We’ve been hacked. And we’d like to say thank you!

There comes a time in the life of every popular blog when it must live through a hack attack. Any seasoned blogger will assure you, it is one of the perils of getting famous – some even say that you haven’t really made it big till you’ve been hacked. For us it came a little earlier than expected – in the very first 10 days of our existence! On Friday morning, GP Speaks was hacked by someone who obviously wanted to show off his/her hacking prowess on a blog that has been generating a lot of activity, and he picked us!

A good blog is one that is read by many; a popular blog, followed by many, but it takes something else for blog to be able to attack the attention of a hacker in such little time. And turns out we have a lot of it! Even though no damage was done, we have to admit this has left us with inflated egos. This is seriously flattering and we’re taking it as a sign that we’ve settled in the big league much earlier than expected. Ofcourse, a lot of the credit goes to you guys! You’ve liked, shared, tweeted, subscribed and commented to get us here and we’re loving it. We’ve enjoyed the attention – keep it coming!

– Team CL


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