to bear the suspense.

  236. Sir,
    My XAT overall as per cl score calculator is 17.
    I have 2 yrs work experience.
    I had applied to LIBA , BIMTECH and GIM.
    Do I stand a chance in these colleges.
    Should i consider applying to Xime?
    Which other colleges will you suggest for me at this score?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ajay, unfortunately at 17 marks in XAT these colleges are unlikely. Hopefully CAT will give you a better score.
      All the best.

  237. sir, my xat score is 26.25 according to CL key…
    i have applied to XLRI BM/HR and SPJIMR.
    can i expect a call from these institutes?
    also what is the cat cutoff for TAPMI? and is it a good institute?

      • Shweta, at 25 XLRI BM and SP Jain are unlikely but calls are possible from all other XAT programs including XL HR.
        TAPMI is a good institute and you should apply to it. Its cutoff is likely to be around 22.75 marks.

          • sir, do the cutoffs mentioned above ensure a call from XLRI or it implies that our scores will be taken into consideration? because i don’t think at 25 XLRI will give me a call.
            sir also tell me the cat cutoff for icfai hydrebad?

          • Shweta, these are the scores at which you are likely to get a call.
            ICAFAI Hyd is not through CAT but through IBSAT.

  238. sir, i have applied to ximb (rm) through cat and xat. i am odisha domicile. bt i fear i may not clear the cutoff in xat quants. does ximb (rm) takes sectional cutoff into consideration or just the overall score?

    • Priya, XIMB has sectional cutoffs but they are likely to be lwer than what we have estimated. So let us hope for the best.

  239. Sir
    As per your CL calculations I got:
    OA:26.25 ,I’ve applied for only XAT BM ,do you think I’ve a chance?

  240. MY COMPOSITE SCORE percentile OF SNAP is 13.775
    verbal 15.73
    quant 1.73
    analitical and LR 1.52
    GA 67.76
    acedmic performance 79.92 percentile and
    SNAP percentile is 1.964
    so is there any chance of getting gd/pi calls………….the score in quant and reasioning is very unexpected………..and not having any job experience………………………….what the hope………kindly suggest…………

    • Kirti, unfortunately at your score callis not possible from any SNAP institute. Focus on Feb CMAT and MAT to get into a good b school. Hopefully CAT will be better.

  241. Hi Sir,

    I am gettiing around 22.5 from CL E- Omr.. which all colleges i need to apply.. i have around 2 years of experience.. Pls help me out.. and are these scores accurate ??

    • Pavan, you can consider applying to TAPMI and GL Chennai but these two are also borderline cases. These scores are accurate.

  242. hello gp sir ,
    plz provide TEST TAKING STRATEGY…. on MAT feb 2014………….OR if there is something available related to MAT so,suggest some refrences…………HOW MUCH questions we should attempt to tried our best …percentile…………

  243. Himanshu, given your work experience GL Chennai and TAPMI are possible even though your score is a bit lower than the required number. Both of these are good institutes and worth joining if you get a call.
    All the best.

    • Thanks a tonne GP sir, 🙂

      Apologies for asking the same question twice.

      Sir could you please personally ADVICE

      “” “Seeing my current profile and package(4.2lakh)””” .. if I really should go for an MBA from Great lakes/TAPMI(If possible) that can boost my package by considerable amount. 🙁

      Please reply sir , it will be a great help sir…
      Thank You sir…!!!!

      • Himanshu, both GL Chennai 1 year program and TAPMI are worth joining and both are likely to take your package to around 9-10 lakh pa.

  244. Sir,
    My scores stand thus:
    OA-25.50 (with GK)
    Could you please advise me on the colleges I could apply to and stand a fair chance?

  245. Sir, I have a doubt that CL predicator shows me a percentile of 97.17 but if more students appear or fill in the scores here at CL, than will the percentile change? If so, how can I check my updated percentile?

    My next query is regarding the results and shortlisted candidates. Will XLRI announce the list of shortlisted candidates on the day of result itself?


    • Swati, the percentile will not change with more students submitting their data.
      XLRI will announce its shortlist a couple of days after the declaration of XAT results.

  246. Hello sir,
    I am a student of CL Kolkata and I had a query, i.e. in the CL XAT e-OMR,I just filled in the answers to the Quants,Verbal and Decision Making sections.Are the percentiles we are getting also taking into account the GK scores?..If so,I haven’t filled that in yet.Please advise.

  247. Sir i am getting VA-11.5 DM-9.25 and QA-11.5 according to CL’s answer key.
    I have doubt about clearing DM cut off..
    I have applied for Xl-BM and Spjimr(missed profile based call) only..

  248. gp sir..just chcked nmat result..got 193..:-( i know there’s no hope of getting into nmims…last hope is only CAT now..:-( sir can u suggest some good private colleges? even if dey provide placements upto 3-4 lakh. den also its ok..but i really want to do MBA dis year itself..pls reply to the above query also (the link for actual cat cutoffs of all colleges)…waiting eagerly for your replies.

  249. Sir,
    I would like to know if I have chance to get a call from XIMB(HR) with a XAT score of 22.5 as predicted by CL.
    I have an OBC cat and Orissa domicile.
    As u have mentioned that 23.5 would be the cutoff for XIMB(HR), i would like to know if the cutoff vary for domicile students.

    • My score in QA is only 5, but with 100% accuracy.
      This is where, I feel, I may be rejected for XIMB(HR).
      And I dont have any work ex.
      help me out…Being to XIMB is a thing i am looking upon

  250. Sir, I am expecting an overall score of 16.25 in XAT 2014. Sir can I expect call from XIME or LIBA or any other decent institute.Please reply soon.

  251. gp sir, can u pls tell me the link for the cutoff’s of various colleges under CAT? because somewhere different cutoffs are mentioned and somewhere different.(for eg. somewhere the cutoff for LBSIM is 89 and somewhere it is 83.25). pls mention the link for correct cutoff’s.

  252. Sir,

    According to CL eomr I am scoring around 83.44%ile
    I have work-ex of 27 months with decent academics n decent extra curriculars… with this kind of score which other colleges I can expect other than GIM, I haven’t applied for any other colleges.. so pls suggest me some colleges for which I can apply…


  253. QA = 9.25
    DM = 15.5
    VA = 10.75
    OA = 35.5
    GK =0.75
    10th – 93
    12th – 90.4

    Sir is my OA is good enough for a call in XL-BM, as i have applied for only XLRI and only BM.
    If yes will my low score in GK have an adverse impact on the final selection ??

    • Anmol,

      BM is not likely at 90%ile, HRM also is an outside chance. The other colleges that you should consider are XIMB, GIM, Great Lakes, Chennai

        • Anmol, that was an error, you will get calls from all XAT programs including XLRI. However converting XL calls could be difficult due to your low GK score. You will need an exceptional interview to convert XL calls, start p=PDP classes immediately.

  254. Hi Sir,
    Score of 8.5 IN VA
    10.75 DM
    & 6.25QA
    Do I stand a chance of call from XLRI QA is troubling me a bit and I am confused after seeing the results of SNAP which have gone totally unexpected Shall I start preparing for GD/PI for XAT?

  255. Dear GP,

    What is the XAT CUTOFF for the following : GLIM,TAPMI ,I am getting 87.66 percentile as per CL predictor.But do the cutoffs be that low for the above bschools??

  256. Hello sir,
    According to CL eOMR i am managing following marks:
    VA : 9.75
    DM : 10.75
    QA : 8.75
    OA : 29.25

    And according to cutoffs provided there, i may manage a call from XLRI-BM. And except for XLRI-BM and IMT-G i have not filled any other applications.

    I am having an experience of 30 months and currently working in a PSU as Engineer. I scored 65% in 10th, 63% in 12th and 73% in my BE. So my question is even if i manage a call from XLRI-BM or IMT-G, what are my chances for a conversion (having negative thoughts because of my not so good acads). And also what courses or changes shall i undergo to make my background/profile a little better (which can manage a good B-School).

    Thank You

    • Dear Pradeep put in your best efforts in the interview process. Your work experience should help you. Highlight your extra-curricular activities. As for courses, changes etc. let’s first concentrate on the second stage of selection. Start your PDP now.

      • Dear Sir,
        Today results for XAT were announced and i managed following percentile scores.
        VA : 96.2
        QA: 70.37
        DM: 98.51
        OA: 97.82
        What are my chances for a XLRI BM call? Considering my VA score?

          • This is as stupid as it seems sir but somehow i made a mistake while tying that message and interchanged my QA and VA percentiles. I am extremely sorry for that sir. My Percentiles are in below order
            QA: 96.20
            VA: 70.37
            DM: 98.51
            OA: 97.82
            Sorry for that error and wasting your time because of that. I would really be thankful if you can provide insights on above scores.

          • This is as stupid as it seems sir but somehow i made a mistake while tying that message and interchanged my QA and VA percentiles. I am extremely sorry for that sir. My Percentiles are in below order
            QA: 96.20
            VA: 70.37
            DM: 98.51
            OA: 97.82
            Sorry for that error and wasting your time because of that. I would really be thankful if you can provide insights on above scores.

  257. Hi Sir,
    According to CL %ile predictor i am scoring 93.52. Total is 26.5
    QA-2.5 🙁
    Do i have chance at IMT G and Great Lakes Chennai?
    25 months of IT experience.

  258. SIR
    My XAT scores as per CL key are:
    VA-11.5, DM-11.25,QA-1.0 G.K-2.25 OVERALL:23.75
    predicted %ile: 87.64
    10th: 81.2%
    Graduation(B.Sc.(hons.) chem.) :70.81%
    No work exp.
    I’ve applied for IMT-Gzb & GIM.
    sir can u pls tell me from which b-schools can i get a call & what are the others forms i should fill? and also wht should be my preferences?
    Sir how much close will be the real %ile of xat to the predicted one?
    my snap actual %ile was lower than the predicted one, so i’m feeling a little bit nervous 🙁

  259. Hi Sir, my overall xat score according to CL comes to 19.25, is there any chance for me to receive calls from TAPMI or Great Lakes? Which colleges do you suggest I apply for?

    • Dear Anoop,

      There are very bleak outer chances, you may apply to XIMB RM if you are interested in Rural Management and you can also look at IMT Hyd, if you want to do MBA this year only

  260. Hello Sir

    I scored 8 VA, 10.5 DM, 9.75 QA making it a total of 28.25. Can I expect a call from XLRI BM and also from XIMB, GIM?

  261. VA – 8.5, DM – 13.5 and QA – 9.75 with an overall of 31.75 and a score of 5 in GK. Can i expect calls from XLRI BM and SP Jain?Wont the VA score be a problem?
    Also i am a chartered accountant with 1 year work ex so what are my chances of conversion if i do get a call?

    • Sanchit, VA appears to be okay and calls are possible from both and given your background a good chance of selection. Start PDP classes immediately.

          • Sir with OA-96.67%ile.
            VA-84.91%ile what are the chances of getting IIMB, IIMK or IIML as i have a work ex of 1 year and i am a CA?

          • Sanchit, IIM-B calls are profile based. L looks difficult but K might be possible if you have good academics.

  262. Also sir, considering that I have 2.5 yr work exp and around 9lpa of ctc.
    Is it worth going to Narsee Monjee-Mumbai and/or Sp-Jain 1 yr course (Dubai/Singapore).
    I am having/expecting calls from both of them?-Thanks again..

  263. GP Sir,

    My Score as per CL predictor is :


    I have 3+ years experience.Shall I apply for Great Lakes and what other colleges may I get a call from?

  264. Hi Sir, I am getting around 38.5 with balanced sectionals in XAT.

    I have good acads and around 2.5 yr of work exp
    My question is following:
    1] How much weightage is given to XAT in final admission- Does a very high XAT score guarantee any of the final conversion either BM or HR? or say drastically increase conversion chance (as in narsee monjee/MDI/FMS)
    Also what is weightage given to different components in XLRI final selection- this answer will help me a lot
    2] How and what do I prepare for GD/interviews.
    Actually,I want to begin my preparations at the earliest as my work-pressure will be too much in coming days.Plz guide me.
    3] My current CTC is around 9 lpa and have only applied in XLRI through XAT.
    Is there any other good college which I can apply using XAT-considering my current CTC and work exp.- Thanks!

    • Abhi, given your background you should consider only XLRI/top IIMs/FMS/JBIMS. Among these JBIMS is the obnly other college to be aplied based on your XAT score. Rather it should be on the basis of your highset score in CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/CMAT.
      XLRI has not disclosed the weight for the various components. A very high score increases the chances of selection but many 99%ilers do not make it to the final list also indicates that the weight for XAT is not overwhelming. My suggestion is to focus on the GD/Int preparation to ensure a final call.

  265. Sir i have scored a total of 17 excluding GK in xat 2014 according to your key.What will be my likely percentile and which decent institutes will i get calls from?

    • Srinivas, please check the XAT Exam Zone in CL Exam Corner for your percentile and the institutes from where you can get a call.

  266. Sir,

    My CL e-omr score is :
    Do I have a chance for XLRI BM and HRM at this score(specially QA)?I have also applied for XIMB so can i get a call at this score?

    P.S:My essay was not that good.Grammatically correct but low in content and not so precise.

      • Thanks sir for the info.
        Just 1 more thing to ask: I have near about 90% in my boards(92 and 88) but I have a low grad score(71%).Considering how SNAP has done its marking can it be judged that my low grad score will be a dampener in my XLRI/XIMB calls.Also do academic gaps(between 12th and colg) in between hamper the chances?.I have also a 1.5 work exp.

        • Dear Kanad,

          Please focus on your GD/PI Prep. As for the gap you should be able to tell honestly why the gap was there to the interview panel. XL and XIMB’s profiling might not replicate what was done by SNAP

          Team Cl

          • GP sir,
            My NMAT score in 2nd attempt is 216
            Last year the sectional cutoff for QA was 74.Is there a chance that it would go up this year?..Also do at 216 candidates have a realistic chance for their NM core MBA Mumbai call or is it an uphill task…?

  267. GP Sir,
    Have not your revert of my previous query, request , May i get the probable cut offs of XAT test for GMP 15 month course for Working Prof in XLRI GMP course.
    As per CL Calc : me scores would be
    VA- 18
    DM- 4
    QA- 3
    with GK 3.25

    Eagerly waiting for ur revert plzzz

  268. Sir my scores are VA-10.75 , DM-10.25 , QA-8 , OA- @9.0
    Do you think I can manage a call from XLRI BM? I’m worried about my QA

  269. sir.
    I wanted to know about great lakes PGPM course. Is it worth(in terms of ROI).?
    I have more than 2.5 yrs of experience in a MNC organisation and have a rank of 300 in may CMAT exam.
    Waiting for your reply.

    • Varun, GL Chennai 1 year program is a good course and you can consider applying to it.
      You should also take Feb’14 MAT as it will give you a higherf percentile than CMAT and hopefully get into JBIMS.

      • Does JBIMS accept Feb MAT scores as well? Since I am not from Maharashtra, I will have to perform incredibly well to get into it. I have already filled up the CMAT form. Does the MAT give me a better chance?

        • Dear Varun,

          JBIMS accepts Feb MAT scores as well. If you are not from Maharashtra, you actually will have to perform incredibly well as the total number of seats for aspirants outside Maharashtra is hardly 20 (actually only 18).
          Please work hard for both MAT awa CMAT in order to improve your chances. They accept CAT, CMAT and MAT scores, whichever is higher (scaled down) for their selection procedure.

        • Varun, yes Feb’14 MAT will be accepted by DTE for JBIMS and other colleges and since MAT is simpler than CMAT I will prefer MAT. A higher percentile score is possible in MAT as compared to CMAT.

  270. Sir this one is not my personal issue but one of my friend’s. He has scored 37 overall with 20 in QA,13 VA, but around only 4 in DM. So despite getting such a good score overall, is it likely that he will still not get a call from XL-BM because of low DM score? Sir, do they not give any bonus calls to people with exceptionally high scores?

  271. According to CL predictor, I’m getting an overall score of 21.75. Can i expect a call from IMT Ghaziabad/Great Lakes/GIM ?

  272. Sir, I have submitted my score, but I am not able to see the expected percentile. The popup asks me to fill the eOMR which I have already filled. Anyways, my score is:
    Verbal Ability-12 Decesion Making-9 Quantitative Ability-7, OA-28. Do I stand a chance for XL?

    • Deepak, please check again for the percentile.
      XL BM could be difficult due to 7 in QA but call from XL HR is likely.

  273. Sir i have cleared the overall cut off for all institutes under xat…but i am not able to clear quant cut off…would i get any call?