Application Time!

The most relevant question at this stage of an MBA aspirant’s life is: From which colleges can I get an interview call?

While I tried answering these questions individually, I soon realised that since the questions are common, it will be easier for me to post an article giving the required information, hence this post giving the estimated cutoffs of various MBA institutes. The application deadline of the institutes and the link to their admission website is also given to help those of you who would like to apply to these institutes.

Most of the cutoffs given in the table below are estimated based on information collected  from students and other informal sources and hence these should be taken as indicative and not sacrosanct You can consider applying to the institute even if your expected CAT/XAT score is a little less than the cutoffs given in this table.

Finally, in addition to CAT/XAT scores, some of these institutes take CMAT, MAT and ATMA scores also hence you should apply on the basis of your best score out of the tests that you have taken, please refer to the admission page of the institute for this information.


Colleges and programmes Category-wise cut off (CAT) XAT Cutoff
IIT B 97 94 85 43 80
FMS 98 85 77 54 50
IIT D (MS) 98 93 87 73 80
IIT D (TSM) 97 92 85 68 71
IIT Kharagpur 97 91 83 75 72
NITIE (PGDIM) 97 75 65 65 62
IIT Madras 96 90 82 74 71
IIT Roorkee 96 90 82 74 71
IIT Kanpur 96 89 81 73 70
S.P. Jain 95 95
MDI (HR) 91
MDI (IB) 91
XIMB – MBA 92 92
MHORD 90 85 75 70 65
MIB 90 85 75 70 65
IMT Ghaziabad PGDM 90 90
MBE 90 85 75 70 65
MFC 90 85 75 70 65
XIMB (HR) 87 87
NITIE (PGDISEM) 86 75 65 65 62
Great Lakes, Chennai (1 Year) 85 85
K. J. Somaiya PGDM 85
TAPMI 83 85
FMS-BHU 83 80
GIM PGDM 83 85
Wellingkar PGDM 82 85
IMI (B&I) 82
IMI (HRM) 82
UBS Chandigarh 80 75 70 65 60
BIM-Trichi 80 75 70 63 60
K. J. Somaiya PGDM – IB 80
K. J. Somaiya PGDM – FS 78
LBS 75
WellingkarEbiz 75 80
K. J. Somaiya PGDM -Comm 75
K. J. Somaiya PGDM – RM 75
IISWBM, Calcutta 70 75
SDMIMD, Mysore 70
Wellingkar PGDM – Business Design 70 70
Wellingkar PGDM – Retail 70 70
XIMB RM 70 70
Wellingkar PGDM – Rural 70 75
IIFM (Bhopal) 70
IMT Hyderabad 70 70
Wellingkar PGDM – Healthcare 70 70
UBS MBA – Biotech 70 65 55 55 50
GIM PGDM Health Care 70
LIBA  85 85


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  1. Sir Please provide me reviews of these colleges
    Jims sector 5 rohini,BR Ambedkar University Delhi,IBS Gurgaon,IPU Dwarka campus,School Of Inspired leadership,Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University Delhi.I have these options in Delhi.Else some in pune like Indira,ISB&M, XISS Ranchi.Which college is better in terms of placement and overall ROI of the college.

    • To make a decision amongst these colleges you should focus on ROI. Consider all your expenses- fees and living expenses to make this decision. All consider the location benefit factor for placements.

  2. Hi Sir

    Here are my academics.
    10th – 87.4% (9.2 percentile)
    12th- 95.4%
    Bsc(h) Stats- 54.06%

    Can I even expect calls from the Top iims (A,B,C) if I tend to secure a particular percentile???
    Is it even worth it to study and get somewhere around 99+ and then expect calls from top IIMs

  3. hello sir,
    cat %ile – 71.03
    VA — 63.07
    LR — 69.60
    QUANT –76.33
    NC OBC category — 8.78 cgpa
    10 th — 84%
    12th — 86%
    no work experience.

    please suggest me in which college i should apply!! i need clear guidance as i haven’t filled any application form yet
    thank you in advance !!

  4. I disagree with some of the cutoffs.
    I know a student studying in IIT DELHI (GEN- 94.8%ile)
    Same with some other as well.

    • Dear Anshul
      We have listed cut-offs keeping in mind a typical profile of a General Engineer candidate. Cut-offs will be lower for certain categories- females, non-engineers..

  5. Sir i have got a mail from IIM ranchi to apply for their PGDHRM programme . I have 87.19 percentile in cat . Should I apply for it?

  6. HI SIR,

    I GOT 89.34% IN CAT.(DI-72.VRC-94,QA-90)

    • Mohammed, you must consider Bennett Uinversity which offers a guanrantee placement of 7.5+ LPA in the Times Group of Companies.

  7. Hello GP Sir,

    CAT OA: 95.06
    VARC: 77.35
    LRDI: 97.06
    Quants: 96.68

    GEM with 26 months of work ex

    Should I apply for IIT D?
    I have applied for IIT M, IIT R and IIT K.

  8. Sir,

    I have 93.29 percentile in CAT 2016 with VARC-92.77, DILR- 96.55, QA-74.02.
    In my i have passed out with CGPA-8.23
    I have 2.2 yrs work experience in the IT industry as well.

    Please suggest some good b-school i can apply.

    Thanks in Advance,

  9. hi,
    Cat score: 96 percentile
    VA 65, QA 98, LR-DI 98
    10th: 89
    12th: 81
    2.5 years of work ex
    Please suggest the colleges which i should target. not yet applied in any of the colgs

  10. CAT 16- 91.18 (VA- 56.11, LRDI- 98, QUANT-93)
    10th- 87.17
    12th- 90.77
    graduation -75.04

    can i get a call from IMI Delhi?
    should i apply IIT Kharagpur, kampur, roorkee

  11. Hello sir,
    I am an SC category student. I got 85.6 % IN snap exam. Can i expect call from SIBM pune and SCHMRD

  12. Respected Sir,
    My CAT 2016: 79.93 { VA:98.04, DI:59.33, QA:14.69 }
    i’m 27 years old, B. Tech. (Mech) with 3.5 Years Experience in Automobile sector at Bangalore ( current package 5.50 Lac)
    At this score I do not expect any Good college.. What should I do to enrich my carrier prospects….
    (i) Take admission in any B or C grade college, and leave my present job..
    (ii) Continue with my present job and try for any Executive / Part time MBA
    (iii) Try for CAT next year…. Albeit it is very difficult to study hard alongwith JOB .. Please Suggest, SIR

  13. Hello Sir,

    CAT – 96.03
    IIFT – 99.16
    NMAT – 226
    SNAP – 98.3

    GEM (Still in final year).

    Can you please tell what all calls can I get? What should be my best bets and preference?

  14. Sir,
    My CAT OA – 83.93 percentile.
    Fresher-2016 passout

    Sir, this was my first CAT attempt. Which colleges should I apply at this score? Are there any chances for Great Lakes or TAPMI?
    And one this more sir, should I drop this year and go for a retake next year. Won’t a year gap affect my chances.
    Thanks sir.

  15. Cat percentile 96.5(GEM)
    Graduation: 67%
    Xth: 93%
    xIIth: 93.2%
    4 months work ex.
    Sir do i have a chance at sp jain and MDI and which other good schools should i expect a call from?

  16. Dear Sir

    Cat 2016-99.07 with >90% in 10th and 12th. I am GEM. Undergrad-79.4 .Workex-36months. What all calls i can expect?

  17. Dear Sir,
    Hope you are well! I am a CL CP Student. I scored 97%ile exactly in CAT 2016 with VA-99.74, DILR-97.27 and QA only 56.23. I have strong academic background: 10 CGPA in Class Xth, 96% in Class XIIth and 83% in commerce graduation. I graduated in 2015 and have been working with a management consulting’s research captive since then. I’m unsure of how to proceed. Should I attempt CAT again, or should I pursue other options? Please help!

    • Gunika, you have really good academic records and have done really well in CAt 2016. Your only shortcoming was QA> Since you are working somewhere, have a good knack in VRC and DILR you must retake CAT again this year and aim for the best B-schools.

  18. Dear Sir

    I have scored an overall percentile of 98.58 VA-93.78 , LR-99.75, QA-90.54, category-general
    I have a total work ex of 2 years and Graduation = 80 %, 12- 87.8 % , 10-94 %
    I haven’t applied for any colleges before result declaration.
    Kindly suggest what all colleges can I apply for.

  19. Iam GEM.
    My CAT OA-93.41
    DI/LR- 97.97, VA-63.84, QA- 96.10
    My 10th ℅- 81, 12℅- 76, grad- 65.5℅
    36 Months work experience in mechanical company as Quality Engineer.
    Please suggest some gud b schools where I can apply and have a genuine chance of converting.
    I have to do MBA this year only.

  20. Hello Sir,

    I have scored 96.03 percentile in CAT 2016.
    I have a call from IIFT.
    NMAT – 226
    SNAP – 98.3 %ile

    What calls can I expect from CAT? And would they be convertible at that score? Also what option should be the best for me.


  21. Sir 86.46 overall cat 16 percentile
    VA RC 77.35
    DI LR 87.82
    QA 86.93

    What are the good colleges I should apply for ?

  22. Hi sir!

    I’ve secured a CAT percentile of 91.04, sectionals being:
    VARC – 89.32
    DILR – 91.27
    QA – 82.89

    NMAT – 214 (expecting a call)
    SNAP – 95.0291

    Could you please suggest me the B-schools that I should target and the realistic chances of converting them?
    Also, please suggest me the apt PDP program for me. I’m torn between the following three:
    PDP Personalised Online Comprehensive
    PDP Personalized (which i’ve heard is only meant for 95+)
    PDP Planned.


    • Himanshu, pardon the delay. I hope you got some good calls this year and enrolled for PDP Personalized or Planned.

  23. Dear Sir,
    I am currently non-working. My CAT 2016 percentile is 90.73. Which Colleges do I seriously consider? Or should i take up a job and prepare for CAT 17? What should be the plan for the latter?

  24. Hello Sir

    I have secured the following marks:-

    X th: 97.28%
    XII th : 93.33%
    BTECH : 85% ( converted from 9.25 CGPA following university rules)
    CAT percentile : 96.92

    Can i expect calls from any of IIMs or good B schools based on my profile/score?

  25. Hello Sir
    I have scored
    CAT 2016 – 87.14 %ile
    SNAP – 87.88 %ile
    NMAT – 197 & 195

    10th – 86.5
    12th – 66.2

    19 months of work experience in Infosys Limited.

    Should I be expecting any calls or should I start making up my mind for CAT 2017 ?

  26. Sir‚ plz take a look at my profile and suggest some colleges which i can apply to at this momemt
    Graduation – 80%

    Cat 2016
    Di lr-24.91%tile 🙁

  27. Hi sir,
    My profile is
    W.E-3 YEARS
    Which colleges i should apply for?

  28. Hello Sir,
    I got 86% in 10th,
    55% in 12th
    73% in grad
    I am expecting a 70-80 percentile score in Cat.
    Please suggest me some good colleges in which I should apply .

    • Abhishek, you must consider Bennett Uinversity which offers a guanrantee placement of 7.5+ LPA in the Times Group of Companies.

  29. Sir ,
    I got 86% in 10th
    83 % in 12th
    67 % in degree (commerce Graduate)
    I Belong to OBC category
    i am expecting 70- 80 percentil in cat
    suggest me some good colleges to apply

  30. Class X-92.4%
    Class XII- 86.5%
    B.Tech (Computer Sc)-77.1%
    CAT expected-85-93 percentile
    Which B School should I apply?

    • Sourav, you must consider Bennett Uinversity which offers a guarantee placement of 7.5+ LPA in the Times Group of Companies.

  31. for colleges like NITIE, IMI delhi , XIMB, SP.JAIN
    DO i have to fill their application form individually(LIKE MDI AND FMS) if i am giving my cat exam
    or just i have to upload my cat score in them
    or they will automatically consider it through my cat scores and percentile.

    • Apoorv, except for the IIMs you have fill the form for all institutes (through CAT) separately. Please check the website of each institute for information.

  32. SIR, i’ve 52% in 10th
    5.77 CGPA in diploma(ele)
    7.12 CGPA in B.E(ele)
    i am belong to OBC quta.
    this year i am going to take CAT,SNAP,NMAT,CMAT,TISS.
    which collages i can target mainly with this academic profile.?
    what are the chances to get admission in good B-school.?

    • Keval, With a CGPA of 7.12 in BWE you are eligible for all MBA exams/institutes however with low marks in X & XII/Diploma you may not be able to make it to top IIMs/MDI/IIT Mumbai since they have weight for past academic performance. The good news is that apart from these almost all other MBA institutes give interview calls based on the CAT score and hence are all possible for you.
      Given that you belong to OBC category my suggestion is to restrict yourself to CAT, IIFT and TISS since these have reservation for OBC candidates. Go for SNAP/NMAT/XAT only if you are confident of a high scores in these tests.

    • Mohit, ICAT 2016 will have the same exam pattern as that of last year. With absolutely no changes in the CAT 2016 pattern, one could expect a slightly more challenging and intuitive paper.

  33. I’ve been working at an IT company for 13 months now. Xth (C.B.S.E) – 94.6 and XII (A.P.B.I.E) – 95.8, Engg. C.G.P.A – 9.67. Scored 97.33 in last attempt in 2015.
    My job is expected to get more hectic in the next couple of months. Even weekends don’t offer any respite from work as I get called in to work. On the occasional off-days, I’m too exhausted for any serious prep.
    I want to quit my job to focus on improvement of my health situation and my mental faculties (besides CAT prep). I also want to read a lot of books, learn economics, statistics, pursue a hobby, all of which has not been possible while working. I also have an online business idea (which is not time or capital intensive), which I would like to work on.

    If I quit my job, 1.) How will that impact my post-MBA employment ? 2.) IIM -B requires an LOR from Employer. How can I take care of that ?

    • Rahul, we don’t suggest you leave the job. However, if you feel leaving job will be helpful for you, then you can take that decision. It will not affect post-MBA employment if you ae able to give logical reasoning for the same.

  34. sir,
    10% = 87
    12% = 78 = 6.8 cgpa
    expecting cat percentile = 90
    cat OBC
    out of these which college ca i get

    • Akash, you are eligible for all the B-schools. Provided you score 90%tile you have decent chances for MIB and UBS. Given your low academic scores in graduation you have bleak chances for NITIE.

  35. sir, i m preparing for cat 16 and i have completed my graduation in 2014 and from last 2 year i am involved in a ngo so is there any kind of problem of year gap during gdpi round..?

    • Hello
      want to ask u about cat 2016
      12th-79% NIT Rourkela-75%/8.06 cgpa
      work exp-core-12 months
      prepared for ies
      then mtech NITR-2015-17
      now want to quit technical..
      should i go for cat?

      • Bailjayanti, you can definitely go for MBA. You can pursue a career in your field of interest and can easily switch your domain with MBA.

  36. HIII ,
    MY 10th-59%
    what %tile required in CAT exam to join NITIE,MUMBAI of course PGDIM??????????
    plz suggest me

  37. I have got into mitsob pune, i have no other options. Should I go for this college or try next yr? I can take a year gap, but not sure that I’ll do better.

  38. I secured 89.79 percentile in CMAT. I am selected for Welingkar Mumbai PGDM Healthcare program in the first list. Are there any chances for me getting PGDM core in Welingkar Mumbai campus in the other lists?

  39. I secured a rank of 521 in IPU CET and i have also taken up admission in bimm pune i.e.sri balaji society.
    i am in confusion of joining either ip or bimm pune.
    kindly advise.

    aman rajmalani

    • Aman, you should join BIMM Pune out of the two. However, these institutes will not add much to your profile. Retake exams and aim for better Bschools.

  40. Hi,
    My profile is as below:
    10th: 86%
    12th: 81%
    B.E.(ECE) : 73.6%(Mumbai University)
    MH-CET : 95%ile
    Work ex : 26 months(Infosys)
    I have been shortlisted for Welingkar , Mumbai. I am quite certain that I would be able to crack the GD/PI process. I am willing to do MBA this year and I am only interested for 2 year PGDM course . Can you please tell me would We school provide me with good opportunities in terms of placements and exposure provided I work very hard for it ? Also can you please tell me about the placement scenario in We school.Kindly reply asap.

    • Akash, Welingkar is an old and decent institute.It is visited by many renowned companies like IBM, DHL, Nicolas Piramal, KPMG, Wipro, HSBC, JM Morgan, i Gate, UBS Bank. Once you are in B-school, the placement will depend on your performance during those 2 years. However, you should try to go for a better Bschool.

  41. My NMIMS banglore merit no.- 1179 and score- 52.11
    Can I expect Bangalore at this merit no., since 2nd merit list has given chance to students till the score of 52.25. But, they themselves are a little sceptical about 3rd merit list.

    Please tell me with your past experiences. TIA!

    • Kanika, you have minute chances of converting NMIMS Bang. However, you should try to better your score and target good B-schools. Retake CAT and the other MBA exams.

  42. I have 3 yrs of experience as a Data analyst. I want to pursue my career in analytics field further and have an offer from UPES, Dehradun for MBA in business analytics. Please suggest if it’s worth.

    • Chandra, UPES will not give much boost to your profile. Since you have an experience of 3 years, it is suggested to aim for ISB Hyd and go for the Executive MBA.

  43. Sir, I have converted IMT HYDERABAD FINANCE, XIME KOCHI and expecting XISS Marketing. Plz suggest the best option. Really confused Sir.

  44. Sir

    Graduation-Electrical Engineer CGPA 9.03
    Work Ex-13 months but I left my job last year August 2015 and currently unemployed
    Appearing for CAT 2016

    Do you think leaving a job and being unemployed for almost a year is going to be a disadvantage for me if I get to the interview rounds, how to overcome those disadvantages if any.

    • Aman, lack of employment will be questioned but will not eliminate you. However it will be helpful if you can pick up some kind of job (full time or part time) or involve yourself with an NGO.

  45. These are my scores :
    XAT – 76 %
    NMAT – 188
    SNAP – 79 %

    I have work ex. of 1 year .

    What colleges do you suggest would be the best with any of the scores ? Please guide….

    • Subho, the application window for all good B-Schools has closed for this year. Suggest that you continue with your job and go for a retake of all MBA entrances. You should target at least a 95%ile in CAT/XAT and over 97%ile in SNAP.

  46. Sir, my cat percentile is 65.55 general category: weather NIRMA,BITS,BIMTECH or PANDIT DINDAYAL-GANDHINAGAR(PDPU) WHICH ONE IS POSSIBLE?

  47. Sir, My cmat percentile is 88 & score is 157, so which are the possible colleges to apply for in mumbai, pune or any other locations? And further, can i get admission in NIBM pune with this score?

  48. Dear Sir,

    My CMAT Score = 84%
    10th = 65%
    12th = 67%
    Grad = 55 %

    Any good colleges that I should apply for ??


  49. Dear Sir,

    My CAT score is 92.12 (Verbal : 98.xx, quant: 68.xx, LRDI 88.XX) Class 10th 86.6, class 12th 82.2 and BTech 84.6

    Do i stand a chance for a GDPI call from IIT Delhi?

    What are the other institutes I could target?

    • Akansha, there’s a slim chance of getting call from IIT-D. However, you can apply IIT- Madras, XIMB, IMT Ghaziabad.

  50. Sir, I have 94.56 in XAT with 99.6 in Verbal, 93.4 in DM but 42.5 in Quant. Is there a possibility of getting a call from XIMB?

  51. Hello sir, I have got 88.98 percentile in cat with 81 pc in varc, 83.5pc in lrdi and 92 pc in qa. my academic profile is 93pc in class x and 88pc in class xii and i’m a fresher(GEM).which colleges can i get a call from? and whats the cutoff of Nit Trichy doms and K.J.Somaiya?

  52. My XAT 2016 Score is around 25-26. What percentile score should I expect? Should I expect a call from FORE or IMT-Ghaziabad?

  53. SIR,
    CAT : 83.09

  54. I have got an overall percentile of 95.05 in CAT
    VARC – 57.22
    Can I expect a call from any of these IIT’s i.e. Kanpur,Delhi,Kharagpur,Roorkie or Madras?

  55. XAT Score- 21
    CMAT ile – 89.55
    NMAT- 199
    Converted NMIMS Banglore/Hyderabad and IBS.
    My doubts are:
    1. Which one is better btw NMIMS banglore and IBS Hyderabd?

    2. Can I convert Welingkar and Great Lakes 2yr with CMAT(89.55ile)? And if yes, what will be your ranking to NMIMS Banglore/IBS Hyderabad/ Welingkar/ GL?

    3. Can I expect any college with my XAT score?

    • Kanika, 1. NMIMS is better than IBS Hyderabad.
      2. Yes you can convert both institutes. And the ranking should be NMIMS, Great Lakes, Welingkar, IBS Hyderabad.
      3. You should try for XAT’2016

  56. Dear sir,

    My cat percentile -85.40
    10th – 80% 12th – 78% -66%
    I have 25 month work ex in IT firm

    Can I expect call from BIM trichy or KJ Somaiya ?

  57. dear sir,
    i have got 85.64 percentile in cat.
    10th:83.23 percentile
    12th:64.77 percentile
    graduation(bba) : 71.7 percentage
    GEN categoree
    i have applied for ifmr,liba,tapmi,fore,imi,lbs.
    will i get a call from this institutes?
    also can i apply for bim trichy at this percentile?

  58. Hi Sir,
    My Cat Score- 94.58
    VA- 78 Quant 93 DI/LR 97
    10th- 69.67 12th 51 B.Tech 76.2
    Work Ex- 41 months in IT
    Which colleges can I apply for ?

  59. Dear sir,

    my cat score is 55.19 %tile
    10th: 82%
    12th: 81%
    SC catagory
    34 months work ex
    B.E.: 68.25%
    can i expect any call.

    And also my snap score is 71.25%tile, can i expect sibm pune call.

    Kindly advise.

  60. Hi Sir,

    My CAT 2016 percentile is 91.19. 10th – 86%, 12th – 83%, b.Tech – 8.26. So far I have applied for IMT G and XIMB. Also I am thinking of applying for IMI. Any suggestions?

  61. sir,
    VERBAL 73 LRDI 91 QUANT 98
    X 93% XII 97% BE 87%

  62. I got 199 in NMAT. Can I expect NMIMS Banglore and Hyderabad at this score, because last year the cut off was 200?

  63. Sir,

    Cat Score : 97.81
    Quant : 87.99
    LR : 99.62
    Di : 92.9
    X : 78
    XII : 86.6
    Work-ex : 20 months
    what can I expect? Also, can I expect from IIT B.

  64. Sir, I’ve got following marks
    Cat -94.92 83.61
    XII- 92.2
    Which all colleges can I expect a call from?
    Should I apply to IIT-D?
    Can I expect a call from any IIM?

    • Aakash, a very slim chance of getting a few latest IIM calls as well as for IIT-D. You could apply to IMT, IMI as backup.

  65. Sir I have scored around 65 percentile in cat
    Graduation-overall A grade
    Can I apply to Imt-nagpur?
    Or will u please suggest me some college for mba in hr. Please help!

    • Akanksha, yes you can apply to IMT Nagpur. For HR, TISS, XLRI, SCHMRD and IIM Ranchi are some good instititutes.

  66. can you pls suggest me some good bschools for the below mentioned scores
    cat : oa 79.95 va 77.45 di 92.27 qa 58.02
    x- 81.4% , x||- 80%

      • hi sir,
        I’m a bcom graduate
        Pursuing CA
        Disciplinary committee member at ICAI (agra branch)
        completed spanish
        part time work ex as an accountant for 5 months
        cat percentile 73.44 (va= 60, di=92, qa=60)
        i have applied to bimtech, lbsim, welingkar mumbai, nibm pune, tapmi
        Didn’t got call from tapmi n lbsim
        thinking to apply to Glim chennai and Liba
        should i apply to these two colleges or not and what are my chance of getting call from the above mentioned colleges, though i got the call from bimtech, should i take admission or should i apply to any other college or should i drop n get work ex n then apply again.
        in wait of ur valuable guidance

        • Dilpreet, it is suggested to take up a job and should be looking at CAT’16. Try to target better B-schools next time.

  67. Dear Team,
    I have got 78.22 percentile in CAT
    84% in 12th and
    92.32% in 10th
    I have total work experience of 26months in Supply chain with a very good salary package.
    What are the good colleges for which I can apply to? Is it good to leave job or should I try next time with better preparation?
    Waiting your feedback!

    • Madhuri, with that kind of a work ex and a decent salary package..going for colleges at 79 is not good option. Try again next year and also aim for the Executive programs then.

  68. dear sir,
    i have scored 93.29 percentile in cat ’15.
    category – general
    X th- 94.6
    XII th- 94.2
    graduation- 71.5
    work experience- 17 months in SIEMENS.
    please let me know whether i have a chance of getting through any IIM

    • Aishwarya, if you’re an engineering, then probably not. If you are a non-engineer female then IIM-K call may happen – though chances are extremely slim. SP Jain will most likely happen considering your profile.

  69. CAT %ile- 80.28
    Xth marks- 82.33%
    xii th marks- 57.40%
    graduation- 57.46%
    VA/RC- 85.28%ILE
    LRDI- 69.26%ILE
    QA- 75.76%ILE

  70. With 82 percentile andno work exp. which is the best college I can expect?
    Will probably be looking to mba in marketing though that ain’t necessary.

  71. SIR
    10 th- 91%
    12th -79%
    b tech- 67.5%
    cat predicted percentile 85-88
    no work experience as b tech final year
    do i have any chance to get a call from any iim or fms??

  72. Hello,

    Expected CAT %ile (CL Predictor) – 93.91 (QA 70, DILR 80, VRC 99+)
    Undergrad – 60.12% (Humanities)
    XII – 57% (Arts Edexcel & Cambridge Board – International School)
    X – 86.86% (ICSE)
    Work Ex – 0

    I’ve applied to IMT-G, IMI-Delhi, GIM, KJ Som, MDI, TAPMI, FORE, IRMA, XIMB.
    Which are the colleges I’m likely to get calls from?
    And which of those should I be focusing on now while I’m preparing for GD/PIs?

  73. Hi,
    Expected Cat percentile- 97-98
    Category- NC- OBC
    Can you please help me out with IIM calls I can expect and will this percentile would be good enough to crack FMS as cat percentile has high weightage in FMS.


  74. Hello Sir,

    My profile is as follows:
    Graduation(B.E. in Mechanical Engineering)-70.70%
    Work Ex(till 31st December,2015)-13 months
    Overall Car score-174

    Overall Percentile Predicted in CL predictor-98.9

    Please tell me what is the possibility of getting call from MDI, NITIE, SP Jain, IIT Kgp and from IIMs.


  75. sir
    my score is around 130…xth is 83.57 12th is 75 and graduation is 7.92 ……with 5 months of work ex….

    the colleges i should be expecting at??

    • Mohit, this would translate into a 93-94 percentile. You must apply to colleges like IIT-B, NITIE (if you’re an engineer), IMT Ghaziabad. A comprehensive B-school advisory will be made live in a few days from now. Focus on SNAP and XAT to target SIBM and XLRI.

    • Hi Sir,

      I am getting approximately 93-94%ile in CAT this year.
      I previous acads are:

      B.Tech (Inderprastha Engg College, UPTU): 65.22%
      12th CBSE (2008): 69.6%
      10th CBSE (2006): 74.4%

      I have 24 months of work ex in Quinnox Consultancy Services Limited.

      Which colleges can I get a call from? It is absolutely necessary for me to get into a B-School this year.
      Also how good is the GLIM PGPM course?

  76. Sir,
    I am OBC-NC.
    Profile :
    B.Tech in mechanical- 83.8%
    According to CL Predictor my sectionals are:
    27-Verbal & Rc,31 in DI & LR,61 Quant and overall :119 (morning slot)
    I have 3 questions
    1) My verbal section percentile can be above 70?
    2)Do IIT’s have sectional cutoff ?
    3)Last year what was NITIE OBC sectional cut off?

    • Parag,
      1. 27 in Verbal may not be above 70%ile
      2. IITs do not have sectional cutoffs.
      3. NITIE does not have sectional cutoffs.

  77. Respected GP Sir,
    According to the previous records and the cut off chart presented here, it is seen that the SC cut offs are quite low compared to the General category (i.e. FMS-77, NITIE-65, SIBM-PUNE- 64.62 etc). This year I am expecting 78-80%le in CAT 15 (As per CL percentile predictor) as my preparation was not good unfortunately.But I belong to SC category and I have applied for FMS, NITIE & SIBM PUNE also.So, if get call from the same and clear the rest of the stages…then will it be worth to get admission with SC cut off? Will this low cut off bring any obstacle during placement/any other stages during or after MBA?

    Sir, depending on your suggestion my next agenda for CAT 16 is waiting….please reply.

    Jayanta Biswas.

    • Jayanta, if you get a final call from these institutes you should join. Your score in the entrance test will not impact your studies or placements.

  78. Hello Sir,
    I am expecting a score of around 100 in CAT-2015 first slot. Can you tell me the estimated percentile it would amount to roughly? And what are the colleges I can expect at this score?

  79. Sir,should I apply for S.P.JAIN below is my profile
    CAT 93%ile according to CL prediction
    work experience-14 months in TCS
    Please reply

  80. Hi Sir,
    Below are some details of my profile
    Xth: 89.8
    XII: 82.6
    BE: 69.5(BIT Mesra)
    Work Experience: 30 Months(IBM India)
    Cat Expected Score: 125-130
    Can you please suggest me some colleges to apply?


  81. Hi Sir
    Here Is few details of my profile:
    Xth: 89.8
    BE: 69.5(BIT Mesra)
    Cat Percentile Predictor: 95-96
    Work Experience: 30 Months(IBM India), quit job last April, currently supporting my friend’s startup
    Can you please explain how much big this factor(quitting job) is going to undermine my chances for selection?
    apart from that Can You Please suggest the colleges is should apply For?

  82. Sir Please help,

    Xth 89.3% CBSE

    XIIth 90.8% CBSE

    Grad BE 85.8%

    CL Prediction 94%ile.

    Sir what are my chances for IIM call? Should I apply for SP JAIN?

    I have many certificates in speech, debate,extempore, Quiz, speaking skill etc. but at school college level. Also I am founder member of clubs at my college.

  83. Hi GP sir,

    My CAT 2015 percentile according to percentile predictor will be around 90-92.
    Academic Profile is:
    10th: 92.6%
    12th: 92.6%
    B.Tech: 82.96%
    Work Ex: 2.5 years

    Please suggest some good B schools that I can expect a call from and should apply to.
    Thank you.

  84. Hello GP Sir,
    my cl % predictor is 90.77..
    my acads are
    Xth-84% (WBBSE)
    XII th 80% (WBCHSE)
    B.COM(H) 70%
    Sir which colleges should i apply to?

  85. Sir i’m getting a score of 91 marks in Cat 2015.
    Can I expect a call from new iims (amritsar, gaya, vizag etc.) or Dse mib/mhrod or fore school of management?
    Also, i am getting a score of 34.42 in iift (clear all sectional cutoff)
    any chances?

    • Chinu, please confirm whether you are getting 91 marks or 91 percentile. If you are a general category candidate then a score of 34.42 will not get you an IIM call.

  86. Hi GP Sir/ Team,

    Below are few details on my profile:-

    Xth – 85%
    XII th – 83%
    B.Tech- 84.3%

    Work Exp – 40 months in TCS

    Expected Score – 115-120

    Please suggest some suitable colleges and please mention can I expect any IIM calls.

    • ABhijit, you might get the calls of the newest IIMs however the chances are slim. MDI Gurgaon is possible and so is SP Jain, XIMB and IIT Bombay. You could also apply to NITIE.

  87. Sir, I took the Cat 2015 in the morning session and I am expecting a raw score of 40(VA),39(DILR),59(QA) and an overall score of 138. What range of percentile would i fall into?? Also, Xth: 93, 12th: 79.8, engineering: 69.7 and 7 months of work exp., calls from which all colleges could be be expected(General category)??

  88. Sir
    My acads are:
    B.Tech: Biotech 8.62(10) VIT
    M.Tech: Biotech 9.89(10) IIT Guwahati(june 2015)
    fresher no work exp
    CAT CL predicted %tile-90-92
    MAT sept 99.9
    I dropped after that and prepared for cat 2015.
    Since i am from bio background with masters and now a gap of 1 yr..i suspect that it would really difficult for me to get a decent institute plus these things would further pull me down in placements too…I want your advice on whether there is any sense in going down this road or should i opt for phd in iit?
    Moreover is there any chance of getting a call from iim a or l in abm since i m from bio domain….please advice..

    • Garima, bio background, masters and gap year are not a problem and at 90%ile good institutes are possible for you. You can apply to the cluster 4 and 5 institutes in the post Jayein toh jayein kahaan 2015: Which Institute?. ABM of IIM A and L cannot be ruled out. Placement affter MBA is a function of your performance in the program and not upon your past academic background.

  89. Hi GP Sir / Team,

    Below are few details on profile :

    Xth : 84%
    XII th : 78%
    BTech : 68%

    Work ex : 3 years (Operations / Team lead)
    Expected score : 125

    Please suggest some suitable colleges.

  90. Hello Sir,

    My profile:
    Graduation(B.A Hons Economics)- 75.68%, Completed in 2015
    12th- 87.2%
    10th- 83.6%
    Work ex- 0 months
    Predicted cat %tile- 95%tile

    Sir, should I apply in SPJIMR? There batch profile consists of 80% engineers and average work ex of 25 months. Do I stand a chance?

  91. Hi Sir,

    My profile is as below:
    10th: 91%
    Work ex: 18 months
    I expect to score more than 90% in cat.
    Can I expect a profile based call from SP jain?

  92. sir as per cl predictor im getting
    33 marks in va
    12 marks in quant
    12 marks in lr/di
    60 marks OA

    do u think i can clear the sectional and overall cut offs need fr my category SC ? i need 55-60 percentile in each section and 65 overall , do u think it is possible?

  93. Sir, I am expecting 98.5+%ile in CAT 15. I’ve filled Spjain,mdi,Fms, nitie, ximb,. Will fill IIT B&D and JBIMS when their forms are out. Please tell if I am missing any college based on my score and what are the chances that I’ll get a call from these colleges?
    Thanks in advance.

  94. Hi Sir,
    My CL prediction is 91 to 92%.
    Work experience-30 months (current package-7.5LPA)
    Can I expect a call from any IIMs??
    Please tell me the good institutions which I should apply??

  95. Hi Sir,

    I am expecting a percentile of 95.22+ in CAT 2015 as per CL’s %tile predictor with below scores and academic details :

    VA : 62
    LR/DI : 24
    QA : 54

    OA : 140

    X : 74.8 %, XII : 70, Grad : 68.7%. General Category
    I have 30 months of work experience till date. Please suggest some good colleges to apply and whether I should expect calls from new IIM’s

  96. Hello Sir,
    My name is Sushant Sheopori.
    I’m currently in the final year of graduation in hotel management.

    Xth: 81.70%
    XIIth: 87.00% (Science,Non medical with maths)
    Grad: 77.50(Still doing it)
    Expected percentile: 92

    Still to be on the safer side i’m considering a percentile of 85+. (As the answers marked were purely on the basis of memory)

    Can you please suggest the colleges i should apply for?
    Any help is appreciated.

  97. Dear Sir ,
    Im expecting a percentile of around 94 /95 for slot 1 as per CL percentile predictor and my details are as follows :
    Work Experience~33 Months
    I am a native of Kerala , Can I expect any calls from IIM Calicut or anyy new IIMs..Please also advise any other colleges that I need to apply.

  98. Dear Sir,
    I belong to DA/PWD category as per CL Percenrtile Predictor I am getting VARC-40, DILR-26, Quants- 21 and around 81%ile. With this score should I expect a call from IIMs/premier institute?
    or Should go ahead for CAT 2016?

    • Shyam, While you might miss out on some of the IIMs due to 21 in QA but you can expect calls from some IIMs and other top MBA institutes.

    • Dear Sir
      I’m currently studying economics.
      general female
      acc to CL predictor my percentile is 95.1( va-47,qa-59,lrdi-21)
      Should i expect a call from spjain,mdi or iim indore? Or think about taking a retake next year?
      And is it true that during normalisation if some one who has same overall score as me but higher lrdi scores will get a higher percentile?

      • Smiti, IIM I and MDI are possible due to your academic record but score based call from SP Jain is unlikely.
        Your information on LRDI score being a tie breaker incorrect.

  99. sir,

    According to CL percentile predictor, I got 88.9%ile and I belong to NC – OBC
    My academics : 10th – 92.3 , 12th – 91.9 and graduation – 73.5 , I am an Engineer( fresher ),
    Can i expect a few calls from IIMs? Do I need to apply for other colleges?

  100. Hello SIr ,
    i got 33 marks in verbal , 12 marks in DI/LR , 12 marks in Maths overall geing around 60 marks.
    Do u think i can clear the sectionals and overall cut off needed in my category SC ? i need 55-60 percentile in each section and 65 percentile overall , do u think its possible?

  101. Sir ,
    I m expecting 90+ %
    10th- 87.4
    12th- 90.2
    Engg- 78.8
    Category – obc(nc)
    Cl scores:
    Va/rc : 55
    Lr/di : 15
    Qa : 55
    Can i expect any iim call??
    Would 15 in di/lr be sufficient to clear sectional cut off of 75%???

  102. Hi Sir,
    I got 78.21 according to CL percentile predictor
    VA-41 LRDI-29 QA-34 OA-104

    Work Ex-15 months
    with SC category

    Will I get calls from IIM’s and which colleges I should target

    • Pavan, while you might miss out on the top IIMs you have a decent chance of calls from the others and also from most of the institutes that have reservations.

  103. With ~90% in 10th and 12th(CBSE), 6.8/10 in graduation, no work ex and no extracurricular activities, is there any point applying to SP Jain if you’re not getting 95%ile in CAT?

    • Waquee, if you’re getting a 94-95%ile in CAT you must apply to S.P. Jain to keep your options open. And moreover you can score well in XAY and can get a SP Jain call based on your XAT score.

  104. Sir,
    As per CL, I’m getting 161 (VRC-67 LRDI-33 QA-61).
    10th-91.2% , 12th-92% , BE-80.2% Work Ex-24 Months. GEM (General Engg. Male)
    Can I expect calls from top colleges?

    • Raj, you can expect calls from almost all the IIMs as it is likely to translate into a 99+ percentile. You must fill up SP Jain as well as your academics are good.

  105. A Ghosh, you certainly have a shot at these IIMs if you score that much. SP Jain form can be filled since if you score an extremely high percentile chances are that you’ll be called for the round 2.

  106. hello sir,
    my predicted score is 98-104
    10th- 75 %( state board jharkhand)
    12th- 63% (commerce, state board) 65%
    i belong to SC category , which college should i apply , also will i get call from IIMs or FMS

  107. 10th – 84.8
    12th – 86.8
    Graduation – 81.18
    work ex – 11 months (RIL)
    Cat predictor – 87.8 percentile

    which colleges should i apply for ?

    • Ravinder, getting a call from a good B-school is unlikely at this percentile. It is advisable that you take XAT and score well in that. Also, since you’re working you can continue working and can take an attempt next year.

        10TH – 84.8
        GRAD – 81.18
        WORK EX – 11 MONTHS
        CL PREDICTOR – 87.9ile




        • Ravinder, as a NC OBC candidate calls from new IIMs and most of the other MBA institutes like FMS, MFC, IITs etc are possible.

          • sir

            can u plz provide me the list to which i can apply ?

            should i apply for LBS , TAPMI , GIM , NITIE , NIRMA , XIMB ?

          • Ravinder, this post gives the cutoffs of the various institutes. Additionally you can consider applying to Cluster 5 institutes (and bottom of cluster 4) in the post Jayein toh jayein kahaan 2015: Which Institute?
            Ideally restrict yourself to Government institutes since at the same score you will get higher ranked government institutes.

  108. Hi Sir,

    My CL predicted percentile is at 99.06. I’m an IITIAN with academic profile this way,

    Xth – 93..66,
    Inter – 91.09,
    Engg – 66.65.

    Should I apply for SP Jain and expect a call. Cause I heard SP jain gives a lot of emphasis on academic consistency which I don’t have. Could you please advice sir.

  109. sir,i m expecting smwhr around 90-100 marks nd i m in obc category
    which colleges can i get??
    should i prepare for gdpi..plzz help

  110. Hi Sir,

    My CL predicted percentile is 99.06. I’m an IITIAN with academic profile this way.

    Xth – 93.66,
    Inter – 91.09,
    Engg – 66.65.

    Can I apply for SP Jain and expect a call. I heard SP Jain lays a lot of emphasize on academic consistency. Please advice sir. The last date to apply is Dec – 7.

  111. Hello Sir,
    Here is my prpofile:-
    CAT predicted percentile : 75.92 (VRC-31, LRDI-29, QA-41, Total-101)
    BTech. – 8.02 CGPA
    12th- 75.57%
    10th – 85.67%
    Work Ex. – 2 years full time in IT , current package 3LPA
    Category – SC

    Please suggest me which colleges should I apply based on my profile and CAT performance. Also is there any chance for the colleges that have already closed application, to open it again once the CAT result is out?

  112. Sir,

    According to CL i am getting score around 130-135.
    My acads are below
    X – 68% (Jharkhand state board)
    XII – 69% (Jharkhand state board)
    BE – 68%
    Category – SC , Male
    Which all IIM’s call i can expect with the above profile ?

    I have 40+ months of working experience in IT, i have asked few people they were saying that its difficult to get job if you have more than 3+ yr of working exp for 2 yr MBA program, even at IIMs.

    Sir please guide me regarding same.

    • Naren, you have a good chance of getting calls from almost all IIMs and should start your PDP classes immediately.
      There are many students in the IIMs with over 3 years work experience ans all of them get good placements so do to pay heed to such rumours.

  113. Hi sir,
    My score in CL Percentile Predictor is 68.
    Xth – 78.4
    XIIth – 72.8
    B.Tech – 73.77
    I belong to SC category. Which colleges should i apply ?
    Also, Will i get call from IIMs or IITs ?

  114. Sir,
    I am a general engineering male. My profile X 85.14% , XII 85.20%, 73.03% till 6th semester. Currently I am in my final year. My cat score according to cl score calculator is vrc 48-50, lrdi 39-42 and qa 42-45. Sir I am expecting above 90 percentile. I have applied to ximb and will apply to imt-g. What are my chances of getting a call from these colleges? Also should I apply to du mbe and mfc? and please provide me information regarding any other colleges I can apply to.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Anirban, chances of getting a call from these institutes are high. Apart from these, you can consider to apply to the IITs and TAPMI. Yes, you could apply to DU MBE and MFC

  115. Hi GP Sir,
    I have scored-
    Xth- 72.8
    XIIth- 79.4
    Grad- 79.38
    Cat percentile according to CAT Score Calculator is 97.22

    Can you please tell me which colleges I can aim according to my Academic Profile and CAT Score.

  116. sir iam getting verbal 40 dilr 27 quant 25 to 30 and my score is around 99+ acc to cl key. what will be my percentile are their any chances of getting call from any iim and i belongs to st category thanku sir

    • Ajay, you are likely to be around 75-80%ile and as a ST candidate you should get calls from all IIMs. Suggest that you start PDP classes immediately.

  117. Hello Sir
    Following is my profile:

    10: 83
    12th: 75
    Graduation from PDPU: 80.1
    Current CTC: 10 LPA

    Work Ex: 3 years in Gujarat Gas Ltd.

    Expected CAT score as per CL predictor: 120

    Kindly suggest me the colleges that would suit my profile/

    • Utkarsh, at your score you are unlikely to be around 90%ile and hence calls from colleges fitting your requirements are not possible. Suggest that you go for a retake and also take GMAT and try for 1 year MBA from ISB and IIMs.

  118. Respected Sir,

    I have two queries:

    a) My CAT score at slot-2 is 136 ( English-37, LRDI-45, QA-54). Considering these, will my percentile touch 95% and which institutes should I apply?
    b) I might leave for 7 day trip after 10 Jan 2016. Will this time clash with Interviews and should I cancel it?

    Thanking you,
    Saral Agarwal

    • Saral, you are likely to be over 95%ile but please check the score calculator for a better estimate.
      Interviews do not start before end January hence there would not be any clash but this could eat into your preparation time.

  119. Hello Sir,
    I have scored
    X- 90.2%(CBSE)
    XII-86.2%(Non medical -CBSE)
    B-Tech (CSE)- 85.52%
    I expect to score more than 90% in the cat 2015.Kindly tell me which colleges shall I apply to on the basis of my profile

  120. Hi Sir,
    I’m currently an undergraduate student of economics.
    Class 10 – 91
    Class 12-95
    Under grad- 83
    I’m expecting a raw score of 150+ in cat 2015. What chances do I have of getting a call from IIM A/B/C/L?
    Thank you

  121. Sir my X&XII percentage are 76%&75%. I’m in the final year of graduation and scored 65% till now. I’m expecting 80-85 percentile in CAT 2015. Sir suggest me institutes in which I can apply.
    I’m also appearing for snap and xat.

    • Dhruv, ideally you should be laying emphasis on the upcoming exams since an 80-85 percentile in CAT will leave you with very few humble options.

  122. Sir I’m having 76%in X and 75.2 in XII. I’m in the final year of graduation in commerce. Till now my percentage is 65%. I’m expecting 80-85 percentile in CAT2015.
    In which institutes should i apply??? please guide me
    I’ve also applied for snap and xat.

  123. Sir, can you please tell me the cutoffs of other institutes of Symbiosis like SIMC? And also what will be the cutoff of MICAT to get into MICA?

    • Chirag, SIMC is likely to have a cutoff of around 50%ile in SANP which should be possible at a raw score of around 60 marks.

  124. Sir,

    My profile is

    10th -92 %
    12th -90.86 %

    Engg – 8.08 CGPA

    I have 2 years of work experience . I am expecting around 87 – 90% in CAT .
    What is the Cat cut off for IMT Dubai ?

  125. Hi Sir…XAT-2015 my score was QA : 59.6 VA : 94.8 DM : 91.11 and OA :91.45….which collage should i apply for XAT-2016 this year.

      • Hello Sir,
        I am expecting my score between 92-100 ,
        Sir can you please tell me my near by %ile,
        and for which colleges I should apply?
        Xth-55.1% , XIIth-64% and Grad( from school of open learning

  126. Sir,
    I have scored well in all my previous mocks.
    But in order to just practice I have been giving a mock everyday in the afternoons (my CAT is afternoon slot) and the scores have dipped miserably.Sir should I be worried and can this be fixed?

    • Rik, irrespective of your performance in your previous mocks, you should now relax. The scores of the mocks shouldn’t bother you anymore.

  127. The MICAT exam is also around the corner, and since the paper was on a tougher side last year and this year the test would be conducted in an online format, there are various queries that are coming to mind…
    Therefore, would it be possible for your team to perhaps conduct a webinar with regard to the expected pattern of the paper and the right method of preparing for the same.

    All your articles and webinars have always been very helpful with respect to the correct way of preparing for any exam, any information with regard to the preparation for MICAT would be a huge help…

  128. Dear Sir, I have registered for session on 23 Nov, but due to network failure at my end, I did not able to participate,

    Request you to please share url of recordings, if it is available.

    Thanking You


  129. Hello team CL. I have purchased smart cat cracker of 1 month validity on 24th november but not yet received the login credentials for the same. Earlier I have purchased the trial version and later I purchased the full version. Please fix this problem as soon as possible as the time with me is very short.

  130. SIR
    HAVE 90+ IN 10TH AND 12TH

  131. Hello Sir,
    What is the minimum percentile and score i need to secure for SIBM Pune, SIIB and SCHMRD?
    i am form SC category

      • Hello sir,

        Is there any age restriction for getting admission into IIM-A or IIM-B or IIM-C? Allow me to give you a statutory warning before I explain this slightly unorthodox question in detail: if you don’t want to read an extremely long-winded, Ramayana style epic comment, please skip ahead to the very last paragraph.

        So yes, I am asking because my preparation has been lackadaisical (as my Mock scores would testify!) due to work commitments and a general lack of intelligence to be brutally honest. Also, I was told that IIM-A in particular MIGHT NOT take in candidates who have > 2 years of Work Experience. This, even if a person has secured >99.5%!

        Having graduated in 2012, I will be 26 next year and my WE will be entering into its 4th year since it is exactly 35 months currently. My long time ambition/aspiration/dream was to get into one of the older IIMs – mainly IIM-A/B/C and do an MBA in Marketing as I happened to be of the belief that only an MBA in Marketing would cater to my passion and interest.

        Apologies for the circumlocution. Here’s the gist –> Would it be possible for me to secure admission into IIM-A (mainly) or IIM-B or IIM-C with 99%+ and even having 4yrs+ of WE? I’ll be extremely gratified if you could spare a moment of your valuable time and answer this comment/query of mine in as much detail as possible. 🙂

        PS: I’ve already checked the IIM Profilizer in CL. With the exception of UG, 71% from Sathyabama University, Chennai, my academics aren’t too shabby –> CBSE 10th and 12th with 91.6% and 88.2% respectively.

        • Sandeep,there is no age limit in IIMs and all the top IIMs (ABC and others also) have a few students with a work experience of 4-5 years.Your information that IIMA (and others) are not interested in candidates with a work experience of more than 2 years is incorrect. The average work experience in the top IIMs would be around 2.5 years which obviously means that there would be students with a higher amount of work experience also. This is true for the other top IIMs as well.
          With the current criteria of IIMA, your 71% in graduation could eliminate you. IIMB is possible for you at 98.5%ile and IIMC would need around 99.5%ile.
          Apart from the IIMs you should consider SP Jain which prefers candidates with work experience and ISB Hyderabad for which you will need to take GMAT.

          • As far as getting a call from IIMA or B is concerned, I was told by a friend studying in IIMB that only my UG marks will be an eliminator wrt IIMB but not for IIMA or IIMC. So, I figured that with 99.5%le and above, it would be possible to get IIMA or IIMC since I have decent marks in 10th & 12th. Oooh well.

            Anyway, big thanks for the swift and detailed reply, boss. I am glad to that know that even with 3+ years of work experience, my dream/aspiration of getting into the top IIMs and the other top 10 colleges like SP Jain, XLRI, ISB will not be impossible. 🙂

          • Sandeep, this year the IIMA criteria UG marks have in a way become an eliminator.
            In case of IIMB your work experience will more than compensate for your UG marks.
            In any case these factors keep on changing and are outside our control.

          • Fair enough, boss. Once again, thank your patient and detailed replies.

            My mind seems to be getting more clarity after reading your “wisdomy” words, so, I will keeping casting my other thoughts and queries through comments in your more recent posts. 🙂

  132. Sir,
    My score in CL Mocks is around 94 percentile, 10th-88.3 % ,12th-83.17% ,B.Tech from NIT Nagpur – 7.99/10 , Last year CAT percentile 93.2 . Which colleges should I apply for this year?
    Please Help

  133. Hello sir
    My performance in mocks has just improved and I have started getting 90 plus percentile. But my sectional performance specially in qa varies a lot (between 60 to 85 percentile) what should I do to improve it? What colleges should I apply to considering the sectional cutoffs ?
    I have a commerce background with 95 in 12 th and 1 year of work experience.

    • Sakshi, apart from the IIMs, XLRI, IIFT and MDI almost all other MBA institutes go just by the overall score and do not have sectional cutoffs and except for IIMs most of the time the sectional cutoffs are not high (75-80%ile) hence you should apply to all institutes without worrying about the sectional cutoffs.
      Regarding your QA score fluctuations, please call me today or on Monday at 9811155160 to discuss.

  134. Sir, my CL predicted percentile is 97.2 with best performance percentile as 99.11. How accurate is this? Can i hope to get a 99+ percentile in the CAT?

    • Rohan, in the past the percentile predictor has been fairly accurate but it assumes that your level of performance will be similar to that in the Mocks.

  135. Hi Sir,

    This is regarding IBS Hyderabad cutoffs. IBS Hyderabad is also accepting scores via NMAT this year, so what could be the possible cutoffs in NMAT for getting a call from IBS?. Also I would like to know the other colleges in Hyderabad which accept CAT scores as a criteria for call ups.

  136. Sir,
    I am scoring around 80-90 percentile in my CL mocks and percentile prediction of 94-99 percentile.Marks in DILR and VRC are above cut-offs but QA score varies exponentially. I am good in number systems and arithmetic. What should be my strategy and which schools should I apply to.
    My NMAT score is 216. Should I go for a retake or this score will ensure a call.

    • Piyush, NMAT at 216 will result in a call from NM Mumbai if your sectional scores are fine.
      Except for the IIMs and XLRI most of the other B schools do not consider sectional cutoffs so apply on the basis of your overall expected percentile. To be safe you can apply on to the institutes that have a cutoff of 90%ile or more.

  137. Hi Sir,
    My CL predicted percentile score is 88 and best attempt predicted score is 91.
    Xth- 82.4% ICSE, XIIth – 81% CBSE, BE- 75.4%. Work ex – 28 months, working with an NGO for past one year too.
    I have applied in SPJIMR, MDI, NMIMS and SIBM- Pune; other than these colleges and IIMs which better colleges do i stand a chance to make into?

    • Kushagra, you should look at applying to IMT-Ghaziabad and IMI Delhi as well.
      Hopefully you have filled the form for IIFT as well.

    • Sir..
      I am going to write CAT 15
      I am doing bsc agriculture finl yr student
      Cl Predicter..%ile.z 88-90%
      In what colleges should i consider applying for ABM..?

  138. Sir ,
    In CL Mocks I’m Consistently getting around 85-93 percentile and score between 115 to 135. In what colleges should I consider applying to???
    And for SNAP table above ,what is mentioned percentile or score?

    • Ritz, assuming a similar level of performance in CAT you are likely to get a CAT score of 90-97%ile, hence apply to the colleges that have a cutoff in the range of 90-98%ile.
      SNAP data pertains to the percentile and a 90-92%ile in CAT is likely to convert to a 97-98%ile in SNAP.

  139. Hello sir, I have scored 64% in class 10 and 73% in 12 and 51% in graduation(BCOM). I am giving almost all the entrance exams.can you suggest me some colleges to which I can apply?

    • Rahul, apart from the IIMs most of the other B-schools give calls only on the basis of the CAT score hence apply on the basis of your expected CAT percentile.

  140. Hello sir
    My cl predicted percentile is 89 to 96.
    I have 76% in graduation ( 95% marks (commerce) in 12th and 83% in 10th with around 1 year of work ex. What colleges should I apply to and what are the chances of conversion there?

    • Hemant, FORE is a decent college which provides good education and placement opportunities and can be considered. Its cutoff would be in the region of 88-90%ile.

      • Sir
        I am a chartered accountant with one year experience in one of the Big 4. Could you please tell me the MBA institutes besides IIM’s and FMS that are worth applying for me?

  141. Sir,
    Can you suggest me some Good Colleges in mumbai for Import export in International Business ?
    And which all exams should i appear for IB ..?

    • Akshay, to the best of my knowledge the only good MBA institute that offers a program in International Business in Mumbai is KJ Somaiyya which accepts CAT and CMAT scores for admission. A CAT score of 90%ile is usually sufficient for a interview call.

  142. Hello sir,
    I am giving CAT 2015 and my age as of now is 25 years.
    I have work ex of around 20 months in managerial role with a leading bank.
    Will my age act as a constraint in selection process and especially in placement process after completing MBA as I will be around 28-29 years of age at that time?
    Please reply. Thank you.

  143. Hi Sir,
    I have 82.6% in 10th, 86.4% in 12th and 73% in B.Tech( Graduated in july 2015). I have a reservation i.e ST category.
    Can you please tell me how much minimum percentile do i have to score so that i can expect a call from first 6 IIMs and FMS.
    Also sir this year many IIMs have reduced their Sectional Cuttoff, what does that mean?
    Is it a sign of increment in difficulty?

    • AB, please check the required percentiles based on your profile using the IIM Profilizer
      The level of difficulty of CAT can not be adjudged by the sectional cut-offs of the various B-schools and the IIMs.

  144. Hello Sir,
    I am preparing for CAT 2015, my academics are as following:
    Xth- 88.42%(ICSE)
    XIIth- 84.00%(ICSE)
    B.Tech- 73.3%
    With no work-experience.
    Last year I got 91.11 percentile in CAT, this time I am hopeful for improvement.
    What are my chances of getting into the top 10-15 colleges?

    • Pravesh, based on your profile, you are eligible for most of the IIMs. Please confirm it using the IIM Profilizer.

      91.1%ile in last years CAT means that your concepts are by and large in place. You should give more mocks and analyze them well.

  145. Hello sir
    My 10th% is 81. 12th% is 63.7. Completed BE with 69.6% in mechanical.What percentile will confirmed the call with IIT’s, IIM, JBIMS,NITIE ? And don’t have any work experience. With category NC OBC.

    • Srushti, this is a matter of personal choice. If you are interested in engineering then go for ME else go for MBA.

      • Sir, I’m going to write 2015 cat exam. I belong to obc and my 10th state board 89% and inter 83% and engineering 6.5cgpa how much percentile i should get in cat to get into IIM a b c and for IIM l k also thank you

  146. Hello sir,

    I have got 78% in both 10th and 12th(CBSE). i have completed my graduation in 2015(july) from MNNIT Allahabad with 6.13 on a 10 point scale. My transcript has certain backlogs which are cleared now. I belong to SC category. I have recently started preparing for CAT 2015. I wanted to ask what safe score should I target so that i could get a call from IIMs and other prestigious MBA colleges.

    • Dev, while calls are possible at 80%ile, a 90%ile in CAT 2015 will most probably get you interview calls from all IIMs. Please check out the IIM Profilizer for the target score and the institutes from where you can get calls.

  147. Hello Sir,
    I have got 78% in both 10th and 12th from CBSE. I have graduated in 2015 (july) from MNNIT Allahabad in civil engineering with certain backlogs( all cleared). I am a SC category student. I have no job experiences after the graduation. I want to humbly ask what is the safe score i must target for CAT 2015 so that i could get a call from all IIMs,IIFT,FMS etc. And how the change in pattern this year will increase or decrease the cut off for the category aspirants.
    Thank you.

    • Dev, with a decent academic record calls are possible at 85%ile but to be sure you should have score of 90%ile for calls from all IIMs, FMS and other MBA institutes that have reservation. The change in patterns can change the marks but not the percentile score.

  148. Sir , I belong to SC category
    my 10th – 76.75%[wb board] [2004]
    my 12th – 77.30%[wb board] [2006]
    my undergrad- 7.02(As of 6th sem)[ in CSE][2012-16]
    I have to leave a gap of 6 years due to illness of my father , now i am eyeing CAT ’15 , scored 26 correct(attempted26) in QA part and 18correct(attempted 18) in Verbal part in proc mock 8 (just joined CL) without any prior preparation. Is there will be any problem regarding my gap and age(dob- dec,88) ? And how much more I need to do to get all A,B,C call (If any chance)? And what should be my approach from now on ?As I will have roughly 2 months plus time left.

    • Tubai, considering your profile the top IIMs are possible. IIM Indore and IIM Bangalore might be out of reach. Please confirm it using the IIM Profilizer.

      The 6 year gap should not be a problem if you are able to support it with a logical reason.

      Since you are enrolled in a classroom program, it is important to always stay ahead of the class. Take a couple of weeks to go through your classroom and coaching material. Go through the concepts to ensure that you are thorough with all the basic formulae & techniques of solving different question types by August end. Practice all the Level-1 and Level-2 MCQs. Avoid the very difficult questions as this year too CAT is expected to be easy-moderate level of difficulty.

      2 weeks into your preparation, start taking 1 Mock CAT per week. Each practice test and Mock CAT should be analyzed in detail to ascertain what worked or did not work for you. Spot the important questions that appeared in the mock. These important questions should be revised once a week.
      The analysis process is explained in my blogpost Things you must-do after every mock you take.
      Effective mid-September you should move to 2 Mock CATs per week and once you finish your practice material start attempting CAT 1990-2008 papers.
      In addition to the above you should be reading the editorial, business and international pages of an e-paper daily (Indian Express or The Hindu).

  149. Dear Sir,
    I belong to SC category and have been preparing for CAT’15. I have appeared for 3 CL mock tests and have scored 64, 70 and 77 scores (not percentile) respectively. Please share what is my current level and how much score do I need to increase to get a better percentile for admission in a good college.


    • Bhupinder, as a SC candidate a CAT score of over 85%ile can get you calls from almost all IIMs, FMS and IITs but your target should be over 90%ile. Your current scores are hence on the lower side but the good thing is that you are improving with every Mock and hence are on the right track. Continue with your current preparation & test strategy and you would make the cut.

  150. 10th 66 % OBC category
    12th 58 % 64.78%
    CAT percentile 90
    work exp 2 years

    can I get chance to get into any IIT for MBA with this profile ?

    • Shalabh, yes you can get calls from IITs with your academic profile. To ensure that you have calls from all IITs you should target a 95%ile in CAT.

      • Thank you sir for your quick reply.
        Can you please tell that how much cutoff percentiles is needed for SNAP to get calls from SIBM and SCMRD

        With the same OBC category

        10th 66%
        12th 58% CSE 64.78%
        work ex 2 years

        • Hello Gp sir,

          Sir I come in CREAMY OBC category.
          Will I get same preference as NON CREAMY OBC candidates get in MBA selection process for top B school.
          In the colleges like IIT,IIM.SIBM.SCMHRD.?

          If NO then please tell me that what will be the cutoff percentile to get calls from IIT’s. I am from technical background and I want to get into an IIT for my MBA programme.And what will be the cuttoff for IIT roorkee IIT kharagpur for CREAMY OBC candidates.

          • Rahul, reservation is there only for non creamy layer OBC hence you will be considered a general category candidate.
            SIBM & SCMHRD do not have any reservation for OBC candidates and their cutoff would be in excess of 97%ile in SNAP.
            As a general category candidate )creamy layer OBC) you should target a CAT score of over 98%ile for a call from all IITs.

  151. Hi GP,

    Saw a friend totally confused over his acads while discussing some issue. I think your words will help us clear the air a bit.
    We are targetting CAT 2015 and OEMs. Our Acads :
    10th arnd 78-80% (Pune Board)
    12th arnd 65% (Pune Board)
    BE 60% (Mumbai University, MU is considered crazy as far as percentages are concerned, as you may well know)
    Work exp : IT MNC 24 months (2-3 client recognition awards and certificates of excellence)

    What realistic chances do we have for the following assuming decent (97-98%ile +) CAT and XAT scores given our acdas :

    IIM C, XLRI, IIM L, IIM I, SP Jain, IIM S, IIFT, MDI. (in this order).

    • Abhi, IIM C is difficult due to your marks in XII but most of the other B schools will not be a problem. In case of IIMB your work experience will hopefully compensate for the marks in XII and Graduation. Your target score should be:
      1. over 99.5%ile for IIM A, C, FMS
      2. 99%ile for other old IIMs, IIT Mumbai
      3. 97.5%ile for new IIMs, other IITs, SP Jain, MDI, NITIE, IIFT (IIFT score) and XLRI (XAT score)
      since you have Mumbai domicile JBIMS should also be your target.

  152. Sir, I have an NC-OBC reservation.
    10 th class – 9.8 cgpa
    12th class – 69%
    Graduation- 70% in Economics Hons from Delhi University

    How much do I need to score in CAT to manage to get into IIM A/B/C?
    They say as I didnt do well in my 12th, there are less chances, even that I didnt do my eco hons from some top college of DU ( SRCC,LSR) I have quite less chances of making it into a top IIM.
    Please help!

    • I have done two internships so far (2 months), both in Planning commission. Will that give me extra credits?

    • Shreya, NC OBC candidate with a decent academic record you should target over 97%ile to ensure a call from the top IIMs. The name of your college does not matter and students with graduation through correspondence also have made it to IIMs and other top institutes. It is your score in the MBA entrance along with your performance in the interview that are the most important factors. Please focus on your CAT preparation and do not worry about such issues.

  153. Dear Sir,

    I am a General Engineer Male and have done Mech Engg from a reputed college and gave CAT’13 and ’14 without preparation and scored badly(81 and 72 respectively) I am now working in a highly regarded core sector(automobile) company which has 6 days working. The working hours are long and physically taxing.Also I am not very interested in my job. I cannot manage more than 20hrs a week for my CAT’15 preparation with my job.My salary is decent(40k) but growth here is slow.
    I have taken SCC comprehensive offline which is extremely good but I feel that I need more time to prepare seeing my past results.

    Please suggest whether I should leave my job and prepare or continue my job, if I have just started preparing for CAT’15.Does the job experience compensate for a little less percentile I get as compared to the percentile I get after leaving the job.

      • Ansul, apologise for the delay in responding to your query.
        I am not in favour of quitting your job for CAT preparation but if you cannot manage with your job then you do not have an option. My suggestion is to continue with your
        job till end July and prepare simultaneously. From August you can focus exclusively on preparation for CAT and other MBA entrances, this will give you over 3 months which is sufficient for retake preparation.

  154. Sir I have got 86.74 percentile in CMAT(february).I haven’t applied for any colleges as of yet. I want to know if I can apply for any college at this time.

    • Ujjwal, you could try KJ Somaiyya, Welingkar and other Mumbai institutes. Application window for most other institutes has closed.

  155. Hello Sir,

    I had given CAT this time , and scored a dismal percentile of 83.My Acads are– 66.5(B.Tech), 85.98( 12th) and 86.14(10th). I have a job in a good startup. However, The work is very demanding. I am not able to get any time with respect to my preparations for CAT 2015. I have decided that this will be my last attempt with respect to CAT. It is more of a do or die situation. I am not interested with respect to my current role(Sales) , as it does not align with my interests. I want to go for consulting. Is it advisable to go for coaching, as I believe that I am in need of some good guidance , and Since, IIMs don’t regard any experience after July 31st 2015( As, mentioned in the form- July 31st 2k14). Is leaving a job practical/advisable??. Because it is just becoming a drag.

    • Ankit, apologies for missing your query.
      Coaching is fine if you need regular faculty guidance, a structure to prepare and someone to guide you through the preparation process. It is okay to leave your job once you have registered for CAT but you should have your back up options in place.
      Call me at 9811155160 to discuss the issue.

  156. Hi Sir ,

    1. What percentage of the batch gets placed in the XISS HRM batch ?? ( batch strength is 75 )
    2. What is the safe percentile for converting XISS HRM ??
    3. what are my chances of converting XISS HRM at 84.xx percentile ?
    4. Is it advisable to join XISS HRM ?? If yes- why and if no then why ?
    5. How is XIME HR when compared to XISS HRM program

    P.S :- I am only interested in HR.


    • Rahul, at 84%ile you have a good chance of converting the XISS HRM call and it should be preferred to XIME HR due to better placements and focus. XISS HR claims an average salary of Rs 6.75 lakh while XIME Blr would be around Rs 6 lakh and also XIME is known more for marketing. XISS is likely to have a placement of about 65-70%.
      The decision to join/leave XISS HR is a function of your other options (institute and job) and cannot be generalised.

  157. Hello sir
    MY 10th : 82
    12th :49
    GRAD: 64%
    Work exp: 18 months in local firm
    BE: Electrical
    CAT : 84%ile
    Verb: 76
    Quant 86
    I had applied for BIMTECH, NIRMA, IMT Nagpur, GIM … sir please guide me whcih more colleges i can apply for. thank you. and how is SPJMR-PGCIM program. thank you.

  158. Hello Sir,
    I have XAT-2015 OA – 57.09
    Sectional wise –
    QA: 76
    ELLR: 43
    DM: 52
    I have very good schooling and graduate percentages.
    Do i have any chances to get calls from decent colleges or Kindly Suggest colleges to which i can apply? I have 3+ years work exp. with CTC: 4.5lpa

    Thanks in Advance!

  159. sir,
    my XAT 2015:-
    Overall- 66.99
    QA- 90.58
    LR- 52.53
    DM- 35.39
    B.Tech- 7.65
    12th- 90.60
    10th- 90.37
    plzz suggest some colleges where should I apply..

  160. sir,
    I am a female BDS student with CAT OA-88.05.I have applied for FORE,IMI HR,LBSIM,TAPMI,KJ SOMAIYA and awaiting TISS result.What chances do students coming from my background have of selection in MBA colleges?It will help me determine what further steps i should be taking.
    Awaiting your reply

    • Anjali, at 88%ile you will get calls from almost all these institutes. Your background will be an advantage in the interview if you can handle the question – why MBA?

  161. sir, i have cat- 78.xx %ile, cmat- 88.xx%ile, xth- 92% , xii- 88.8%, grad( 77%, gen category, passout -2014. no work ex. through which of the exam should I apply to XISS as they are asking for only one out of these?
    And which other colleges do I have a chance with these scores??

  162. I got pathetic 67.98 percentile in XAT and have 6 years of Work experience in TTSL should I apply for Great lakes or are there even outside chances for getting a call from GLIM

  163. sir, I just wanted to know how much percentile one would have got in cat 2014 if none of the questions were answered by him.. – in other words what is the percentile for not answering any questions in cat 2014, as it was 55 percentile the previous year

  164. Sir,
    What about the new IIM (those which will begin their first session in 2015)
    when they will call for interview
    and there likely cutoff ?


  165. i have a doubt in filling up the forms.
    The institutes ask for 10th class %age . I had Hindi B as an additional language subject with the other two being English and Sanskrit.. But no where on the mark sheet it is mentioned that hindi is an additional sub. In the percentage of 10th section what % of marks should be filled? The net score of 5 subs or 6(that includes addnl. sub).

  166. respected sir ;

    A friend of mine claims to score 203.xx in cat 2014 by attempting 62 questions . Even assuming all of them are correct (which is highly unlikely), can normalization increase the score by that much……..also sir is it too late to join PDP classes of Career Launcher as i have been shortlisted in new iims ( 94.6%ile , NC-OBC)


  167. Dear Sir,
    I have got 89 percentile in CAT 2013.But couldnot convert any call.
    This year i have got 80 percentile. QA 82 va 69 oa 80.
    I belong to NC OBC. For my percentile only BIMTECH trichi is possible.I am 2014 passed out.I have no work experience.Is it worth to take CAT 2015?

  168. Hello GP,
    I’m General Engineer Male Mechanical 2014 passout.
    My CAT scores are *OA:91.67 *QA:87 *VA:92
    Please help me with these two dilemmas…
    1. I am not sure whether to settle for an average Bschool( maybe IMT or KJ at this score) or take the CAT again next year and aim for IIMs.
    2. I haven’t got a job in my field yet, so I’m considering the role of a faculty in a coaching class. Will it affect my interviews when I crack the CAT next year?
    What do you think sir I should do? And where can I send you my resume to review for a teaching role at CL?

    • Sankirna, apologise for the delay.
      If you are not in a rush to do an MBA this yea itself then you can consider targeting CAT’15, however go for a retake only if you are sure of getting over 97%ile else you will get almost the same institutes that you would have got this year. If you are unable to get a job in your area then the role of faculty is fine, it will also give you credit for work experience and many students in the past have made it to IIMs from this role.
      If you are interested in a role in CL please email your resume to me at

  169. Sir, I am studying in my final year B.Tech in Food Technology from Techno India, Salt Lake, Kolkata. I have received 72%ile in CAT, have 65% in Engineering, 76% in Class XII and 88% in Class X.I have got a call from IIM A in the 2 year Post Graduate Programme in Agri-Business Management. However, I do not know much about this stream, and am eager to know whether this stream is good, its placements, its value and whether it is worth it. Thank you.

    • Sauptik, hope you have prepared for and are attending the PGP ABM interview. It is a regular MBA program with a focus on Agri Business and has good placements.

  170. sir, i got 76.36 over all percentile
    is there any chances for SDMIMD mysore??
    also plz suggest a sure shot college at this percentile.

  171. Hello sir,
    My acads are 10th-91%, 12th-73%, btech cgpa (6.5/10)=71%
    I have scored OA 96.53, VA 84.82, QA 95.94
    I have 16 months of exp in IT. Is it possible to convert SP Jain?
    If I target to convert to convert it next year, in case I do not get it done this year, what should be my target %ile for CAT ’15, when I would be having 28 months of work-ex?
    I am G.E.M.

  172. Respected Sir,
    I’ve secured OA 78.08%le in CAT and 85.72%le in CMAT.
    However, I’ve done quite terribly in QA @13.16%le and okay in VA&LA @ 99.47%le of CAT.

    My other academic record is between 64-70% in all major exams and I’m from general category with no work exp.

    What are my chances of getting into decent collage like Welingker? Or do I need to aim even below like SIES?
    Are there any other decent options in Mumbai who would take these scores?

    Your guidance is much required and appreciated.

  173. Hello sir,
    My CAT OA percentile is 91.75, QA-94.41,VA-77.95, (NC-OBC).
    X-82.8 XII-80.6 Grad – 77. WorkEx-30 months.

    In which colleges i can still apply where there is a chance for interview call but also I don’t want to join a college which is below top 25. From which IIMs can I expect a call? Shall I apply to IIT – KGP?

  174. hello sir,
    my scores are as follows.
    CAT : 92.7%ile (QA91%,VA89%)
    NMAT: 217
    SNAP :96.87%ile (applied only to SCMHRD)
    TISS: expecting 75+ marks.

    1. Do i have any chance for NITIE PGDISEM?
    2. Pls compare NMIMS and SCMHRD.
    3. what other options do i have for now. (not willing to apply in IMT and IMI)


    • Hitesh, NITIE PGDISEM is possible for you.
      NMIMS Mumbai and SCMHRD are at the same level and are very good institutes. NM has the location advantage of Mumbai but it has a batch size of 500+ (SCMHRD is 240) and a higher fee. Overall NM Mumbai could be preferred to SCMHRD.

  175. sir
    my cat percentile is 83.89, sectional qa-84 va-76
    sir is there any chance to get good college
    if yes, thn plz tell me name of colleges

  176. Hello Sir,

    My score is OA 92.84… QA 78.01 VA 97.85 X: 87 XII: 80.3
    Btech: 6.67

    I have 4 years of professional experience in IT industry.. As per the article, I have a fair chance of getting calls from GLIM,IMT,IMI,TAPMI,BIM.

    But my dilemma is with 4 years professional exp is it worth to join tier II colleges, or shall I wait for another year and give a try again…

    Need some guidance from you sir..

    Thank you..


    • Sudarshan, while you can consider GL Chennai ideally you should take GMAT and target 1 year MBA from ISB Hyderabad and PGPX from IIMs.

  177. Hello Sir,
    my cat score is OA = 94.6 , QA = 97.4 , VA 73.5
    NC-OBC , Xth = 81.6 , XIIth = 76.8 , Btech = 69.2
    sir what are my chances of calls from new IIMs and in what good colleges do i have a real conversion chance……also sir should i aaply to IIT-Delhi….

    Thank you Sir

  178. Sir,
    How are IIT Roorkee & IISc Bangalore??
    My CAT percentile is 96.64 with QA-96.90 and VA-90.47 with 2 yrs work-ex in core sector.

  179. What colleges can I apply for in Information Technology branch?
    CAT Score in NC_OBC category
    QADI 39.84%
    VALR 95.77%
    OVERALL 73.56%
    10TH 85%
    12TH 76%
    No Work Ex.

  180. Sir,
    I gave SNAP and CMAT in which i got 73 and 76.87 percentile respectively. As XAT scores are yet to come, can I get any good college through these score.
    I m planning to apply in NIBM,Pune and IIFM,Bhopal. Is it worth to go for these two colleges?

  181. Sir, with 76 %ile overall cat score, which colleges can opt for so as to be placed hansomely n get quality education in the process…
    Category – NC-OBC

  182. GP Sir..
    Could you please write an article on MICAT and MAH CET prep.
    MICAT and JBIMS are really good colleges which there still is a fighting chance fr considering the exam is after 2 months!!

    PS:MAH CET is really imp..MICAT i could do without

  183. sir
    with 60%ile in cat dis year..i m in my final year of bcom…gave snap also..didn’t helped…but sir i did tried 2 put in my effrts but myt required more and n in a effective manner…
    sir i wnna ask wethr 2 satisfy myslf dis year wid colleges lyk amity noida,alliance,upes etc..or go for anothr attmpt mainly for cat n evn nmat n snap? do u think a 60%ile can tk it up to 90+…?

    • Sajal, 60%ile can go to 90%ile+ but will need you to focus on both knowledge and test taking technique. If you are willing to put in effort and are confident of improving then take up a job and start preparing for CAT’15. You should also take XAT/SNAP/NMAT. To be sure of your capability on this suggest that you take Maharashtra CET in mid March, put in your best foot forward, if you do well in this paper then you can possibly look at improving significantly in CAT’15.

      • thank you so much sir
        i ws simply shocked with how things went..but ya dunn wanna give up and end in sum below average college..n dis 60%ile jst dnt define me..i hv worked hard n wud do it more harder if dts wat it takes..clear my fundas n work on technique..

        • n if sir i go with option of amity noida or ibs gurgaon this year..because few say an year is imp….den should i do so? btw whts avg placement at amity noida and ibs gurgaon?

          • Sajal, apologise for the delay.
            The average salary in these two is likely to be around Rs 4-5 lakh pa.

  184. Respected gp sir, this is kaustubh belongs to physical handicap category my cat score 33.38 percentile any chance to get from single iim from reserved DA category. what u think can i apply for iits with this score?/ plz rply sir ur answer is hope

    • Kaustubh, unfortunately at your score call is not possible at from any good institute.
      Suggest that you evaluate Bank and SSC papers as well for your career.

  185. sir,
    my cat %ile is 87.14
    10 – 73.8
    12 – 75.2
    graduation – 60
    forms filled – TAPMI , FORE, LBS, NIRMA, DTU

    which colleges do you think i can get calls from. as my academics are not so good and %ile is just satisfying the cutoff of some

  186. Hi

    Xth: 95.5
    XII: 93
    Grad ( B.A.hons Business Economics / BBE) 84.95
    Cat percentile: 94.23
    Quants: 90.83
    VA: 93.19
    Any chance of IIMs. IITs, MDI or SIBM ?

    Moreover which all IITs can I apply to ?

    • Swati, SNAP – SIBM Pune is unlikely but in SCMHRD you have an outside chance.
      NMAT – all NM calls are possible.
      CAT – IIMs and IITs are not possible.

  187. Sir, I have got overall 81.29 percentile in CAT. I have a work experience of about two year. 66.67%, XII 67.69%, X 79.17%. Is there any chance for me to get a call from the new IIMs or is there a chance that I can get into the IIT

  188. CAT OA 92.53%
    sec1 84.81
    sec2 94.48
    X 82
    XII 79.2
    Engg 67.36
    wrk exp 24 months oct 2014
    Snap 86.3%

    sir what are my chances what colleges can i expect to get a call from or what shud i expect please help ??

  189. Hi sir,

    I have 92.6 in cat
    acads as 81,66,69 in 10th,12th and btech resp wit
    2.2 years of experience
    i have applied for IMI,IMT G,Fore,Great Lakes
    should i apply for any other colleges apart from this and what are the chances of these colleges.

  190. Sir,
    I got 71.45%tile @60.75 marks in SNAP.
    Shud i apply for SITM?
    Hw is dis clg ?
    Is dere any other good clg dat i can get?

  191. Hi Sir,

    I have got the following result

    OA – 90.21
    VA – 86.03
    QA – 88.56
    Cat egory- General
    Work ex – 25 months

    Which IIMs (new and proposed ones) should I expect calls from (if any)? And which IITs forms should i fill?

  192. Dear Sir,

    Please evaluate my profile and suggest which colleges to apply specially IIT’s.

    CAT OA 95.66%ile 158.31SS
    Quant 90.06%ile 74.88 SS
    VA 96.12%ile 81.24 SS
    Xth 91.8%
    XIIth 78.2%
    Btech ECE IP AIT 66.13% CPI
    Work Ex 25 Months TCS

    NAMT score of 216. Only CAT and NMAT given. No else form yet.

    Abhishek Aggarwal
    Ex CL Student

    • Abhishek, NM Mumbai is on but the IITs are unlikely, you could however apply to IIT K, R and M in the hope of cutoffs coming down.

  193. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for the comprehensive list . I am a general category candidate and my profile is as follows

    CAT 2014
    Overall : 88.51% ile
    Quant : 65.5%ile
    Verbal :98.09%ile

    I have 16 months of work experience. In which of the colleges do i really stand of being called keeping in mind my low quant percentile ?

    Thank you.

  194. hello sir,
    I have not scored very well in any exams yet..! my cmat sept. attempt score was 158 ( gen category) . I would like to know if i should give cmat feb. attempt bcz I need admission this yr anyhow. I also wanted to know if there are any good or even decent colleges accepting cmat feb scores. If yes, what should be my min score in this attempt.

  195. Hello Sir..Thanks for the post.My profile is as follows:
    CAT->92%,10->90,12->81,Btech-7.28..I have 2 yrs experience in Capgemini(IT)..Sir i have some personal questions to ask you about giving CAT & XAT next year and also about GMAT..This year i dont have any chance as among Non-IIMs i have applied in FMS,SP Jain,NITIE & MDI-G & needless to say i dont have any chances there and i dont want to go to other institutes at this low %ile..
    Sir it would be really helpfull if you can provide your Mail ID(if that’s ok with you) so that i can elaborate my concerns there as i don’t feel comfortable discussing them here..
    Pls do reply..thanks

  196. I got an OA 79.9%
    95.9%ile in Eng/VA
    53 in Quant/DI
    Have almost 4 years of work ex. Kindly suggest.
    (Was also wondering if TAPMI is a possibility?)

  197. Sir,
    I’ve scored 90.98 percentile OA in CAT. I’m planning to apply to BITS Pilani, LIBA Chennai & XISS – HR. I want to specialise in HR & inclined towards XISS due to ROI factors
    (apart from XIMB at my score). However I still want to understand with a neutral mind the best order of preference amongst the above three(keeping in mind the final placement figures). Can you please advise?

    Also is there a chance to convert a call to any of the new IIMs at my score? Will it be better to join the new ones iims in the very first batch rather than joining any of the above 3?

  198. Sir I have got 62 percentile in cat. I have done my btech and worked for a year and a half in Oracle Financial Services Ltd. I am a NC-OBC candidate. Can i expect calls from niit or iit?

  199. Sir I scored 84.43 overall (quant 93.34 via 48.97), cash I expect a call from new imms as well as what are the other good colleges I should apply to?

  200. Respected Sir,
    I got 64.87 %ile. Category: ST. Can I possibly get a call from L (they’re cutoff is 65, as I’m sure you are well aware)? And with such a percentile sir, I will probably get calls from I, K and FMS (correct me if I’m wrong on the last one), but do I have a real chance of making it to the final list of these institutes, in particular I or FMS, with my percentile?
    Profile X – 72.2, XII – 78 , No Exp, Commerce.
    Please do reply.

  201. Hello Sir,
    I was looking at the MBA program of BITS Pilani and was really impressed by there placement statistics, curriculum,faculty etc. Add to the fact that it is comparatively ‘cheaper’ and the industry image for BITS Pilani brand, it looks like a prospective opportunity.
    However the college does not secure a very healthy ranking on any website.
    Please enlighten me with your input about the program and college.

  202. hello sir,

    my cat result


    10TH – 92.2 % (CBSE)
    12TH- 87.8% (CBSE)

    currently in final year of delhi college of engineering .placed in affine analytics as business analyst ..package- 6lpa

    I want to know from which colleges i can expect the calls( I have applied to iims,fms,ximb,sp jain,mdi) n which other other colleges i should apply to considering the fact that i have good placement and i can retry next year for better percentile.


  203. sir,
    my cat %ile is 83.67
    acdemics are good ,have 21 months exp

    do i apply to LBSIM as cut off mentioned by you is 85and last year LBSIM had a cut off 87?

  204. Hi Sir,

    I have appeared for CAT this year but my percentile was not good got around 88 only.I want to prepare for GMAT,,can you please throw some light on how much i need to invest for studying in colleges in UK/USA/SouthEast.
    My X-86.5
    XII-79.14, Btech-8.49 and i have a work ex of 2 yrs..can i get a scholarship and how much score should i target?Please help sir.

  205. CAT OA 93.65 QA 92.6 VA 86.6 WE 28 months
    10th 86
    12th 74
    BTech 74

    Should I apply to any IIT ?
    Please reply

  206. Respected GP sir,
    I have scored an overall 84.63 pc in CAT
    Quant: 90.72
    VA : 63.08
    Xth: 92%
    BTECH:79 aprx
    No work ex…
    CMAT sept: 95 pc
    nmat: 201

    I have applied to imi , imt , nirma , fore ( both ib and PGDM) , LBS…Where can i expect a call .. looking at my academics too…>???

  207. sir CAT score card is-OA 96.76 with (QA/VA-96.96/82.95) with acads as X/XII/grads-91/79.6/72.10. where all to apply??iits which ones?? pls help

  208. Sir,
    Great lakes pgdm and Nirma at 80 percentile??
    Comapared to last year these institutes are lowering their cut off?

  209. Hi GP Sir,
    I got 93% in CAT: VA-87, QA- 93.
    How is Nitie(PGDISEM) course?
    NMAT-218 (QA:88, LS:60, LR:70)
    Decent Acads
    What are my chance of conversions for above colleges.

  210. Hi GP sir,

    My profile is
    cat2014 %tile =95.79
    sec1: 91.98
    sec2: 96.2
    X: 81.2
    XII : 65.7
    Work Ex: 2.5yrs in IT and 2 yrs running my own business
    What are my chances of converting MFC as I am very much inclined to pursue a course in finance.?
    All my posts remains under moderation please reply to this..

  211. Sir My scores in Cat 2014 are
    I am a final year student with no experience and gen category
    Will I get calls from new IIMs and please suggest some good colleges

  212. Hello GP sir, How are you ?
    I got pathetic scores this year also. I have been giving CAT from last 3 years and could not get a decent scores like 99.xx%ile.
    Got 20, 64, 37%ile in last 3 years. I want IIM A only.
    My acads :
    10th- 86%,
    12th- 74%,
    BE Electronics- 76%(8.02 CGPA/10),
    Having 2 years of work exp as a Software Testing Engineer in an MNC,
    Having associated with NGO as a Volunteer.

    I had joined coaching class Endeavor in 2011. Now how can i start preparation for CAT 2015. People saying CAT is unpredictable But i am preparing and putting my all efforts and still getting horrible %iles.
    I want IIM A only.

    Sir please give me suggestions which book/Material should i buy and should i join coaching class again? How should i start preparation for CAT 2015 ? How can i go with it ? Can i use my old material for CAT 2015 or should i buy latest books from CL ? Need a detailed answer sir. Thanks in advance for your reply 🙂

  213. Sir, i got
    cat : 91.39
    graduation : 60
    xii : 62.8
    x: 81.8
    general category
    i hv applied for all the 90 percentile cources mentioned acadamic scores are a little low ..should i be sure of getting the calls from those institutes ?

  214. GP Sir , I got 79.79% in CAT 2015 (NC-OBC)
    VA – 70.xx

    10th – 85
    12th – 66
    BE – 66

    Can i get a call from MHRM IIT KGP, MIB – MHROD , NITIE , BHU?
    And are any, out of all the new IIM’s, possible ?
    Thank you in advance.

  215. Hi GP sir. Thanks a lot for the much informative blog.

    My score in CAT 2014 is 94.13 %ile [90.9(quant) & 91.5(verb)]. I belong to NC-OBC category.
    10th- 87 %
    12th- 93%
    BE- 78%
    Work experience – 15 months (IT analyst)

    What are my chances of getting calls from older IIMs- K, I and L? Any chances for IIM -B? Should i apply for IITs also?

    Please advice

  216. i have got 81 percentile
    in quant 88 percentile and in verbal 58 percentile.
    Is there any sectional cut-off in nirma, iifm and welinkar???
    if yes then please mention the same.

  217. sir,
    i got OA=98.19(QA=98.85,VA=92.4)
    do i stand a chance in IITD or sjsom,IIT bombay…..will i get any call from iims??…..also my acads is 95 in X and 93 in X!! and 82 in grad(currently in final year)…..would you recommend another shot at CAT considering my first attempt??

  218. Sir
    Sir my cat percentile is 88.05 and my cmat percentile is 94.8 with overall rank of 2450 through which score should i apply for kj somaiya??
    Also sir as an industry insider what do you think matters the most brand or certifications?
    Since i can take whatever i can get this year work hard in mba get FRM,CFA certifications or i can work hard and try to get an IIM which path would you suggest not just for me but for many others in a similar dilemma?

  219. Sir,

    CAT 14- 86.84 NC OBC Slot 3rd

    Graduation BTech- 68 will complete in May this year

    I want to go for a retake as I’m confident of a much better score next time. Do I have to take up a job or can I go for some marketing certifications to put up on the resume. Interested in MBA in marketing. Would not going for a job after graduation, raise eyebrows? What do you suggest?

  220. sir,
    i have appeared for CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, but unfortunately did’nt performed well in any. i will be appearing for feb mat. what score should i target and what are the good colleges for mat.

  221. Hello Sir,
    Some corrections, If I’m not wrong, MBE, Delhi University applications are still not out.

    and Sir, My OA percentile is 84.92. Should I apply to KJ Somaiya ?
    and what are your views on BITS pilani ?

  222. Hi sir,

    my Overall percentile is 83.3 in VA 74.2 and in QA 83.3 and my 10th percentage is 59 percent
    12th percentage is 70 percent
    graduation 56.4
    overall experience 16 months

    will i expect to get call from lsibm
    Plz reply,

  223. hello sir,
    at 93 %ile overall (VA-89/QA92) will i get a call from MFC? i have heard that they have an index score where 10th and 12th marks are given a lot of weightage for interview call??
    i have 78 in 10th and 82 in 12th .


  224. Hello sir,
    I am preparing for cat 15.. Due to puja vacations, semester exams i lost my speed in maths,calculation and reading speed as I am out of preparation for nearly 2 months.. my summer training is starting is going to start this week .. So how I should approach my preparation??

  225. Sir, you are a saviour 🙂

    I have read all of your posts and you are very helpful. You give appropriate suggestions, hence I am here to ask for your advice.

    Details about me :
    SSC : 88.2 % in 2005
    HSC(correspondence) : 66.2% in 2007
    Diploma in ECE of 3 years regular with honors : 72.08% (4th in college) in 2008
    Due to family problems, had to quit on the idea of doing B.Tech. and hence worked one year with my father and helped him set up his business. After that, I worked in Dell International services for 59 months, was best employee for 3 consecutive years and have got 8 different awards during my tenure. I even mentored new employees since I was very good at my work and was recognized by area managers and even the site director himself. I had to concentrate on work more to get promotion and salary hike so I could support my family and hence could not study at that time. I was the only earning hand in my family as the business was just started and it was just a small rented shop.
    I enrolled myself for graduation in Arts in 2012 and will appear for 3rd year exams this year. My graduation percentage till now is 69%, it is correspondence course from Panjab University.

    Recently, Dell offered voluntary retirement to all of its employees, so I took the opportunity and got around 3 lakh rupees which I invested in coaching, exams, forms for different colleges etc and helped my family too with the remaining money since I was the major contributor in my family.

    Since my experience was after Diploma(even though it was vocation course of 3 years full time) it is not being considered by few colleges. I would need your advice as to which colleges shall I aim for as I want to do MBA this year itself. Major reason for me to do MBA is that I want to fulfill my dream of higher studies and also want monetary benefit and career shift.

    My scores :
    cat : 86.56 QA : 76 and VA 92
    xat : around 26-28 marks sectionals QA- around 6.5 to 7, VA around 10-11, DM 10-11
    Nmat : 208 with good sectionals and result of last window is pending.
    snap : around 95-98 according to CL.

    Colleges I applied for : SIBM P, SCMHRD, GIM, IMT G, IMI, FORE, LBSIM, LIBA, Tapmi, KJ somaiya, welingkar, XIMB, XLRI.

    Shall I apply for BIM trichy considering it is mentioned on every page that cut off for the same was around 90 percentile. Also, with my score, I don’t think I will meet the UBS cut off. I think UBS isn’t a good option anyway since it is suffering from some major placement issues.

    Sir, please understand my situation and guide me. I would really appreciate your help. This is first and last chance for me to bring a chance in my career and help my family in the best way I can.

    P.S. I am from Chandigarh and I do not have any problem in relocating anywhere for a good college.

    • I got these scores with only 4-5 months of preparation. Cmat score : 93.60, it was my first exam after 1-2 months of preparation only. I studied after 6 long years hence was able to manage only these kind of scores. I resigned in June and would have to work unless I get a good college. So your guidance will help me build a career for myself. Please let me know what shall I do to convert the calls provided I get any.
      Forgot to mention that I am from General Category.
      I hope I have covered everything, sorry for writing such a lengthy message but this will give you a better idea about me and hence you would be able to give a fruitful advice.

      Waiting eagerly for your reply. Thank you in advance!

  226. dear GP sir,
    I got 94.59%le (QA- 94.49%le & VA-85.81%le) in CAT14.
    My profile-
    General category
    10th percentage-82.8 (2007)
    12th percentage-73 (2009)
    Engineering in mechanical-70.4% (2013)
    Taken CMAT sep14 and got 97.19%le (score 225)
    Working in an NGO as Community development facilitator for 13 months.
    I need to get into good institute this time only. this was my 2nd attempt.
    what chances do I have to get into some good B-Schools.
    I have applied to SPJAIN, MDI, IMT, TAPMI, FMS, KJ SOMAIYA. Which calls can I expect out of these??
    I have also taken SNAP, XAT and will be taking TISS and MICA.
    Any IIM calls possible(includin new ones)?
    And sir please suggest which IITs and other institutes should I apply to get a call for GD/PI.

  227. hi sir,
    what should be my prefrence between ximb, imi and imt?
    also do mdi-hr and ximb-hr have sectional cutoffs ?
    my cat OA-92.26 QA-94.08 VA-77.16 do i stand a chance from mdi and ximb ?

  228. Hello Sir,
    My profile is as follows:
    X: 90.6%
    XII : 90%
    B.E (I.T) : 72.81% Pune University
    Work Experience: 30 months (till December 31 2015) as Software Engineer
    Cat percentile: 92.20 (QA: 89.57, VA: 89.63)
    Category: NC-OBC
    I have applied to NITIE and FMS.
    From which colleges can I expect calls along with IIMs? Is I or K possible?

  229. sir,
    i have score 83.67 in cat . Sir as per your cut off list i am clearing the cut off for kj sommaiya – IB . Sir i just want to know like how is this programme should i apply to sommaiya and sir since my verbal percentile is 88.87 so should i apply to mica.

  230. Sir,

    I have CA inter cleared and am appearing for CA final in May.

    Sir can i expect any iim calls except new iims.
    And i am primarily relying on SPJAIN n MDI. I have not applied to FMS.Should i apply some where else

    And thank you sir for your constant support through the preparation stage with online posts and video sessions.
    they have been of immense help.

  231. This is my following results from the different management exams I’ve given in the last few months.
    CAT: 97.08 percentile(QA: 88.31;VA/LR:99.14)
    IIFT:99.45 percentile
    NMAT: 217/360

    I already got a call from IIFT and submitted my 2nd round form. Still to get my SNAP and XAT results.

    Based on my CAT score, I have applied to MDI, IMI, XIB while for XAT, I have XIB and XLRI.

    My academic score is overall aggregate (all subjects) of 78.43 for 10 and 79.14 for 12 while my CGPA is 7.03.

    My questions:
    1. What other MBA colleges can I apply for with reasonable chance of selection based on my CAT score?
    2. Should I give my overall aggregate everywhere (even when not specified) instead of using the ICSE norms of best of four and best of five? Especially, given using the later formula it rises over 81+ in both areas, which seems vital for the marking system of the b-schools.
    3. Is a CGPA to percentage conversion certificate mandatory during certificate verification wherever I have to convert it?

    Thank you sir for taking the time to look into my problematic situation.

  232. Sir,

    I got 94.44 (99.15 in QA and 58 in VA) this year.
    X – 86.83
    XII – 71.17
    Graduation – 79

    From where I can expect the calls?

  233. Thanks for this informative post.

    Sir I have secured 80.15 percentile in CAT 2014 and i Belong to general category. please suggest colleges where i can apply now as I am very confused.

  234. Hello sir
    I have scored OA: 88.77%. (QADI: 80.42 % & VALR: 91.57%) in CAT 14.
    Acad. :
    Btech. CSE: 77.9%
    12th: 78.66%
    10th: 87%
    Work experience : 2.5 yrs.
    In which colleges can I still apply and have good chance (GEN category) ?
    Thanks in advance sir.

    • Ravneet, go for a retake and this time do take GMAT also to open the option of 1 year MBA from ISB and other top institutes.

  235. hello sir
    i got overall cat 77%tile (sec1 91%tile , sec 2 36%tile)
    my category is SC
    so what colleges i should go for?
    i have applied for fms delhi , fms bhu
    i think the main problem i ll be facing is sectional cutoff
    should i apply for IITs?
    do IITs also demand sectional cutoffs?
    do all IIMs demand sectional cutoffs?
    pls suggest me other colleges too

  236. VA – 97.71
    QA – 82.22
    OA – 93.71
    10th (CBSE) – 82.80
    12th (CBSE) – 76.40
    Btech (NIT Trichy) – 7.05
    Work Ex – 26 months (CORE) (Till Date)
    OBC – NC
    Sir can you please comment on my chances? What colleges can i expect calls from? I have also applied for NITIE, IMT G, IMI D, Great Lakes (PGDM), IIT D, IIT B and SP Jain. Also should I apply for IIT Madras ?

  237. I have got overall CAT % as 91.
    Xth: 89.4
    XII: 87
    work ex=2 years in Larsen and Toubro.
    What are my chacnes of call from IIMS, MDI, IMT, IIT?

  238. sir my cat result is pathetic overall percentile is 48.78, i belong to sc category do i hv any chances of gtng any top college pls guide me.

  239. Hello sir,
    my education qualification details are:
    1. 10th – CBSE 76.4%
    2. 12th – CBSE 70.2%
    3. BTech(EC) – GBTU 66.9%
    4. Work Ex (IT analyst) 2.5 years
    5. Cat’14 – 89.19 percentile

    what colleges can i apply to and what are the chances in getting them
    i have applied to SP Global MBA praogram for 0-3 yrs of exp. will i get admission there?

  240. Hello Sir,

    My CAT scores are OA-85.62,QA- 72.48 and VA-92.65
    10th class-80%
    12 class-79%
    B.Tech- 69%

    Please suggest in which colleges can i still apply for and is there any chance of getting call from New IIMs?

  241. hi gp sir,

    cat 2014
    oa 88.94
    qa 88
    va 84
    Xth 89 12th 89 graduation 71
    workex 15 month it sector
    category nc obc
    can i expect call from old iims B,I / nitie/ iit D B?

      • thanks for your response sir!

        on the basis of the cut off list that you published last year. I already filled IIT kgp and IIT madras.But with a new list it looks out of my range. Shall i fill IIT RRK , IIT K too ?

  242. Sir Overall: 98.51 Percentile


    10th:86.43(Guj board)
    12th:72(Guj Board)
    Grad: 8.58/10

    General Category Male Engineer


    Would be applying to IIT-B and IIT-D.

    What else colleges should i fill the form?

    Also what are the chances of calls from the above mentioned institutes.Please guide


    • Raaj, apologise for missing out on your query.
      hopefully you have received calls from some of the IIMs and other top institutes, a good performance in the Interview and WAT will ensure conversion, work ex and acads are not very important at this stage.

  243. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for the really helpful post. I lost all my hopes after the declaration of the results but after seeing your posts, I’ve got a tiny little ray of hope.
    Cat 14: QA:92 VA:57 OA:83.6 (NC OBC)
    Work Ex: 24 months. Xth:89 XIIth:87 Grad: 73

    I have applied for NITIE, MFC. Is there any chance that I would be getting a call from NITIE ??
    I guess, I would be getting a call from MFC for sure but not sure about joining that college after this much experience in IT (Infosys). Would it be fine to go for MFC ?? or should I wait and try for one more year and better get a chance for any other college.
    What about the chances of getting into IIT(KGR),IIT(R),IIT(K) if any??

    Your help/advice is highly appreciated, Sir.

    • Rohit, apologise for missing out on your query.
      MFC is a top notch college for MBA Finance and should be considered favourably in you want to specialise in this area.
      Hopefully you have received calls from the IITs and IIT Kgp will be the best among the institutes that you have mentioned. Do not reject any institute at this stage, o through all interviews and decide after you get all the calls.

  244. Sir, I got 94.44 in CAT 2014 with 99.15 in QA and 58 in VA. I belong to NC-OBC category.
    Can I get a call from IIT Bombay, Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, NITIE or FMS?

  245. Sir, My profile CAT 96.01 10th 91 12th 92 BSc 64.2 (Garhwal University) . I’ve applied to MDI IMT and MFC of DU. What other colleges should I fill? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance sir.

  246. Sir,
    I have a 68.87 percentile in CAT 2014. Iam preparing for CMAT feb 2105 and XAT 2015
    Which colleges i should apply to?

    • Archit, based on CAT no decent colleges are possible. A score of over 90%ile in XAT will get you calls from good institutes.

  247. Hi Sir,
    My CAT OA=93.71 sec1 = 97.62 sec2=72.39 CMAT=97.33 (general category)
    Academics= Xth=78.2 12th=65.2 grad=59.1 back=mech.engg. work exp=0
    for which colleges i can apply for. B school advisory suggest only on the basis of percentiles not academics as in my case it is very poor.can i expect call from IIMs at least from those which is going to be open this year.
    Thank you
    vikrant singh

  248. Sir, I scored 92 in Quant and 81 in Verbal with 89.82 percentile overall…I have filled almost every college in this cluster (MFC,IMT,IMI,TAPMI,GIM,FORE).MBE forms are not out i guess.Graduated in 2014 with a Bsc degree from DU at 79 percent and currently without a job.I was able to increase my verbal percentile from 24 in CAT 2013 to 81 this year(Had 68 percentile overall in CAT 2013)…What calls can I expect?I am quite confident of increasing percentile to 95+ overall in CAT 2015 but afraid to take a job and prepare simultaneously.What do you think I should do?

    • Are the colleges i’ll get calls from good enough to give me a boost in my career.MBA is a big investment for me.

      • Anonymous, you should get calls from all the institutes that you have applied to – MFC, IMT, IMI, TAPMI, GIM, FORE, MBE. The best ROI institutes among these would be MFC, MBE and MIB.
        In case you decide to go for a retake do pick up a job as retake preparation is not a full time occupation.

        • Thanks sir!I’ll join any of the institutes mentioned above if I convert the calls.I’ll also apply to BIM trichy.I would like to get started with PDP immediately as I was occupied with XAT till now.I want to convert as many calls as I can.Should I join PDP personalised or regular PDP?

  249. hello gp,
    the following is my cat outcomes :
    VA AND LR- 97.55
    QA AND DI- 41.87
    OVERALL- 79.67.
    which schools fall in my radar ?

  250. Hello sir
    sir i got 77.43 percentile in cat2014 nc- obc
    sir please suggest me some colleges where i can apply and can you please tell me cut off of nits.
    10th- 82.50
    12th- 70 71
    no work exp.

  251. Hi Sir,

    My OA-94.68, QA-95.24, VA-86.83(GEN)
    Xth-84.2, XIIth-86.0, B.E-68.5(MU)

    What calls can I expect? Newest IIMs possible?

    Sir my main source of concern- I left my IT job 6 months ago to prepare for CAT. I have read that it becomes difficult to convince them during the interview as to why I left my job.
    I think this will seriously hinder my call conversion, so any tips on acing PI would be very helpful sir. Thanks


    • Rohit, newest IIMs are possible, also you can get calls from XIMB, IMI, IMT etc.
      Leaving a job can be explained in the interview.

  252. sir
    i have scored OA-91.67 , QA-88.42,VA-88.72 in cat 2014
    from which colleges i can expect a call? do i have any chance in HR from mdi gurgaon or iim lucknow? is there any chance that i revieve a call from top colleges in HR ? how is imi delhi?

  253. Hi Sir,
    First of all, Thanks a ton for the useful posts.

    I have scored OA 86.8, QA 74.4 and VA 93.4 in CAT 14.
    Category NC-OBC
    Acads : 10th-87.2 ; 12th-83.2 ; Grad.-86.2 ; Work Ex-36 months
    Can I expect calls from new IIMs(RRRTUK)/NITIE ?
    If yes, what are the probable chances for conversion?

    Thank you

    • DD, calls from new IIMs are possible and conversion is also possible since CAT score usually has a weight on around 35% for most of the IIMs.

  254. Thanks a lot sir for the wonderful post. My CAT percentile is 82.34. QA:89.81, VA:58.11.
    General Category.
    7th sem, B.Tech. 7.71/10
    Please suggest, which colleges should I apply to.

  255. Hi Sir,
    The columns written by you are a big help for MBA aspirants as they cover everything from preparing for an exam to choosing the right college and course.
    Please advise the B-schools I should apply to as per the following scores:
    CAT 2014 (overall) – 89.10%ile
    CAT 2014 (QA/DI) – 78.25%ile
    CAT 2014 (VA/LR) – 94.25%ile
    Category – General
    Graduation – B.Com(Hons.) from SRCC with 56.23% (2012 passout)
    Approx 2.5 yrs work-ex in KPMG (Transaction Services)
    12th – 86.8%
    10th – 82.8%
    Sir, after completing my MBA I want to join a PSU (like IOCL, GAIL) and thus fee structure of a program is important for me as placement in a private company is not what I am looking for in the long run. I live in Delhi, so colleges in Delhi-NCR will be a preference.
    Also, Sir it will be great if you can tell me the names of colleges from where I can expect calls so that I can start my Personality Assessment preparation accordingly.
    Thanks a lot in advance

      • Thanks for the advice sir. Unfortunately, I missed on the applications for DU 🙁 I have applied in FORE and LBS. Could you please advice if I should be applying to any other colleges?

        • Sonika, you should get calls from FORE & LBS. Will be coming out with another article on institute cutoffs in a couple of dayss.

  256. sir,
    i scored over all 80.5 percentile, 75.xx in qa and 80.xx in va/lr.. i have 43 months of experience .. Acads – 10th-76% and 12th-82 and btech-69….is there any chance of getting calls from iim ,specially older iims ?

  257. Hi Sir,

    I was waiting for my CAT result to write to you and seek your guidance.

    I am 2013 passout from Thapar University and currently working from last 1.5 years. I have got 91.8 percentile in CAT (QA/DI- 90.28 and VA/LR- 88.34) and I have applied under NC-OBC quota. Do you think i can get calls from new IIMs, FMS, IMT- Ghaziabad and IMI- Delhi? Is there any chance of IIM-L or IIM- Indore? Please help me understand which all colleges will consider my score. My academic record is below:-

    10th- 90.6%
    12th- 74.6%
    Grad.- 6.44 on a scale of 10

    I will look forward to hear from you sir.

    Best regards,

      • Anant, calls are possible from new IIMs but unlikely from the older ones. NITIE and almost all IITs are possible (IIT B and D may be difficult) for you along with MFC, MBE etc. You will get a call from FMS but converting it will be difficult. While IMI, IMT G etc are all possible my suggestion is to target the IITs/MFC as they will provide equally good (oer maybe better) education and placement.

  258. Hi Sir,

    With OA- 78.32%ile
    QA- 64.08%ile
    VA- 87.58%ile
    Xth -83
    XIIth -64
    Grad- 76.36

    and 3+ years of experience.

    Which all colleges should i target?

  259. Hi,

    My CAT percentile is 88.68
    QA and DI percentile = 87.03
    VA and LR percentile = 84.3

    I have 2.7 years of work experience.
    Could you please suggest some good colleges. Is there any chance of getting a call from New IIM’s.

      • Aishwarya, with almost 3 years of work experience LBS and FORE may not be good options for you. You can at best try for try for GIM but ideally you should consider the options of a retake of CAT/XAT and also try for ISB Hyderabad via GMAT.

  260. hi sir,

    my CAT OA percentile is 85.33
    QA – 85.26 VA – 78.15
    X- 87.2% , XII -86.6% BTech – 75%
    CMAT – 3394 rank 92.15 percentile

    Work Ex – 50 months in IT

    Is there any chances of me getting a call from KJ somaiya,Great Lakes, TAPMI or any other good institute?

  261. Sir, i got 80.25% in Cat.
    86 in ssc, 76 in hsc, 7.9 cpi in gradudation (Nirma
    currently working with accenture(4.5 Lpa).
    please guide me what should i do?.
    also- i belong to NC-OBC.
    shall i apply for NIRMA again, or Welingkar or Tapmi or any colleges you could suggest considering the ROI factor as well.

    thanks in advance.

    • Ronak, as a NC OBC candidate if you can increase your CAT score to over 85%ile you will start getting good institutes and hence my suggestion is to go for a retake. Given your current salary the institutes mentioned by you (except TAPMI) will not be able to provide appropriate career growth.
      Please refer to the post Cutoffs of CAT allied institutes for information on the institute cutoffs.

  262. CAT 2014- overall – 87
    Quant- 90.83
    Verbal -71.7
    Work ex at the time of applying – 11 months
    X- 91
    XII- 89
    Btech- 85
    Category- general
    Can i expect any calls?

  263. Hi Sir,

    Cat Over All Percentile : 68.04
    QA : 66.04
    VA : 65.55
    Xth : 82.16%
    XIIth : 91.6%
    B.Tech: 77.38%
    Work Experience : 13 Months (Till Date) in CTS in Banking & Finance Application
    Category: General

    Please Suggest me some good Colleges for pursuing my MBA.

    Thank you.
    Ravi chandra.

  264. Hi,

    I know it is a long shot. But i have got an overall percentile of 51.67 in CAT. I am from NC-OBC category. Can i expect any calls from any average college?

  265. dear sir,
    OA-88.2 VA-98.03 QA-65.2 I am a female from medical background with 1.5 years experience.Any scope of the newer IIM’s?


  266. Dear sir,
    My cat scores are QA/DI-69.36, VA/LR-65.93 N overall its 68.7.
    My 10th, 12th and B.E. % are 81.5, 61.8 and 66.7 respectively. ST category.
    Surely I will not get admissions in top b schools, what are the other options left for me? Please guide.

    • Kuntal, NITIE and a couple of IITs, DU programs are possible. If not then pick up a job go for a retake as a 75%ile will start giving you calls from good institutes.

  267. Sir my acads are 91% in 10th..91% in 12.. BE 84%.
    CAT 2014 scores are
    Verbal Logical – 97.25%
    Quant DI- 55%
    OA- 83.5%

    Which colleges do you suggest me to apply?
    Do I have any chance with LIBA/GIM/KJ Som/ Welingkar?

  268. sir i got 77.43 percentile in cat 2014 nc-obc
    plz suggest me some college where i can apply and nits are worthful for applying or not . sir please reply

    • Neha, NITs are not worth applying to as they have weak placements.
      Will post an article on cutoffs of institutes in a couple of days.

  269. CAt-88.41
    work ex-0
    where i can apply? applied to xiss ranchi,iiswbm,imi kolkata
    pls help

  270. sir this is my first attempt.
    72.74%ile. sectional cutoffs are scaring me.
    QA- 84.6%ile. VA- 43.69%ile
    SC category. Can I expect calls?

    • Sujitha, you will not be clearing the VALR sectional cutoffs hence calls from IIMs are ruled out. However calls are possible from the institutes that do not consider sectional cutoffs like MIB, MHORD etc.

  271. DEAR SIR ,
    I GOT 75.14%ILE IN CAT 2014-73.23 IN QADI AND 70.99 IN VALR.


      • Sir iam very much tensed ,it will be a great if u provide me ur contact number so that i can discuss with u.
        Actually, i had ur number but somehow it got deleted.Before cat wxam i had a converasation with u.

  272. Hello GP sir,
    I have scored 91.18 percentile (overall) ,GEN category in CAT 2014 : 84.2(VA) & 91.5 (QA)
    10th :94.4
    12th: 87.2
    B.Tech :83.7
    I have no work experience .Although I have been placed in Infosys.My questions are :
    Can I expect call from any of the IIMs or S.P jain?
    Should I apply for NITIE ?
    Is there any good college for which I should apply?

    • Nihal, calls are not possible from IIMs, SP Jain and NITIE IM at your score. However you may get a call from NITIE PGDISEM.
      Will come out with a post on institute cutoffs in a couple of days.

  273. Dear sir,
    could you please throw some light on the ranking and quality of FMS,BHU as it is different on different websites.I am not able to make up my mind for it and the last date of submission happens to be on the 31st.

    Thank You

    • Anjali, FMS BHU is a decent back up insitute with an average salary of around Rs 6 lakh pa and should be considered favourably. Its last date of submission is 21st Jan’15.

  274. Dear Sir,

    Does K J Somaiya accept only CMAT Sept Scores? I have appeared only for CMAT FEB 2014, also what is the likely cut off?
    I have scored 197, what are the options available?

  275. category:- SC
    CAT 2014 score:- 79.08
    QA & DI :- 68.23, VA & LR :- 86.43
    10th :- 88.92
    12th :- 60.17
    Degree :- 58
    what are my options?

  276. Hi Sir,

    I have got 51.11 percentile in CAT. Split is 57.25 and 41.45 in QA and VA respectively. I am under SC category. Can i expect any calls?

  277. OA:91.11
    B.Tech. :59
    workex: 10 months
    category: general
    sir, plz help me , which colleges should i apply for

  278. Respected Sir,

    My CAT 2014 percentiles are as below:
    QA and DI : 86.73
    VA and LR: 91.72
    Overall: 91.59

    Could you please suggest good colleges that I can still apply to?
    Also, which colleges should I be able to clear with this score?


  279. Sir,
    My Overall Cat %ile is 73.30 General Category, Xth-81%, XII 90.3%, B.E 74%. I have a work exp of 2 yrs from a MNC. What are my chances of getting a call from IFMR, GIM, TAPMI & Great Lakes. Is there any other B school that i can apply for. Please help me out with my queries. Thanks

    • Srinath, unfortunately no decent colleges are possible at you score. Suggest that you go for a retake of CAT and also take GMAT to open the possibility of ISB Hyderabad.

  280. I got 80 percentile in cat 2014. With 86 in verbal and 70 in di. What should I do next? I’m very lost and confused

  281. Sir,
    Merry Christmas!

    I had scored 87.17 percentile in CAT 2013..On basis of work exp etc..I got admission to IIM-Rohtak FPM. But I did not join as it involved 5yrs of intense acads(Phd). Now I am feeling the heat at job…need to switch to something better coming year, 2015. Based on this score, should I apply to Great Lakes, Welingkar, IIFM Bhopal.I have work exp of 3.5 years@IBM and grad from Bits pilani…

    • Pooja, graduate from BITS Pilani will be downgrading herself by joining any institute that is not among the top 20. Suggest that you prepare for CAT’15 and GMAT and try for top IIMs and ISB Hyderabad.

  282. sir,
    i m expecting to got 85 percentile .and i m interested in banking management so suggest me college for that..and also about NIBM pune..its cutoff , placement and your rating about it..

  283. SIR my academics details are:
    10th- 83.33%
    12th- 63.66%
    grad- 66% (but my grad is still not completed with two papers remaining and the worst thing is that these two subjects belong to my 1st and 2nd year, & now i am in 5th year of my grad[ b tech] but by the March 2015 , i will surely complete my grad)
    so, sir , with this academics profile and no work experience , should i still expect admissions into :
    So, should i fill the forms of all above mentioned colleges or will that going to be a wastage of money as these colleges must be giving some weightage to work ex and academics profile?
    – I am appearing in SNAP and XAT……….

    • Sarthak, this issue will be discussed in the interview but can be handled. Hope you have applied to the institutes. Apologise for the delay in responding to your query.

  284. Hi Sir,

    which one is a better choice IMI New Delhi or SIBM Pune in terms of placements and over all learning experience/ MBA experience ?


      • Hi Sir,

        Thanks for the reply but you didnt say if SIBM is better placement wise than IMI or some other reason for your choice ?

        secondly IMI scores better than SIBM in the rankings, so doesnt it have much more brand value.

        kindly clear all the doubts.

  285. sir,
    I have given my CAT 2014 test and have attempted 34 questions overall(19+15).
    How much percentile i would expect if i get 90% accuracy and which other forms & colleges i should go for?

  286. Hi
    I have given my CMAT (first test) and got 77.2 percentile (146 marks) I want to know which good colleges I can apply to?

    • Avni, unfortunately no good college will be available at 77%ile in CMAT. You can however consider applying to KJ Somaiyya.

  287. Sir,

    I will be writing CAT 2014, but i have a small doubt regarding my grad percentage(59.6), so with this can i apply in NITIE and other IIT’s , because these colleges have mentioned as 60% minimum in their eligibility citeria…will it be considered as 60 after rounding off or not.

    • Dear Chetan,

      It would be advisable for you to contact these institutes directly and seek clarification on this point.

  288. sir,
    thank you for your guidance. And sir is it too late for me with my standards to write cat with the very little amount of time i have got like 4 moths if i take cat by oct-end or nov, and even i am mostly thinking of snap cause it happens at feb and one of my cousin who wrote cat and xat got 30% and 40% which was a low score and got a very good score in snap and got admitted to a college in pune and also is working there after his MBA his package is pretty good like 60+(salary) with accommodation and fuel etc. so after hearing that I am even considering for something like that kind of job which is also good compared to the iims even symbiosis will give good placements . so is it too late or can i write all these exams and is CL papers very good and also the teaching? hoping for reply sir.

    • Vishal, if you are willing to put in the efforts then you can prepare for CAT in 4 months. Symbiosis ha good colleges and most of them provide decent placements and SNAP is a recommended paper for MBA aspirants. One should take CAT/XAT/NMAT/SNAP/IIFT and SNP is the easiest among these. My suggestion is not restrict yourself to just one paper because if you do not do well in that one paper you will end up losing a year. Focus on CAT and you will be well prepared for all others. You will have a month between CAT and SNAP to focus on the SNP syllabus/papers as it is conducted in mid-December and not February.

  289. sir,
    I am going to IMS cat training where they offered me basic math helpline classes which were helpful. I was able to get the ideas and have also purchased R.S agarwal quantitative aptitude and arun sharma quantitative aptitude and also the books i got from IMS.(basic reference material.)
    But i feel I am good at solving average,arithmetic,some permutation and combination problems but very very poor in algebra cause i don’t know any thing about (log), and plotting of equation and inequalities. I assume that my lack of exposure to algebra and forming those algorithms to get things right are the problem. And have not solved geometry until now cause as it has not started in our batch. So, sir please suggest accordingly.

    • Vishal, do not wait for the sessions in your batch, start with Geometry and Algebra immediately on your own as these are the two contribute to about 12-13 out of 21 QA questions. when the sessions are conducted in your batch it will be a revision for you.
      Suggest that you join the CL CAT Test Series because IMS tests are usually not close to CAT.

  290. sir, I am basically an average person got 64%,74% and 54%(aggregate) in 10th,12th and in ug which was bbm. (bachelor in business management). To get into top 50 bschools what should be my cat scores and also iam planning to take all the enterence exams such as cat,snap, mat ,cmat, xat,gre,gmat etc just to try my luck cause it will be hard to go with just cat with my average academics . Hence it would be just so career saving if u would spare some time and just guiding me in the right path. and I am taking all these for the first time and really working very hard cause I am not good in quant. it would be nice if u suggest me or guild me to the better ways. hoping for your reply thanks.

    • Vishal, fortunately almost all B-schools apart from the IIMs have a low/no weightage for past academics and hence are all possible for you. Most of them are possible at a CAT score of over 95%ile, MDI will require 97%ile while FMS will need a 99%ile.
      How are you preparing – on your own or via a coaching class?

  291. Hello sir,
    Sir can u please arrange the following colleges according to their placement records , infrastructure and goodwill.
    Which of them has a higher priority? Please arrange them priority wise

    New IIM’s
    IIT mumbai
    nd rest of the IIT’s.

  292. Hi Sir,
    I have converted XIMB- BM course.
    Exp- 1 year
    B.Tech – 8.37/10
    XII- 86%
    What would you suggest me to do? Should I give one more shot the next year or take it up? I am hearing reviews about XIMB not able to place the complete strength of its students.
    Please suggest.

    • Paddy, with very good acads performance and work experience of 1 year, you can go for a retake but you should do so only if you are confident of at least a 97%ile in CAT’14 else you will end with a XIMB level call. If not then join XIMB as it is a very good institute and will ensure good career opportunities.

  293. Hello Sir,
    I am a final year student of BBA. My academic marks are
    Work EX- no
    Sir, i am preparing for my CAT 2015 exams but i fear that i may not get into elite colleges of India because of low marks in class XIIth ,Kindly guide sir.

    • Mayank, most of the institutes, other than the top IIMs, have a low/no weight for past academics. Also 76% in XII is not really low especially with your very high marks in X and Graduation. Also being a non-engineer will give you marks for academic diversity which will help in shortlisting and final selection. Focus on your CAT preparation.

  294. Dear GP Sir,
    Do companies that come to Bschools during placements get to know the category of candidate? Or do the mischievous bschools have rules that shield companies from knowing the category (GEN/SC/ST etc) of the applicant?
    Considering that the cut-offs vary significantly among students belonging to various categories (GEN,SC,ST,DA etc), it is bound to be true that qualities will also vary to a considerable extent. So, it would be highly unfair if there is no way that companies during placements know whether a certain student is general or from SC/ST.

    • Sangakkara, to the best of knowledge most of the companies evaluate the students on their performance during MBA and their estimate of the student’s potential. The category of the candidate is usually not an issue.

  295. Hello gp sir,
    My acadmics as follow:
    12th= 74%
    10th= 76.6% = 73%
    Cat= SC category
    Sir what should be the minimum cat %ile i need to get a call from iim’s and other top 10 b schools? Like FMS , NITIE , S.P JAIN ,MDI , MICA etc

    Please reply ASAP…

    • Hitesh, with decent academic record, as a SC candidate you can expect calls from IIMs, FMS, NITIE etc at a CAT score of 85%ile but my suggestion is to target 90%ile.Reservation is restricted to government institutes (IIMs, IITs, FMS etc) and hence in SP Jain, MDI, MICA you will be considered as general category candidate. The only private institute that has reservation for SC/ST is Symbiosis and a 70%ile in SNAP is sufficient to get a call from SIBM Pune/SCMHRD.

      • Sir , i dont have experience.
        Without any experience ,with this acadmic record i can expect a call from iim’s , iit’s , fms , nitie etc over 85%ile ?

        • Hitesh, calls are possible at 85%ile but as I have mentioned earlier a 90%ile will ensure calls from these institutes.

  296. Hello Sir, Which is better among IMTG(FT) and IIM Indore Mumbai campus? considering all the advantages and disadvantages.. Thanks in Advance..

    • Sri, placement information of IIM Indore Mumbai campus is still not available so I am not sure if you should prefer it to IMT G. Hope to get the data in a week or so, till then stick to IMTG.

  297. Hi Im curently working… my 10th 80, XII-63, b.Tech- 74%. years of exp- 2. How much %tile i need to get into top 20 B-School in CAT, or for XLRI and XIMB.
    Please reply.. i am in dilemma to decide to go for MBA or continue my job.

    • Gaurav, XLRI and XIMB are both possible at a XAT score of 95%ile.
      IIM A is unlikely for you due to less than 80% in XII and Graduation. As a general category candidate your target score for IIMC should be 99.5%ile but all other IIMs are possible at 99%ile. The new IIMs are possible at 97%ile. Most of the top b schools outside IIMs are possible at 97%ile.

  298. Sir I got 83.81 % ile in CAT 2013.This was my first attempt.One year of experience.I have been a student of CL.I am an engineer and planning a retake.Do you think I have a good chance of getting the old IIMs or should I continue my job and get yet another year of experience? My X,XII and graduation are 85,81,60.5.How should I go about the retake?I have started to revise my CL material and shall take a lot of mocks.

    • Nikita, from a CAT score of 83.81%ile you will need to increase your CAT score to 95%ile to ensurre interview call to top MBA institutes. Given your marks in X and XII I feel that you can do well in CAT but it will need a focussed effort from you. Given your marks in graduation IIM A and B are unlikely unless you have a very high CAT score.
      1. For your retake preparation you should continue with your job and prepare simultaneously since CAT preparation is not a full time occupation. It will be your 2nd attempt and you need to focus on practice and testing which will need about 2-3 hours on weekdays and abut 6-8 hours on holidays.
      2. To begin your CAT’14 preparation start with your funda books, attempt all the un-attempted questions in all areas and revise the ones that you had attempted. Identify important questions for revision. This should be over by May end.
      3. Join Test Gym + Test Series program and practice questions from Test Gym. Do take all tests of test series as per schedule, analyse them and identify important questions for revision. You can also consider joining Smart CAT Cracker Comprehensive which includes Test Series and Test Gym.
      4. Attempt all past papers of CAT, XAT and IIFT for additional practice.

      • sir
        i scored 85 in cat 13
        2013 passout, with no job as of now.
        i have only ibs hyd as an option..
        should i go for it, or try another year

        • Nitin, go for a retake if you are confident of increasing your CAT score to at least over 92%ile, but do pick up a job as it will be difficult to justify a 2 year gap. Else join IBS Hyderabad.

  299. Hello Sir
    I have converted FORE, IRMA, DSM DTU and waiting for UBS results. Appeared for MHRM IIT Kgp interview as well bt cld not make it in the first list. Kindly suggest me what shd be my preference from the options i have, considering ROI as it is an important factor and also the future prospects.
    Thank you

      • Thank you for the reply sir….but wont it be like restricting on my future prospects if i go for IRMA…because its a course specializing in rural management….The institute is great for sure but m not sure about specialization in rural management… Whats your take on it??…Kindly help..Thank you

        • Shilpa, In IRMA you will study MBA with a focus on Rural Management and while there will be some restrictions in the opportunities I do not think it will be significant. My suggestion is to have a look at the companies that have recruited from IRMA, if you are comfortable with the companies then go ahead with IRMA else consider FORE.
          From your point of view the important companies are the Cooperatives, Developmental Organisations, Finance, Agribusiness and Rural Marketing.

          • 1) sir the Roles which offer by the organization which recruits from IRMA are they different from the roles offered in traditional B-schools.
            2) how are the opportunities in micro-finance.

          • Prashant, the roles are similar to those offered to graduates from other top B schools.
            Micro finance as a sector has been struggling for the last couple of years and hence look at finance as a whole of which micro finance is a part.

  300. Sir,I don’t know why my comment on my previous question was not being displayed.So this is pertaining to my previous question only (asked on May 10 at 1:56 pm).Which kind of roles should I take up so that I get maximum work ex weightage ?We also have a department where we provide loans and other finanncial help.Is this the area where I should switch to? Please reply.I am worried about my work ex weightage.

    • Vishesh, your comment and the answer are being displayed, it was answered on May 12 at 7:38 am
      Weightage for work experience is given based on the number of years/months of work, the quality of work is assessed in the interview. Your current work appears to be clerical in nature and moving to a decision making role will be helpful.

  301. Dear GP sir,

    My Profile: 30 months work ex – IT BFSI Sector.
    A finance enthusiast, converted IIM Trichy , Waitlisted-139 at IIT Bombay(SJMSOM)..
    According to previous years trends, Hope to convert IIT Bombay(SJMSOM) aswell..
    IIM Trichy or SJMSOM ? which coll will add more advantage to my profile ?

    • pa, both the institutes are not good for candidates with your experience but if you have to choose one then go for XIME.

      • Thank you Sir, for your reply. Request you please let me know the reason for chosing xime over srcc as both are similarly ranked..?I have to go for MBA this year itself..

  302. Sir I need to know if the IIMs prefer certain work profiles over the others.I work for a local NGO and do all the paperwork and allocation of money to different projects for them.I get a fixed salary(15000 rupees).Is my work profile not good enough? Should I switch to another job?Will I not get enough weightage for work-ex?I am an engineer.Please advice.Thanks!

    • Vishesh, you will get weightage for this work experience but it will be helpful if you can expand your role to include monitoring the usage of funds and some other areas.

  303. Dear Gp Sir,
    I have converted the flagship course of iit delhi. Which of the new iims should I consider joinig?
    Thank you