Have the 2 Cs, Clarity and Confidence, you shall ace it – Sukrithi Sood, IIMA, Class of 2024

I was born and brought up in Delhi. A commerce student, I completed my Bachelors in Management Studies from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University. Spending 3 great years there, I joined Ernst & Young (EY) as an Analyst in their Risk Advisory practice. It was a job where I was put to client side from my very first project – it taught me what fast-paced really means! Taking away many learnings, and even more memories, I left EY after about 1.5 years there. I wanted to explore my interests, decide what area of study would be best for me, and see how things turn out.

Profile of Sukrithi Sood

Lovely Public Senior Secondary School, Delhi
Class X : 9.8 CGPA

Lovely Public Senior Secondary School, Delhi
Class XII : 92.2% (Commerce)

Grad: Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University
CGPA: 8.42 (Bachelors of Management Studies)

Work Ex: 18 months
Last worked: Ernst & Young LLP (EY) – Risk Advisory practice

CAT Percentile – 99.64

Calls received:


Calls Converted:
(WL at IIMC)

Joining: IIMA

In 2 short months I realized that, given my educational background, nature of work, and also the skills developed thus far, an MBA would be the best fit for me. Timing did not prove to be on my side though, as that realization coincided with COVID spread and lockdowns. But what kind of a manager can’t deal with uncertainties? As going back to full time employment seemed a tough and unfavorable prospect, I decided to make best use of my time. I got involved in many projects that would add to my learning and keep me productive. Alongside, I studied for CAT 2020. The result? An 85 percentile. I knew I wanted to give it one more shot – and thus began my CAT 2021 journey.

The road was long and arduous. I was very slow in grasping the logic behind LRDI sets. I have sat blank in all of 40 minutes, not being able to solve even a single question. Quant was my Achilles heel. I still remember some of my mocks where I scored in single digits. Even VARC, my comfort area, seemed like a hit-or-miss game of luck. I knew I needed planning, and also a lot of help.

Joining Career Launcher around June, I began attending classes diligently. My first focus was Quant, where I slowly began covering ground. I would spend time understanding the formulae and then solving the easy level one questions for practice. This helped me clear my basics and also become slightly confident in the giant that was Quantitative Ability. Alongside, I began solving the LRDI sets from past question papers. Initially, I did them in an untimed manner. My main goal was to grasp and solve the set, no matter the time.

Then came the time for mocks. Every mentor was advising to start writing mocks. I knew it was very important, but I just could not bring myself to do so. It was nerve wracking – to have to face the exam and the low scores that would almost surely follow. Listening to many inspirational talks and other students’ videos, I finally decided to write my first mock. It went about as bad as I expected, but I was glad – glad to have taken that first step, because the first mock is always the hardest to write.

I then slowly learnt how to look at the mocks objectively. I realized that the worst thing one can do for their practice is to get attached to these results. It is very important to keep a calm and clear head – if the mocks are going well, rejoice, but do not get overconfident. Similarly, if they are not going well, never be discouraged. They are only there for teaching us before the big day. Career Launcher’s mock analysis videos and talks helped me tremendously. I would then spend time looking at the areas where I did not do well, and also the areas where I did. Re-solving the paper was very helpful. Slowly, the marks started improving, until ultimately, I managed to score 100+ on the D-Day.

The joy was immense, but came coupled with a new anxiety. With the CAT now belled, I knew interviews would follow. That posed a different challenge – my almost 2 years of gap from full-time employment.

I knew questions on the gap would present themselves, along with the other usual questions on graduation knowledge, current affairs, and work-ex. I realized that I was not as abreast with GK as I would like to be, and thus, I started preparing from December itself. I started by researching the latest news topics. I would spend a lot of time trying to read up all about it – it was especially useful to try and read all sides of an argument on any topic and then form my own opinions on the same. While that was happening on the side, I knew I needed guidance. Enrolling in Career Launcher’s PDP Personalized, I began mock interviews and sessions with my mentor. This was one of the most important steps that helped me crack my interviews – under the mentorship of Arks sir, I figured out the best way to present my life story.

As the interviews started happening, one by one, I got more and more confident. I was asked about my gap in most of the interviews, but I realized that the panelists were all genuinely interested in knowing about me. They were all very conversational. Even regarding the gap, they wanted to understand what was my rationale behind doing what I did, how did my decisions play out, what did I learn from them, and why did I want to go for an MBA now. The two things that help the most in cracking any interview, I learnt, were the two Cs: Confidence and Clarity. Always be confident in yourself and your decisions – do not second guess yourself. Be very clear in your thought process and what you want to convey to the interviewers.

As the interview season came to an end, I relaxed, knowing that I did the very best that I could have. This was what I had strived for since day one: to be content with my actions at the end, no matter the result. The results, too, followed shortly after, and I was blessed with many converts. Then came the big day – Ahmedabad’s result day. I remember opening the result link without any expectations…and there it was: the congratulations message! Very few things would come close to the joy I felt in that moment, as I rushed to share this news with my parents and my mentor!

As I now prepare to head to IIM Ahmedabad in a week, I am, of course, filled with some anxiety for what the next two years may bring, but also a lot of happiness, satisfaction, and great gratitude – gratitude towards God for these blessings, my friends and family for their support, and Career Launcher, especially Arks sir, for all their efforts that have landed me where I am today.

Here’s to many new adventures and learnings ahead!

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