How to Choose an undergraduate course? Finding it tough to reach a conclusion? Want to pursue a career that will give you a spectrum of career options with a vision and a mission? Jindal Global law school has introduced a newly launched 3 years B.A(Hons) Programme for students after Class 12th. 

For every student of Class 11th and 12th, it is of paramount significance to understand the area of interest that they want to take up as an undergraduate course. The UG Programme holds the power to shape the future of every student by steering them in the direction and establishing preliminary clarity as to what they want to pursue for the rest of their lives. When we talk about pursuing a career after class 12th, there are several career options available as an academic discipline. Despite the availability and accessibility, one needs to have clarity about the area of interest which intrigues individual curiosity and wants them to dive deeper into the less explored area of research. As a part of civil society, we need to understand how our society functions, their age-old practices which affect the everyday life of an individual in a social structure, the ambiguity, dubiousness, and biases that the society has to offer. 

When we talk about Gender Studies, Human Rights, Criminology and Criminal Justice, these subjects are closely knitted disciplines and are interdisciplinary at various levels. At the same time, these three subjects hold a deep understanding and nuances related to psycho-social, socio-legal aspects which affect the workplace, housing, education, disaster relief, health care, and countless other areas at the individual and community levels.

An undergraduate degree in B.A. (Hons) programme Gender Studies aims to offer a profound understanding of the nuances related to gender, in addition to exposing and familiarizing the students with diverse investigative methods and other disciplines. Gender studies is a fundamental and integral part to understand and inculcate social values and intellectual merit in the minds of senior secondary students. Dimension of life is guided by various aspects of gender inequalities and gender margin which revolves around the periphery of various gender practices that impact the everyday life of individuals. Studying Gender along with its nuances is closely knitted with various aspects of life such as norms, gender practices, significant discourse in political and social aspects at individual and community levels. The course proposes to study how gender is defined and the reconstruction of these definitions over the years. Gender is a social construct that has to be examined with race, class, culture, and history for a comprehensive understanding. This programme at JGLS will be practice-based learning for students that will empower them to make rigorous inquiries into the complex forms of sexual difference and the impact of feminist research and its intersection with other disciplines. It is a stimulating academic programme that connects the classroom with the world and transcends the theoretical knowledge into practice for activism and social change.

An undergraduate degree in Human Rights is an exceptionally remarkable and intriguing degree that helps develop legal as well as social understanding in students. Human rights education is a rights-based approach that aids in social development at both individual and community levels. This course is designed to address the real-time concerns of human rights, particularly providing you with a lucid understanding of the indifference in human rights with a purpose to widen the horizon of understanding human rights violations around the globe. Moreover, it broadens the prospects of the legal as well as the moral aspect. A degree in B.A. (Hons.) programme Human Rights will tell you how the core function of human rights is based on the inherent characteristics of human dignity, and how to rectify inequality among human beings, providing you with social and political awareness which will help students to become better future leaders and human rights experts.

A degree in B.A. (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice intends to broaden your horizons in understanding the psyche of offenders, causes of crimes, socio-economic aspects of crimes in the country, and in a lot of other aspects. The programme aims to provide the highest quality education in criminology and its various branches and allied and associated disciplines. Through the programme, JGLS aims to build criminal justice professionals who can contribute to the administration of justice by upholding the values of rule of law. Beyond the clinical functions of criminology, the discipline also provides great service to criminal investigations. Herein, criminology turns practical. After the successful completion of this course, one can explore the career options as a forensic scientist, criminologist, etc. and pursue further studies and explore advocacy, academia, policymaking, civil services, investigative journalism, and so on.

What career options can one pursue after completion of their higher secondary education? What are the areas of interest? How to decide which career options one should choose as an undergraduate discipline?  The above-mentioned questions are one of the common indecision students face. Whether it’s science, commerce, or arts, despite the field of study in their 12th exam, students still face confusion in the selection of the course according to their area of interest. 

A lot of reflective thinking is required to make a final call on investing in an undergraduate programme of one’s choice and interest. Choosing a career path is very crucial; identifying, analyzing, and understanding career choices play a very important role in anchoring the interest in students throughout their enrollment in the undergraduate programme. Despite having multiple career options, students should choose a career according to their interests. When we talk about individual learning and individual interest, social injustice, gender inequality, crime, and justice, around the globe has always distressed us on various levels and intrigued us to know more about it. 

The main aim of Jindal Global Law School in introducing these new 3 years B.A. (Hons) programme in Gender Studies, Human Rights, Criminology and Criminal Justice, is to equip students with the skills and values, moulding of attitude, directing and strengthening to bring a deeper understanding of its fundamental values. These subjects will also open a spectrum of career opportunities in these career fields, making students become an expert who shall bring positive change in the current social, economic, political setup.