SNAP Shot!!

SNAP, conducted by Symbiosis International University for admission to its fifteen management institutes (offering 21 programs), is one of the most popular management entrance tests and is taken by over 50,000 students every year due to availability of a wide range of institutes. The level of difficulty of the questions asked in SNAP usually ranges from easy to moderate. A CAT paper would usually be considered more difficult than a normal SNAP paper. However, the limited time available for attempting the paper (120 minutes for 150 questions) makes it a bit challenging for some students.

SNAP – A great opportunity

SNAP becomes an extremely crucial exam for those who don’t feel good about their IIFT and CAT performance as there is no weightage given to the candidates’ academic profile. The interview shortlisting for interviews is now only done on the basis of the SNAP scores. In the final selection, also SNAP scores has a weight of 50% and the balance 50% is for Interview, Group Exercise and Writing Ability Test. Therefore, the students who wish to pursue an MBA this year but have poor academic records must definitely see SNAP as a great opportunity.

Also, since many of the SNAP institutes receive insufficient applications from SC/ST and PWD candidates, they call all such candidates for the interview irrespective of their percentile. Thus, the students belonging to a reserved category should definitely apply to some of the lower end SNAP institutes.


SNAP – The Structure

The SNAP paper has been remarkably consistent in terms of structure; except for 2008 when differential marking was present in 3 out of the 4 sections (analytical & logical reasoning did not have differential marking). The level of difficulty of the sections has also been quite consistent (except in 2015, which I’ve discussed below, separately). The SNAP paper comprises 150 questions adding to 150 marks, with 25% negative marking. Students are allotted 2 hours to attempt this paper. There has been a change in the format of SNAP since 2015 and the structure of SNAP 2016 is given below.




Total Marks

1. General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability



2. Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency



3. Analytical & Logical Reasoning



4. Current Affairs (of last 2 years)






SNAP does not have sectional time limits and you have complete freedom to decide how to allocate your 120 minutes to the different sections. The students must visit the SNAP Exam Corner to stay updated about the SNAP exam.


SNAP 2015 vs. SNAP 2016

To begin with, it is important to address the fact that SNAP 2015, as a paper, was quite an aberration. In terms of the questions asked, it was probably the weirdest SNAP paper in the recent past. The paper was not only unusually difficult than its previous versions but also had some unexpected kind of questions especially in Logical Reasoning where some of the questions seem to have been picked up straight from “Whatsapp” jokes and forwards.

The good thing is that it surely was only an aberration and the craziness is unlikely to continue this year and even if it continues it should not be a problem as in this case the cutoff would be low and one needs to focus only on the accuracy and not worry about high attempts.

As mentioned above, there has been a change in the paper structure this year. The table given below will give you a quick look of the same.



SNAP 2015

SNAP 2016


Total Marks


Total Marks

1. General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability





2. Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency





3. Analytical & Logical Reasoning





4. General Awareness (now Current Affairs)










The three major changes in SNAP 2016 since the last year are:

  1. Till 2015, the General Awareness section had questions on both Static GK and Current Affairs, this year it has been clearly specified that it will only be Current Affairs of the last two years.
  2. The number of questions in GK (now Current Affairs) has gone down from 40 to 30.
  3. The structure of the LR section has changed from 30 questions of 2 marks each’ to ‘40 questions of 1 mark each’. This has reduced the importance of the reasoning section in the paper.

While reduction in the number of GK questions and the focus on Current Affairs only will be welcomed by most of the candidates, the reduced weight of Reasoning means that candidates will need to attempt higher number of questions for the same score. In reasoning, till 2015, a score of 45-50 was possible but this year a good reasoning score will be around 35 marks. Hence I expect the scores to fall by 10-12 marks leading to lower cutoff for the top SNAP institutes.


Section-wise Analysis

A detailed analysis of the four sections in SNAP is given below.


General English: 40 questions for 40 marks

This section is primarily a test of vocabulary and grammar with a couple of short RC passage (less than 200 words) and simple para-jumble questions also thrown in. In the last 3 years, vocabulary has been tested through questions involving synonyms, antonyms, idioms & phrases, fill in the blanks and word usage. In grammar, along with the typical questions involving error spotting, questions based on punctuation, active-passive voice and figure of speech have also appeared. You should target an attempt of 30+ questions in this section in about 25 minutes. If English is your area of strength, you should target attempting all questions in maximum of 30 minutes. Guesswork should be avoided as it can lead to negative marks. This is one area which has been quite consistent in its difficulty level over the years. Even SNAP 2016 had a balanced English section.


Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency: 40 questions for 40 marks

Arithmetic and Data Interpretation usually contribute around 25-30 questions to this section. SNAP papers have usually had only 2-3 Data Sufficiency questions but SNAP 2013 paper did not have any DI or DS questions in this section. Four DI questions were however asked in the Reasoning section. The SNAP 2014 paper on the other hand had DI but not DS. Geometry, Algebra, P&C and Number Series have also appeared in SNAP. Almost all the questions in this section are easy to moderate level of difficulty. It is only the errors in a few questions that will stop you from answering all questions of this section. Since your number of attempts in this section is likely to be high, accuracy is of utmost importance. The target attempt for this section should be 30+ questions in 35-40 minutes. The SNAP 2015 paper had about 12-13 questions from Numbers and Modern Math. Thus, SNAP has given a fair distribution of topics over the last few years.


Analytical & Logical Reasoning: 40 questions for 40 marks

SNAP has experimented the most with this section and in the last 5 years with questions from areas as diverse as critical reasoning, deductive logic, analogies, mathematical reasoning, P&C, set theory, directions, cubes, coding-decoding, series, visual reasoning, arrangement and puzzles. Most of the questions in this section are easy to moderate in terms of level of difficulty but, at times, become difficult due to errors in the questions themselves. The target attempt for this section should be 30-33 questions in 35-40 minutes. SNAP 2015 through a curve ball in this section. The questions based upon Analogy and Coding Decoding were quite difficult. An attempt of 18-20 and a score of 32-34 in 45-50 minutes is possible in this section. This is about 14 marks lesser than what was possible in previous years.


General Awareness: 30 questions for 30 marks

As is the case with most MBA entrance tests, in SNAP too, this is the section that worries students the most. However, dealing with this section this year shouldn’t be that tough. Since it has been clearly specified that only Current Affairs of the last year 2 years will be asked, the students should focus on revising only that much. Do not spend more than 10 minutes. Attempt only those questions that you are sure of. The “when in doubt, leave” philosophy has to be followed in this section strictly. The overall difficulty level of this section was on the higher side in SNAP 2015 as compared to the last year’s paper. An attempt of 10-12 with a score of 6-8 was achievable in 10-12 minutes.


How to Prepare?

The best way to prepare for SNAP is to attempt the Mock SNAP and FLTs provided by CL along with the GK Compendium and Quizzes in your SIS. The memory based SNAP 2012 – 15 papers are a must. You must not ignore the SNAP 2015 paper as it will help you understand the highest level of difficulty possible in SNAP. While these papers are available to CL students in their SIS, non-CL students can click here to access the memory based SNAP papers and Mocks. Attempt about 4-6 papers over the next few days and the ones that you cannot , analyze them thoroughly and identify important questions/ topics for revision.


The SNAP scores cut-offs of the institutes have fluctuated with the level of difficulty of the paper. For SIBM Pune, it has varied from 91 for SNAP 2011 to 118 for SNAP 2010. While there aren’t any sectional cut offs, you should allocate a minimum time to each section so that you do not miss out on any easy question in any section. Also in the past the SNAP institutes not having sectional cut-off had apparently rejected candidates who had a zero or negative scores in any section. Keeping the last four SNAPs in mind the table below summarizes how you should handle the paper.

S.No. Section Questions

Time (minutes)

Target attempts

Target score

1. General English





2. QA, DI & DS



32- 36


3. AR & LR





4. General Awareness










This target score is based on SNAP 2012 – 2014 data. I would advise you to reassess the required number of attempts depending on the level of difficulty of the paper this year.

The following table lists the target SNAP percentile score for the top SNAP institutes for different category of students based on the data of last 3 years.

Category-wise Percentile Cut-offs






97 – 98




96 – 97



SIBM Bangalore, MBA

85 – 87




88 – 90



SIOM Nasik, OM










  1. General category cut off for all other SNAP institutes would be in the 40 – 60%ile range.
  2. The cut off for the DA category is usually the same as that of ST Category students but it is advisable to target the SC category cut offs to ensure a good probability of selection.
  3. Most of the SNAP institutes do not receive sufficient number of applications from SC, ST and DA candidates and hence there is a chance of all reserved category applicants getting an interview call from a few institutes.
  4. The Kashmiri Migrant category students should aim for a minimum of 85%ile to make it to SIBM Pune or SCMHRD.
  5. *SIMS cutoff is for Defence Category General which has 80% seats for dependents of Defence personnel.

The Last Word
In a test as simple as SNAP, where most of the questions can be answered or solved without too much effort, the students who make it to the short list are often those who have committed the minimum number of errors. Accuracy is the key differentiator and with sufficient time available, careless mistakes are not acceptable. Students must visit the SNAP Exam Corner right after exam to check their score using the SNAP Score Calculator

All the best


  1. Sir, I am a CL student and its test series have really helped me achieve 95 percentile in SNAP, do stand chance for a call from SIBM-Bangalore and SIIB-Pune? If yes then which one to consider first?, Thank You

  2. Sir, I am a CL Student . When will be get access to SNAP memory based papers of 2012-2016 in our SIS. We currently have access to SNAP 2004-2011 only.

  3. Hello sir
    I have following options.please tell me ur suggested order of preference.I have worked of 16 months in Operations.
    IIM Ranchi,IIM Udaipur and IIT DMS .

  4. Hello sir!
    I am a (2016) pass out – gold medalist. I also have 85%+ in my 10/12 and grads.
    I converted SCMHRD this year(2017), and I have a work experience of 5 months so far.

    What is your take on this?
    Should I take up scmhrd or wait another year for another round of MBA shot?

    • Medha, your past acads are decent and I would suggest you to work for another year, re-take the exam(s) and convert a better B-School.

  5. Sir I have scored 60.61 percentile and I am from ST category. Should I expect call from SIBM pune, SCHMRD and SIBM Bangalore?

  6. Hi Sir,

    I got 53.8 percentile in snap 2016 and have applied for SIMS(under defence category). Any chance of getting a call?

  7. Sir, I belong to the Gen category and I have got 62 marks and a total percentile of 91.2895. Is there any chance that I will get a call from SIIB, Pune or any other average college under SNAP??

  8. Sir, i hv got 68.1111 percentile in snap and i am frm sc category.. Is any chance for sibm pune and scmhrd..?? Please suggest.

    • Toyesh, calls are possible though broderline case. Pardon the delay. I hope you got some good calls this year.

  9. sir
    i have score 85.2 percentile in snap 2016 . should i expect call and how do get to know they have shortlisted me .. i have aplied for sibm-b, siib, and should i apply for sibm-h too please tell asap

  10. SIr,

    I expect score of 35 in SNAP 2016, What can be my percentile and chances of me in SIBM, pune

    Category : SC, Work experience : 3 years (Marketing)

  11. Sir,
    I am general category candidate and I am expecting a score of 67-69 in snap 2016. Can I expect a call from sibm pune or scmhrd?

  12. Hello sir,
    Considering that SNAP 2016 was out of 150 marks and the difficulty level was same as that of last year, What percentile can we expect for a score like 35-38 (out of 150).

  13. Sir I am getting a score of 75 using CL score calculator. What are the chances of converting SIBM and SCMHRD with my profile?
    General Engineer Female
    No work ex

  14. Sir i appeared SNAP 2016 an approx attempt of 65 to 70 questions what can be the expected percentile?
    Will i able to crack Sibm bengaluru or siib pune?

  15. sir, as you know that there are some wrong questions in SNAP exam. What should i do in that case. Either i leave the question or tick any points for grace marks.

  16. Hello Sir,
    Sir I’m getting a score of 55-60 in snap 2016 mocks…im from general category…what could be my expected percentile??also how can I shoot my score to 75-80 marks range??

  17. Sir I am final year student of bsc biochemistry and I want to persue an mba next.Can you please tell me which stream I should choose?
    marketing, finance or operation?

  18. Hi Sir,

    With the latest pattern for SNAP 2016 shall we expect a lower cutoff score? Since the weightage in the LR section has been reduced to 1 mark from 2 marks and the number of attempts in the section cannot be significantly increased within the given time of 120 mins unless the difficulty level goes down. We can say that attempting 20 Qs from LR could fetch 40marks previously while it will give us only 20marks given the present structure. Please advise. Thanks!!

  19. Hello Sir,

    I am appearing for SNAP this year. I have also appeared for CAT but it did not go very well. I wanted to know that what score scales to 97-98 percentile in SNAP.

    Thanks and regards,
    Laboni Ghosh

  20. Sir, waiting for your advice & tips on XAT exam, what can be expected cut off score for each section. Please guide sir!

  21. Sir,
    What is the difference between two students in terms of percentile, if 1 student scores 90 marks with 10 wrong questions and another student with 90 marks with 30 wrong questions.

  22. General awareness section is now curre t affairs and in past papers majority questions were based on static gk.should we focus on current affairs or focus more on static gk

  23. Sir I am a commerce graduate and I want to be on a safer side . So which course do I apply for I I am sure I will get 80+ percentile. Also I don’t have any work experience. Please tell the course which have average package of 6.5 lakh+ per annum and also I am eligible for

    • Aditya, you must consider Bennett Uinversity which offers a guanrantee placement of 7.5+ LPA in the Times Group of Companies.

  24. Hello Sir
    I’ve applied for SNAP 2016. As the pattern has changed and the total marks are 150. Can you please share the expected cut-off marks for SIBM, SCMHRD and SIIB ?

    • Dhruv, the cutfof marks could come down by about 10-12 marks for SIBM Pune and SCMHRD but the percentile cutoffs will be similar. Also the cutoff marks will be a function of the degree of difficulty of the paper.

  25. hello sir my query is regarding the work experience. i hav applied for snap this year since i hv completed my graduation this year i dont have work experience so it is necessary to have work exprnc to get in to sibm pune?

  26. Hello sir, is there any sectional cut off for scmhrd in this year and what is the possible overall cutoff ?
    i also need to ask that i have filled my snap form, is it necessary to fill scmhrd clg form before 22 nov i.e. last date to fill snap form. please help !!

    • Nisha, aim for an overall score of 92+. However, if the paper is similar to last year then a score of 65+ would suffice.
      Yes fill the form by 22nd

  27. hi sir, how is SIBM innovation and entrepreneurship? – placements, course, avg pkges,,
    i head that there is no placement fr that course,, i m in a dilemma to apply tht clg or not.

    • Sarat, it is a new course and while SIBM Pune is a reputed institute this program is yet to establish itself and hence you can consider not applying to the program.

  28. what will be the expected snap 2016 cut off for SIMS (Ex Servicemen dependent) and SIOM in terms of percentile as well as marks?

    • Sharukh, percentile cutoff is likely to be around 65-70%ile but marks are a function of the level of difficulty of the paper. Typically a score of 70+ is sufficient, however SNAP 2015 was a very difficult paper and the required score would have been around 60 marks.

    • Rhea, SIMS cut off for you would be at a score of 65-70%ile. The marks out of 150 would be a function of the level of difficulty of the paper, however in general this would mean around 65 marks out of 150.

    • Sai, wards of Defence Personnel only those serving / retired Defence Personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force who fall in the category of ex-serviceman can apply for this category.

  29. Hi Sir

    I will be appearing for SNAP this year.
    How much do I need to score (out of 180) to get admission to SIBM, Pune? I am from general category.

  30. sir after 2 waitlist my WL no is 78@ SIOM, and last year last WL gt clear was 207, so is there any chance of SIOM as of now? or shall i prepare for CAT 16?

    as of now i have 30 month of Workex kidly guide me sir…!!

    • Sagar, you have good chances of converting call from SIOM. With an experience of 30 months, you should consider doing an Executive MBA. Prepare for GMAT. Aim for ISB Hyderabad and other top B schools.

  31. Sir , I have got a SNAP percentile of 67.2515 . I am a fresher from ST category . I have given the GD and PI for SIBM Pune and is waitlisted at 46 . What are my chances .

  32. sir,

    i have converted SIMS pune for MBA program having work ex. of 66 months in pharmaceutical plant operations. B-tech chemical engineering 2010. please guide me which stream will be best suited for me for MBA.

    2.operations/ marketing / operations
    4.FINANCE core

    • Pankaj, given your professional background you should be specializing in operations. The other (minor) specialization can be decided based on your interest that you develop in the 1st year.
      On a separate note, 66 months of work experience is high for SIMS (and for a 2 year MBA), if possible consider taking GMAT and try for 1 year MBA program of ISB Hyderabad and the top IIMs.

  33. Dear Sir,

    In the very first list I was waitlisted at 28 (category SC) in SCMHRD (MBA). Now in the second list I am at 23.What are my chances converting SCMHRD (MBA)? Will I be able to convert in subsequent lists?

    Thanking you in anticipation.


      • Sir i am belonging to sc category. My fathers income is 3.5 lacs yearly. I want to gain scholarship. Please suggest a way.

        • Akash, reputed banks do give loans to candidates who make to good B-schools. Once you are in a top B-school, repayment of the loan is not a big issue considering the good packages that students are offered.

  34. Hi Sir, I have converted SCMHRD and i am waitlisted in NMIMS core. I have 18 months of work ex. Should I take up the admission at SCMHRD (im more inclined towards marketing as a specialisation) or consider trying next year?

  35. Hello GP Sir,
    I have converted SIMS. But I am confused if should go for it or not. I have 3 years of work ex and have current package of 6 LPA. in a US based company. Should I continue my job or go for MBA at SIMS ? Please share your thoughts asap (last date to pay fee is approaching)
    PS: DO not have any other call 🙁

    • Mahi, since you have a decent experience and salary, you should be looking at better B-schools. Ever executive MBA is an option. You should continue with your job and try for CAT’2016.

  36. Hello sir,

    Waitlisted 139(General Category) at SCIT. What are the chances of conversion?
    Thanks in advance

  37. Sir , I converted SIBM-B ,Hoping to convert SIIB.
    I want to pursue MBA in Marketing and Specifically i am looking for placements in NON-IT sector.
    What are the chances of marketing placements at both the above colleges ?
    which is a better one compared to avg.placement figures and marketing profiles offered.
    I am confused about these ,please advice. 🙂

  38. Hello sir, I’ve been waitlisted 343 in the first list at SIBM-B in general category, is there even a slight chance of making it to SIBM-B?

  39. Hi Sir,

    I have converted SIBM Pune and i have work ex of 4 years. Is it worth joining Sibm Pune after 4 years of experience and how good is finance in sibm pune.

    • Atul, SIBM Pune is not a bad option. With an Average salary of something around 14 LPA you need to compare what is your current situation and will it imporve considerably after the MBA or not.

  40. Hello Sir

    WL 36 in sibm hyderabad and WL 72 in SITM.General student, any chance I will convert them?

  41. Sir, I have converted SIBM B and hopeful of converting SIIB too. I am from Pune. I have done my engineering and interested in MBA finance. So which one should I choose between Siib and Sibm b? why?

  42. Hi sir,

    I have scored 85 % in CMAT. I got 3 years work ex in IT.This would be my last chance to do an MBA. Please recommend some colleges?

    • Nayana, with 3 years of work ex it would be downgrade if you go for colleges which accept 85%ile in CMAT. You must evaluate some other options.

  43. Hello sir,
    My question is that will all the people who has attended the GD and PI are waitlisted(Other than people selected in the merit list) or any rejection is there in the attended people for GD/PI

  44. hello sir,
    I had a doubt regarding the calculation of sibm or for any other mba institute final score i.e., after the gdpi process.
    I belong to SC category and since SC/ST candidates gets selected for gdpi on a much lesser percentile than general category candidates, how would the final scoring be done as there is 50% of SNAP scores considered for the final score and hence would be much lesser than the score of general category student even if both score the same in gdpi process.

    • Arjun, as a SC candidate you will be compared with other SC candidates only and not with general category candidates. Each category has its own merit list.

  45. SNAP PERCENTILE-69.3424

  46. Sir,
    My record is as follows 10th =87
    24 months of work ex
    I took CAT ,XAT and SNAP
    SNAP is the only good result with 98.5+ percentile and I have calls from SCMHRD and SIBM Pune.Are they worth joining as per my profile ?

  47. Sir,
    I got 86.25 percentile in SNAP. I have applied for SIIB and SIBM(B). Should i expect a call from both colleges.

  48. Hello sir,i would like to know my chances of SIOM call with 63%ile in SNAP with around 2 years of experience Automotive manufacturing,Regards

  49. Sir,
    I’ve got 75.5 percentile in snap 2015. What are my chances of getting calls from SIBM P and SCMHRD?
    I have 2 years of work ex. Category : SC

      • i belong to SC category and a girl.I want to take admission in this year. I have done btech with 76 %. in SNAP i got 41.11%ile, can i expct any call from SIIB-P or SCHMRD. in NMAT score-190, any chance frm NMIMS- bglr or hyd? CAT-65.09%le, any chance from IIMs??

        • Anjali, in SNAP, apart for SIBM Pune, you can apply for all the other colleges and are most likely to receive a call. Newer IIMs may happen.

    • Sir, I have scored 84.6 %ile with -ve socre of 0.75 in GK.
      Forms filled are SIBM P, SCMHRD, SIBM B, SIIB, SITM.

      Any chances of calls from either.?

  50. Hello Sir. I’ve scored 231 in NMAT and a 98.xx percentile in SNAP. In the forms, I had filled work ex of 1-2 months.However, I do not have any documents to substantiate it. All I have is an offer letter. What should I do?

    • Arushi, you must have any pay slips or closing letter? If no, you can still let them know about it. 1-2 months of work ex in any case won’t add much value.

  51. Hello sir, I have got 95 percentile in SNAP with 63 marks, What are my chances of getting and converting a call from SIBM and SCMHRD Pune? i have 80.2, 79.2, 71.5 in 10th 12th and btech. And I am a frsher

  52. sir i got 92.94 percentile in snap 2015 , can i expect a call from SIIB-IB? are there any sectional cutoffs ?

  53. Sir, how accurate this snap predictor? Because i am getting a marks around 85 and i m not sure about sibm pune. So what are my chances?

    • Chintan, the SNAP predictor is based on the memory based paper and will give you a very accurate picture of your performance.

  54. Sir my predicted percentile is 90.99…are SIBM-Bangalore,SIIB-Energy environment,SCMHRD-infrastructure management and SIBM-hyderabad possible?

  55. Sir,
    I am getting 80.5 as my predicted snap score, do I have a shot for SIBM Pune, SCMHRD Pune, SIBM Benglauru?
    Category: General

      • Dear Sir,

        My expected Snap Score is 75.5.
        Category – general
        Graduation=78.36(b com)
        Work Ex=4 months
        Which College should I expect? Also, any chance for SIBM H?

  56. Sir,
    according to cl snap score calculator i am getting 36 score and i have filled the application for SIBM-P, SCHMRD, SIIB and SIBM-B. Is there any chance that i can get a call from any one of these?
    category- SC

  57. Sir I missed my cat this year due to some personal reasons. I gave mat,snap and ibsat. I can’t drop another year and want to get into a decent bschool by next year. I did my graduation from DU in 58% 10th 78% 12th 77%. I am intrstd in doing MBA in public relations or hr. Is simc Pune or Bangalore a good option or shall I apply for any mat colg or IBS.

    • Saurabh, if HR is your goal, I hope you would’ve applied for XLRI through XAT and TISS. If not then SIMC Pune and SCMHRD are good options.

    • Thank you sir for giving a rough idea of my performance. As you told me that SIIB and SIBM B are possible. So should I start preparing for PDP?

  58. I have filled up my PCM percentage instead of the total percentage for 12th standard in the SNAP and XAT FORM
    Will it affect in getting call and converting them and is there any way to rectify it ?
    I have already dropped a mail on the snap helpdesk email.
    Please guide me what should be done in this case ASAP

    • Yash, all you can do is to wait for their reply or call them up and ask them. Worst case, you’ll have to do a bit of explaining in the interviews if you get the call.

  59. Sir,
    Should we leave the incorrect questions completely in SNAP? Or should we answer it on the basis of our assumptions?

  60. how much marks do i need to score to get call from schmrd. in my last snap mock I got 85 marks. how can i improve my marks?

  61. Sir, CAT did not go very well. expecting only around 85%ile. I wanna give my best in SNAP. Please tell me this: SNAP has some erroneous questions every year. If we attempt these questions, do we get the marks for any option like the concept of ‘mere attempt’?

  62. Hello sir,
    I am Pathak Mayuri. Now i am appering in BE. My academic is throughout in distinction and With my 10th got 90% and diplma 83%. but i am weak in maths so i will get addmision in SICSR?please give valuanle suggetion..

    • Mayuri, you have a good amount of time to strengthen your quant. At least, get it to a level where you can comfortably answer the level-1 and level-2 questions. Start using the Test Gym.

  63. Sir,
    How to prepare for GK section ? Can we go with Current affairs of sept,oct,nov ? How to tackle business,finance related questions?

    • Aman, going through the current affairs of the past month is a good option. Also, you must read the GK compendium in the SIS.

  64. Sir, although I have applied for SIBM Bangalore, I would like to still ask if it is a good institute to take admission in?

    • Chintan, it is still early days and you should hope to score a 105+ and get into SIBM Pune. SIBM is a decent institute, but it would be better if you could make the most of SNAP and XAT.

  65. Sir
    What if there is no correct options given in question as there was one ques in snap 2014 .shld we leave it or mark any of optionwould we get grace?

  66. Sir ,
    my score in
    Snap mock1– 70
    Snap mock2– 71
    Snap mock3—60

    memory based snap 2012 — 80

    Sir should fill-up sibm pune and schmrd form as looking at the score and cuttoff am in dillema .?
    Pls help

    • Pintu, we would never discourage you from filling those forms as you may never know how exceptionally you may perform on D-day.

  67. SIR,

    • Aveesh, no approach. If you cant solve a question in the first attempt, get over it and move to the next one. Come back to it if you have time.

  68. hi gp sir
    sir i fill up the form of snap . sir do i need to register for the institue seprately?
    sir actually i have opted 9 program during form fill up. now if i don’t pay for all the program then can’t i give the snap exam. plz help me sir
    my admit card of snap have not came. i only paid for snap exam rs. 1500.

    • Sumit, if you have applied for the SNAP exam you can take the exam however you need to apply to each college seperately before their respective last dates.

  69. Hi GP sir,
    I am interested in SIMC pune. Can you please throw some light on this college.
    I want to choose advertising as my career and currently have 28 months work exp in IT.

    Please suggest is it better to join the college,in case i get selected

    • Sudhanshu, SIMC is a n average college and is not recommended for someone with your experience. Go for a MBA in Marketing from any of the top 50 MBA institutes or for the MBA program of MICA.

    • Subhadra, as mentioned in the post there is no sectional cutoff in SNAP but you should have a (+)ive score in every section. SIMS would need about 60%ile.

  70. Hi Sir,

    Last year I converted IMI delhi PGDM but decided not to join, Focusiing on top 20 colleges this year. Should I apply for XIMB , and which courses out of BM HRM RM SM.

    IIFT 2015 : 45 all sectionals clear
    Nmat : 214 all sections fine

    X 91 XII 88.4 Btech 78 Work ex till 1jan 16months

    • Sanchita, you might get the IIFT call. NMAT call is certain. Try to make the most out of XAT. XIMB is not a bad choice but since you have work ex you aim higher.

  71. Hello sir,
    I gave iift and cleared all cutoff except gk secrion. Now i m worried about snap and xat. Plz help me with this problem. Is there any good online course for gk-ca section that helps in scoring good score.

    • Mayur, the best way to go about for revising GK is by going through the latest happenings of the past few months. The daily GK update and the GK test in your free SIS account is also a good way to go about it.

  72. Sir,
    I have been shortlisted for bimtech on the basis of my profile. My center for gdpi is Greater Noida. I wanted to ask if the gdpi center has a role to play in selection? As in , would Ahemdabad be a better choice for gdpi due to a less competetive environment as compared to Greater Noida?

  73. sir if i secure good marks in three sections except gk then is it possible to get chance in symbiosis pune? i am scoring 90-98 in snap tests.

  74. Hello GP Sir,

    When are you going to write on significant changes in XAT 2016 as published on XAT official website?If level of difficulty has been reduced,then solving past year papers would be advisable ?Pls guide us.

  75. SIr
    I do belong to ST categaory. My CAT went BAD due to technical issues. I have applied only in SIBM and SCMHRD. Current I am getting 55 marks in mocks of SNAP. WHat should I do to make it happen to get admission in one of these two good institutes.

  76. Sir while applying for s p jain , should i give the overall score of 12th for 1000 or only 12th (inter 2nd year) marks only ?

  77. Good morning sir! I am preparing for SNAP 2015. I am a recent graduate & currently undergoing training in a company. I wish to pursue MBA (operations) from a Symbiosis institute. My father is a retired army personnel.

    So is SIMS Pune a better option as its fee would be considerably reduced due to army quota & me being a local applicant?

    I am not very well prepared for SNAP and I may get 80-90 marks. And I’d be taking a loan for MBA.

    Is placement from SIMS good enough to repay the loan within a year or so? I’ve read the placement report of SIMS but I am not very convinced with its authenticity.

    • Akshay, SNAP is a simple paper and adequate practice in the next 3 weeks can get you a good score. You should focus on tests to achieve your goal, old SNAP papers and the SNAP Test Series should be sufficient.
      SIMS Pune is a decent institute and should definitely be considered by you, its average salary would be in the region of Rs 7.5 lakh pa.

  78. Hello sir, i scored 79 in mock SNAP , but my maths is on a weaker side. Which institue under snap should i expect a call from , i am fro. sc category

    • Prarik, a SNAP score of around 80%ile is required for SCMHRD, around 68%ile for SIBM Pune, all others would be 60%ile or lower hence you can apply to all the SNAP institutes.


    sir what are the prospects of sibm innovation and enterprenship course and ximb sustainibility management.what would be the placements.

    • Naveen, these are new programs and should be looked at best as back up options. Will need to wait for a couple of years for industry acceptance and placements. Between the two SIBM is likely to be a better option due to location and the better branding of SIBM Pune.

  80. Hello sir, please advice i am B.E grad and have 16months work exp.wana join SIHS but few days left for exam will it be okay to start my studies .please suggest study materials

    • B school hunt, ideally you should be preparing for next year’s MBA entrances especially because SIHS does not have very good placements. However if you are keen to take SNAP and try for SIHS then you can pick up any MBA guide to get your basics inplace and take a few SNAP Mocks.
      If your baiscs are by and large in place then enroll for Test Gym and prepare on the basis topic wise test and the SNAP Mocks.

  81. Sir, my academic profile is 10th 80 % 12th 76% graduation be aggregate of 58.5 % and if I get 98 percentile in snap will I be able to get admission in sibm pune pls reply

    • Raviraj, SNAP interview calls are based only on the SNAP score and hence a 98%ile will get you interview call from SIBM Pune and SCMHRD Pune. In the final selection also there is no weight for past acads.

  82. Dear sir,
    Please suggestion how to proceed further, currently I am giving Nmat mocks but the results are not satisfactory , should I shift my focus solely towards SNAP from now onward (I feel so), I want to persue MBA in operations and SIOM seems a good option.
    Please suggest something and this confusion is also demotivating me.
    And plz do suggest how to prepare for SNAP.

  83. sir,
    I want to know that is there is any individual cut off for the various sections for the selection in any college or the combined marks is taken for the cut off for various colleges.

    • Mohit, it is different for each college. For example, at the IIMs, sectional cutoffs are considered. Not just the IIMs but at many other B-schools sectional cutoffs are important.

  84. hi sir
    applying for snap for first time i have around 49 in x ,62 in xii and 66 in bachelors have an experience of 6 months if i apply for sibm pune and schmrd what should be my score and minimum attempts in all section to get admission if it is possible at my acads.

    • Shashank, past acads do not have any weight in the selection process of SNAP institutes and hence you can make it to SIBM Pune with a 98%ile in SNAP and a good interview. A net score of 110+ is usually good enough for a 98%ile in an easy SNAP paper and hence can be your target SNAP score.

  85. Sir there is help required from you. There is some question of mine i shall be highly thankful to you if kindly answer them.

    *Will the preparation from TIME material enuf to crack the SNAP or is there any other book required specially for SNAP.

    *Is thr a good book whr i can find previous year question paper of atleast CAT,SNAP,IIFT also question ppr of past how many years will be sufficient for practice. A book name ‘face 2 face’ is thr in the market where question paper is gvn but only of CAT and no other Exams

    *What should done for the GK in SNAP, I mean which magazine to prefer TIMW has already provided a magazine which contain a very good amount of topic also focusing on current affairs. Beside it is there any other magazine and GK book required for the GK part of SNAP.

    *Which are the topics from whr SNAP targets its GK and does it ask questions of tough level in this and English part.

    • Yusuf,

      1. The study material of any coaching institute is insufficient if you don’t enrol to a good test series. No other book is required. Do solve the previous year SNAP papers.

      2. You can find all of the previous year SNAP papers in the CL’s free SIS.

      3. GK is more about being regularly up to date with the latest happenings. Along with that magazine you must go through the Daily GK Update on CL mSIS mobile app. It is seen that a student following the GK Updates regularly can sail through the GK section of any exam.

      4. SNAP GK doesn’t come from specific topics. You can get a better idea by doing a recce of the previous year SNAP papers.

    • Respected Sir,
      Need some consultation from your end. I am a (EE) engineer, passed in 2010. I have almost 5 years experience in project management (i.e. project co-ordination, project integration management, execution, Risk analysis etc) and electrical design. Presently I am working in a mediocre private Co. (Project execution based) in kolkata.

      Since past 5 years I was trying to prepare for MBA exams but unfortunately I was unable for heavy work load of my co. as well as family responsibilities. Now I have taken a more or less 3 months’ preparation for CAT, SNAP, XAT. I am also taking mock tests at CL (online). But my preparation is not up to the mark this year. So I am planning for the next year too.

      But the frustration is that I am 28 years old now and I want to take a regular MBA and I will be at the age of 32 by the end of the MBA program. Moreover my present organization is not as renowned as MNCs’. So will there be any problem to get a job after MBA (from college campusing )? Is it right decision that I am trying for……?

      Waiting for your valuable reply anxiously…

      Jayanta Biswas

      • Jayanta, while you can look at CAT 2016, my suggestion is to focus on SNAP and XAT for which you have sufficient time and decide on retake only in January. Given your work experience it will be prudent to take GMAT also and target ISB Hyderabad and other top 1 year MBA programs or top MBA institutes outside India. Post MBA (1 year or 2 year) your placement will be function of your performance in the program and internships etc and the name of your previous organisation will not pay a significant role.

        • Sir,
          Just one more thing..that ..according to my last queries…will the age over 30 create any negative after doing MBA?

          • Jayanta, should not be an issue as long as you can justify your story as to what inspires you to do an MBA at this age.

  86. hello sir,
    i have completed my btech last month and (currently with no job offer in hand) wants to pursue mba. will i be at disadvantage for being a fresher? will snap 2015 calls would be more profile based(as it werent this year)?? OR should i go for mba or look for job??

    • Saurabh, being a fresher is never a disadvantage. Most of the B-schools (including the most of the IIMs) do not award marks for work experience. At the B-schools where marks are awarded for work experience, the weightage of it in the final score is very less.

      As a 2015 graduate without a job you have three options:

      1. Hunt for a job
      2. Prepare for CAT
      3. Both of the above.
      Ideally you should go for option 3, but that would have been an option had this not have been your first attempt. With a “no preparation” earlier it will be worth while for you to prepare for CAT and give it one good shot. Do not worry about the gap year, every year many students with a gap year make it to IIMs and other top MBA institutes.

    • Rakesh, while SIBM Pune is more expensive then IIT Kanpur it will also get you better profiles and package hence my suggestion will be to go for SIBM Pune.

  87. Sir,
    Is it worth taking admission in SIBM hyd?
    SITM pune (Sys & Fin ) had shortlisted me even with a low percentile of 45 in snap 14. How about the chances of getting SITM having good academic profile and 1.6 years experience in IT industry ?

    • Sunil, SIBM Hyderabad is a new institute and will take time to estbalish itself. It should be considered only as a back up option.

  88. Sir,
    I got shortlisted for SIBM hyd even with a low snap score of 50%.
    Is it good taking admission in it? considering its fees of 10+ lakh ?
    I have good academic profile and 1.6 years of experience in IT industry. plz suggest.

  89. @GP sir,

    OA 98.5

    GK 16
    LR 49.5
    VA 24.5
    **QA 8.5 — Just didnt get time for this

    I have filled SIBM & SCMHRD. Should i expect calls?

    Will The QA score create a problem for the Call or during the interview?

  90. Hi Sir ,

    CL is conducting a webinar called ” CAT is not IIT JEE ” on 21 Dec . I feel that I may not be able to attend it while it is being conducted but I definitely want to see it . Will it be uploaded on you tube ( I mean a version as good as webinar , saying this seperately because many of the CL webinars on you tube are not of very good quality ) . kindly reply .

    regards ,

  91. Sir,
    While giving the SNAP mocks available on the SIS,I noticed that the (actual) previous year papers were easier than the I want to know that the difficulty level is expected to be the same as the previous year or it would be at par with that of the mocks.

  92. Sir, I wish to ask something about SCMHRD. They have asked for our achievements in their individual form, my query is, will this achievement thing or profile help in getting shortlisted in the first round itself?? or will it be considered only after shortlist in GD/PI process??

  93. Sir, it is known that SNAP papers will have a few errors in qns or options. If I am very confident that a particular question is wrong while writing the exam, should I attempt it or leave it ? Will they reward marks for incorrect qns for attempting ?

    • Cat aspirant, most of the time incorrect questions are deleted and it is recommended that you leave the question.
      If marks for incorrect questions are awarded it is only for those who have marked the answer and hence if possible mark the closest answer else leave it.

  94. Given a choice, kindly rank the following, irrespective of geographical preference and solely on the basis of credibility and future prospects of the college.
    1. IMI, Delhi
    2. SIIB-IB , Pune
    3. Fore School, Delhi
    4. Goa Institute of Management
    5. LBSIM, Delhi
    6. SIBM, Bengaluru
    7. NMIMS, Bengaluru
    8. NMIMS, Hyderabad
    9. IMT, Ghaziabad
    10. IMT, Nagpur
    11. XIME, Bengaluru
    12. XIM, Bhubaneshwar
    13. TISS, Mumbai
    14. SIBM, Pune
    15. SCMHRD, Pune

    A sincere reply would be of GREAT help Sir ! 🙂
    Thanks in advance.

  95. Respected Sir,
    In IIFT exam rough work was allowed in question paper and beside questions. Is it will be allowed in SNAP, MAT and XAT?

  96. SIR I Gave A MOCK OF SNAP 2012 i got a score of 75/180
    my 10th score 83.4
    my 12th score77.4
    my graduation score 72.4
    for which college i should apply???

  97. Sir,I want to know that whether revising RS Agarwal and last 5 yrs papers,is it enough for doing good attempts in quant?

  98. Hello sir, many thanks for your inputs!
    I hate to say this but I’m pretty bad at GK. A 10+ score in GK would be a dream to me. Hahaha. Having said that, are there any quick tips to increase the GK score? I’m reading current affairs pertaining to the last six months and using CL GK tests as my resources.
    Also, does the fact that I’m a female candidate and a Symbiosis Pune BBA pass-out give me any advantage whatsoever?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Rimsha, what you are doing is sufficient to get a 10+ in GK.
      Unfortunately female candidates from Symbiosis BBA do not get any preference.

  99. sir, i calculated my AP score it is 9.33 out of 10.
    how much should i need to score in snap out of 180 to shortlist for ge/pi in SIMS ,PUNE(deffence-open).

  100. Sir
    Although you say that you would prefer SIIB-Pune over SIBM-Bengaluru, but the cut-offs are higher for SIBM-B . Any specific reason for it?

    • Manav, SIBM Bangalore offers a general Management program while SIIB is a IB program and hence the number of applications to SIBM Bangalore are likely to be higher leading to a higher cutoff.

    • Sir
      Where would you rank SIIB-IB program amongst all MBA-IB institutes in India?
      Also, I want to confirm ‘average’ package offered to a SIIB-IB graduate. I have read on few websites that package offered to MBA-IB graduates is 5-10L . But you say that 10L avg package for an SIIB-IB graduate, hence the requisite confirmation. In fact, what was the highest package offered to SIIB-IB graduate for 2012-14 batch?

      • Manav, the average salary for SIIB IB graduates would be around Rs 8 lakh pa and its highest would be around Rs 15 lakh pa

    • Santosh, it was between 90 and 118 marks depending upon the degree of difficulty of the paper. It was about 110 marks for the last two years.

  101. hello Sir,
    there seems to be a problem with the time allocated for the sectional test of SNAP in sis particularly with LR section. Thus, reducing the total time of the test.
    kindly look after the it sir
    thankyou 🙂

  102. Hello Sir,
    I have gone through the GK tests(provided monthly) from January 2014 to December 2014 in the SIS,done pdfs provided in e-lib in SIS and gone through the General Knowledge book provided along with other funda books by CL.Would you suggest to go for any other material or i should be revising these only??

  103. Hi sir ,
    you only answered half my query . I am reasking the unanswered part .

    q1) has snap repeated static GK questions from past SNAP papers

    q2) Has snap repeated QA questions from past SNAP papers .


  104. which symbi colleges are worth joining sir?
    like the one having avg. 6 lakh or p.a or above placements.
    have to apply before the exam itself..plz do reply sir,
    thank you!

    • Sajal, except for SIMC Pune the other four are good and have an average salary of over 8 lakh pa. For SIMC Pune it is likely tto be around 4.5 – 5 lakh pa.

      • thank you so much sir..its olwz so good to see you being so mch concerned for the students and providing dem with right knwldge..its blessing for all the students.
        N one more query sir, we had a seminar in cl class itslf…a sir came and asked better nt to choose international business course…in any other institute except iift..because it would lessen ur scope during job. what are your views on it sir?
        college like siib is good to go with in near future? or joining mba in or finance a better deal..
        thank you sir

        • Sajal, IIFT has to be the first preference but the others can also be considered. Treat SIIB IB as a normal MBA program that allows you to specialise in IB and other areas as well.

      • and a one more thing sir..
        colleges u wnna apply in symbi…i did not mention siib pune n sibm bnglre bt if nw i apply for them…would it be a problem or i cn still apply?
        thank you again..:)

          • thank you so much sir..i srsly appreciate ur hard work for all the students..its easy to work out things with ur guidance…wud olwz try to be in touch wid u..:)

  105. Hi sir ,

    In snap exam , do we fill bubbles by pen or pencil .

    If pen , is it advisable to use a GEL pen because bubbles can be filled very fast using that .


  107. Hi Sir ,

    Has SNAP repeated static questions on GK from the past snap papers . Do they repeat vocab from past snap or CAT papers or somewhere else ?? has LR been repeated or copied from source . Please guide me on this aspect
    I mean which question type do they traditionally repeat ??


  108. Hi sir ,

    I scored 105 marks in SNAP 2012 paper provided in SIS.What percentile did this fetch in actual SNAP ’12?Is this mark enough to get a call from SIBM ?I have applied for SIBM ,SCMHRD,SIOM.

  109. Hi Sir,

    Until now, I had been practising for SNAP on the basis of the question type and format from the past years papers and also the mocks on CL’s SIS, which follow a very consistent and similar pattern of questions. With this format, I have worked out, how to best manage my time, However, I came across the mock pattern that was given by SIBM pune in their Coffee with SIBM session. The three mocks given by them have a very different pattern, for example; the LR section had 12 sets of arrangements/coding-decoding with 2 questions each, these sets were fairly though compared to the CL’s and SNAP’s older patterns. The Verbal Ability Section had 4-5 passsages of 350-400 words with 3-4 questions each and Lastly the Quantitative Aptitude Section had no questions on Data Interpretation. This has now worried me and i am not being able to manage my time well in the Mocks given by the Coffee with SIBM team. Could you please let me know if there is a chance that need I worry regarding this format or stick to pattern of the old snap papers?

    Thank You!


    • Nikita, SNAP has been fairly consistent in its pattern and hence I do not think there will be a radical change but it cannot be ruled out. The good thing is that such a paper will be difficult for everyone, hence cut offs will be lower and it will not matter.

      • Thank You Sir for your reply.

        Do you think that SNAP 2014 will be structured as SNAP 2013? There were no data interpretation sets in the 2013 paper.

  110. Hi Sir,

    Can you please through some light on Infrastructure management course at SCMHRD???
    What are the overall and sectional cut offs for getting shortlisted for IM??

  111. Hi Sir ,

    I checked CL website . They have provided a good analysis of SNAP 2012 ( i mean no of questions of each question type , etc ) . A similar analysis of snap 2013 is not available . Can you please make it available on SIS , Cl website , etc .

    regards ,

  112. Sir will there be any webinar or video sessions for SNAP 14 like the laslast year…If not then howcan we benefit from last yrs aas current affairs differ

    • AB, last year video sessions are all available in your SIS, please check the E-Learning Videos in your SIS home page.

  113. Sir,
    could you please upload the snap papers of the last 3 years as full length tests in our sis accounts so that we could attempt it as a real test?
    thanks in advance.

    • Dipayan, SNAP papers till 2012 are available in your SIS, the memory based papers of 2012 and 2013 will be available in your SIS shortly.

      • Sir,
        I did find the snap papers out there but i was wondering if these papers could be uploaded in the form of full length time bound tests in our sis accounts so that we could attempt them before Snap day on 21st dec.

  114. Sir,
    I took SNAP-13 paper available on my SIS and achieved a score of 98.5 out of 180. Pls let me know what are my chances of SCMHRD at this score. Or should i be scoring at least 100 plus?

  115. Hi GP

    Can you please tell how to maximize the score in GK? as there are 40 questions this may be the deciding sector. Also i have heard SNAP asks lots of banking and economy related stuff, the one which are asked in bank exams. Can you please tell us some specific resource for SNAP GK.

  116. Hi sir,
    I attempted attempted 60 questions in CAT 2014 with 90 % accuracy and my GRE score is 319. Which all colleges accept GRE score for regular MBA programs? Do I stand a chance of getting a call from any of the good colleges which accept GRE score?

    • Naren, to the best of my knowledge none of the Indian B schools accept GRE scores for MBA programs.
      To get an estimate of your CAT percentile please enter your attempt and estimated correct details in the Percentile Predictor

  117. Sir,
    What would be the CAT cut offs for XIMB BM,HRM and RM programs?
    Also is it advisable to apply for the RM program?
    My percentile predictor at the CL true percentile predictor is between 85 and 94
    Hriday Bajaj

    • Hriday, XIMB BM is typically around 94%ile and HRM is around 90%ile but with the increase in the batch size these could go down by a couple of points. The cut off for RM would be less than 80%ile

  118. Sir, will the actual SNAP score be affected by the academic profile score (like last year – composite percentiles etc) or will the academic profile score out of 10 be used only for the final admission process?

    I did not see academic profile score mentioned on page 16 of the snap bulletin. Instead there is this group exercise which wasn’t last year, as far as I remember.

  119. Hello sir,
    I have NMAT on the 16th and Snap on the 21st. I am pretty confused on how to prepare for them simultaneously as both are different on two important test taking aspects:
    1. Sectional time limits
    2. negative marking.
    Please help me sir.

  120. SIR,
    CMAT Sept – 182 MARKS OR 87%ILE
    B.E 64%
    12TH 78%
    10TH 83% excellent co-curricular
    which colleges to try for??

  121. Sir, Could you please post a blog related to XAT preparation?
    Also, since critical reasoning is probably the most important part for XAT, how shall I prepare for it?

  122. Sir,
    I didn’t Give any Exam In Which General Awerness & Current Affairs Topic is used. Please Can u suggest me How I prepare General Awerness & Current Affairs Topic In Less Time To Score Good In SNAP And Other MBA Comptettive Exams.

  123. hello sir, thanks for the reply to previous questions ,
    Sir i would like to know your stand on imt nagpur and hyderabad in terms of quality if education and placements .
    Also, do you believe since snap colleges don’t have a sectional cut off thing, we can play to our strengths and try maximising our score in sections we are comfortable with and then ensure to manage some non zero score in other sections to be eligible?

    besides , i also need to know the souces from where we can prepare for the gk parts of xat and snap?
    Thanks again for the reply:)

    • Vivek, IMT Nagpur is an established B school and has an average salary of Rs 6.5 lakh pa and is a decent back up option. IMT Hyderabad on the other hand is new and yest to establish itself. Its salary is expected to be in the range of Rs 5 lakh pa.
      You are correct in case of SNAP you should play on your strengths as long as you can ensure a positive score in the weak sections. For GK refer to the material in your SIS – Videos, Gyandhara etc.

  124. Hello sir,
    In management compass there was written SCMHRD gives preference to candidates with 2-3 years of work experience, being a fresher should I apply to SCMHRD ??

    • Chirag, there is no specific weight for work experience in Symbiosis for work experience but an institute can give up to 10% weight for its specific criteria. In general the weight for work experience is maximum of 5% so you should apply to SCMHRD if you think that you can get a 97%ile in SNAP.

  125. Sir, will any new material be released in e-library section for TISS GK since its questions are based on social issues.

  126. Dear Sir,

    Please guide me how to prepare for gk section.From where I can prepare for GK section .Waiting for your reply

  127. Hi sir ,
    In the test gym, there are section tests for SNAP , NMAT , XAT , IIFT . Are all the questions in these tests from the respective past exams ?? Or are all the questions new or are they mixed ??

  128. Hi Sir

    What about SCIT and SICSR under SNAP? are they good colleges if i am looking forward to a systems MBA ?? Any college you would prefer for systems ?

      • Hi Sir

        Please consider the fact that i have 2 years of experience 🙂 What is the cut off that goes for IIT’s and NITIE ? Do they accept scores other than CAT ?

        • Chandeep, with a 2 year experience IITs and NITIE are fine but SCIT, SICSR may not be the right options.
          IIT Mumbai needs over 99%ile, IIT Delhi over 98%ile, most other IITs and NITIE will need over 97%ile in CAT.
          IITs and NITIE do not accept any score other than CAT.

  129. hi

    Cud u upload the SNAP papers for years 2012-2013 as these are not present in the SIS and this wud be helpful to gauge out the kind of ques that are being asked in SNAP.


  130. hello sir,
    My questions are regarding XAT
    Are LR questions(which appear in CAT) expected to appear in XAT 2015 ??
    Because I haven’t seen them since XAT 2011-12 not even in CL MOCK XAT-1
    Secondly, how many CL XAT mocks are we expected to have ? and will it be available in our sis or hardcopies will be provided?
    thanks in advance 🙂

    • Shubham, they are unlikely to appear but cannot be ruled out.
      CL provides 5 papers for XAT – 3 FLTs and 2 Mocks. Also past XAT papers are available on the CL website (SIS).

  131. sir,
    i have scored 87% in cmat and i expect 80-85% in cat.
    can u plz suggest some colleges which are good for marketing as a specialization?

          • sir,
            in the answer to my first question u wrote,”the two best institutes through CMAT are kj somaiyya and CMAT and you can try for both”.
            kj somaiyya is the first but which is the second one?

  132. Hi sir
    I have a query regarding iift 2014. I attempted 51 questions out of which 36-38 are correct.
    Is there any hopee get the call from iift. Kolkata campus ?
    Incase if i didnt clear sectional cutoff as well ?

    • Sudhanshu, 36-38 correct answers are likely to result in a score of around 30 or lower and hence call from IIFT is unlikely. Also IIFT has a common merit list for Delhi and Kolkata.

  133. Sir..a blog on xat 2015- pattern, strategy, approach and everything. how to go on for its prep n how much different its from cat n mindset or it…is eagerly awaited.
    Its my last hope this year. Sir pls get me through it..
    Also sir, is your book on xat solved papers 2008-2014 by G.K.publicaitons different from the xat solved papers available on sis?

  134. GP sir,
    I think there is a bug in the predictor. All that the new update has managed to do is to round off the previous percentiles.

    PS. It is not just with me, everyone of us is facing the same issue.

    • Vipin, The Percentile Predictor was rounding off the percentiles to integral values. Thanks for pointing out the error, it has been rectified.

  135. Hello sir, is it necessary to attempt questions from all the sections? i havnt worked on my GK. so can i choose to completely leave that section and not answer any of the question?

    • Khushboo, you should not miss out on the easy questions form any sections hence do attempt a few questions from all sections. Also in the past Symbiosis institutes have rejected candidates who have a zero or negative score in any section.

  136. Hello sir ,
    Thanks for the post, needed a guiding of similar sort.
    Sir i have a few questions if you would not mind answering,
    1. I am a fresher , this is my first attempt for mba entrance exams, I have given CAT and the paper was very scoring , but due to strategical failure , i believe i’ll fall in the range of 75-86% ile, CAn you suggest some good colleges i can apply to? i have already applied for SPJain Mumbai.

    2. I am appearing for XAt and SNAP , since both of them are a few weeks away only ,will you guide me how i should prepare for my exams?
    as in how to prepare, time scheduling and important areas.

    3.will highly be obliged if you can put some light on XAt in one of upcoming posts?
    what percentage of marks out of the total can get me 97+ %ile and also the strategy in your perspective suitable for the same

    • Vivek, please refer to the post Cutoffs of CAT allied institutes for the institutes from where you may get a call.
      Given your performance in CAT suggest that till SNAP is over do not worry about XAT and after 21st Dec start working for XAT and with a special focus on past XAT papers. I will be coming out with a post on XAT in a couple of days but a score of 35 is usually over 97.5%ile.

  137. Hello Sir,
    I am IT engineer with 2 years of experience, I want to apply for TISS.. which are the good courses other than HR in TISS??
    I am planning to apply for MA in Globalisation and Labour and MA in social Enterpreneurship?? is it worth applying for this courses??

  138. Hello sir,
    This is my first attempt at SNAP…my general awareness is not quite commendable…in these few days how can improve upon it?

  139. Hello GP Sir,
    How should I go on preparing for snap? While practising past SNAP papers should take them as test or only solve them? What areas need to be focussed the most? Please explain. Thanks!

    • Pankti, take the old SNAP papers as full tests, analyse them and identify important questions for revision. Speed and accuracy is the key in SNAP.

  140. Hello Sir, Why has the analysis of cat day 2 videos hasnt been uploaded yet ? and would you kindly tell me when will the CLPP be updated ?

      • Sir, Academics play role in changing the composite score & then percentile in SNAP. Hence,need to know how much role do they play ?? If Suppose one gets 95%ile in SNAP & only 40%ile in Academics. How much then the overall percentile will be ? How to get that exact figure of changing overall percentile. ??

        • Robin, this year academics does not have any weight in the selection process and the interview shortlisting will be only on the basis of your SNAP score.

  141. GP Sir

    Q.1 How to prepare in the remaining days for SNAP to get a call from SIBM Pune?
    Q.2 How IRMA prepares its merit list? I have attempted 49 Questions with 90% accuracy. CL percentile predictor is showing my percentile 92-93. If I get 92-93 in actual CAT result, what are my chances of a final convert of IRMA with good test score/GD PI in IRMA?
    My profile: 72% in 10th, 76% in 12th and 66% in BTech with no work exp.

    • Nagesh, as suggested in this post focus on the old SNAP papers and the Mocks plus the FLTs.
      All candidates who have taken CAT can apply to IRMA. All candidates will appear in a GK Test called “Issues of Social Concern” which checks knowledge of issues connected with the rural economy. After this a short list is prepared based on your CAT score and ISC score. Typically CAt score of 80%ile is good enough and it is ISC that determines who all will be shortlisted.

  142. hello sir. plz….tell me the best way to fill the omr sheet???? & when should i fill it??? how much time should require to fill 125 ans????

    • Nilesh, my preference is to mark an answer on the OMR sheet immediately after solving the question but you could look at marking the answer:
      a) at the end of every page in QA and for single questions.
      b) on completing the RC, LR, DI and grouped questions.

  143. sir,
    apart from SNAP many students have also applied for IBSAT. since both the exams are conducted in december can u plz guide us for ibsat also? as to what is the difference in the paper patterns and how should we plan to execute the exam.

  144. sir,i heavily believed in CL mocks….so attempted lesser number of questions(56) in cat exam..but now repenting….nothing really helped-doing tough quants’questions & difficult RCs….paper was too easy..even those who did not prepare have done equally well….!!!!

    • Vikrant, apologise for the delay in responding to your query.
      While we were sure that CAT 2014 will be easy I did nit expect it to go down to MAT level in QA. The CL Mocks were on track wrt LR, DI and VL, however while one prepares for a certain level of difficulty one has to assess the actual level of difficulty of the questions types (QA, DI, VL, LR and RC) and accordingly change ones pace and target attempts. For example in these papers one needed to speed up in QA but not in DI or LR. Similarly while one could go faster in RC it was not possible in VL. In fact in my last post before CAT – CAT 2014: How many attempts for an IIM call? I had specifically mentioned this. However all is not lost and hopefully your accuracy will get you to the next stage. For the subsequent papers please keep this in mind. I or anyone else can only give your the direction based on data and cannot predict the exact level of difficulty.
      Call me at 9811155160 in case you want to discuss this or you strategy for the subsequent papers.

    • Bhuvan, except for IITs and NITIE most of the top MBA institutes are good for finance. Within SNAP the best ones are SIBM Pune and SCMHRD.

  145. Sir, I am currently waitlisted at 85 for SIBM-Pune (initial waitlist was 144)…Do I stand a chance of converting..???

      • sir,
        i am very much interested in IT sector n my parents want bank job.sir really confused n sir u also advised me for bank job sir can you tell the reason

        • Soumya, Good career and salary. SBI has come out with it ad for PO yesterday, check out the salary it is more than what most B schools can offer.

  146. sir,
    with a xat score of 63 percentile should i apply for welingkar sir do reply fast as today is the last date

    • Soumya, Welingkar Mumbai is unlikely to consider a score less than 75%ile but may consider you for Bangalore.

    • Soumya, there will be a significant movement in the wait list after the IIMs, XLRI, FMS and IITs declare their results. You will most probably make it to the final list.

      • Sir,
        My wait list number for SCMHRD is 32 (general category) after the declaration of the 3rd list (was 256 after 1st and 56 after 2nd). Do I stand a chance of converting the call?

  147. Hi Sir,

    Do you advise, for opting the one year PGDITBM course at SCIT, Pune?
    Is it beneficial at all ?

    • Anshita, SIOM is a good college and for anyone who wants to specialise in operations. Work experience is not an issue, choice of specialisation is.

  148. Hello GP,
    i’m waitlisted @ 100 for SIBM-P. I have 96% in Xat but with DM score = 55%; so no XLRI/SPJain. i had not applied for any other instis through xat. No other calls either. Prev. yrs trends suggest that i’m likely to convert SIBM-P. i’m confused if i should take it up if i do get in or take all the exams again next year? i have 1.5 yrs experience.. please advise..

  149. Hi GP
    I have WL 126 @ SIBM-P & 48 @SCMHRD. I guess in first WL movt, I will convert SCMHRD. But I’m very interested in SIBM-P. Do you think I stand a chance to convert it ??

  150. I have been waitlisted at 133 in SCMHRD Pune and 31 in SIBM Bamgalore and have been called for joining SIBF Pune and SIOM Nashik.
    Do I have to deposit the Fee in SIBF or SIOM so as to be eligible for Institues where I’m waitlisted?
    What are the chances of getting through in SCMHRD and SIBM?

  151. Hello Sir,
    Please help me decide.
    I have been selected for SIBM-Pune and SCMHRD. I am interested in HR. Which college should I go for? Which is better in terms of placment and other parameters for HR?

    • Mriganka, SCMHRD is better known for its HR but SIBM Pune is better ranked and also provides equally good placements in HR and hence SIBM Pune could be preferred.

  152. Hi folks

    I am writing this one to warn u against some of the malpractices followed by SCMHRD. The institute will be done with the GD/PIs by the second week of feb and results will be out by the first week of march. Now they will put u in a tough spot by asking you to deposit a hefty sum close to 3 lakhs towards the first installment of their fees. This is followed by most other institutes but Scmhrd has a catch to this. In case you withdraw your admission at a later stage till the time the course begins(arnd 1st week of June), the entire fees is not refundable. Last year when I withdrew my admission in april they deducted 31000. As per AICTE rules no B school can deduct more than Rs.1000 if the candidate withdraws admission before the commencement of the course. All colleges no matter how unscrupulous will return to you the entire fees deducting Rs.1000 when you withdraw your admission to get into a better B school.

    Scmhrd has found a loophole in this policy by way of introducing a ‘PreInduction Course fees’. There’s a clause with pre-induction fees in your offer letters. AS per Scmhrd a sum of Rs 30000 is for this PreInduction FLIP course which everyone in the first list is given access to. All of us fall prey to this thinking that we are paying for an online tutorial course which is mandated by Scmhrd. Little does anyone know that the same courses are offered by FLIP on their website for around 5-6K depending on the types of courses in finance. Some minor modifications are done to the course which absolutely cannot cost Rs. 30000. Any student of a B school can verify this for you because companies like FLIP spam you with these courses once you get into a B-school. Scmhrd takes full advantage of the na誰ve candidates and their vulnerable positions at the time of application and confirming admissions. Ask any friends of yours who have withdrawn from Scmhrd to go to a better B school before commencement, nobody gets a full refund.

    Now as per history, there is a landside waitlist movement at Scmhrd once top 20 colleges and IIMs come out with their results, to the extent that hardly any people who are in the original list join so the waitlist moves by 150+. In fact this is the reason why Scmhrd conducts their GD/PI at such an early stage and comes out with the result before any other college, so as to lure as many people as possible into this trap. Most candidates get through better B-Schools and then nobody gives a worry about the non-refundable fees but this is totally unethical on an educational institute’s part. This in itself is a huge revenue generator for Scmhrd admissions where there is no value addition on their part. The flip certification course is much cheaper than what Scmhrd asks for.

    Most of you I understand would have better B school calls, so I ask u to proceed with caution when you take the call of depositing the first installment at SCmhrd. If you have the slightest feeling that you have done good in GD/PIs of other B schools , you are most likely to convert those. Better go for those institutes instead of falling prey to such a B-school whose admission policy itself is like a money minting scam. I myself converted a top 20 Bschool so I chose to withdraw and I came to know about this malpractice. Had I taken admission at Scmhrd I would have defended the policy tooth and nail as it would be my alma mater. But we as applicants are the stakeholders as we are the ones who pay up our hard-earned salaries to these people. For some of you the sum might not even be of great value but for others I understand this is equivalent of one month’s hard earned salary and nobody likes to let that go so easily.

    I would like to clarify that I am not here to malign this Scmhrd’s reputation but only to make people aware of ill practices followed here and thus use their better judgement when taking an important decision in their lives. Only by bringing light to such practices can we collectively question the genuineness of an institute.

  153. Hi GP Sir,
    I have a waitlist of 81 in Sibm Bangalore, 189 in Scmhrd and converted Scit with Snap score of 97.09 percentile.
    Sir I have two doubts.
    1) Do I stand a chance for Scmhrd ?
    2)If not then if I get Sibm Bangalore should I go for it?
    Sir kindly revert back

    • Ayan, you have a good chance of converting SCMHRD.
      Regarding SIBM blr, what are your other options, what were your scores in CAT/XAT, work experience and salary?

      • Hi GP Sir,
        Thanks for the reply.It really meant a lot to me.
        CAT – I did not give.
        XAT was not good around 75.2 percentile.
        Tiss score was 62 (cutoff was 72)
        So Scmhrd is the only option left for me.
        WorkExp is 2.5 years
        Salary is around 4.1Lpa


    • Hi GP Sir,

      Waitlist of 189 for Scmhrd cleared in 2nd merit list.
      Thank you so much for your support. God bless you Sir and we will continue to seek your help in all our future endeavours.


  154. sir,
    SIIB pune-waiting list 125
    SIBM,Banglore-waiting list 118
    SIOM-waiting list 42
    SSBM-waiting list-82

    Do I stand any chance?

    • VB, this is the first year of the new system of centralised admissions so difficult to say if you will be able to make it to the final list. However my feeling is that you have a decent possibility but the wait list will move only after the results of other institutes are declared.

  155. Chirag, PI+WAT has a 50% weight in the overall score so a good performance in this can help you compensate for the low SNAP score. Between SIIB and SIBM Blr my preference is for SIIB.

  156. sir your guidance is really awesome . thanks for that sir. i had given snap. my PERCENTILE OF COMPOSITE SCORE 32. 6
    and Percentile of SNAP Score 50. 645
    Percentile of Academic Profile Score 13. 5493
    sir i have applied ONLY for MBA – HOSPITAL AND HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT – SIHS and are selected for INTERVIEW stage but sir iam in dilemma that this score will fetch me a seat . am i just above cut off ?? please reply sir.. really need your guidance

  157. Hi Sir,
    I ve received SIBM PUNE call. i have 3.5 yrs of IT experience. Heard SIBM P is famous for makreting alone, and IT mgmt is kinda ordinary.
    So if i opt for marketing with 3.5 yrs IT experience,would that be seen as a disavantage ? Esp in placement time as companies may not prefer such kind of a profile.
    Iam very troubled by this, pls kindly help me .

    • Anand, it’s not like that. People with diverse profiles opt for marketing and excel in placements too. Don’t bother about that.

  158. Hi gautam,i have received a sibm pune call.I have 3.5 yrs exp in IT. Would it be a good idea to choose marketing as my specialization, or will this affect me in the placements?
    I love marketing and sibm pune is famous for its marketing course,IT isnt much of a top performer i have heard.So request your kind assistance.Thanks

    • Anand, if you are interested in Marketing then only you should opt for it. Your previous experience in IT will not be a hindrance in placements if you do well in college and back yourself up with good internship experience in marketing.

      • Sir,
        Percentile of Composite score 91.5…..still no calls from sibm-b or siib….why have the cutoffs risen so much….also can I expect a second list to come out??

        • Partha, the number of applicants would have gone up hence the higher cutoff. There will not be any second list.
          We will be coming out with the SNAP cut off data in a few days.

  159. Good evening sir,
    Is there any possibility of getting a call from SITM my snap score percentile is 63.
    So sir is there any possibility?

    Thank you sir for your concern.

  160. sir,
    percentile of composite score -72.2885
    percentile of snap score -68.9
    percentile of academic profile-79.9
    general category,btech,no exp
    applied for scmhrd,scit,sibm,siib and simc.
    which all colleges can I get a call

      • sir my pi wat went well n wid composite score of 72 n got calls from scit and simc sir which college can i finallly get converted

          • Soumya, this is the first year of the new system of centralised admissions so difficult to say if you will be able to make it to the final list. However my feeling is that there is a decent possibility but the wait list will move only after the results of other institutes are declared.

          • Soumya, yes you have a chance, wait list will move significantly when the results of IIMs, FMS, MDI, NITIE and IITs are declared. You will most probably make it to the final list.

  161. Sir, With Snap Score of 92 percentile and an AP 27 percentile. Composite goes down to 76.77. Which Colleges do i expect ?

    • Akshay, at a composite score of 76.77%ile, you can get calls from:
      SIOM, Nasik – MBA (OM)
      SIMS – MBA
      SIIB – MBA (E&E)
      SSBM – MBA (BM)
      SIMC, Pune – MBA (CM)
      SCIT – MBA (ITBM)
      SIIB – MBA (AB)
      SICSR – MBA (IT)
      SIMC, Bengaluru – MBA (CM)
      SIHS – MBA (H&HM)

  162. sir i have scored 77.66 as composite percentile, 80.56 as snap test percentile and 62.7 as academic profile percentile.
    i have applied in SIBM pune/banglore, SIMC pune/banglore, and SCIT.I am more interestd in SIMC pune/banglore.
    will i be able to get through?

  163. Hello sir,
    My name is Pulkit Sehra. I have a composite score of 92.0289 and a snap score of 90.46. i belong to general category. My query is whether i stand a chance for SCMHRD ?

      • Good morning Sir,
        I have scored 58%ile as a composite score in SNAP 2013 in general category. Can i expect a call from any of the colleges in SIU?

        • Rajeev, with a composite SNAP score of 58%ile calls are possible from:
          SIIB – MBA (E&E)
          SSBM – MBA (BM)
          SIMC, Pune – MBA (CM)
          SCIT – MBA (ITBM)
          SIIB – MBA (AB)
          SICSR – MBA (IT)
          SIMC, Bengaluru – MBA (CM)
          SIHS – MBA (H&HM)

          • Good evening sir,
            Is there any possibility of getting a call from SITM my snap score percentile is 63.
            So sir is there any possibility?

            Thank you sir for your concern.

          • Good eve sir,
            How is MITSOT Pune as an option for pursuing my mba degree?

            Thank you sir for your time.

  164. Sir, My composite score is 73.67%ile
    Snap Score is 89%ile
    Academic profile is 27%ile
    6 months work ex.
    Can I expect a call from SIMC- Pune.????

    • Anuj, At a composite 73.67%ile, you can expect a call from:
      SIIB – MBA (E&E)
      SSBM – MBA (BM)
      SIMC, Pune – MBA (CM)
      SCIT – MBA (ITBM)
      SIIB – MBA (AB)
      SICSR – MBA (IT)
      SIMC, Bengaluru – MBA (CM)
      SIHS – MBA (H&HM)

  165. Sir my percentile are as follows in SNAP 2013:-
    Percentile of SNAP Score 77.9513
    Percentile of Academic Profile Score 79.9261
    will i get a call from SIOM and what about chances of converting it.
    rank these colleges siom, sitm and siib (e & e)
    My academic in btech in Electronics and currently working in TCS for past two years.

  166. sir my composite score is 32.9 %ile and i have applied sibm p, sibm b, scmhrd, siom, ssbf.
    i belong to sc category , any chance to getting a call……?????

    • mine is also same 30 percentile in snap m belonging to sc category do i have cahnces of getting sibm banglore ,siib pune(ib),siom

      • Sindhu, at a composite SNAP score of 30%ile, you can expect calls from:
        SIIB – MBA (IB)
        SITM – MBA (TM)
        SIOM, Nasik – MBA (OM)
        SIIB – MBA (E&E)
        SSBM – MBA (BM)
        SIMC, Pune – MBA (CM)
        SCIT – MBA (ITBM)
        SICSR – MBA (IT)
        SIMC, Bengaluru – MBA (CM)
        SIHS – MBA (H&HM)

    • Ricky, at a composite score of 49 calls are possible from:
      SIIB – MBA (AB)
      SIMC, Bengaluru – MBA (CM)
      SIHS – MBA (H&HM)

  167. sir
    my snap score is 90.5 percentile
    my composite score is 94.5 percentile
    my academic score is 99.92 percentile
    from which institutes will i get a call?

    • Farah, a composite score of 94.5 should get you calls from SCMHRD-MBA(IM), SIBM-B, SIIB, SCIT, SIOM, SIHS, SITM, SIMC, SSBM and SICSR.

  168. Sir,
    I have got 74.942 as my composite percentile in SNAP.
    Do i stand a chance for SIIB and SIOM? And is SIOM worth joining? I am already working for Hero Motocorp in operations for the past 10 months.

  169. Hi Sir,

    My composite percentile score is 57.1 and academic percentile is 84.4. And the score out of 50 is 21.6. For which all colleges can i expect a call?
    Ive applied for SIBM-P, SICSR, SIMS and SIOM.

  170. Dear sir,
    I have obtained a snap score of 75.83percentile . I have filled in for SIBM (Pune) , SIIB ,SIMC ,SCMHRD and SIMS . What are the chances of getting a call among the above mentioned colleges?

    Thanking you


    • Tanya, is that the composite score? A composite percentile of 75.83 should get you calls from SIMC, SIIB-E&E, SIIB-AB and SIMS.

  171. Dear Sir,
    My composite SNAP score is 94.99. I have applied to
    MBA – SIBM Pune
    MBA – SIBM Bengaluru

    I understand that the cut off for SIBM -P is more than 98. But can I expect SCMHRD?Last year it was around 96, but is there a chance that it can be a little lower this time?
    And, could you please rank the other institutes for me?

      • Thanks for the reply,Sir. Which is the best among the institutes other than those two?
        As you have mentioned that all other institutes are possible, would you recommend joining in them or trying a year more to get better B Schools?

        • Divya, you can consider SIIB and SIBM Blr. However let us decide on retake or joining this year after the final results of all institutes.

  172. Hi, My SNAP percentile of composite score is 31.8/50. Will this score be sufficient to seek admission to SIMC Pune?

  173. Sir,
    I got the score as follows—
    1. percentile of composite score- 51.9248
    2. percentile of SNAP Score- 41.8661
    3. percentile of Academic Score- 79.9261
    Will i get a call from any of institutes

  174. Hi Sir,

    If someone has less than 60 in X standard,then the what will be the score considered 1 or 0 , while calculating the AP.

  175. Sir.

    I scored 77.6718 percentile in SNAP and the composite percentile is 79.3927

    However I had applied for only 4 colleges

    SIBM-pune, SCMHRD( even a miracle can not get me a call from those)

    and SIIB-International Business and SIBM-Bengaluru

    Should I even remotely expect a call from any of these two? PLEASE DO REPLY.

  176. I got a composite percentile of 88.02
    SNAP score percentile of 80.56
    Academic profile percentile of 99.9974
    Could you please tell me, where call I get shortlisted?
    Thank you.

  177. sir my snap score percentile is 21.1792 &
    composite score percentile is 21.4332…
    is there any chance of getting call from ssbm or

  178. Sir my percentile are as follows in SNAP 2013:-
    Percentile of SNAP Score 77.9513
    Percentile of Academic Profile Score 79.9261
    will i get a call from SIIB E&E branch, and what about chances of SCIT AND SITM?
    Which is better between SCIT and SITM.
    My academic in btech in Electronics and currently working in TCS for past two years.

  179. sir, i got PERCENTILE OF COMPOSITE SCORE 85.9891
    Percentile of SNAP Score 85.8737
    Percentile of Academic Profile Score 79.9261

    which colleges can i expect ?? sibm bangalore, siib pune ??

  180. Hi Sir,

    My score is 21.7 out of 50. Do I stand a chance for getting a call from SIMS? Or any other institute?I have a defence category(general) and a work experience of 1 year 6 months as of now.


  181. Hi Sir,

    Please also suggest as in how to prepare for CMAT-feb 2014? i earlier gave the Sept one and got 155 marks. I want to apply for GIM, K.J.Somaiya and Wellingkar through CMAT -Feb 2014 scores.Being a outside Maharashtra domicile candidate what are the cutoffs and what are the other colleges i can apply for?

  182. Hi Sir,
    I got SNAP composite score -81.7445, SNAP Score- 71.5165 and Acad Score – 99.9974
    and applied for SIBM(Pune), SCMHRD,SIIB,SCIT and SIBM(Bangalore)..Can i get a call among any of these?

  183. Sir,
    I am getting a score of 16 out of 50 according to CL calculator.
    I have defence quota. Is there any way that I can get any college in symbiosis?
    Thank you sir in advance.

  184. Dear Sir,
    As per SNAP precentile predictor I am getting 108.25/179, 24.2**/40 and 1.33/10. Total is 25.53/50. Can I expect calls from SIBM-P, SCMHRD, SIBM-B and SIIB. I belong from SC category.

    • Sushil, As a SC candidate with 25.53/50 you can expect calls from all SNAP institutes. SCMHRD however could be a borderline case. Start PDP classes immediately.

  185. sir i hav got a score of 31/50 on snap predictor…i an a SC category students.I have applied to SIBM Pune,SCMHRD,SIBM bangaluru,SIIB.From which institutes can i expect calls?

  186. Dear sir, I am getting 28.03/50 (20.7 + 7.33) acc to your calculator. Which colleges can I expect? Please help..

  187. Sir,
    I wil get around 55-60 marks in snap (15 dec 2013). Is there any college that i can get?
    I’m in general category. Please tell me sir.
    Thank you.

  188. Sir,
    I’m getting a score of 21.3 in your SNAP Score Calculator….17.3/40 and 4/10….I’ve applied to SCMHRD, SIBM-B, SIIB, SSBF and SIMC-P….what are my chances and what colleges can I expect to be called from??

  189. sir,
    according to your snap calculator, my score is coming out to be 17.83 on 50…on considering only snap entrance marks, i m getting 51.885 out of 180..i m from defence background…and i only want to apply for SIMS…is there any chance for me to get selected in SIMS??

  190. sir
    i getting 22.33 overall .
    filled sibm pune and banglore ,scmhrd and siib
    belong to sc category.
    any chances for call

    • Sourabh, please wait till the end of this week for us to come out with the cutoffs based on the data of the SNAP Score Calculator.

  191. GP Sir,
    I really respect the amount of effort you people put-in in the sphere of MBA coaching.
    In My Opinion the best possible way to handle things and deal with the MBA exams.
    CLs indepth analysis with easy to use modern software and webinars
    And the best possible tool to approach Quant / Verbal question via Test-Gym.
    Very nice set of videos to all possible topics (Ranging from GK-Analysis of exams)

    I must say the CL-Site presentation is the best among all the other Coaching institutes (im in almost all)
    Concept coverage also quite good.

    And you sir..dedicating your precious time to help every single student and explicitly explaining where-ever required..Hats off to you GP Sir and the CL-Team !!

    Keep up the good work..will spread the word .

  192. Sir,
    I’m getting a score of around 6.7/10 according to the weightage given to past academic records as per SNAP criteria. Does this virtually eliminate me from being eligible for top Symbiosis Institutes like SIBM or SCMHRD as a person having say a point or two more than me enjoys a healthy lead in terms of percentile already (almost 3-4 percentiles if the scores are scaled solely on the basis of percentiles)!

    • Ankit, it does not rule you out but an AP score of 6.7/10 means that you will have to score about 9 marks more than someone whose AP score is 8.7/10

  193. Sir, what has been the cutoff for SIMC Pune and Bengaluru in the past years? Are they any good really? Because I have never seen their names in top Symbiosis colleges.

    • Surbhi, SIMC Pune and Blr are not among the top 5-6 Symbiosis institutes. SIMC Pune is a decent back up institute and its cutoff will be around 60%ile. SIMC Blr is likely to be among the bottom two SNAP institutes.

  194. Sir, I am expecting to score approx 75-80 marks in SNAP 2013. Any chances for SIBM-B, SIIB and SIMC-P???
    And what should be the cutoff for SSBF??

    • Dear SIr,
      I’m expecting a score of 80-85 marks since due to non availability of time i could not mark all my answers on OMR sheet.
      My Academic background is –
      10th- 83
      12th- 65
      B.E. – 66.75
      Job experiece – 2 yrs. in IT sector (Project Management in a PSU)
      And i’m willing to join SCIT will it be possible for me to make it for an interview call with this score ( General category student).
      Please give your valuable advice.

      Thanks & regards,

  195. Sir i was not able to attend the session on analysis of snap 2013.
    Can you please mention the expected cut-off or any other important points.

  196. Sir Please do write an article on SNAP analysis and predicted percentile this year !!
    I found VA on the tougher side when compared to last year or any other year..

      • Sir I’m Expecting :
        GK : 6-7 marks
        VA : 25-27 marks
        QA : 31 marks
        LR : 47-50 marks
        Total : 110+
        Problem is that i have AR : 5.67/10
        So what do you think are my chances at SIBM-Pune and SCHMRD ?

        That is via normal route.

        I’m also a kashmiri..but dont want to apply via that route (you may call it pride/ego 😀 )

        • Also above score of QA is excluding the 2 ambiguous questions which i found in the QA paper..I found couple of ambiguities in LR section too..
          Do you think i stand a chance for a call for SIBM-P ?

  197. Hi sir,

    I am unable to find the Gazetted Officer to get the admit card attested could you please guide me from where I could get that attested at this hour?

  198. Sir, I got my admit card attested by a notary advocate.
    will that be fine? Because they’ve mentioned a Gazetted officer.
    I know it’s a silly thing to ask, but none better than you to answer.

  199. Sir, can u please tell me.scmhrd offers various specializations ,like HR,FINANCE,MARKETING… CUT OFFS for all these are same??? in the seminar organized by scmhrd,one student of scmhrd told us that last year cut off for marketing was lower than that of mba-hr .is that true?

    • Sauvik, this year the cutoffs will be as per the programs (an not specialisation) since there is a common process for all institutes. Different cutoffs for each of the 16 programs as perr the SNAP bulletin.

  200. Hello GP Sir,

    I have an AP of 9/10. How much should be my target score in SNAP 2013 to get through with both SIBM-Pune and SCMHRD.

    Thank you Sir.!!

    • Himanshu, the degree of difficulty of SNAP varies a lot but assuming SNAP’13 to be same as SNAP’12 you should target 115.

      • Sir,
        My Academic Profile score for SNAP is 7.33/10. How much should i target in SNAP for a call from SIBM Pune? Assuming that a candidate with a 10/10 Academic Score scores 109(the last year’s cutoff for SIBM) , i ought to score 121 to get a call from SIBM. Do i have to score this much or am i being too pessimistic in my calculation.

        Also, if you could please let me know the cutoff scores(for SIBM) for SNAP FLTs provided by CL. I scored 112 in FLT-1

        • Aditya, the level of difficulty of SNAP varies a lot and the cutoff for SIBM Pune has varied between 91 and 118.
          I think you are being too pessimistic in your assumptions. My guess is that a score around 115-116 should suffice since not all students with high scores will have a 10 as their AP score.

  201. Dear GP Sir,

    You have mentioned that SNAP will not have any sectional cut-offs.
    But this is not explicitly mentioned anywhere on their website. How can we be so sure that SIBM, Pune or any of the other institutes will not impose sectional cut-offs?

    • Aniruddh, All SNAP institutes will follow the same process this year. While it has not been explicitly mentioned anywhere one can infer that there will ot be any sectional cutoffs. Also the informal feedback from the institutes confirms the same. Most of the SNAP institutes in the past have not used sectional cutoffs so it is unlikely that they will do so this year.

  202. hello sir, please suggest me what to study for snap gk in last 5 days? what is the min.score one should get in gk to clear the cutoff??

  203. Sir,
    My name is Sandip Roy. I am a CL student. I m appearing for SNAP this year. Could you plz please advise as to how to prepare for the G.K section of Snap. Is it helpful to mug up GK questions of the last few years’ Snap papers…

  204. Hi GP Sir,

    I am a Systems Analyst with a software firm in Pune and my current CTC is 3.6 lacs after about 30 months of experience. Since, I have a defense background I am eligible to apply for SIMS.

    Will it make sense for me to take admission in SIMS (if I am selected of course, which is quite easy) considering the ROI; since I believe I will be earning around 7-8 lacs after 2 years if I continue in the industry.

    Please enlighten.

      • Thanks for the response Sir.

        They have mentioned their highest sal @15 lacs INR on their website.Should I be taking that into account while considering an admission there since they haven’t declared the median salary!

        I mean what would be the chances of landing myself a job offer of 12-15 lacs(of course considering I do well at the course).

        Also tell me how would SIMS fair against GIM.

        Regards 🙂

        • Rahul, the institutes usually give only the favourable data hence median/average are missing. Getting a 15 lakh job from SIMS is difficult.
          GIM is preferable to SIMS and is likely to have an average salary around Rs 9 lakh.

          • Thank you Sir for your guidance. Its so humble of you that even while heading such a large institution, you make time to answer our queries personally. Hats off to you. So much to learn from.

            Best regards and wishes 🙂

  205. Somehow I filled year of birth incorrectly as 1976 in place of 1992. I have written the SNAP organizers requesting to update the records.

    In case they decline to do so, would it impact the following?

    1. chances of getting an interview call
    2. application disqualified

    Please let me know if you have any advice for me.


  206. Sir,
    My name is Sandip Roy. I m appearing for SNAP this year. Could you plz guide me as to what 5 programs in Snap I should apply for.
    Mock CAT PERCENTILE – 93
    XTH % -85.5
    XII TH % – 80
    BSc HONS – (CAL UNIV.)- 62

    • Sandip, with your estimated CAT score you should restrict your self to the top four SNAP institutes only. My suggested order of preference of SNAP institutes is:
      1. MBA – SIBM Pune
      2. MBA – SCMHRD
      4. MBA – SIBM Bengaluru
      5. MBA – SIMS only for wards of defence personnel

  207. Sir,
    For QA , 30 questions in 40 minutes sounds a little tough.
    Please guide me on how to solve it? Since im good at arithmetic i often target them but end up loosing time in lengthier questions. I am confused how to go about it.
    Please suggest something.
    Thank you.

  208. Hi GP sir ,

    If one is able to clear the cutoff for SIBM Pune or SCMHRD just on the boundary , is it very difficult to convert the interview call into final admission offer in that case . Please give a separate reply for both the colleges .

    Thanks and regards,

    • Rahul, this year all SNAP institutes have the same selection process.
      Written test scores will be scaled to 40 marks
      Academic Profile score will be scaled to 10 marks
      These two will be used for shortlisting candidates for the interview process.
      Interview is for 35 marks
      WAT is for 15 marks
      Final merit list is out of the total for (40+10+35+15) = 100 marks

  209. Hi GP sir,

    As you stated that SNAP is known to repeat questions , how many more past SNAP paers should i practise . I have already practised SNAP 2012,2011,2010,2009 and will be done with SNAP 2008 by end of day . After this should I practise SNAP mocks ( free from SCMHRD via Tcyonline ) or should I attempt more past papers . If yes , how many more past papers do you want me to attempt.


  210. Hello Sir, My background is
    10th – 83%,
    12th – 77% and
    Engg. (Chemical) – 56%.
    I am writing snap this 15th. Can you please guide me to which colleges in SIU should i apply ( Colleges in SIU, in which i have a better chance of getting through considering my past record, if i am expecting a snap percentile of 70-80%). Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Shubham, Please refer to the cutoff table at the end of this post. Leaving the top 4 SIU institutes all others are possible at a score of less than 80%ile in SNAP. You can consider applying to SIIB Pune, SITM Pune, SIMC Pune, SIOM Nasik. If you are a ward of defence personnel then do apply to SIMS also.

  211. Sir, can you please tell me….what is the distribution of the questions asked in gk (statis and current affairs)…..or just an idea based on previous years papers.

  212. Hello GP sir, though i am not a CL institute student but i do follow ur posts ..( P.S.i have book marked )..This is best platform for a non CL (or an CL student) .Sir I am giving SNAP and in previous papers i m getting marks like 21-25 in maths and 40+ in reasoning and in 20-21 in English ..(around 90 over all without GK)..My strategy is like
    first attempt all reasoning then maths then english and then GK…My GK part is poor but i am trying hard to cope up…just want to know is there any better strategy??
    how to make balance between TISS and XAT and SNAP preparation .keeping in mind that GK and english are my weak sections :(..?
    Can u throw some light on Tiss Preparation also ??
    Thanks in advance sir
    GK and english are my weak sections :(…

    • Coolest11, the platform seems to be serving the purpose that it was created for. Thanks for your appreciation of our efforts.
      Coming to SNAP, you will need to improve your GK and English scores by 5-6 marks each. If you find increasing your English score difficult then focus on Reasoning and Quant. The target for SNAP’12 paper is minimum 110 marks. SIBM Pune cut off for SNAP ’11 was 92, for SNAP’10 it was 118 and for SNAP’09 it was 107.
      SNAP is known to repeat questions so the past papers become important, make sure you go through the last 5 SNAP papers at least a couple of times. Static GK questions are also repeated.
      Your strategy of attempting the SNAP is fine but I hope you are not rushing through the English section as it could lead to silly mistakes. If yes then an extra 5 minutes could possibly change things for you.
      TISS is the easiest among all MBA tests, last year with 40 GK questions and 60 QA + EU questions (easier than SNAP) in 180 minutes its cutoff was 84 marks. The only area that you need to focus on is GK (your weak area) because the QA and EU will get covered with SNAP and XAT.

  213. Hi GP sir,

    I have attempted past 4 snap papers (SNAP 12,11,10 & 9). I am scoring target minus (5-10) marks lesser in AR, target minus (3-4) marks lesser in EU , and QA fluctuates between target+5 to target-5 at times. GK is 10 marks plus minus 3. (Target means score required to clear the overall cutoff). The range of my overall score is from SIBM cutoff – 12 marks to SIBM cutoff – 2 marks. What should be my improvement strategy ? Is taking more and more mocks and completely analyzing them enough for improving my score?

    I mean I have 1 CL mocks ( that is online), 2-3 CL FLTs , a couple of more past SNAP papers( the one I have not yet attempted) and also the free mocks provided by SCMHRD through . (6 in number).

    P.S :- My predicted CAT percentile is 96.28. My predicted percentile from CL mocks was from 96 to 98 percentile .

    Thanks and regards,

    • Rahul, The area that you could focus on is Reasoning since it has 2 marks per question, overall you are on track and some more practice is likely to take you through. With your estimated CAT score I would not be too worried about your SNAP score, a 95%ile in CAT is likely to be over 99%ile in SNAP. Just continue with your practice and revision, you can consider taking another 4 papers between now and SNAP.
      SNAP has a tendency to repeat questions so the past papers are of utmost importance.

      • Sir the reason of my worry is that inspite of the decent predicted percentiles in CAT , why I had not been able to clear the SIBM cutoff on a regular basis in the last 4 papers . I just managed the SCMHRD cutoff and that too on the borderline.

        • Rahul, unlike CAT, SNAP is a speed test and you are in the process of building up your speed. Also in a paper as simple as SNAP silly mistakes have to be reduced to a bare minimum.

  214. Hi GP sir,

    As the target attempts for SNAP GK as suggested by you are 25 while the target score is 10 , does that mean that I should be taking calculated risks/(educated guesses) in GK section ? When I am confused in 2 choices and have eliminated the other 2, should I take a guess ?

    P.S: Most of the times I get a positive net score from all of my educated guesses.

    Thanks and regards,
    Rahul Arora

  215. Hi GP sir,

    How should I analyze my mock SNAP and the past SNAP papers that I have taken as mocks ? Should I do in them in the exact way as I did for CAT ( which is the way you ask us to analyze CL CAT mocks). Or would you suggest a lighter and less time consuming way as the pattern of SNAP paper is very different from CAT .


    • Rahul, the process remains the same but it will take you lesser time because of practice and the fact that these are easier papers. In GK you need to only focus on questions that you need to mug up for future.

  216. Hi GP sir,

    Has SNAP repeated static GK questions from its past papers? I am asking to decide whether I should be mugging them or not ?


  217. sir, i am ahving work exp of 18 mnths till date by the admission time 24mnths will be completed.
    My Acadamic profile
    National level-1,district level-1,state level-1
    plz tell me top 6 clgs under snap to apply in terms of placements because i am having 2yrs wrk exp not a fresher
    sibm pune,schmrd pune,sibm banglore,siib pune and next 2 clgs plz..?

    • Pavan, The top colleges/programs of Symbiosis in terms of placements are:
      1. SIBM Pune MBA
      2. SCMHRD Pune MBA
      3. SIBM Blr MBA
      4. SIIB Pune International Business
      5. SIMS Pune MBA only for wards of Defence personnel
      6. SITM Pune Telecom Management
      7. SIMC Pune MBA comm Management

      • GP sir,
        Thank you, sims other than defence wards are not eligible..? having 2yrs of wrk exp in IT field..
        what about scit in terms of placement..? and is it worth for applying with wrk exp..?

        • Pavan, my suggested order of preference of SNAP institutes is:
          1. MBA – SIBM Pune
          2. MBA – SCMHRD
          4. MBA – SIBM Bengaluru
          5. MBA – SIMS only for wards of defence personnel

          With 2 year work experience you should not go below SITM.

          • gp sir,
            one more doubt i am having sir for applying to 5 clgs reg fee is rs.3000 and in your rankings sims is 5th clg but i am not from defence family. am i eligible for applying it .which clg do i need to opt as 5th clg../ plz guide me sir

          • Pavan, you can choose any 5 out of the list. Since you are not eligible for SIMS you cannot apply for it.

  218. sir, the mock snap that was held on 28 november,i got 96 marks….what are the cutoff marks for this test.

  219. GP SIR, in SCMHRD snapshot i have given 4 exams in which i got 76.5, 72.8, 81.3,87.5 percentile and the marks were between 67-74. will it be sufficient (in the worst scenario) for getting call from SIBM -P and SCMHRD . Though i am trying to increase my score in every exam. I have SC reservation. and my academics X-82.8, XII-78.3, B.Tech- 78.6, 15 mnths work ex.

    • sha499, SIBM Pune requires over 98%ile and SCMHRD will need over 96%ile. Please refer to the cut off table at the end of this post.

  220. Hi Gp Sir,

    Its already very very late for the XAT prep post on this blog . I am someone who religiously follows each and every strategy from this blog . I request you to kindly publish XAT post asap.

    Thanks and regards,
    Rahul Arora

  221. Hello sir,
    My academic qualification is not good but eligible for snap.
    X- 55.7
    XII- 55.8
    Graduation ( 51.9
    but in snap mock I get 95 mark .
    and I Want to get admission in SIMS (with defence quota)
    SO, at the time of PI and WAT academic will effect on my admission process.

    • Sundeep, this year the shortlisting in by SNAP institutes will be on the basis of SNAP marks and the Academic Profile score. 95 is a good score in the Mock and if you can go up to 105-110 level then you will be able to compensate for your low AP score for top SNAP institutes – SIBM and SCMHRD.
      If it is SIMS that you are targeting then 95 is a very high score.

    • Ranjeet, For SNAP colleges please check the cutoffs given at the end of the post. The cut off of colleges not mentioned in the cutoff table at the end need less than 75%ile to for a call for General Category candidate.

        • Pritesh, SNAP score required for SIMC Pune will be in the region of 60%ile, approx 65 marks in SNAP’12. For SIMC Blr the score required will reduce to around 50%ile or around 60 marks in SNAP’12

  222. Hello Gp sir
    My score in 10th-70%
    What is the minimum questions i shall answer to get call from good colleges.

    • Ranjeet, a general category candidate needs at least 95%ile in CAT to get a call from good colleges. For IIMs you should have a minimum of 98%ile.

  223. Sir,
    You have mentioned that in the quant-DI-DS section of SNAP there should be about 30+ attempts.Considering that I am a bit weak in the quant section,what should be my target in this section?
    Also,from where should I prepare for the GK section.Is the SNAP GK Question Bank available in the e-Lib along with the mock and the FLTs enough for the GK preparation?

    • Soumak, the reasoning section has 2 marks per question and you should look at maximising in this section.
      For GK use the GK Question Banks and Compendiums available in eLib of SIS. These and the GK webinars/videos are sufficient to get a good SNAP score.

  224. Sir, generally how much time we should spend section wise and what should be our target marks for each section? (Keeping in mind that the cutoff for SIBM was 110)

  225. Sir,
    As I’ve stated many a times in your blog about my poor academics; For snap, the AP scaled score is 3.33/10 for me.
    How much score should i minimum get to be in SIBM-P GD-PI list?
    As the IIFT CL score shows 52 marks approx should i assume SNAP will be more or less of same level ?

    • Prateek, this is the first year of AP score in SNAP, last year the SNAP cut off for SIBM Pune was a little over 98%ile, with an AP score of 3.33/10you should target over 99%ile.
      SNAP is a simpler paper and less time consuming than IIFT and hence one can comfortably score over 100 marks.

  226. Dear Sir
    My academics:
    10th :76.6%
    12th :56.2%
    Graduation: 59.4%
    I belong from SC category.Sir I have also 4 years of work experience.
    Sir, what would be a good percentile (in my case) to get calls from SIBM-Pune, SCMHRD, SIBM-B and SSIB. I have filled the forms of these institutes.

    • Sushil, please refer to the table at the end of this post for the cutoffs from various SNAP institutes. Target about 5 marks above these.

  227. Hi GP sir,

    As per the past behavior form the SNAP test conducting body , what do they do in case of wrong questions . I mean do they award free marks to all candidates for those questions that are wrong or they simply don’t consider the wrong question for the sore evaluation ?

    Thanks and regards,
    Rahul Arora

    • Rahul, SNAP has not cleared its stance on this issue but the normal approach across exams is that if the error is there in all papers then the question is deleted and if it is there in a few papers then marks are awarded to the affected students.

  228. Dear Gautam sir,

    I’m a big fan of your blog.But I’m in a grave situation now. I didn’t perform as I expected in CAT. I’m expecting 90-95 %le around (predictor showed me 94%le) which I cannot even make it to any IIM call. I don’t really have any choice to think of CAT for next year and I wanted to get into a premium b-school this year. So, I think- as for my profile unless I get a decent percentile I cannot make it to a good b-school. (provided I do well in my GD + PI). But, I still have 3 more exams to go NMAT-retake(1st attempt-198) SNAP and XAT. So, please suggest me some tips to get more than 98%le in these exams. I’m quite depressed for my under performance in CAT. I hope your suggestions help me to be in the race and fight. Very much eagerly waiting for your reply.

    This is my profile
    10th – 96
    12th – 97.5
    B-Tech – 62
    Category – General
    No experience

    IIFT – 44 (I think this one also gone)

    Sorry to mention above please tell me what colleges to apply.

    Thanking You.

  229. Sir

    I am getting 106.5 in the mock SNAP conducted on 28th. My sectionals are as following: QA-30.5, GK- 19 , VA-20 and LR- 37.
    How is this score? What is the expected cut-off for this test?
    Which areas should I concentrate upon in the next couple of weeks?

    • Sachin,
      The score mentioned above will get you calls from all the Symbiosis colleges including SIBM-Pune and SCMHRD.
      Since there are no sectional cut-offs in SNAP exam, one needs to focus on maximizing the total score while attempting at least one question from each section.

  230. Sir in the MOCK SNAP held today, I found three questions whose solutions are right but with wrong choices:
    114- The wrong word is “assemble” but correct option in question paper for this is d and not c.
    115-Wrong word is “that” and correct option for this is b and not d.
    117-“working out” should be right usage and the solution also says that but correct option for this should be b and not c.

    Please look into these questions before results are out sir.

  231. Dear Gautam sir,

    I’m a big fan of your blog.But I’m in a grave situation now. I gave my cat-13 few days back and i didn’t perform as i expected. I’m expecting90-95 %le around which i cannot even make it to any iim call. I dont have any reservation or job and i passed out my B-Tech in 2013. As i don’t really have any choice to think of cat for next year i wanted to get into
    a premium b-school in the coming year (2014). So, I think as for my profile unless I get a decent percentile I cannot make it to a good b-school. (provided i do well in my GD + PI, where I’m not that bad but I’m hoping I can perform average-above average ). But, I still have 3 more exams to go NMAT SNAP and XAT. So, please suggest me some tips to get more than 98%le in these exams. I’m quite depressed for my under performance in CAT. I hope your suggestions help me to be in the race and fight. Very much eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Sorry to mention this’s my profile
    10th – 96
    12th – 97.5
    B-Tech – 62
    Category – General
    No experience
    Thanking You.

    • Rahul, with 90-95%ile you can apply to IMT G, IMI, TAPMI, BIM Trichy, IITs, MICA, LBSIM and FORE. Please check the B school Advisory in Exam Corner it will suggest the institutes that you can get a call from based on your estimated CAT performance and category.
      CAT is history, focus on the other tests especially SNAP and XAT for which you have sufficient time. A 92-93%ile in CAT is equivalent to around 98-99%ile in SNAP which can get you calls from the top two SNAP institutes – SIBM Pune & SCMHRD. For SNAP focus on what I have suggested in this post. For guidance on XT please await my blogpost which is likely to be released by end of this week.

  232. Hello sir,
    My academic %ge,
    I got 70-80%le in cat %le predictor.
    Which college should i apply below mentioned
    1.GL chennai,
    2.LIBA chennai
    3.Nirma university
    5.GIM goa
    6.IFMR chennai
    7.or if any other suggested
    Also in CL mocks i never got more than 60 marks
    Plz suggest in respect of placements ,educations,,,

    • Ashutosh, at your expected score TAPMI, GIM and Nirma are unlikely. All others are not a problem. At this point of time focus on SNAP and XAT to ensure a good score.

  233. Sir, in the mock SNAP held today, we were asked to mark OMR responses with pencils. However, it is given in SNAP bulletin that answers have to be marked with pen. Has this decision been changed or something? Kindly inform.

  234. Hello sir,
    I have applied for both SIBM,Pune and SIBM,Bengaluru. Please tell me if the Bengaluru campus is good for education and placements?

    Thank you.

    • Ankit, SIBM Blr is a decent back up option and is possibly the 3rd ranked SNAP institute (after SIBM Pune and SCMHRD). It provides good exposure, education and placements with an average salary is in the range of RS 7 lakh pa.

  235. Hi GP sir,

    You have answered many people queries who has asked after me. Please answer my queries also. Thanks a lot in advance


    • Rahul, your queries typically need data which I may not have all the time. Queries of many others can be responded on the run. 🙂

  236. Sir, my name is Sandip Roy. I am appearing for NMAT first attempt on Dec 5. I have finished the three Nmat FLTs and one mock Nmat available in my SIS account. What else should I do in these last few days. Also Sir, I am appearing for SNAP this year. What colleges should I apply for.
    Mock CAT PERCENTILE – 93
    XTH % -85.5
    XII TH % – 80
    BSc HONS – (CAL UNIV.)- 62

    • Sandip, practice questions from Test Gym Adaptive. You can also attempt past NMAT papers (pen and paper tests). Please search the web for NMAT 2005-08 papers.

  237. Hello Sir,
    Im a CL student.
    My Profile is as follows:
    Xth-86.6 %
    B.E.- 54.4%
    Category: SC
    NO Experience
    My CAT exam was not upto the mark and also i guess i would not be clearing the IIFT cut off.
    I am feeling quite low and confused.
    Need your guidance for XAT and SNAP.
    Also which colleges should I apply considering my CAT % predictor around 70-75% ?

    • Nathan, forget CAT/IIFT and move on. It is important for you to focus on SNAP as it is a simpler paper (compared to CAT/XAT/IIFT) and leads to good institutes. Please refer to the blogpost SNAP shot!! for guidance on this exam and its institutes. Till SNAP do not think of XAT at all, start your XAT preparation on 16th Dec.
      With a CAT score of 70-75%ile, you can apply to NITIE, IITs (except Mumbai, Delhi and Kharagpur), MFC and MBE.

  238. Sir, in syllogism, kindly explain why the following two conclusions cannot hold true:
    (1) All A are B–>> Some B are not A.
    (2) Some A are B–>> Some B are not A.

    I have come across solutions in some CL OMETs where it is mentioned that these two conclusions cannot be derived. But I am not understanding why. For example, if all oranges are fruits then it logically implies that some fruits are not oranges. Similarly, if some grapes are ripe definitely implies some ripe are not grapes.

    • 1. All A are B – this implies that there is no A which is not B or A is a sub-set of B. Please note that this statement also includes the possibility that all B are A, which means that the entire set of A and B overlap with each other. Hence, Some B are not A is not a definite conclusion.
      In your query you have given the example of oranges and fruits. While solving deductive logic questions, we do not use any external knowledge or piece of information (such as oranges are a form of fruit). Keeping that in mind, we cannot say that Some fruits are not oranges. It could be a possibility that all fruits are oranges (overlapping sets).
      2. Some A are B – this implies that there is at least one A that is a B. A definite conclusion of this statement is, Some B are A. However, it would be incorrect to say that Some B are not A. Take, for example, that a connoisseur tastes 10 varieties of Italian food and knows that they are tasty. Thus, he is right in saying that ‘Some Italian foods are tasty’. At the same time, all Italian food may also be tasty; it is just that he has not got a chance to taste them. Hence, Some B are not A is not a definite conclusion.
      Going by the above explanation we can say that it would be incorrect to say that Some grapes are ripe means Some ripe are not grapes.

  239. Hello Sir,
    May I get the SNAP mocks and FLTs from center or will it available in my SIS account? I have only the mock test series course. . and my predicted percentile is 97.5 to 99.5(mocks) and 99.57(actual cat). . so when will the GD-PI start at ghaziabad or Delhi centers?

    • Ankit, SNAP Mocks and FLTs will be available at the center.
      PDP has started in Delhi, please contact your center for details. With your expected score you should start immediately.

  240. Hi GP sir,

    I just attempted memory based SNAP 2012 paper from your book ” MBA solved papers ” . In question no 146 – 148 , condition vii – G is right of D and left of C. As this is a LR set on circular arrangement , right and left should mean the same as immediately right or immediately left . But in the solution given , it has not been taken as immediately right or left but G is taken somewhere in the middle of D & C. When I tried solving this question by taking as immediately left and immediately right , condition vii conflicted with condition iv.

    So is there a typo in the memory based paper or left does not mean immediately left ( in circular arrangement) . Please clarify this confusion for me .

    Thanks and regards,

    • Rahul,
      In the given set of questions, left or right does not mean immediate left or immediate right respectively.
      In the LR questions, one should not consider left as immediate left unless stated.

      • In the linear arrangement questions , left may not mean as immediate left , but in case of CIRCULAR arrangement , left means immediate left – I was told this in my class. I am mentioning this as I feel that you have missed the word CIRCULAR from my above query and replied to me for the case of linear arrangement.

        Also , in the SMART LR CRACKER, Neeraj sir has told the same :- Left means as immediate left in case of CIRCULAR arrangements only . And for linear , left doesnt mean immediate left .

        And the question that I have asked you is a circular arrangement question

        • Rahul,

          What you were told by Neeraj sir is the convention we follow. However, you won’t come across such situation in standard exams like CAT, XAT, etc. in which “immediate left” / “immediate right” would be written instead of “left” / “right”.

  241. Hi GP sir,

    Please tell the section & overall cutoffs for the past 5 year SNAP papers as I want to attempt them as mocks as a part of my SNAP preparation .

    One query that comes to my mind is that is it best to attempt the past SNAP papers as mocks or should I attempt them as sectional tests ( in the way you advised us to attempt past CAT papers in last days ) .

    Thanks and regards,

    • Rahul, attempt the last 5-6 year SNAP papers under actual test conditions and not as sectional tests. The cut off varied depending upon the institute. Typically SNAP will reject candidates who have a zero or a (-)ive score in any section. SIBM Pune cutoffs for general category candidates for the last few years are: SNAP’12-109, SNAP’11-91.75 , SNAP’10-118 and SNAP’09-107

  242. Sir, please help i am having terrible problem with my vocabulary.
    I am fine with RCs, good with parajumbles and para completion, Good in quant (except for algebra) good in logical reasoning.
    If time does not permit enough to improve vocab then please suggest me in which section can i make up for marks lost due to bad vocab in snap.

    • Ayush, mug up all the words in the vocab and sentence completion questions of pat SNAP, XAT and CAT papers, this will help you get over this immediate problem.

      • Thanks sir, and one more query I attempted 32 questions in cat and 28-29 should be correct should i apply to some colleges, if yes then please suggest me some.

  243. Hi GP Sir,
    Please answer the following 2 queries for me :-

    Query 1 :- In the article above , you have said that when there were sectional cutoffs , they were fairly low . Can you tell the sectional cutoffs for a couple of papers when they were present . It will help me have a clearer picture with respect to maximizing my overall score in the exam.

    Query 2;- As only one interview will be held for this year , how will each institute release its different final admission lists . I mean till previous years SIBM Pune and SCMHRD pune considered different parameters with different weightages for issuing final admission to a candidate . How will they do it this year with weightage for each parameters predefined – Will all institutes follow exact same criteria for final selection?


    • Rahul, sectional cut offs in SNAP is an exception rather than the rule. SNAP 2009 is one such exception and most institutes did not go for sectional cutoffs. The cutoffs for SIBM Pune for general category were: English 23.75/40, QA 22/40, GA 8.5/40, AR 39/60, Total 107/180.
      This year there is a common process and all institutes will use the same weights for all parameters. Please refer to pages 17-20 of SNAP bulletin.

  244. I am a CL student.
    In my SIS my profile weight-age for Snap is showing 5/10.
    Where as when I calculated according to the criteria given on symbiosis website I am getting 8.33/10.
    My 10th score – 81.4 %
    My 12th score – 81.6 %
    My Engg. score – 72.2 %

    Frankly Speaking I do not trust on any of CL tools anymore.
    CL %ile predictor is also showing absurd result for me.
    I just written these things here so that it can be noticed.

    Gp Sir & Gejo sir thank you for all your webinars & fundas. 🙂

    • Deepak, thanks for pointing out the error, it has been rectified.
      Your skepticism is understandable but do keep using the tools and continue with your feedback. Many things that we are trying to do are absolutely new to test prep (eg percentile predictor) and your feedback is essential to make it perfect. While you may not get the full benefit of these, students in future will be gain.
      Thanks for your appreciation of webinars/fundas.
      All the best.

  245. SIR,


    X = 67.33
    XII = 68
    GRAD (BE) = 60




    • Nav, with a good CAT score (over 80%ile) you can get admitted into IIMs/IITs/NITIE/FMS/MFC etc.
      Your performance in the MBA program plays an important role in placements. A few companies (especially in finance) typically look at past academics also.

  246. Sir I m worried about my past score
    10th 38.92 %
    12th 58.17%
    Tybms 65%
    So how % ile required to call from snap institute

    • Avesh, your marks in X/XII/Graduation are low (but you are eligible) and will result in a low profile score which can be compensated only with very high SNAP score . You should target around 99.5%ile in SNAP.

  247. Also sir, where is it specifically mentioned that there will be NO sectional cut-offs in SNAP-2013? I couldn’t find this statement mentioned explicitly in the website. Could you please mention where it is mentioned?

  248. Sir in the table how is it that SIBM SC/ST cut-off percentiles were lower than the corresponding figures for SCMHRD? That is a bit shocking. Kindly explain this.

    • Marathwa, till last year each institute decided its own cut offs. The two reasons for SC/ST cut off being lower in SIBM than in SCHHRD could be:
      1. the number of applicants from this category in SIBM could be lower than in SCMHRD.
      2. SIBM could have decided to give a larger number of interview calls to have a wider choice.

  249. Hi GP sir,

    Sir please write a blog-post for XAT preparations. Eagerly waiting for it . Sir I have a request to make , please also write a similiar post for XAT as your wrote for CAT ” 30 days to CAT ” as XAT is no less important than CAT (as XLRI is no lesser than any other institute under CAT) – in that blog please share the complete preparation strategy as day 1 mock , day 2 section tests , day 3 revision and so on .. ..

    Thanks and regards,

  250. Sir,
    My name is Sandip Roy. I am Physics Hons. student from Calcutta university who graduated this year. I didnt have much time to prepare for CAT this year as my father passed away and so I studied for around 2.5 months. My mock percentile for CAT is 93% and my predicted true CAT percentile is 94%. I have a well set up family business which I am taking care of right now. I am confused sir, whether I should again target for CAT again next year or try for other exams like SNAP and XAT. I have already appeared for IIFT. My expected score is around 45. My acad profile,
    X- 86%
    XII- 80%
    Bsc – 63%
    I am worried that as I taking care of a family business, it will not count as work experience.

    • Sandip, Family business will count as work experience. At present you should focus on your MBA entrances – SNAP and XAT, worry about retake only in March.
      IIFT unfortunately will not be possible at 45.

  251. Hello Sir,
    I was seeking help, as i wanted to know how much score is required in SNAP to get a call from SCIT with a background of
    10th : 64%
    12th : 57%
    Graduation : Bsc IT – 62 %
    Work Exp : 38 months

    Thank You.

  252. My profile is as follow :
    X : 82.2
    XII :78.8
    BTech :79.98
    Category : Gen
    True Cat percentile :98
    Experience : 29 months
    What colleges I should apply with SNAP and CAT ?
    What are my chances ?

    • Mukul, for SNAP apply to SIBM Pune and SCMHRD. Apply to MDI, NITIE, IIT B/D, SP Jain and FMS.
      Call from IIT Mumbai and FMS is likely at 99%ile only, apply only if you think that your accuracy is likely to be better.

  253. Sir,

    As there is no Sectional Cut-Off this year, will it be a good idea just to concentrate on three sections (i.e. excluding GK). Because in GK the more I read the more I forget and get confused.

    • Vanshraj, there is no sectional cut off this year but in the past even without sectional cutoffs SNAP has not considered students with a zero or (-)ive score.

  254. Hi sir

    My nmat result is out
    Quants 80
    Eng 66
    Lr 68

    Total 214

    Please let me know if there are any chances of getting into nmims mumbai campus
    Also I am planning to study finance . Is it possible with this score?
    My acads are-
    Class 10 -89.7
    Class 12- 90
    Work ex- 27 months

    • Sangita, you should get an interview call from Mumbai at this score. The key now is your performance in the personality assessment, start preparing for it asap to ensure you get your desired course.

  255. Sir, Where are the SNAP mocks available in CL website. I searched but i didnt able to find it.
    One more query sir,
    I was an engineering passed out of 2007 but i was completed one of my backlog in 2010 April and it is also metioned in my Original Degree, while registering i have given year of passing as April 2010 only will there be any problem due to this late completion and im having about 5yrs of full time experience in Civil Engineering Field.
    How about NICMAR, Shall i apply for it.
    Thank you very much for your kind support for us.
    Your Fan always…

  256. Hi Gp Sir,
    My predicted cat percentile is 90.7 and my AP of SNAP is 15 but I have a work ex of 1 mnth(not showing) passed in 2012. What would be my preferences for snap institutes?

    • Subir, my order of preference is – SIBM Pune MBA, SCMHRD Pune MBA, SIBM Blr MBA, SIIB IB, the 5th could be SIOM Nasik or SITM Pune.
      A 91%ile in CAT would be around 97%ie in SNAP which is less than the score required for SIBM Pune but your AP score could be helpful in pulling you up. A little extra effort can land you into SIBM and SCMHRD.

  257. hi sir,

    Sir, I have done the last yrs snap papers n also the FLTs.
    Now I m preparing for gk but along side I want to practice for quant n reasoning so will u plz gyuide me which book to refer?

  258. Sir,

    I would like to know about the 5 colleges to be filled for SNAP.

    x=84%,xii=79%,btech=75% workex=25 months
    sibm(pune & bangalore),scmhrd,siib are fixed.
    confused about siom and scit as i am working in IT industry.
    Please can you help me out of these 2 which college to be chosen.
    Also can you plz highlight anything relevant about SCIT..

    CAT mock predicted=93%tile,exam predicted=87

    • Somnath, Given that you are around 90%ile in CAT with over 2 year work experience, the fifth institute is difficult. You can consider SITM as it has the highest average salary among the remaining institutes. SIOM would be in the region of Rs 5 lakh pa.

  259. Hi Sir,
    Would you please if there is OBC reservation for Symbiosis university. Because in your Application Strategy for OBC students video I had seen that U had listed symbiosis also there

    • Aparna, it was a miss from my side, SNAP does not have OBC reservations. It has reservations for SC, ST, PWD and Kashmiri Migrants.

  260. Hi GP Sir,

    I am applying for SIBM Pune and SCMHRD. As this already costs me 3000 rs, I may very well apply for 5 programs/colleges . I am ideally interested in HRM , but have also applied to SIBM pune for safety. Sir please tell me what should I choose as my other 3 choices while choosing my 5 programs/colleges for SNAP .

    Another query :- Please tell me what are my chances of securing admission in SCMHRD HRM with the following profile:
    ICSE 10th :- 78.833
    ICSE 12th :- 81.20
    1 year drop , AIEEE all india rank :- 10,703
    B.Tech ( IIIT Jabalpur ) :- 7.2 – CGPA
    Workex :- Infosys – Starting from 20-Jun-2011 till present.

    Thanks & regards,