IIM Profilizer*: Tera kya hoga kalia (BLACKI…)?

“Tera kya hoga Kalia?” –  Often we ask this question to mock at some one, bursting into a loud guffaw. Indeed, a variant of this question that stares most of the candidates preparing for CAT is:

“Considering my profile, what should my CAT score be, to ensure a call from the top IIMs [BLACKI]?”

I have lost count of the number of times that I have answered this (and similar) question. I have tried to explain that, all one should worry about is scoring high in CAT and that should, more often than not, fetch him/her an IIM call. However, is that the complete truth?

The reality is that, most of the IIMs shortlist candidates for the personality assessment stage based on multiple criteria; while IIM A and C are pretty straight forward, IIM B and L have a complex algorithm and hence when I answer the above questions, it is only a vague estimate that could easily be incorrect for some of the IIMs.

Given that your preparation plan/strategy is dependent upon the CAT score you need to achieve, we analysed the eligibility criteria for each of the 13 IIMs and matched it with the percentiles at which these IIMs called students for the personality assessment process (GD, PI, WAT). Based upon our analysis we have introduced a tool – IIM Profilizer*.

The IIM Profilizer* maps your profile (category, academics, gender etc.) with the eligibility criteria of the IIMs and, will give the list of IIMs from where you can get an interview call and, the percentile required for the same.  The key features IIM Profilizer are:

  • Handles all complexities of academic diversity, gender diversity and different categories.
  • Analysis of top 13 IIMs and their shortlist criteria based on latest 2014 data
  • Modeling of relative State Board difficulty levels to simulate normalization of X/XII marks
  • Validated against 12,000+ calls of 2014 IIM call getters
  • Over 3300 students have used it to generate their IIM Profilizer report in the last few days.

For a few of you, the IIM Profilizer* will confirm your worst fears, that your profile makes you in-eligible for any of the IIMs. This should make you work harder because, apart from IIMs, most of the top MBA institutes (FMS, IIFT, XLRI, NITIE, most IITs, etc) shortlist candidates for the interview based only on the CAT/XAT score and do not consider profile at all. Even in the final selection, profile has a low or negligible weight for most of the non-IIMs.

I hope that greater clarity of the target score will incentivize you to work harder to achieve your goals. To get an estimate of the required CAT score, click on IIM Profilizer* and register by entering the required data. Complete your profile and then view the Profilizer report.

CL students can access the IIM Profilizer* in their SIS also.

All the best,

*Patent applied.


  1. Sir,
    10th 2008=88%
    12th 2010=80%
    B.tech 2014 (PDPU, GN)=76%
    I have set up a manufacturing & service business of Mechanical core field, will that count as a work ex? is my Profile ok?

    • Pranav, you have decent profile. Focus on a good CAT score. Profile related questions would be asked in the PI round in stage 2 of the selection process.

  2. Hello sir! my name is shikhar sachan. i have got 83% in 10th in 2012 and 80.8% in 12th in 2014 (both from up board).sir there is a two year gap between 12 th and graduation coz i was preparing for IIT-JEE exam.now i’m persuing b.sc (math) and i have passed my b.sc1 with 62.2 % in 2017.i belong to obc category.so sir i want to know that if i perform very well in cat exam with 99.99 percentile then can we get calls from top IIMs or from which IIMs i can get calls? sir please reply .sir i tried your IIM profiliser but i was not able to create

  3. sir my garduation percentage in Bsc PCM is 67.77% but IIM profilizer is showing a strong match for IIM A and C…?how much this is true

    • karan, this prediction should be taken with a pinch of salt. You are eligible for both IIMs. IIM Profilizer is fairly correct and we are in constant pursuit to better it with new eligibility criteria.

  4. sir
    10th = 2006= 77%
    12th = 2008= 85%
    J.B.T= 2011-13= 69%
    B.a (correspondence) = 2016 = 60%

    No strong reason for gap year.
    Sir what are my chances of getting a call from top iims. if i score 90%ile in cat.

  5. Class X 76%
    Class XII 82%
    B.Tech 72%
    Category- NC OBC
    Sir what minimum percentile I have to score to get a call from IIM A ,C, L

  6. respected gp sir,
    my marks…
    i am studying in 2nd year…b.sc maths…so its not possible to give my cgpa of the three years
    having an aim to get a call from IIM A,B,C…
    what should be my required(a round-off atleast) CAT percentile…and my cgpa…(considering i m not an engineering student) for the CAT exam next year?

    • Rahul, general category candidates typically need over 99.5%ile for IIMA and C and over 99%ile for IIMB. Please check the IIM Profilizer for the cutoffs depending upon your category and academic profile. Regarding your graduation percentage, fill in the percentage for the first two years.

      • Sir,
        I put in all the details in the profilizer and it showed 90 percentile for IIM B and 90 percentile and 87 percenile for IIM I and khozhikode resp.
        Isnt 90 percentile for IIM B impossible?

  7. Hi Sir,

    My credentials are:

    10th grade- 93% (CBSE)
    12th grade- 88.3% (Karnataka Board)
    B.E. GPA- 96.1% (BITS- Pilani, Rajasthan)

    I am a final year student. Looking at A,B or C only.
    The Profilizer says 95.3 for IIM-B. Doesn’t seem quite right.

    Can I be guided on what will be the required percentiles for these IIMs?

    • Pritish, in CAT 2014 student with 95.3%ile made it to IIMB and that is what the profilizer is reporting.
      In general, a general category candidate with a good academic record should target a 99.5%ile for IIM A & C and 99%ile fir IIM B.

  8. Sir,

    Xth – 87.85%
    XIIth – 80%
    graduation b.com (2012-mumbai univ) – 81.14%

    I am commerce graduate and a CA aspirant. I dont have any work experience my CA 3 years internship got over in 2013 and after that I was trying to clear CA final. I am aiming for IIM A,B,C, XLRI, FMS. Will the fact that I took more than 4 attempts to clear CA final and no work experience make it difficult for me to get into the above mentioned schools. Please guide me.

  9. Sir,

    Xth – 87.85% (ICSE)
    XIIth – 80
    Graduation in B.Com (Mumbai univ.) – 81.14 (2012)

    I am aiming for IIM A,B,C, XLRI,FMS
    I am also a CA aspirant but I have cleared only one group yet and expecting to clear another group this november. The problem is that I do not have any work experience even though I graduated in 2012. The reason is my CA internship (3 year articleship) got over in 2013 Nov and I could clear CA final 1st group in 5th attempt. Since 2013, I have been just studying and trying to clear CA final. Will it be difficult for me to get into the mentioned B-schools even if I get the required score in CAT. Some of my friends who study at IIM told me that I would be outrightly rejected for the fact that it took me so many attempts to clear CA final and no work experience.

    Please guide.

    Also what are my chances at other IIMs like IIM K,L,I

  10. SIR,
    i acceds are 65.6 and 69.8 in 10th and 12th respectively from bihar board. b.com(h) 65.5 in 2012 from jpu. i have no work ex., there is a huge gap. i want to apply for fms ,and there is a mandatory part in the form that write about extra -curricular activities but , i have no extra -curricular .so what should i do? i have no any awards and achievement certificates and please give me some hint for write career goal for fms .what exactly should i write about my career goal , i have no idea.
    please tell me should i apply for fms or not , is my profile good for fms ?


    • Avnish, career goal should be inline with your aspirations and what you want from your life. You should certainly apply for FMS as a great CAT percentile would pretty much ensure the admission. Please use the IIM profilizer to check your chances at the IIMs.

  11. Dear Sir,

    My 10th score is 80% (in 2003)
    12th 47% ( in 2005)
    Graduation b.tech cs 57% ( in 2012 with one year gap)

    Work ex 3 year in small startup firm

    Shouod i go for mba? I really want to study . My age is 27 now.

    Will i get a decent college if i score well in xat or cat?

    • Roy, primarily because of your class 12th percentage you might miss out on quite a few B-schools. You need to check it for each B-school seperately whther you are eligible there or not.

      B-school info

  12. sir, i m a woman and by profession i m an optometrist, working in indian railway.
    my qualification details are:
    10th std:: 73.5%
    12th std::53.1%
    grad with b.optm:: 82.9%
    professional qualification:: fellowship holder
    i want to know seriously whether with this type of percentage whether i can get any call from any of the 19 IIMs sir??? …i m really worried i am an aspirant of 2015 cat exam. i have used ur prolifizer sir, but alas i cant get that properly they have given some names with moderate match but after that in a table its written ” may be excluded based on my X/XII/GRAD low marks”??/ what does that mean that i caant get a call from any of the esteemed institutions sir??? plz do ans me sir im waiting eagerly for ur response

    • Sushweta, a ‘moderate match’ means that the chances are bleak for that IIM but if you score an exceptional percentile (99.6+) the calls are certainly possible. Do not lose hope. Good luck for CAT!

  13. Hi,

    I am an 2016 CAT aspirant. Just wanted to know the accuracy of IIM Profilizer. The percentile which shows in Profilizer, is it good enough percentile to clear the IIM’s or is it just a minimum score and the actual percentile might vary?


    • Suparno, the percentiles shown there are based on the CAT 2014 actual converts. These were the lowest percentiles at which a candidate of your category received and IIM call.

  14. Sir, I have graduated in 2014 and have no work experience. What kind of colleges should I target? How should I explain this two year gap. I spent these two years mostly preparing for competitive exams like GATE, civil services (prelims) etc.

    My profile is 10th-90 %, 12th- 81 %, graduation(B.tech)- 69 % and I belong to NC-OBC category.

    I had attempted CAT last year and had got around 90 percentile. I am expecting similar scores this year too.

    • sb, you need to be absolutely rank about what you’ve been doing in the last two years. You should take it in your stride that finally you found the way and have achieved a good percentile because of which you’re in the interview room of that B-school.

  15. helllo sir,
    Its every IIM aspirants’ nightmare when it comes down to shortlisting. its very kind and helpful of you to provide a clear picture of what a student can expect and in turn can work upon their profile.
    but sir.. are only the students registered with CL allowed to be free of all that anxiety ? Because i am unable use the “IIM profilizer” profiler. If only you could show me some way…

    [for whatever its worth.. GP sir (personally) you are a very solid source of inspiration for students like me..the pathetic ones]

  16. respected sir
    my 10th-57%
    graduation- B Sc biotechnology 56.57%
    32 month work experience
    S C candidate
    sir, my ques is m i not eligible for top 6 iim a b c l k i after seeing iim profilizer i m very much upset bcoz when i was feeling up cat form i was very hopeful and even mock cat i m scoring 98 %tile but my heart is broken now.

  17. SIR my academic profile is not good
    10th bihar board (65.6)
    12th bihar board(69.8)
    b.com(h) from jp university in 2012. i have no work ex.i have applied for cat and iift.can i get admission in iims ,iift and other top b-schools?

  18. Dear Sir,
    My 10th marks- 86%
    12th marks -76%
    btech grad- 55 %
    phy handicap category
    what are my chances of getting into the top iim’s ? if there so then what percentile should i aim for?

  19. Dear Sir,
    btech grad- 55%
    phy handicap category
    Is there any chance of getting call from top iim’s ?..If so , then what percentile should i aim for in cat 2015??

  20. Sir,
    My academic profile is not so good ans i got 68% in 10th and 61% in 12th. I am graduate B.Tech student passed with 73% and i had no work experience but i am preparing for cat very seriously. Sir i want to ask you , will i am able to get iims or not?
    Will my past academic restrict my path to IIMs?

      • Hello sir
        Following are my scores……
        Graduation- pursuing BBA and 75% till second semester…..
        Wat are my chances for IIMs….i am going to appear for CAT-2016…

  21. Thank you sir, for giving me quick reply.. i’m belongs from Bengali medium,, how can i improve my English level in CAT, i’ll looking for CAT’16..

    • Arjun, the first and the foremost thing you should begin with is reading. Read newspapers, editorials, magazines. Make it a habit to talk to your family and friends in English. Apart from this, it is extremely important for you to go through the basics of Grammar. Going through the CL material would be a good way to go about this.
      Practicing frequently asked question types such as Parajumbles, Paracompletion, Summary, FIB, Critical Reasoning could be done through the Test Gym. It is more than important to go through each and every mock that you’ve given. Mark out the difficult words from the RC, learn their meaning and their usage in the context.
      You must go through the following articles as well:
      7 Rules to Excel in CAT VA
      The Art of Solving RC Passages
      4 Rules to Master Paracompletion
      This should considerably improve your scores.

  22. Dear Sir,
    I have given 6 CL mock test and have scored from 52 to 77 marks but as per CL percentile predictor it says 79 as the most predicted and 83 as the best attempt percentile. Please confirm if these percentiles are possible at these scores.

    Bhupinder Singh.

    • Bhupinder, this will be the most likely percentiles at the scores you’ve mentioned. We are constantly calibrating our percentile predictor to make it even more accurate. It is dependable.

  23. Dear sir,
    i scored 10th=82.4
    engineering=8.29 cgpa
    can i get a call from top iims?

  24. Sir,
    my scores are
    in 10th- 60% (West Bengal Board)
    12th- 77.8% (WB)
    Graduation (B.com Accounts Hons)- 62%
    just taking admission for M.com this year.. i am freshers candidate.
    I am belongs from nc-obc, to get an IIM (any) call,how much %tile i have to score in CAT??
    I also focus on SNAP, NMAT.. which is suitable for me..Either CAT/SNAP/NMAT.. I want to prepare for 2016..

  25. Sir… My scores
    10th -84.5%
    Graduation-69.3% till now
    I am currently in the 5th semester persuing bcom hons….i am from a commerce background…latest iim-A admission criteria says that i need minimum 71%…so sir i need to ask that presently i dont clear the iim-A graduation cutoff…so do i have any chance of getting in iim-A??? Moreover, which colleges will accept my profile bcoz my graduation scores are not upto the mark …..please rply asap..thanku.

    • Smriti, IIM-A has revised the criteria once again. Considering your profile, you are eligible for most of the IIMs. IIM Bangalore and Indore might not be possible. Please confirm it using the IIM Profilizer.

  26. My profile details:
    ICSE: 84%
    12th state board: 96.7%
    B.Tech: 84.6%
    i belong to SC category
    how good are my chances and what CAT score would fetch me a seat in old IIMs?

  27. 10th – 92.5
    12th – 82.4
    Graduation – 56.2 ( ac3)
    Category – st female
    Will the low graduation score affect my chances of getting a call from the iims? If not what should be my target percentile to convert those calls?

    The profilizer report suggests a percentile of 81.1 to get a call from iim a. Will that be enough?

    • Aditi, you have a good chance of getting a call from all the IIMs. The minimum percentiles of given in the IIM Profilizer are based on the previous years data but they should be taken with a pinch of salt. Work hard and score as high as you can.

  28. sir,

    Do colleges considering working in a family business as a relevent work experience . Can i fill the same during registration.

    • Navin , yes, work experience in family business is considered and you must mention it. However, during the interview, working in the family business is taken with a pinch of salt and you must be thoroughly prepared about answering various kinds of questions about the business.

  29. Hi GP sir,

    Hope you are doing great. Following is my profile –
    10th- 84 %
    12th- 84.8 %
    CGPA – 6.9 (Currently pursuing integrated Msc + B.E from BITS Pilani.)
    Category – NC OBC

    What are my chances for BLACKI ? How much should i aim for to get ABC ?


  30. Sir, I read the admission criteria for IIMA 2016-18. I am an Engineer(7.3 cgpa). Does it mean even if I get the requisite percentile I won’t get a call ?The criteria C3 i.e minimum requirements for Bachelor’s degree for AC-4 category is more than 78%. Please throw some light on the issue.

    • Snigdha, a graduation score of below 78% for AC-4 will not get you an IIM-A call no matter what percentile you may get in CAT 2015.

  31. Sir
    I tried IIM Profilizer with my academic details :
    X : 95.6%
    XII : 96%
    Btech : 88%
    I found a strong match for all the 13 IIMs with percentiles required for each ranging from 91 to 99.67 percentiles.
    1. A – 99.67
    2. B – 95.3
    3. C – 99.51
    4. L – 98.3
    5. K – 91.5
    6. I – 94
    7. S – 94.5
    8. Newer ones at 96.2
    My doubt is how authentic is the data considering the low requirements of K I and B .. Very hard to believe.

    • Nitish, the data is based on the last years data of the admissions. IIM B, I and K percentiles should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  32. Dear Sir,
    My academic profile is as below:

    10th: 90.00%
    12th: 80.88%
    Grad: 80.3%
    Work Ex: 5 yrs in IT

    Considering the huge period of working experience of mine, is it still a good time to write CAT/other MBA exams? Can i expect calls from IIM/other good colleges, if my CAT score is noteworthy?

  33. 10th -74.93%
    12th -73.00%
    BE aggregate 51%(60.06% final year and on degree certificate) is it possible to get any iim?

  34. wht if I have average grades in 10th,12th n undergrad..but get arnd 99.9+percentile in CAT?..wht r thechances of getting calls
    undergrad-will be 75% by the tym I pass out

  35. 10th- 8.6 (CGPA)
    B.Tech-63% (from DTU-DELHI(formerly dce))
    physically handicapped

    sir, is there any chances of getting into top iim’s??

  36. Hello,
    My academic data is following
    Which are the possible IIIM’s will convert?

  37. good evening sir.
    my acads
    10th 89.2
    12th 74.2
    btech 65
    i am extremely extremely extremely motivated to do mba from an OLD,ISTABLISHED IIM. i was thinking to work for 1-2 years to have work experience to compensate for my average grads.
    sir frankly explain me my chances of IIMS.

    • Sam, considering your profile the old IIMs are possible. IIM Bangalore and Lucknow might not be possible. Please confirm it using the IIM Profilizer, it will tell you about your chances and at what percentile.

      Work experience can not compensate for for academic marks as the weightage of work ex. is very less. You should appear for CAT 2015 and try to get an IIM.

  38. Hello GP Sir,
    Firstly thanks for the continuous work you and your team put in for us Students in helping us turn our desires to realities. Please keep this going

    Secondly , Sir i have a question. I graduated(BSc-IT) in 2014 with a cgpa of 6.27 , I took a gap in 2014-15 and gave CAT, CET and other exams in 2014. I got calls from a few institutes for MBA but none of them were of my choice and i have decided for to give in another year for the same. Thus i have taken a drop again and will be appearing for the CAT and other exams this year. Following are my other details of my profile ,
    Xth grade: 86.76%
    XII th grade: 80%
    I’ve been highly active in various extra curricular activities and currently working towards starting a venture of my own.

    Will the big gap hinder my chances in any way towards getting into a good b school including IIMs ?
    Thanks in advance:)

    • Vishal, considering your profile the top IIMs are possible. IIM Bangalore and IIM Lucknow might not be possible. Please confirm this using the IIM Profilizer.

      The one year gap would not be a hindrance in your chances of getting into a good B-school. Every year many students with year gaps make it to the top B-schools. Work hard for the CAT 2015.

      • Thanks sir again for the help , a small follow up question, since i graduated in 2014 April and by the time of admission in a bschool it will be March/ April of 2016, so will it be counted as a two year gap by the bschools? Also apart from IIMs , are institutes like XLRI and SP possible?
        Thanks again SIr:)

        • Vishal, it will be a 2 year gap. Again, this will not be a hindrance provided that you put up a logical explanation for it.
          XLRI is certainly possible with a good score in XAT. Nothing can be said about SP Jain.

          You must have a look at the eligibility criteria of the top B-schools by clicking here.

  39. sir,
    i am 24 yr old and my profile is-
    MAT feb score-585 and sir i have lots of questions –
    1. sir in campus placements can i face difficulties because of my past acadmeies?
    2. can i take a retake because i am 24 yr old and doing MBA at the age of 25 is normal?
    3. can i eligible for top MBA college if i score good in cat 2015?
    4. i did my post graduation in economics so can i take finance. and economics helpful me in finance?
    5. if i take a retake than their is 2yr gap after my p.g
    sir please reply i will be very thankful to you

    • Raj,
      1. Once you are in a B-school, your past academics will have no bearing on your slection in the campus placements. It will only be the performance in the B-school that will determine your placement.

      2. Doing an MBA at the age of 25 is absolutely normal as at almost all the B-schools there is no age limit of pursuing an MBA. People older than 25 pursue an MBA as well.

      3. Please check your eligibility for the various IIMs by using the IIM Profilizer.

      4. Although that is a good idea, you must know that it is not necessary to pursue MBA in a filed similar to that of your graduation. But if Finance interests you, you must go for it.

      5. 2 years gap is perfectly fine if you can put up a logical explanation for it in the interview.

  40. Sir
    10th – 94%
    12th – 71%
    B TECH – 76%
    Work exp 2 months
    What are chances of getting calls from IIM ABC
    Please reply Thanks in Advance

  41. Sir!
    my profile is as follows:
    10th (state board): 77%
    12th (state board): 72%
    B.tech(civil): 79.7%
    M.Sc(geophysics): 80.3%
    work experience: nil.
    there is a gap of one year between my graduation and post graduation. also, as i am preparing for CAT this year, so this year will also be counted as a gap year. so does this mean that do not i stand any chance to get calls from older IIM’s. especially, IIM ahmedabad and IIM indore. I am really concerned about this. Please do tell me.
    Thanks in advance.

  42. hi sir,

    need some advice.
    10th 73%
    12th 72 %
    b.tech SRM university chennai 70%.
    3 years in TCS. long list of co-curricular activities.

    sir, i very well know that i am not elligible for IIM’s.
    i just want to know that is it possible to get into any good MBA college with these stats?

    I’d really love to get into XLRI or XIMB or S.P JAIN?

    what are my chances and what should be my minimum percentile if atall i have a chance?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Jitender, with your profile most of the IIMs are certainly possible. IIM-B and IIM-I will most probably be out of reach. Please confirm it by checking your personalized report on the IIM Profilizer. The minimum required percentiles are also given there.

      Through XAT, XLRI calls (both BM and HR) are possible

  43. sir, i am a female having graduated in 2014 in philosophy(humanities). my academic profile is as follows;-
    The iim profilizer says that 12 iims(except iim i) would realistically shortlist me whereas the academic cut off for iims is 60% minimum. I would like to know whether i will really be shortlisted as my scores in XII and graduation is below 60%.
    Thank you

    • Ria, according to the eligibility criteria of most of the IIMs, a candidate is required to score at least 50% marks or an equivalent CGPA in the Bachelors Degree. Please go through the eligibility criteria of the top B-schools given here.

  44. hello sir,
    please find my profile below and give your valuable comment

    10th- 87.8 %
    12th- 93.8%
    B.tech- 7.80 (NIT-Bhopal, 2015 graduate)
    Employment- campus selection L&T
    state level basketball player
    Is my profile good for IIMs

  45. Hi Sir,

    Class X=92.6%,Class XII=84% and i have work ex of 20 months.

    Recently I have quit my job to focus on cat prep as I was not able to concentrate fully on it.
    IIM-profilizer shows that I am strong candidate for all iims.I just wanted to know whether break in my career will affect my chances of getting a call from iims if I meet the cut off marks criteria.

    • Pallavi, break in career is not a problem and this gap can be handled easily. Suggest that you focus on your CAT preparation and do not let this minor issue derail your preparation.

  46. Hello Sir
    My profile is as follow :-

    10th – 80.20% (CBSE)

    12th – 78 % ( CBSE )

    GRAD B.tech – 63 %

    what are the favourable colleges I should target for CAT and XAT .

    • Shivang, with your profile most of the IIMs are certainly possible. IIM-B and IIM-L will most probably be out of reach. Please confirm it by checking your personalized report on the IIM Profilizer.
      Through XAT, XLRI calls (both BM and HR) are possible.

  47. sir,
    please find below my profile details–
    class X- 85.8%
    class XII- 77.6%
    Btech- 95.2 (ECE)
    year- 2015 passout
    Category- OBC-NC

    I would like to know the percentiles needed to convert the below mentioned colleges-
    IIM A,B,C, New IIM, IIM indore, iim lucknow, FMS

    Also i got a job in a software company,would it be a advantageous to get a 2-3 years of experience and then join a mba college

    With regards,
    Aditya kumar

    • Aditya, with a good academic record, a 95%ile is likely to get you calls from all the top institutes but do check out the IIM Profilizer for the exact score required.
      The earlier one does an MBA the better it is for ones career so my suggestion is to go for CAT’15 itself.

  48. Hi Sir,

    My academics are as follows:
    Class X-88%
    Class XII-70%
    Work Experience-15 months

    Can I get a call from older IIMs or FMS if I score 99.5 Percentile.


  49. Sir,
    Can you please tell me about what minimum percentile should I get in cat 2015 to get into any Jim or MDI gurgaon or fms
    I have following marks
    Btech(till 6th semester)-75.9%

    I would also like to tell you that iam unable to register for profilizer.

    • Karan, Check out this link for the IIM Profilizer.
      With a good academic record calls are possible from all IIMs. For FMS you will need over 99.5%ile to be sure of a final call while MDI interview call should be possible at 97%ile.

  50. Sir, I am a girl having completed my graduation with honours in philosophy in 2014. Presently I am working in a corporate training startup since September 2014 as an associate HR. My acads are as follows:
    The iim profilizer says that 12 iims excpt imdore wd shortlist me. But as far as I know the threshold marks fr iims is 60%!! I am highly confused as to what r my chances to be shortlisted realistically

    • Ria, according to the eligibility criteria of most of the IIMs, a candidate is required to score at least 50% marks or an equivalent CGPA in the Bachelors Degree. Please go through the eligibility criteria of the top B-schools given here.

  51. Sir, I’ve 89% marks in icse class 10th and 80.8% marks in Isc class 12th. Sir, I’m about to start my engineering degree. Are my board marks good enough to fetch me old iim calls keeping in mind, I score a good gpa in college.

  52. sir i am Ravi from cl dhanbad i fill very difficuty to solve parajumbles and para completion .Every time in mock test from 10 question 5 is to be wrong .sir what can i do to solve these problems

    • Ravi, only with rigorous practice of these types of questions you’ll be able to answer them correctly. Please have look at all the parajumbles and paracompletion questions that were there in the previous mocks. Carefully analyze them, read the explanations to see where did you falter while answering these questions. Practice them more on Test Gym, daily.

      You must read these articles to gain more insight into VA problem solving
      7 Rules to Excel in CAT VA
      What’s this new type of Parajumbles that I see..

  53. Sir, my profile is X -89%
    bsc cs-70%
    cat score is 92 percentile
    which b schools do i stand a chance for?pls tell me.

    • Shivani, please check the Profilizer, it will give you the list of IIMs from where you have a chance of a call.

  54. Hi sir

    My 10th score is 92%
    12th is 84%
    and my B.E chemical from Bits Pilani (7.37)
    do i stand a chance to get into the BIG 3 IIMs?

  55. hello sir, i am working as a designer/planner in architectural field, and i have the degree of civil engg. i am not work for a organisation or any company, my works are only as a self employed, i am doing this work when i was in 3rd year. after graduation i have one and half year experience, and my business is not registered. i want to do mba from any top institute, my question is this type of self employed work experience will count as a professional experience or not. what should I do for good profile…help me

  56. Sir my profile is as follows :
    10th : 95%
    12th : 87%
    Graduation: 63% in B.Sc Maths
    what are my chances in getting admission in top B schools?

    • Navneet, very good chances. All that you need to do is get a good percentile.
      The Profilizer must have already explained, to you, which Institutes you can get a call from and the percentile required to get those calls.

    • Nitin, it’s difficult to predict without knowing the Level of difficulty.
      Based on CAT 2014, 80 attempts with 90% accuracy should fetch you a percentile close to what you aspire.

  57. Respected GP Sir,

    Can you please explain what is meant by degree of complexity in the IIM profiliser. Additionally, what are the factors which were considered while determining the degree of complexity?

    • Anirban, the degree of complexity talks about how complex it is to get a call from that IIM. Some colleges consider a lot of factors (10,12,grads,work ex) making it very complex. Others consider fewer factors and just getting qualifying marks in those factors is sufficient. For the second kind, the CAT score is the most important.

  58. Sir
    I have done BCA in 2014. Have worked in American express as credit specialist for 7 months. Gave MAT 98.68 , ATMA 98.98 in May. Had got through PGPM Energy Great Lakes though didn’t go for it due to no AICTE approval. I have been scoring quite less in your CL Test Series. So I am trying more for NMAT,SNAP,CMAT & DTE Maharashtra. As they are relatively easier than CAT. I’ll be applying with MAT score for PGDM great lakes. Please guide me through how to move ahead.

    • Pulkit, CAT’14 was easier than XAT, NMAT & CMAT, it was the same level as SNAP and CET hence you should seriously target CAT also. Given that you have a decent job suggest that you target top 50 institutes and treat GL as a back option.

  59. Sir,
    My profile:
    10th 87% (wbbse)
    12th 84%(wbchse)
    Grad 66.5%(JU)
    Chemistry bonours
    No work experience.
    Category SC
    How much percentile should I score to convert FMS,IIM A,B C L K S by giving moderate gd pi wat & extempore?

    Thank you sir

    • Aritra, the percentile that you shall need to need to get a call has been specified on the IIM Profilizer report page.

  60. Sir,
    My profile is as follows
    10th 87% (wb state board)
    12th 84%(wb state board)
    Bsc(hons) n chemistry 66.5%
    (Jadavpur university)
    Category sc

    In my 1st yr of graduation,I could not sit for one marhs subsidiary paper in 1st sem and one in 2nd sem.I cleared both the papers in the 2nd year by taking supplimentary exams.But when I received my revised 1st yr 1st &2nd sem grade cards,I noticed, my session for 1st year has been altered from 2012-13 to2013-14,which is the session of my 2nd year.according to university rules,as I took supplimentary exams in 2nd yr to clear backlogs of 1st year,my session for 1st year will be changed to that of 2nd year.Now,according to my grade cards,my session for 1st year is 2013-14 & for 2nd year,it is again 2013-14.Will it create any prolem in iim interviews and campus placement in the reputed b schools like iims,fms etc?

    • Aritra, you can explain it to them during the Interview, if you are questioned on it.
      Most schools will not have any issue with the same as long as the explanation made to them is lucid.

  61. sir,my profile is as follows

    10th 87%(wb state board)
    12th 84%(wb state board)
    Bsc(hons) in chemistry (jadavpur university) 66.5%
    category sc
    I could not sit for one maths subsidi
    ary paper in my 1st yr 1st sem and one in 1st year 2nd sem.
    In the 2nd year I cleared both of them.But,when I got my revised grade cards for 1st and 2nd sem of 1st year,I saw that my session for the 1st year has been altered from 2012-13 to 2013-14 which is the session of my second year.Will it create any problem in my iim gd pi and placement interviews in b schools like iims,fms,iit dms etc?

    Thank you sir

    • Aritra, you can explain it to them during the Interview, if you are questioned on it.
      Most schools will not have any issue with the same as long as the explanation made to them is lucid.

  62. With such profile
    10-7 cgpa
    grad-bca from ggsipu-83%

    i have strong match for iim a,l.
    Can i find good summer placements at some of top iims or FMS.
    My interest lies in marketing.

  63. Sir this is my profile
    class 10- 92
    class 12- 84.4
    graduation dgpa- 9.08
    stream:- BBA(H)
    ( passed out this very year on june 2015, appearing for cat 2015 for the academic year 2016-2018)- fresher
    What are my chances of getting a call from an elite bschool?

    • Aritra, given your academic profile you have a very good chance of getting a call from all B schools, please check the IIM Profilizer for the IIMs from which you can get a call along with the target CAT score.

  64. Hi, Sir. My IIM Profilizer gives me strong match for 13 IIMs with IIM Kozhikode being the strongest with required CAT score of 81 percentile. This seems quite misleading as I haven’t really known anyone with an IIM call with 81 percentile. Please clarify.

    • Arvind, please refer to my mail.
      Also please go through the FAQs section on the Profilizer Report page. It will help clarify things.

  65. Hello Sir,
    I come from science background (Physics Hons.). I have six months experience in education sector. So is my Background(physics) or experience irrelevant for MBA? Do I have a disadvantage compared to B.Tech/Commerce/Business graduates?
    Thanks and Regards

    • Subarna, your background will fetch you additional points from quite a few institutes. This has been factored into your Profilizer Report. There is no real disadvantage. Obtain the requisite percentile and you will surely get a call.

  66. Sir,
    I have completed my BE mech (65%) from a normal institute affilated to university of Pune last year. My X/XII scores are –83/66%. Currently working in software industry. I am able to score 85-86%le in CAT mock.Is there any possibility of getting call and converting it for JBIMS,FMS,Spjain ,XLRI if I excelin CAT?
    According to iim Profilizer my profile is eligible for IIMCAL and new IIM. Are there any chances for a profile like mine to get acceptance in above institutes?

    • Ritwij, based on the Profilizer you should get a call from IIM C and the newer IIMs if you get the requisite percentile.
      Thus, your aim should be to score high. JBIMS, SPJAIN and FMS will surely shortlist you if you score well in CAT (99.4+).

  67. Sir,
    I have completed my BE (65%) from a average institute affilated to University of Pune. My Xth and XIIth score is 83% and 66%.. Currently I am working with a software industry. I am able to score 85-88%le in CAT mock.I went through the IIM profilizer it indicates my profile is elligible for IIMCAL and new IIMs.Is it worth investing time for CAT for my profile? Are there any chances or examples of getting call and converting it for (considering such profile) FMS,SPjain,JBIMS,XLRI is I excel in CAT? How strongly does the Acad matters for selection process? (My profile is not elligible for SJSoM,DMS and NITIE as aggreagate is not 60%). I have reasonable track of projects, co-curricular and extra curricular.

    • Ritwij, there are many students with worse academic record than yours who have made it to IIMs and other top B schools like FMS, SP Jain, JBIMS, IITs etc. Fortunately mostHowever you will need to score over 97%ile for the new IIMs & most of the good non-IIMs and over 99.5%ile for IIM C and FMS.

  68. Greetings Sir,

    My profile is as follows-
    10th- 65 (wbsb) %
    12th- 71(wbhsb)%
    Graduation- 55% from st Xaviers college kolkata (B.Com Hnrs with Marketing Specialization )
    Work exp- 15 months.(family business and i can provide required certificates)
    and m Company Secreataries finalst ( waitng
    for my CS final result )
    Category- SC

    please tell me if i have chance to get
    admission in Old IIMs, FMS, Symbiosis pune or New IIMs..if yes what percentile i have to score?
    what number of questions should i attempt ?

    Many Thanks,
    Raj Sonkar

    • Raj, while your academic record is not great you still have a chance of making it to top MBA institutes based on your category, work experience and the fact that you are a no-engineer. Please check out the IIM Profilizer for the IIMs from where you can get a call and the score required for the same.

  69. Sir
    I completed my engineering in May 2015 where I did not take campus placement. Recently I am working in a private firm because of the work ex thing only as I have heard that in a B-School they screw you for doing nothing and just preparing for CAT.

    Sir is this true? I am not being able to give proper time for my preparation.


    • Neel, this is incorrect. While this question is asked but is not a reason for rejection. Many students who drop a year make it to top B schools including the IIMs.

  70. Sir,
    I am going to appear for CAT 2016 and have lot of confusion, where to start from the basics. I am good in Verbal but lack confidence in Quant.
    Please guide me which material to refer and all the other important aspects to focus upon while preparing for the same.

    • Paresh, pick up the NCERT class IX-X maths books and solve them in the next 3 months to get the basics of QA in place. You can join a classroom program in Sep’15 and then you should focus on the books and study material provided in the program.

      • Thank You Sir,
        I am already a CL classrom student since last year.
        I want to improve my my verbal skills further.
        Please guide me.
        Suggest me some articles for preparation of CAT from the very basic.

        • PAresh, improvement in verbal skills requires practice and revision. Hope you are practicing the MCQs in the books & study material and from Test Gym Adaptive. At least one test each of VA and RC should be attempted by you daily. You can also refer to the articles by Gejo in this blog for tips in this section.

  71. Sir,

    I did not get the parameter of ‘quality’ set in the IIM profilizer. What does moderate, strong and no match mean here?

    • Kapil, Moderate, strong and no match are not Quality parameters. These refer to your Profile match with a particular institute.
      If your match is Strong it implies that scoring the requisite percentile will hold you in good stead to be shortlisted by that institute.
      Similarly, if it’s moderate or weak it implies that you have lesser and very low chance respectively.

  72. Sir I am not scoring well in Mocks. I have scored only 30&40 in respective mocks. .
    How much does this affects my CAT preparation? ?

    • Aadhar, these are very low scores and indicate lack of concepts and you will need to put in effort to get these in place. If the concepts are in place then you are possibly lacking in practice and revision.
      Please refer to the article CAT – 150 Day Strategy (Part-2) for guidance on preparation till CAT.

  73. How do I start preparing for CAT exam 2015 right from the basics? What are the important aspects I should focus on when preparing for the same ?

  74. Sir pls help me out.. I only have time until tomorrow afternoon. VGSOM IIT kgp or IIM Raipur. I am a fresher with very good acas, 97.1 percentile, and am interested in marketing. Pls list me pros and cons for both institutes too, if possible, Thank u…

    • Glen, on the placement front both are similar wrt salary but IIM Raipur is better for marketing also it is higher ranked and likely to move up in the next few years. IIT Kgp has the advantage of fee but given the small bath size and its engineering orientation the variety of placements is not as good as that of IIM Raipur.

    • Muskan, this is very relative and changes year on year. Last year the overall scaled score required to score 99.5 percentile was 209. (70 net correct questions)

  75. Greeting Sir,

    I have been following your post lately and I found them very helpful to frame my test strategies,

    My Profile:

    10th – 90.2%
    12th – 88%
    B.tech – 8.3%
    quota – General

    Currently I m doing B.Tech @ NIT_Trichy, I would like to know what percentile I need to get into the old IIMs especially A,B,C. Currently I am getting 90% in Time Aimcats!!

    Thanks in Advance!!

    • Antony, please follow the link to the IIM Profilizer, register and fill in your details to check the IIMs from which you have a chance of interview calls and the required percentile.
      Suggest that you enroll for CL Test Series also since TIME test series is usually very very difficult and also not close to CAT.

  76. Sir,
    I have
    xth = 83.33%
    xii th = 81.6%
    degree = 71.63%(civil engg.)
    experience = 57 months civil structural engineer
    IIM profilizer shows my profile strong match for 13 IIMs..I have a doubt.
    how i need 95.3 for IIM B…
    could you please throw some light which IIMs I am eligible for ?

    • Suraj, based upon your profile if you get the requisite percentile you will be eligible for all IIMs.
      IIM B looks at a number of things for shortlisting a candidate and thus, its cutoff is always on the lower side.
      With your work experience and profile you stand a good chance of being shortlisted at around 96 percentile (based upon the current criteria and trend at IIM B)

      • Is having more experience not a drawback in getting shortlisted from top IIMs ? Any inputs on profile building ? IIM profilizer shows my chances of getting calls from all IIMs provided I get desired percentile. I am a civil structural engineer with 4+ years of experience. Thanks

        • Suraj, profile in case of IIMs consists of marks in X-XII-Graduation, academic background, work experience and gender and unfortunately none of these can be changed. However your quality of work experience, extra-curriculars, other certifications etc will all be helpful in the interview.
          Work experience of 4-5 years is usually not a problem but with this kind of experience you should consider appearing for GMAT and try for ISB Hyderabad also.

          • Thanks for the reply, sir. I want to ask for profile building what kind of certifications should I go for, being from civil structural back ground, for MBA ? I have not much of extra – curriculars. Just an average profile I have.


  77. Hello Sir,
    I appeared for cat last year and got 91.2%ile. I completed b.com(h) this year and cleared CA inter in 2014.
    Class X – 88%
    Class XII – 94.5%
    B.com- 70%
    My extra curriculars are not strong and I have no work experience. Should I do an internship in a finance firm and take nism exams to enhance my profile. Will it be of any help to get into a very good b-school??
    Thank u

    • Priya, focus on your CAT preparation. For the IIMs profile means marks in X/XII/Graduation and work experience and you cannot change either of them. You will in any case get marks for academic diversity (non-engineer) and gender diversity (girl) in some of the IIMs.

  78. Hello sir,
    I have completed B.COM (H) this year and also cleared CA(Inter) in 2014.
    XII th- 94.5%
    b.com-70%(1st n 2nd year)
    I appeared for cat 2014 but scored 91%.
    I have no work ex and my extra curriculars are also not good. Should I do an internship for a couple of months in a finance firm and give nsim exams to enhance my profile. Will it be of any help ???
    Thank You Sir.

    • pr, focus on your CAT preparation. For the IIMs profile means marks in X/XII/Graduation and work experience and you cannot change either of them. You will in any case get marks for academic diversity (non-engineer) and gender diversity (girl) in some of the IIMs.
      You could go for internship and/or give nsim exams if they do not interfere with your CAT preparation.

  79. sir presently i done with my B sc 3rd year exam and waiting for the result. Last year i give the CAT but my score in verbal is very low. how can i boost my verbal score. quant score is nice but main problem is only verbal because i practice quant regularly but in verbal i loose my rhythm in the middle and again starts with quant.

    • Yogesh, you have yourself identified the solution. Till the time you ignore verbal you will not be able to improve in this area. Your tendency to practice QA and ignore verbal is the root cause and you will need to change this. Instead of a couple of hours of VA at a stretch you could break it into smaller packets in terms of time and topics. You could consider 30 minutes of VA followed with a break of 10 minutes or 10 minutes of DI or LR. Also VA can be further broken into RC, sentence correction, para jumbles, fill in the blanks, para completions, syllogism, vocabulary etc and hence you should pick up only one such piece and practice in the 30 minutes.

  80. Greetings Sir,

    Sir, I gave CAT last time and I scored 85%. The problem I am facing this time is “how to” and”from where to” prepare for QUANT??. Last year , I did solve the CL’s Study material for quant, so do I need to solve it again? If yes, then how long should it take? OR… “Test gym adaptive” , “Test gym classic” and “Mock test series”, along with SMART CAT CRACKER, are enough?? I read you post and I just want to know from where should I solve those atleast 100 quality questions of each topic!!! Please sir Maarg-Darshan karein…


    Xth = 88.30%
    XIIth= 94.4%
    B.com-= 78.36%
    Work Ex= 4 months

    • Aditya, thius was responded earlier and am copying the response for your reference.

      Aditya, For your retake Smart CAT Cracker Comprehensive (Sessions, Test Series & Test Gym) is sufficient. Your preparation for this year should start with last years material. Revise the fundamentals and also go through the MCQs from the fundabooks with a special focus on your area of weakness. Revision of last years Mocks and important questions is essential. All this should be over latest by end July. You should simultaneously attempt the Mock CATs as per the defined schedule. Effective mid July you should also attempt 1 test each of RC, DI, LR, QA and VL everyday along with an analysis of each test.

  81. Sir,I passed from HBTI 2015 Biochemical engg. I prepared for CAT 2014 from CL Kanpur and got just 80 percentile.I got job in Adani (4 Lakhs CTC)but due to bond issue,senior’s advice working there and their plant isolation I rejected the offer.Sir now I shifted to Delhi.Should I join CL batch again for regularity?My 10th : 81 and 12th – 72 and Grad-65.IIM Proflizer saying IIMK,IIMA-99.67,IIMC-99.8 and no match for IIMB L AND I.Sir what should I do?Will there be chances for getting IIM in CAT 2015??Or should I try for Founder’s batch?

    • Rahul, as discussed over the phone you should start classes immediately since 80%ile in CAT’14 indicates lack of concepts. Your other option is to go for Smart CAT Cracker Comprehensive which along with your last years books and study material will also achieve the same result. The decision between a classroom and Smart CT Cracker is a function of your requirements. If you need regular faculty guidance and find it difficult to study on your own then a classroom program is preferred but if you are disciplined and do not need the external push of regular classes then SCC should be preferred.
      Also as discussed since the preparation for Bank and SSC CGL exams is similar to MBA entrances, you should apply to Bank PO and SCC exams as well since they will act as your back up options and also provide you additional practice for CAT and other MBA entrances.

  82. Sir,

    What is the month that I should consider while filling out my work experience in the IIM Profilizer? Work ex till Jan 2016 or Mar 2016?

  83. Sir,
    I am doing Psychology from Delhi University. Will this be a disadvantage for me?

    Many thanks and regards

    • Palak, no on the contrary you will get marks for academic diversity (non engineer) as well as for gender diversity (girl). Also you are likely to be better than most of the others in the Verbal Logic and Reading Comprehension.

  84. sir,
    i have a different query ..actually i am preparing for cat 2015
    category (NC-OBC)
    actually i have financial problem ..and really want to do MBA/MBE as i am a business economics student ..i want to know that which top b-schools having fees structure of apx. 2.5- 3 lakh anually not more than that..
    academics detail
    2 months internship certificate
    please tell me if i have chance to get admission in university of delhi.

    • Bhawna, you should target FMS and JBIMS. Both consider only the percentile score obtained in CAT and MHCET (JBIMS) for shortlisting candidates. The fees will be more-or-less within the range you specified.

  85. Sir,

    While filling out my work experience for the IIM profilizer should I fill out the time period till Jan 2016 or Mar 2016? Keeping in mind that I’ll be attempting CAT 2016.

    • For now consider it till Jan 2016. It can be updated later if need be and if the notification states so.

  86. Hi sir.
    What about sectional cut offs? My sister secured the required percentile, but she says sectional cut off is also required to be cleared. So what exactly is sectional cut off needed for an overall percentile of say 99.5 for IIM A? Do you just have to clear the sectional cut off mentioned in their websites? Or do sectional cut offs also vary like overall percentiles?

    • Rickon, you just need to clear the sectional cut-offs stated. It’s generally 85%ile in each section (might go upto 90 sometimes). More-often than not you will need 85+ in both sections to score 99.5+ overall anyways.

  87. Sir,
    How doest the age factor plays the role in selection process of IIMs and top Bschools.
    I have read on many websites that since employer companies are very hesitant in hiring anyone having age of 25 or more, and thats why Bschools are very skeptical and shows least interest in admitting anyone having 25 years of age or more as they are more cautious about thier placement performance and dont want to disturb it. Also, even if one gets the admission then life on the campus is not easy as they are being called as out of spectrum and senior citizens most of the time.
    I am 29 and would be 30 by January 2016. I am having 5 years of work ex and degree of CA Inter. Having 61 % in BCom and HSC-75% & SSC-68%.
    The IIM Profilizer shows that I can expect following calls : IIM-K @ 92, IIM-L @ 98, IIM-B @ 95%iles as a strong match.
    I would like to have your advice on whether should I appear for CAT 2015 or CAT 2016 (if the age factor has no role to play) or should give up my MBA dream and go for other professional course like CFA.

    • Parth, a GMAT leading to a 1 year MBA from ISB Hyderabad or the top IIMs or from top institutes outside India would be the right option for you. Since you have a finance background CFA should definitely be pursued.

      • Sir, But what if I want to pursue only 2 year full time MBA. Actually I have given CAT 2007 and 2009 wherein I got around 70%iles. As CAT 2015 is planned to be neutral for non engineers also, should I start serious prep and give it a final try ? How about FMS which only considers CAT score….

        • Parth, you can go for a 2 year program but it will be an overkill. In the worst case go for both CAT and GMAT and decide on the institute once you get the final calls.

  88. Profilizer says for IIMA I would need 99.68 percentile. But is there any way to know required sectional percentiles? I mean the actual percentile you would need to score and not the lowly percentiles mentioned on IIMs’ websites.

    • Rickon, target over 95%ile in each section. However if you get a very high percentile in one section that even a 90%ile in the other can get you a call.

  89. Sir, in the IIM Profilizer application while filling up my academic details I’m not able to fill up the year of passing 12th exam. And as I’m persuing B.com (final year) right now , so there’s no such option where I can write that I’m persuing B.com , it automatically shows that I’ve completed my B.com in 2016.
    Please Check Sir.

    • Manisha, there is a drop down list to choose your year of passing the 12th exam. Kindly choose from there.
      Similarly, you can choose your year of completing your graduation from the drop-down. Do keep in mind to fill in your academic percentage till date, though.

  90. Hi, GP!
    I am starting my prep now, with CL SCC.
    By looking previous questions I feel I am good at quant, for verbal I have phobia!
    Please guide as this year IIM A is going to tough in VA.

    • PM, if you are good in QA then LR and VL should also be manageable. The only way to get over the phobia of verbal is to read a lot. The more you read the more you will be comfortable with this section. A newspaper daily along with a weekly current affairs magazine should make you a bit more difficult with this section. Additionally you should definitely attempt at least 2 RC passages and 2 tests of Verbal logic daily from the Test Gym.

  91. Sir i have filled by details in the profilizer. I got the report . My profile makes me eligible for all 13 iims. However i was confused . Bcz in the graph it showed iim a as strong match but was in very difficulty range of complexity. Does this mean tht even if i get the required percentile i wont b getting the call ?

    • Hima, kindly check teh graph again. The complexity of IIM A is very low but the percentile required is high (99.67+).
      The degree of complexity talks about how complex it is to get a call from that IIM. Some colleges consider a lot of factors (10,12,grads,work ex) making it very complex. Others consider fewer factors and just getting qualifying marks in those factors is sufficient. For the second kind, the CAT score is the most important.
      If you get the requisite percentile, you will be shortlisted for Stage 2.

  92. Sir I gave CAT 2014 and managed to get 98.31 didn’t get calls from any old IIMs .
    Moreover I was concerned with my placement and didn’t prepare for GDs and got rejected .
    I don’t have good speaking skills esp English.
    My marks are 94.4/91.4/68 for 10/12/grad.
    Considering my profile and my lack of speaking skills , how should I prepare for the selection process post written.

    Waiting for your reply 🙂

    • Abhishek, your graduation marks would not be an issue for most of the IIMs and with a better CAT score you can get calls from most of the old IIMs. Since you are aware that you are lacking in speaking skills start working on this aspect. The best way to improve in this aspect is to use the language as much as possible – reading aloud from a daily newspaper (preferably Indian Express) is a good starting point. If the person you are taking to can understand English then you should speck only in English, the more you speak the better you would become.
      As far as the written test is concerned your preparation for this year should start with last years material. Revise the fundamentals and also go through the MCQs from the fundabooks with a special focus on your area of weakness. Revision of last years Mocks and important questions is essential. All this should be over latest by end July. You should simultaneously attempt the Mock CATs as per the defined schedule. Effective mid July you should also attempt 1 test each of RC, DI, LR, QA and VL everyday along with an analysis of each test. You can consider enrolling for Smart CAT Cracker Comprehensive which includes 240 online sessions, Test Series and Test Gym.

  93. Good Morning Sir,

    Hope you are doing good.

    Just wanna ask, there are speculations regarding change in pattern of CAT-2015. What’s your take on the same?

    Your opinion is most reliable.

    Thanks n regards,

    • Sourajya, will come out with an article shortly. However from your preparation point of view you need to work as usual with a focus on all areas. The change speculated would mean equal weight to QA+DI+LR and Verabal+RC as was the case till CAT 1998.

  94. Greetings Sir,
    My profile is as follows-
    10th- 86.14 %
    12th- 85.83%
    Graduation- 66.5%- B.Tech.
    Work exp- 5 months.
    Category- General.

    According to the profilizer, I require the following percentiles-
    1. IIM-A- 99.67
    2. IIM-B- 95.3
    3. IIM-C- 99.51
    4. IIM-L-98.3
    5. IIM-I- 94
    6. IIM- K- 91.5

    These percentiles vary from 91.5- 99.67 for a call from the top 6 IIMs. I needed to understand as to why I require 95.3 for IIM-B?. Shouldn’t the score be in the 99.xx bracket? and the
    same ques for the IIM-I and IIM-K estimate. Because a lot of
    people in the past have not received calls from these IIMs for
    their flagship PGDM in percentiles less than 98.

    • Ankit, you can check now, it shows IIM B as moderate match.
      Basically, based on your profile and relative difficulty index IIM B and K are difficult.
      IIM I, on the other hand, lays a lot of stress on X and XII, thus you might still have a chance if you get the requisite percentile (this is based on the last couple of years’ trends)

  95. CLASS 10-7 cgpa(7*9.5=66.7%)-CBSE

    CLASS 12-77 -CBSE

    IIM PROFILIZER makes a strong match for IIM-A.But moderate for IIM-B and no match for IIM-C.I want to get in top most i bank or consulting companies so my main aim is to get in IIM-ABC.But IIM-B&C has lowered by chances.Also criteria change and like before IIM-A start giving weightage to work ex due to which i will loose chance of IIM-A.I am worried .I am CAT 2016 aspirant and i am sincerly preparing for it.

    • Hitesh, based upon the current shortlisting criteria of the IIMs, IIM B and C are difficult for you. However, all you need to get a call for an interview at IIM A is to score the requisite percentile (99.67+), since they had changed their shortlisting criteria last year. Focus on that.

  96. Hi GP Sir,

    Hope you;re doing well.

    I just had a question that has been at the back of my mind. Do IIMs first consider marks up front? I mean as they declare a cut off percentage don’t they first filter out students based on their percentile marks? I believe only next would come the possibility of evaluating further aspects (work ex, etc.) of a candidate’s profile.

    Many Thanks,
    Shivam Kapoor

      • Hi Sir,

        Many Thanks for your reply.

        I went through your post of last year wherein you have enlisted all cut-offs for various colleges and also went through the link given in the above comment.

        FMS is one college that I have as a dream target. But seems very, very distant as of now. 98 was the cut off last year. Having said that I was a little inquisitive to know if colleges budge i.e., relax a bit on %ile in case a candidate has good quality work ex or anything else? For example, I will have 2+ years of work ex by the time I write my exam this year.

        Many Thanks for your time,
        Shivam Kapoor

        • Colleges that consider work ex award points for the same. The percentile cut-off does not change a lot for shortlisting. However, the quality of your work-ex can hold you in good stead during the Interviews

    • Paresh, for the Profilizer use the combined aggregate for the first 3 years as your Graduation percentage and the aggregate of the last 2 years as your Master’s percentage.

      • Thank You Sir…
        As there are rating score shown for the graduation marks , then which marks i need to consider for myself?
        I mean bachelor’s percentage upto 3rd or 4th year?

        • If you are currently pursuing your Bachelors then submit the aggregate marks of all your semesters till date. If you have completed your bachelors then enter your overall marks.

  97. It is asking for master degree details, which I have not opted. There is no option which says “not applicable”

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