Trust your Mentor, Focus on the process – Suraj Prakash, Ex-Army, IIMK, Class of 2024

I have a very different story, if we talk about my journey to IIM Kozhikode.
I was in army and doing good suddenly an accident happened during a training activity and I got injured with multiple ligament tear and for that i was made to retire. I never had any backup plan but when I came out of army, I had to find a new aim, new career, new goal for myself and this is where I got attracted towards MBA.
At that time I was in Dehradun and heard a lot about Career Launcher. My case was different as it was 4 years I was not in touch with studies, which is required for the exam and I needed a personal guidance and help.
I started my preparation in July end as I had to go through some surgeries, the time was less and syllabus was huge.
Here, my mentor at CL taught me about smart approach towards the exam the strategies. I followed them and work on my part. I was strong and was confident that I wont do wrong in the part whatever I have studied.
The results came out I was just above the cutoff for the calls CAP and IIM.
I had two options to leave and prepare again, as we have a belief that we cannot clear the merit and all that. But then our PDPP program started and my mentor at CL Dehradun, Manuj Mittal motivated that I should just appear for interview and give my very best.
I started my prep. I started doing good and my confidence level increased in due course. After Army, I never gave any interview. So the “MBA gateway” event conducted by CL Dehradun also helped me a lot as I gave interviews for 15 colleges, who came for gateway and was able to clear all of them. This gave a boost to my confidence that I can clear it.
So, I gave all the interviews that came my way and cleared each and every.
So sometimes our mentor knows about our caliber and their motivation helps a lot.
I just thank CL team for whatever I have achieved.
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