Take CAT twice before the D-day

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take the CAT thrice in one season? Or wouldn’t it be delightful if each of your CAT mock emulated the real exam, not just in terms of the level of difficulty but also in terms of the ‘feel’ – the build-up to the exam, the anxiety of finding the test center, the ambience and also the test-taking online platform.
For any serious CAT test taker, as the time for the exam comes close, there’s a surge in anxiety and nervousness for the D-day. Some take it in their stride and perform, others succumb to the pressure. This is because the temperament with which a student writes a mock is extremely different from his temperament on the D-day. While we’ve always suggested that regular mock taking is a perfect way to avert any such D-day panic attacks, this time we’ve gone two steps further and have created TCS iON All-India CAT Mocks.

TCS iON All India CAT mocks can be best described as CAT minus the stage-2 selection procedure. What you get are two All-India level mocks, first one of which will happen on 16th Oct ’16 while the other one in the second week of November.
Here are the 6 reasons why you should not miss the TCS iON All India CAT Mocks
1.    The Experience
Right from the registration process of the exam till the result declaration, the whole experience is as close as it could get to the real CAT exam. In this program, you have to download your admit card before the exam, locate your exam center and appear for the exam at the center which could very well be your actual CAT exam center.

2.    Test your temperament
As stated above, an aptitude exam like CAT is more about the temperament of the test taker and less about the knowledge. TCS iON All-India Mocks help you practice and nourish your temperament. Even for the students who have written CAT earlier, taking these mocks will be beneficial. An experience that you’ll have 3 weeks before the exam will have more bearing on your performance than an experience you had an year back. Also, writing the mock in one of the same time slots as CAT helps check whether your mind works at it’s optimum in that environment and time.

3.    Technology partners TCS
Just to put things into perspective, the actual CAT exam will also be conducted by TCS. Also, the same TCS iON exam centers, which will be used in CAT on 4th December, will be made available to the students in these two mock exams. Yes, you are virtually appearing for the real CAT – twice before the exam.

4.    All India Benchmarking
See how you fare when pitted against the best of the CAT aspirants of the country. What you get is detailed question-wise analysis and an All India Percentile. Your percentile in these CAT mocks is the best indicator of your likely percentile in the actual CAT.
In the last year’s All India CLAT Mock for the Law aspirants, the student who secured rank 51 in the mock went onto the get the exactly same rank in the actual CLAT!

5.    CAT Level of Difficulty
An exam like CAT can surprise you at any moment. These two mock CATs will ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality that may arise in the CAT exam. Your temperament in these two mocks will help you adapt to the CAT exam with ease.

6.    Video analysis by GP and CL Gurus
Analyze your performance with GP and the other CL Gurus by watching their attempt of the TCS iON All India CAT Mocks. See them attempt the paper and learn a few test-taking strategies from them.

This opportunity to test yourself in this CAT dress rehearsal should not be missed.  Avail a discount on the TCS iON All India CAT Mocks till 30th September. To register, please proceed here.

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