On 30th May 2013, DTE finally came out with its notification for CAP for admission to MMS/MBA programs of Government Universities and Institutes. Given the paucity of time DTE has dispensed with the GD-Interview process and admissions this year will be solely on the basis of score in the written test – CMAT, CAT, XAT, MAT, JMET (?) and CMAT.

Till last year DTE accepted scores of various MBA entrances and normalized them on percentile basis but this year the admissions are essentially through CMAT.  While DTE is accepting applications based on score in other papers namely CAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA and the discontinued JMET, for all practical purposes only CMAT will get you admission to the colleges. The first three rounds of counseling: CAP Round I, II & III are solely on the basis of CMAT score. Only if there are vacant seats after Round III will the applications based non-CMAT scores be considered in CAP Round IV. So students are advised to apply on the basis of CMAT scores only.

Given the delay in the notification by DTE, many students have already taken admission to other institutes and are wondering if they can get admission to a better institute through CAP.  However with 2013 being effectively the first “only CMAT” year it is difficult to predict the minimum score at which one will be able to get admission to the various institutes.

Additionally it is not your All India Rank but the rank in your category – Home University (HU), Other than Home University(OHU) and Outside Maharashtra State (OMS) that will determine if you will make it to the institute or not. However there is a problem, CMAT has released only the All India merit list and one is left guessing one’s category rank also we can only estimate the number of students who will apply in each category and hence to create this guide we have assumed the following:

Assumption 1: Maharashtra contributed to 30% of the CMAT takers.
Assumption 2: Mumbai and Rest of Maharashtra each contributed 15% of the CMAT takers.

The CMAT score vs Rank correlation on the basis of the scores in the three CMATs (Sep’12, Feb’13 and May’13) conducted for admissions in 2013-14 yearis:

CMAT Rank CMAT Score CMAT Rank CMAT Score
1 376 400 301
20 340 600 294
40 331 800 288
60 327 1000 284
80 324 1500 275
100 320 2000 269
200 312 4000 250

Based on the above assumptions our estimate of the cutoffs for the top institute is:

Institute CMAT Score
JBIMS 309-311 321-324 322-326
Sydenham 294-300 303-310 306-316
Somaiya 294-300 303-310 306-316
Welingkar 294-300 303-310 306-316
SIES 270-280 275-285 280-290
Dalmia 270-280 275-285 280-290
Chetana 270-280 275-285 280-290
PUMBA 250-260 255-275 260-280
MET 230-240 235-245 240-280
IES 230-240 235-245 240-280

Caution: These indicative cut-offsare based on certain logical assumptions, therefore students are advised to use caution while making decisions based on the same. Please take the above only as a guidance tool and not a decision making tool.

While filling the form students are required to give their priority list of schools, and hence there is not much of a ‘decision’ that is in students’ control. While creating the list, ensure that you mention all the schools which you think fits your aspiration, profile and CMAT score.

GP & Gejo