The DTE Conundrum – 2013

On 30th May 2013, DTE finally came out with its notification for CAP for admission to MMS/MBA programs of Government Universities and Institutes. Given the paucity of time DTE has dispensed with the GD-Interview process and admissions this year will be solely on the basis of score in the written test – CMAT, CAT, XAT, MAT, JMET (?) and CMAT.

Till last year DTE accepted scores of various MBA entrances and normalized them on percentile basis but this year the admissions are essentially through CMAT.  While DTE is accepting applications based on score in other papers namely CAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA and the discontinued JMET, for all practical purposes only CMAT will get you admission to the colleges. The first three rounds of counseling: CAP Round I, II & III are solely on the basis of CMAT score. Only if there are vacant seats after Round III will the applications based non-CMAT scores be considered in CAP Round IV. So students are advised to apply on the basis of CMAT scores only.

Given the delay in the notification by DTE, many students have already taken admission to other institutes and are wondering if they can get admission to a better institute through CAP.  However with 2013 being effectively the first “only CMAT” year it is difficult to predict the minimum score at which one will be able to get admission to the various institutes.

Additionally it is not your All India Rank but the rank in your category – Home University (HU), Other than Home University(OHU) and Outside Maharashtra State (OMS) that will determine if you will make it to the institute or not. However there is a problem, CMAT has released only the All India merit list and one is left guessing one’s category rank also we can only estimate the number of students who will apply in each category and hence to create this guide we have assumed the following:

Assumption 1: Maharashtra contributed to 30% of the CMAT takers.
Assumption 2: Mumbai and Rest of Maharashtra each contributed 15% of the CMAT takers.

The CMAT score vs Rank correlation on the basis of the scores in the three CMATs (Sep’12, Feb’13 and May’13) conducted for admissions in 2013-14 yearis:

CMAT Rank CMAT Score CMAT Rank CMAT Score
1 376 400 301
20 340 600 294
40 331 800 288
60 327 1000 284
80 324 1500 275
100 320 2000 269
200 312 4000 250

Based on the above assumptions our estimate of the cutoffs for the top institute is:

Institute CMAT Score
JBIMS 309-311 321-324 322-326
Sydenham 294-300 303-310 306-316
Somaiya 294-300 303-310 306-316
Welingkar 294-300 303-310 306-316
SIES 270-280 275-285 280-290
Dalmia 270-280 275-285 280-290
Chetana 270-280 275-285 280-290
PUMBA 250-260 255-275 260-280
MET 230-240 235-245 240-280
IES 230-240 235-245 240-280

Caution: These indicative cut-offsare based on certain logical assumptions, therefore students are advised to use caution while making decisions based on the same. Please take the above only as a guidance tool and not a decision making tool.

While filling the form students are required to give their priority list of schools, and hence there is not much of a ‘decision’ that is in students’ control. While creating the list, ensure that you mention all the schools which you think fits your aspiration, profile and CMAT score.

GP & Gejo



  1. Sir,
    I have got a MAT feb 2016 score of 800/800 with 99.91 percentile and ATMA may 2016 score of 658.34/800 with 99.45 percentile. I am a native of kerala. Am i eligible to get in maharashtra colleges like JBIMS, SIMSREE, Somaiya with these scores? and if yes which score would be better for these 3 institutes?

  2. Sir I am an OMS candidate. I have given cmat and atma. Do i have to take up MH cet also to apply for colleges through dte??

  3. Do I need to apply separately for cmat and or cet accepting colleges?? I am from Mumbai. Does the DTE CAP round process requires separate application/registration to the colleges which I have applied through the DTE CAP round (i.e. colleges filled in the preference list). I want to apply for colleges which are in Maharashtra and in other States which accepts c-mat and cet scores. I am appearing for CAT, CET, C-MAT.

    • Pratik, you do not need to apply separately for the MMS program of DTE colleges through CET. However some of these colleges run AICTE approved PGDM programs also and you will need to apply for these PGDMs separately.

  4. Sir
    My query: I did my engineering from pune. My birth place is Kanpur. my college is affiliated to BITS Pilani. Am i eligibile to give MH-CET for MBA.
    I have tried to find out the answer of my query elsewhere but have not been able to succeed. Can you throw some light on it.

  5. Hie sir
    I dont have good score in cet. I have 720 in mat .
    M mumbai university in maharashtra only.
    So can i get mms on the basis of mat score ?
    I am thking to submit these college names
    1.PUMBA (MBA )
    2.sydenham (pgdm)
    3.wellingker (mms)
    4.k.j somaiya (mms)

    • Mandar, since you from Maharashtra your MAT score may not be considered for the MMS program of these institutes but Welingkar PGDM might be possible.

  6. sir,
    while applying for CET by mistake I marked myself as MS student because I have completed my bachelor degree studies in Mumbai but I do not belong from Maharashtra .
    I have appeared for CMAT also.
    I want to know what should I do while applying for CAP round… I have to be present for the verification for documents and what documents will be needed .

  7. HI Sir,

    I got 98.51 percentile in ATMA this year but unfortunately my MHCET exam did not go well yesterday. I’m from delhi but I did my engineering from Pune . Do I still have a chance in getting into JBIMS? Please help me out sir. what do i od now?

  8. Sir, I had appeared for MAT feb2015 exam and scored 720.5 (96.43%) also I have appeared for ATMA Feb2015 exam and the results are yet to be declared but i am confident of getting 95+% in that exam. So now i am preparing for CET2015 and I am maharashtra candidate. I want to ask that if it happens that i didnt get a good score via cet, will my atma or mat scores be considered for mms programmes from 20% institute level seats?. And if yes, with my 95+scores are there any chances for getting admission in top 10 colleges in maharashtra?

    • Pravin, Maharashtra candidates have to take CET hence your MAT/ATMA scores may not be considered for admission to MMS program. However a score of over 95%ile in MAT/ATMA indicates that you should get a good score in CET also.

  9. Good Afternoon Sir,

    I will be appearing for the MHCET which is my last hope .

    I was born in bombay and hold a birth certificate.

    With regard to the form I have two queries
    1)Which category of the form do I fall under.
    2) What documents do I need at the time of CAP rounds/ admissions. I do not possess a domicile certificate of bombay yet. But I am told that I can get one made on the basis of my birth. Or the birth certificate will be enough too.

    1)please guide me which colleges I should target for under MH CET.
    2) And please give us some preparation tips as to how to go about the exam. I have given a mock and felt that I need more speed so some tips on that too please.

    Waiting for a reply soon.

    Kind Regards

    • Nikkita, you will be considered as a OMS candidate unless:
      1. You have done your graduation from Maharashtra OR
      2. Your Father/Mother are Domiciled in Maharashtra OR
      3. Your Father/Mother is an employee of the Government of India or Government of India Undertaking and is posted and reported to duty in Maharashtra State before the last date for submitting the application for Admission OR
      4. Your Father/Mother is an employee of the Government of Maharashtra or Government of Maharashtra Undertaking.
      The top three colleges through CET are JBIMS (if you have already applied), Sydenham and KJ Somaiyya. Welingkar would be the next best.
      CET is a speed test and to get in the top three you should target a score of 155+ so focus on practice and mock tests.

  10. SIR, I giving MH-CET this year AND suppose i get 115/200. Is there any college in maharashtra where i can apply. but i am a oms student with sc category.

    • Guru, no decent college will be available for an OMS candidate with a score of 115/200. Reservations are there only if you are a Maharashtra state candidate.

  11. sir as an oms candidate is mh cet preferable? how much should i score forgetting top colleges through mh cet

  12. sir, i am mah. candidate…do i need to apply for colleges separately ??
    which score among cat,cmat,mat,cet will be given priority for cap round list??

  13. Sir, I have got 75%ile in CMAT ,General category and I know I won’t be able to get reputed colleges of Maharshtra like JBIMS, KJ Somaiya or SIMSREE . I am planning to give MAH CET 2015 And CMAT Feb 2015 attempt. Forms for JBIMS have been closed. If I appear in DTE MMS exam and secure 95%ile will JBIMS and Somaiya reopen their application forms ? I am an OMS.
    I am confused with these DTE guidelines. What are the no. of seats available for OMS candidates in Somaiya SIMSREE and JBIMS? What exam I have to clear – CMAT or MAH CET(MMS) ? Kindly, clear my doubts

    • Aman, for MMS programs of Mumbai University go for MAT and MhCET, DTE will take higher of the two scores.
      JBIMS might open the application for MhCET candidates.
      All Mumbai University colleges will offer their MMS programs through CET, you do not have to apply for them separately.
      15% of the seats are available for OMS candidates and you will need over 99%ile to get into any of the top 3 colleges.

    • Shivanshu, last year DTE accepted scores of Feb MAT hence suggest taht you go for a retake in Feb’15 and target increasing your score to over 99.9%ile.
      You do not apply to DTE/CET colleges separately, DTE allocates the colleges based on your percentile scores.

  14. GP SIR ,i will be taking cat -15 next years for admissions in 2016,as i will be graduating by may 2016.
    apart from iim’s i will also try hard for jbims..i am on ohu general category candidate.
    should i focus more on mat rather than cmat for jbims as mat is easier than jbims,if i dont give cet?

  15. Hi GP. I am a Mumbai University student. Which are the top colleges in India that I can apply to through my September CMAT scores ?

    Do JBIMS, Sydenham and Somaiya take in Mumbai university students on the basis of their sept cmat scores ?

    • Aisha, As a Mumbai University student you will have to take CET conducted by DTE to be eligible for JBIMS and MMS program of other Mumbai University colleges. However CMAT can be used for the PGDM program of Somaiyya.

      • SIR; I am from kolkata(OMS), i want to apply for mba full time in simsree through CMAT15-FEB(second test). What should be my cmat score out of 400, to get sure short admission call.
        Plzz sir guide me in details……….

        • Avishek, for the SIMSREE PGDM you should target a score of around 240 (95%ile) in CMAT and for the MMS program you should look at a score of around 300. However keeping the MMS program in mind you should take the Feb MAT also as it is an easier paper and you will be able to get a higher percentile.

    • Varun, most probably CMAT will be considered by DTE but it is advisable to go for Feb’15 MAT or CET as these are easier than CMAT.

  16. Sir,
    How is Sydenham, Mumbai.. have heard a lot about it.
    it is said that it provides good placements and being in churchgate it has got advantages in context to the location.
    So, how do u rate it? Is it worth joining? On a scale of 10 how will u rate it in terms of quality of education,placement etc?

      • Sir,
        Checked table.
        you have ranked it 39th position, isn’t it too low?? sir, is it worth joining and does it provide qualitative placements?

        • Ayush, this is my order of preference for MBA programs and should not be taken as a ranking, in this the programs that are placed above Sydenham are likely to provide better career/placement opportunities than Sydenham. You will find that some institutes appear more than once for example MDI appear 3 times, hence the institute Sydenham will be around 30

          • Sir,
            just one last query.
            i am a non cl student. I have study material of cat 13 of Time, which i used completely. Can u please recommend me a good book on VA in the market which will help me sail through the grammar and each &every concept. Thanks in advance.

    • naruto13, only Feb’14 MAT was considered by DTE this year. Next year also it may be only on the basis of Feb’15 MAT and hence your May’14 MAT will not be relevant.

  17. Sir i have a 95.75 percentile in cmat. my AIR merit status in dte stands at 1648. Im on oms candidate. do i stand a chance at welingkar, sies, dalmiya or pumba?

  18. Hi! I have appeared for the Feb CMAT with:-
    1. Score of 194;
    2. Rank 2014
    3. 97.74 %ile.
    CAP round (provisional merit list):-
    All India Merit # 1029
    97.73 %ile.
    I am OHU, Maharashtra candidate.
    Do I stand a chance for SIMSREE given that there will be no GD/PI?
    I have 13 months work exp. But the CAP 2014 rounds have no credit for work ex.
    I have got into Welingkar e-Biz Bengaluru campus.
    Please help to clarify my doubt regarding Sydenham. I prefer their PGDM prog only.
    Can I expect a to get through to SIMSREE? If not which r the other good B-schools with my merit? (better than the Welingkar offer I have standing!)

    • Priya, Did you not take CET? Maharashtra state candidates were supposed to take CET and based on MAT you might be classified as OMS candidate.
      However at 97%ile SIMSREE is unlikely at your CMAT score (both for OMS and OHU).

      • Sir, I have not taken the CET unfortunately. But have applied for the CAP rounds through All India Seats.
        Could you suggest some other good b-schools where there would be a possibility?
        KJ Somaiya? Or which others may I state as my preferences in the CAP allotment rounds? My All India Rank is 1034.

        • Also what is your opinion regarding Welingkar Bengaluru for PGDM e-Biz?? Would it be worth the investment and also a better option as compared to KJ Somaiya or PUMBA through the CAP rounds?

          • Sir,
            I am an OMS candidate and have an all India merit rank of 336….with 99.53%ile in Feb MAT…..which college may I expect in CAP round….

        • Priya, it is difficult but do attend the CAP round. While the top 3-4 are will not happen but the others could happen because most of the OMS candidates may not be interested in the other institutes.

          • Thank you for ur help sir!
            My course at Welingkar begins (24th June) before the CAP rounds allot me a seat.
            I am extremely confused!

          • Priya, even if you join Welingkar you should attend the CAP round. Since the fee for the MMS program is significantly lower, even if you do not get a refund of the fee at Welingkar you will have a lower cost of doing MBA.

  19. Sir I got All India merit rank 116 ..all india merit percentile 99.90
    I have studied in pune university, will I get Jbims or sydenham in 1st round for sure,what should i expect for sure in 1 round realistically
    plz reply.!

    • vabs, the All India Merit rank is meaningless, your category rank is required. However with 99.9%ile you have a chance of getting JBIMS/Sydenham.

      • GP
        if I score 99.9%ile in MAT and upload that marks in the MH CET registration and do not give the CET paper. Can I xpect to get through JB or Sydenham or KJ?

        • GP
          also I want to know if I score 99.9%ile in MAT and apply with this score in the DTE. I will get through the first cap round or as u said that “The first three rounds of counseling: CAP Round I, II & III are solely on the basis of CMAT score. Only if there are vacant seats after Round III will the applications based non-CMAT scores be considered in CAP Round IV. So students are advised to apply on the basis of CMAT scores only.”
          I am Getting confused as in some above answers you have said that “My suggestion for OMS candidates is to apply on the basis of MAT or ATMA.”. What should i Understand.
          Plz help.

          • Tanmay, this article is based on admissions in 2013 when CMAT had replaced CET. In 2014 (this year) CET has been conducted and all national exams are at the same footing. Maharashtra candidates have to take CET while OMS students can take any of the national MBA entrance tests. Hence MAT and ATMA should be preferred.

        • Tanmay, an Outside Maharashtra State student with 99.99% of CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT/ATMA/CET can expect a call to get through to JBIMS/Sydenham/KJ Somaiyya.
          MAT and ATMA are the easiest and should be written.

        • Ravi, category rank is there for all candidates. An OMS candidate will have a rank among all OMS students.

  20. Hi Sir,

    i got 4429 rank in MHCET and percebtile is 82.84 I,m an OMS category.. which college can i expect? cmat sept score was 148 and cmat feb was 114 marks… pls suggest

    • Pawan, since you have a higher percentile score in CET that will be considered and not CMAT, hence please contact DTE to ensure that your CET score is considered.

      1. 022 22641150/51
      2. 022 22612139
      3. 022 22644859
      4. 022 22644861
      5. Fax:- 022 22692102/22690007
      6. E-Mail :-

  21. Sir,i have given both exam (OMS candidate) cmat and mhcet but in application for only cmat score is showing…then which score is to be consider for cap rounds ??

    • Jaskiranthsnks, there are no reservations for students in the OMS category. Reservation is restricted to students who fall in the HU or OHU category.

      • I am from mumbai sir, and i belong to sc category
        Or are you saying that by SC u mean only marathis from mumbai
        I am punjabi who was born in mumbai and living in mumbai

        • Jaskiranthsnks, reservation is there only for HU and OHU category. Since you are born and brought up in Mumbai and would have done your education from here so you will be covered under reservation.

  22. is mumbai colleges accepting cmat sept marks under dte? got 228 in cmat sept. Any good college to get through with this score?
    I am an oms candidate.

  23. I am born and brought up in Chennai. My mother is born and brought in Maharashtra and after marriage shifted to Chennai. She has all SSC, HSC, birth certificate and marriage documents. She lived in Jalgaon, Maharashtra and Chennai for 25 and 24 years respectively.
    Do I fall in category B of Maharashtra state quota?
    And can a Maharashtra Domicile certificate be made now for my mother

  24. SIR,
    I am from Mumbai.
    I have scored 97.21 Percentile in XAT 2014 .
    Does JBIMS, KJ somiya, Sydennam acceptspt XAT score? and if YES how to apply For that?
    Suggest Me some colleges which accepts XAT score other than XLRI ,XIMB, IMT G,GIM,SP jain..

    • Neel, the colleges which offer admission through DTE-Mumbai do accept the scores of XAT. The cut-offs through CAT/XAT will be around 99.9+ for JBIMS as there are only 18 seats for OMS category. You have to apply for MH-CET to be eligible for these colleges. You have applied to almost all the good colleges which accept the scores of XAT.

  25. Respected sir …..
    I have secured 85.65 percentile in MAT DEC 2013 ….. please guide me which are the good colleges where I could get admission?
    Also I am OMS candidate can I get admission in colleges like JBIMS,K.J SOMAIYA,WELINGKAR….based on my score…

    Please guide me with the colleges I should look after for getting admission…

    • Ravi, for the Mumbai colleges you will need to take MAT in Feb’14 and apply through DTE. Suggest you go for a retake in Feb and target a score of over 98%ile to have a realistic chance of getting a call.
      Based on your current score you can apply to Amity Noida.

  26. Hey can anyone please tell me how I apply for top colleges on the basis of my CMAt September 2013 score- a 95 percentile?

  27. Sir, is it true that MH-CET is making a return in 2014 and that too in online mode? If it does, what would then be the qualifying exam to get into JBIMS-CMAT or CET? Also what would be the expected cut-offs? Also, any changes in pattern in the online MH-CET relative to the PP mode?

    • Rahul, students from Maharashtra (HU and OHU category) will have to take CET while the studednts outside Maharashtra (OMS category) can apply on the basis of CAT/XAT/CMAT/MAT/ATMA.
      My suggestion for OMS candidates is to apply on the basis of MAT or ATMA.
      No change in pattern has been notified as yet and I would assume that it will be similar to the offline mode.

  28. gp sir,
    please help me choose between welingkar retail and fddi noida retail management .
    my cmat score was249
    my only worry is roi at welingkar
    the fee is high and the packages were dismal.

    • Saif, my preference is for Welingkar because to the best of my knowledge the placements at FDDI are negligible. What are your other options?

  29. pls guide me as to how I have to proceed after filling the online dte form. I’m from New Delhi. Do I have to go to Maharashtra before june 12 to ARC office ?

    If yes, then which ARC office one has to report to ?

    Also, after june 12, do OMS candidates have to come to Maharashtra later for any purposes before getting a seat ?

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