MBA Admissions and Impact of COVID-19

Amidst the ongoing global uncertainty these are testing times for all, no matter on which side of the table you are. This is the worst of time for those of you who despite the hard work and an honest effort of last 15 months are in the unenviable situation of not knowing the way forward. Out of the approximately 3,00,000 MBA aspirants about 10,000 are on the verge of getting into their desired MBA institute, another 20,000 are about to settle for an acceptable MBA institute but the remaining 90% MBA aspirants are at a crossroad.

In the last two months I have been receiving a few such questions everyday in my inbox and facebook account and I have tried my best to guide the ones who have reached out to me. The questions are typically:

  1. Should I pursue MBA during Covid-19?
  2. Will the placements be affected in 2022 due to Corona virus pandemic?
  3. Will the recession impact demand for MBA graduates?
  4. Is now the right time to apply for an MBA?
  5. Should I drop this year?
  6. Should I opt for Online MBA?
  7. Is it a good call to divert my funds towards MBA during this phase of poor economy?
  8. Should I give up on my aspirations of doing an MBA?

The reality is that while one answer may work out for someone, it may cause more problems to the other. There is unfortunately no standard answer to these questions. The road ahead is a function of your academic background, your academic performance, your performance in different MBA entrance exams, work experience, financial backing and the options available. Getting this data is typically an iterative process that consumes time. So I have attached a form below that those of you who are keen to reach out to me for guidance can fill up and once I have all the necessary information, I will write back to you with my point of view.

Also, in an attempt to reach out and help our student community at a larger scale we have organized an online session open to all students seeking answers to deal with the Covid-19 situation and the future of their MBA dreams.

With the IIMs final shortlist pending and Global MBA Institutes making major shifts to accommodate for the Covid-19 impact it is ideal time to discuss the elephant in the room. Join me and other panelists on 10th May at 2:00 pm by registering for the session through the form attached below. Hear the expert from different spheres of the corporate world and their take on dealing with Covid-19 and future of MBA graduates. However, before joining in the session let me know the questions you want me and the panel to answer for you by registering and  filling in the below form.

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The Panelists for the session- Careers of Future on 10th May, 2:00 pm are:

  • Mr. Amit Agarwal – CEO, IT-ITES Sector Skill Council of India , NASSCOM
  • Prof. Janat Shar- Director, IIM Udaipur
  • Mr. Gautam Puri- Co-founder  and Vice-Chairman of CL Educate ltd. Mentor for IIM aspirants


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